23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans

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Are you looking for a way to make your writing better and save time at the same time? If so, AI-powered tools for editing might be what you need.

AI proofreading tools can make it easy for you to write high-quality content. They can find your grammatical errors and mistakes, offer better word choices, and enhance the overall readability of your writing.

Imagine writing quickly and skillfully without worrying and spending time correcting. This can happen if you use the right AI tool to check your work.

In this piece, we’ll tell you about the top 23 AI proofreading tools, how much they cost and what their price plans are. So, keep reading to find the right free proofreading tool to help you improve your writing.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Quillbot is a new type of software that uses artificial intelligence to help writers come up with new, exciting content. It can keep the main idea of the original text after coming up with fresh content. Please put it in a line or paragraph, and Quillbot will rewrite it to make your readers want to read more.

The site has different styles, such as Standard, Suggestive, and Creative. Users can change their goods to meet their own needs. They are helping someone good with words save time and get past writer’s block.

Quillbot is an AI writing assistant for students, experts, and people who make their own material. Because it can work with different languages, this tool is a flexible choice that can appeal to people all over the world. With widely used writing programs like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, improving your writing has always been challenging.

Pricing Plans

  • With the free plan for Quillbot, users can paraphrase and recap up to 500 characters.
  • Our $14.99 monthly subscription includes all Quillbot settings, rephrasing complete sentences, and unlimited characters.
  • Membership for a year: Quillbot Premium costs $79.99 for a year, which works out to $6.67 per month.
  • As a way to help them with their studies, students get a 25% discount on the yearly subscription.

To get started with Quillbot right away, click here.


Improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Help with writing that involves everyone. ProWritingAid turns the process of writing into a chance to learn. This program checks for correct language, spelling, punctuation, style, tone, and how easy it is to understand. The different functions of ProWritingAid make writing better.

ProWritingAid is a free online tool for writers to use to check their work. It gives a lot of feedback and ideas on how to improve your work. The tool works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Scrivener without any problems. The most important thing is to make sure everything works well. People who want to improve their writing skills, like authors, scribes, students, and workers, will be very interested in it.

ProWritingAid is a free online proofreading tool that can help you write engaging and interesting content. This new idea will help you improve your writing skills as you’ve never seen before.

Pricing Plans

  • The grammar and syntax test on ProWritingAid is free.
  • The premium is $70 a year or $20 every three months. It has advanced tools like fashion tips, a contextual dictionary, and more.
  • Premium+ costs $80 a year or $24 each quarter, and it checks for copying.
  • ProWritingAid offers program updates for life for $399.

To get started with ProWritingAid right away, click here.


Make your writing more powerful in seconds. Enhance your sentences instantly by adding sensory details, eliminating weak words, and fixing common mistakes.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

You can use Grammarly, which is a great online writing tool. Helping you sound more bold and clear when you talk to other people. Imagine having a writing buddy and teacher who is there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you write interesting and valuable pieces.

This new tool checks your work for language, spelling, punctuation, and style mistakes. It also shows how to write in a way that is easy to understand.

Grammarly works on many devices to make sure that your writing is perfect. Whether you’re a student or a worker, knowing how to rewrite an essay or write an important email is essential. When you use Grammarly, writing is easy and you can do amazing things with little work.

Pricing Plans

  • Grammarly has a free plan that checks spelling and grammatical basics.
  • The Premium plan costs $29.95 a month if you pay for it every month, or $139.95 a year if you pay for it all at once, which is $11.66 a month.
  • The Business plan is for groups of three or more people and costs $12.50 per person per month if you pay for it all at once.
  • Grammarly also has a number of extra services that can be bought separately, such as human editing and plagiarism detection.

To get started with Grammarly right away, click here.


Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop Windows app.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Copyscape is a well-known way for writers, website owners, and other people who provide content to check for copying. This is done by comparing your text to the content on many different websites.

This protects your intellectual property and keeps the reputation of your work. When a user puts a URL into Copyscape, its powerful search engines look for matches. Copyscape’s main job is to find plagiarism, but it has other useful tools, like Copysentry, that can also help you.

This tool searches the internet for illegal copies of the material and lets you know if your work has been copied. Businesses can easily add its services to their operations using Copyscape’s API. Copyscape is an essential tool for people who want to make sure that their online work is original.

Pricing Plans

  • Copyscape’s pricing is based on how many searches you do, and each search costs 3 cents per search account.
  • The least you can buy is 200 search points for $10.
  • Copyscape also has a service called Copysentry that keeps an eye on content all the time. This service starts at $19.95 per month for ten pages checked every day and goes up based on how much content is restricted.

To get started with Copyscape right away, click here.


Transform your brilliant ideas into SEO Optimized Blogs and Money-Sucking Irresistible Marketing Copy Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur or professional copywriter.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

PerfectIt is an online proofreading tool that uses AI to make sure your work is perfect. It checks the style, consistency, and arrangement of papers written by professionals and students. PerfectIt doesn’t just check spelling and language. Instead, it makes the details in your work stand out.

You can change how this innovative tool comes up with ideas with style sheets. It helps you write better, and it works with Microsoft Word. PerfectEditors, lawyers, and people who write technical papers all use it to write perfect essays.

PerfectIt saves time and makes sure the work looks good. Use this excellent tool to improve your work.

Pricing Plans

  • For a one-time fee of $99 per registration, you can get PerfectIt PC software.
  • PerfectIt Cloud, on the other hand, is a service that costs $70 per person per year to join.
  • PerfectIt also has a site license for businesses that must run the program on multiple computers. The price of a site license is based on the number of people and the license type.

To get started with PerfectIt right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Scrivener helps you organize jobs like writing, making movies, and studying. Changeable and tough. This one-stop answer lets you track ideas, drafts, and educational notes. This makes it easier to store pictures, notes, and reviews.

The corkboard and drawing tools in Scrivener make it easy to make changes. Move faster. Writers and directors use Scrivener. It offers changes, arranges things on its own, and keeps track of changes.

Goals and reports on progress can help writers stay on track. Scrivener makes sharing and sending files to publishing sites easy because it works with many different file types. Scrivener is the best tool for writers who want to do more than one thing at a time.

Pricing Plans

  • Try Scrivener for free for 30 days and use all of its features to see if it meets your writing needs.
  • Plan: For $4.99 per month, you can get writing tools that help you stay organized and get things done on one device.
  • Premium services like syncing all your devices at once, getting help faster, and regularly getting software changes cost $9.99 per month.
  • For $199, you can use Scrivener’s premium features, updates, and personalized help for the rest of your life.

To get started with Scrivener right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Authors, students, and workers can use DupliChecker, a simple and free online proofreading tool, to find and stop copying. This influential software lets users compare their writing to many sources on the web to see if it is original and different.

DupliChecker compares copied, pasted, or shared text to what is on the web. DupliChecker makes writing better and stops people from plagiarizing. The program that checks for plagiarism looks for copied text and pictures.

It works with a lot of drugs. Many people can use DupliChecker, which is a free tool. DupliChecker is the best because it can find copying well and is cheap.

Pricing Plans

  • You can check for copying once a day with the free DupliChecker plan.
  • The Pro membership costs $10 per month or $50 per year and includes grammar and spelling errors checkers, unlimited plagiarism checks, and priority customer service.
  • The Premium plan of DupliChecker costs $20 per month or $100 per year. It has all of the features of the Pro plan, plus batch search and a hidden index.

To get started with DupliChecker right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Linguix is a writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to suggest and correct grammar, punctuation, and style mistakes as you type. Linguix is a program that helps people write, study, and work. It makes your writing look better and makes people more interested. Linguix looks at what you write as you do it and gives you suggestions for how to improve it.

Linguix is more than just its most important features. It has a tool to help you find synonyms, information about writing, and ideas for your paper based on what you’ve already written. Users can also change the templates for items on the app. People write faster and save time.

Linguix is an automated proofreading software that is easy to use and get to because it works with the most famous websites and apps. Linguix is an innovative and flexible writing tool that can help you develop your writing and feel more confident about making good content.

Pricing Plans

  • Linguix has a free plan that gives you three weekly tips on language and spelling.
  • The Premium plan costs $18.95 per month or $8.25 per month if you pay for it all at once. It has tips on style and tone, a customized dictionary, and more.
  • Linguix’s Business plan is for teams of three or more people and costs $10 per person per month. It has all the Premium plan features plus team collaboration tools, admin controls, and more.

To get started with Linguix right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Ginger is a simple writing helper that uses AI to improve spelling, grammar, and language skills. AI looks over your work and offers changes. Ginger’s new technology makes jobs more manageable.

Ginger has more significant benefits than just checking language. The built-in dictionary, translator, and text-to-speech player all read your work. People can write in a new language using the personal training tool to help them learn it.

Ginger works on mobile devices, computer pages, and Word. It can help writers who move around. Ginger promises writing that is clear, interesting, and successful.

Pricing Plans

  • Ginger’s free plan lets you check spelling and language for up to 100 characters per check.
  • The Premium plan costs $7.49 a month if you pay for it all at once, or $12.99 a month if you pay for it each month. It has advanced tools like a sentence rephraser, a text reader, and more.
  • Ginger also has a Business plan for teams of three or more that starts at $10.49 per user per month and includes all the features of the Premium program plus tools for team communication, admin controls, and more.

To get started with Ginger right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Copyleaks is high-tech software that helps writers, schools, and businesses check their work. It is a cloud tool that uses AI. It can find copies by comparing your content to content from other places on the web. Copyleaks looks at user information.

Copyleaks can also find cases of information copying. There are options for automatic citations, grammatical checks, and quick evaluations. It works with many file types and languages, making it flexible.

Copyleaks works well with LMS and other similar programs. The teachers can check the facts. Copyleaks is a tool that online writers who want to avoid copying need to use.

Pricing Plans

  • Copyleaks has a free plan that checks for copying on ten pages per month.
  • Premium tools like deep searching and API access start at $9.99 per month.
  • Copyleaks has a Corporate plan for checking material on a larger scale. The price of this plan is based on what the group needs.

To get started with Copyleaks right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Wordtune gives you choices for writing by using AI. This method makes writing clearer, shorter, and easier to read.

This intelligent automated proofreading tool looks at what you write and makes versions that are easier to understand. Wordtune helps you make your work better for other people to read.

Wordtune can change, shorten, and lengthen words. It’s easy to write with because of how well it works with Google Docs and web browsers.

Writers, students, and pros can all use Wordtune to make editing easier. Wordtune is a writing program. They are getting better writers.

Pricing Plans

  • The free plan for Wordtune gives you choices for rephrasing and word choice.
  • The Pro plan, which costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, lets you set writing goals, connect to favorite writing apps, and do other things.
  • Wordtune’s Business plan is for teams of three or more people and costs $20 per person per month. It has all the features of the Pro plan, plus team communication, admin controls, and more.

To get started with Wordtune right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

LanguageTool is a complete and versatile writing tool. It fixes grammar, spelling errors, and style problems. This open-source software fixes common writing mistakes by using advanced AI methods. It can improve the way the writing looks. This makes it easy for people to trust each other and talk. LanguageTool shows you how to improve your writing as you type.

LanguageTool works with around 20 different languages. This makes it worthwhile in many ways. The software is easy to use because it works with other word processors and has plug-ins for browsers.

Students, artists, and people who work all need LanguageTool. It makes your work interesting, correct, and free of mistakes.

Pricing Plans

  • LanguageTool Premium has a plan that costs €19.99 per month or €59.90 per year, which comes out to €4.99 per month.
  • Both plans have advanced spelling and grammar checks and ideas for style and vocabulary in more than one language.
  • For an extra fee, LanguageTool Premium also has add-ons like the connection with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

To get started with LanguageTool right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

With GlobalVision software, companies can make signs and packages that look good. Box art can now be checked for mistakes, pictures that aren’t lined up right, and colors that aren’t right. The program puts the image next to a set of rules.

GlobalVision’s services make it faster to evaluate art. Tools that help people work together and are available online can show that they follow the rules: modifiable methods and verification logs. Packaging artists, quality control teams, and lawyers can all use the tool to check the artwork on packages.

It can find mistakes and ensure that the company’s rules are followed. GlobalVision helps companies keep their quality and safety standards high. They can check the artwork on their packaging is correct and consistent.

Pricing Plans

  • GlobalVision sells tools for proofreading, looking at artwork, and other things.
  • Prices are based on the size and needs of the business.
  • Get in touch with GlobalVision for a customized quote and price options.

To get started with GlobalVision right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

OnlineCorrection.com is a website where you can proofread and edit your essays, papers, emails, and other written work for free. The platform helps writers find and fix grammar, spelling, and language mistakes. Algorithms find and fix typing mistakes on the page as they happen.

This makes it easier to change something. Users can copy and paste the text into the website editor and share Microsoft Word or PDF files. Once the text is sent in, the website gives tips for changes and explains why they are good ideas.

A glossary and dictionary are available on a website to help people learn new words and phrases and find similar ones. OnlineCorrection.com is a great way to improve your writing skills and make good content.

Pricing Plans

  • OnlineCorrection.com’s free plan covers 600-character grammar and spelling tests.
  • The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month or $69.99 per year. It includes additional features like unlimited character checks, style and vocabulary suggestions, and more.
  • OnlineCorrection.com’s $25 per month Business package for teams of three or more includes all the Premium plan’s features, team communication tools, admin controls, and more.

To get started with OnlineCorrection right away, click here.

Plagiarism Detector

23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

The plagiarism Detector looks for copies and finds them. Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s words, ideas, or work without giving credit. It is a big mistake that could hurt your grades, image, and legal situation.

Plagiarism Detector matches the text to a huge database by using complicated algorithms. The tool looks for plagiarism and shows how much a paper is like others. The Detector helps teachers, students, writers, and others find and solve theft cases.

It helps people learn how to write well and be honest in the classroom. It suggests words and sentences and helps with grammar and sentence structure. It can also find plagiarized work—writers who want to avoid copying need to use the Detector.

Pricing Plans

  • The free version of Plagiarism Detector checks 1,000 words at a time.
  • With the $5/month or $50/year Basic plan, you can check for plagiarism, share files, and do more as often as you want.
  • The Premium plan costs $10 a month or $100 a year and has all of the tools of the Basic plan plus deep search and API access.
  • Plagiarism Detector has a Business plan for checking considerable amounts of content. The price of this plan is based on what the group needs.

To get started with Plagiarism Detector right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Outwrite is an free online proofreader tool for writing and redoing that helps people improve their writing skills. It can make the best material possible. The device looks at text and fixes spelling and grammar mistakes. It changes the way thoughts work by using complicated algorithms.

Outwrite is useful for writing letters, reports, articles, and even posts on social media. It also has a tool that compares the text you give it to find instances of plagiarism. It compares the work to a wide range of other works that have already been written. The app works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers as a browser plugin.

The program is easy to use and can help new and expert writers. Outwrite is a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and make high-quality pieces quickly and easily.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial: For seven days, you can use the basic tools and write up to 1,000 words a day.
  • Basic Plan: For $9.99 per month, you can get unlimited corrections, basic ideas, and a daily limit of 3,000 words.
  • Upgrade to Pro for $19.99 a month to get more features, priority help, and a daily limit of 10,000 words.
  • Business Plan: For $49.99 per month per person, you can access tools for team collaboration, custom integrations, and a daily limit of 20,000 words.

To get started with Outwrite right away, click here.


WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one tool that checks your grammar and spelling in real-time and gives tips on improving your writing. The application uses very smart methods. Writing can be improved by rephrasing words, using a better vocabulary, and making the writing easier to understand.

You can write different kinds of text on WhiteSmoke, like messages, reports, and stories. The tool finds instances of plagiarism by comparing your work to a huge database of already-written material.

You can also use WhiteSmoke to translate. All users can use the PC program, web editor, and smartphone tool from anywhere. WhiteSmoke is a tool that helps writers come up with great ideas and improve the quality of their work.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Version: You can use grammar and spelling checkers with limited features for free.
  • Essential Plan: For $5.00 a month, you get complete grammar and spelling checking, a translator, and desktop and smartphone access.
  • Premium Plan: For $8.33 per month, you can get all of the Essential tools plus a plagiarism checker and integrations with MS Office and web browsers.
  • Business Plan: For $11.50 a month, you can use all of the Premium tools, store more documents, and get help over the phone.

To get started with WhiteSmoke right away, click here.


The text editor EmEditor for Windows is a great one. This software is used by programmers, data analysts, and others working with data because it quickly opens and edits large files.

EmEditor can change text, HTML, XML, and other types of files. With syntax coloring, code folding, and auto-completion, papers with a lot of code are easier to read and edit.

EmEditor lets you make changes to tools, scripts, and plug-ins. You can either get the software for free or pay for it. The premium version checks for spelling mistakes sorts CSV and TSV files and has more tools. EmEditor is an excellent text generator that you can use all the time.

Pricing Plans

  • The free version has restricted features and can only be used for personal use.
  • The macros, CSV sorting, and file comparison tools in EmEditor Professional cost $39.99 per person per year.
  • EmEditor Lifetime License: Offers $149.99 per user and a one-time payment for all future EmEditor Professional versions.

You can get a discount if you buy five or more EmEditor sets.

To get started with EmEditor right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Universities, companies, and businesses all use iThenticate to look for instances of copying. Smart algorithms compare a piece of text to a large library of other text to look for connections. When writers use iThenticate, they can avoid copying someone else’s work.

Academics who want to ensure their study pieces are original before publishing can use the program. The report from iThenticate gives a full breakdown of the number of hits and sources found in the paper.

The program also looks at the document you give it and compares it to the source document. iThenticate is easy to use, and anyone from newbies to pros can use it. You can get to the app with any web browser. Teachers and students can use iThenticate to ensure their written work is original.

Pricing Plans

  • Pay-as-you-go: $0.18 per page to check up to 35 papers.
  • Monthly Plan: It starts at $89 monthly and comes with 5,000 document credits per year. You can also buy more credits.
  • Annual Plan: It starts at $948 annually and comes with 25,000 document credits. You can buy more credits if you need them.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing is made to fit the needs of big businesses, and it comes with extra features like API access and dedicated support.

To get started with iThenticate right away, click here.

Plagiarism Checker X

23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Plagiarism Checker X checks written work for cases of plagiarism. The tool uses complicated algorithms to find a match between a text and a vast library of texts. Teachers, students, experts, and writers all use Plagiarism Checker X.

It will be beneficial for companies that want to avoid copying. Plagiarism Checker X gives a full report of how similar the paper is to other sources and where they came from. The software also compares the information you provide to where it came from in nature.

Plagiarism Checker X is easy to use, even if this is your first time doing it. The desktop tool works on both Macs and PCs. Plagiarism Checker X can help anyone make sure that their work is original.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Version: This version is free to use but only has a few features. It can check against search sites and a local database.
  • The Pro version costs $49.95 for a one-time license fee. It has additional features like checking against multiple databases, comparing two items side by side, and making a report.
  • The Business Version costs $149.95 for a one-time license fee and is made for small businesses. It has all the features of the Pro Version, customer help, and team collaboration.
  • Enterprise Version: This version has custom pricing and is for bigger businesses. It has all the features of the Business Version plus API access and priority support.

To get started with Plagiarism Checker X right away, click here.

Corrector App

23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

The corrector program is a smartphone app that helps you write better by finding and fixing grammar and spelling mistakes as you type. The software uses complicated formulas to improve the text by rearranging sentences.

The wording could be better, and it could be easier to read. You can change emails, chats, social media posts, and other similar things with the Corrector App. Both iOS and Android have app stores where you can find the game. Word translation is another thing that the App for Correction can do.

The program is easy to use for both new and experienced users. The Corrector App is a tool that helps students and workers avoid mistakes and improve their work. The Corrector App is a great way to improve your writing and make great content while on the go.

Pricing Plans

  • You can only use the free version once a day for easy grammar and spelling corrections.
  • $9.99 per month. You can get help with grammar, typing, style, and scanning documents.
  • The Yearly Plan costs $59.99 and includes all the benefits of the Monthly Plan at a discount.
  • Business plan: Prices for multiple users with teamwork and customer service tools.

To get started with the Corrector App right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Sapling is a tool that helps kids with their homework and helps teachers study for tests. Doing the math, science, history, and other things on the internet can be fun. Sapling lets teachers change assignments and give comments in real-time.

With the application’s metrics, teachers can keep track of their student’s success and see where they need help. Because it has real-time activities, videos, and tests, Sapling is a great way to learn in the classroom or home.

Teachers and kids can use the platform on any gadget that can connect to the internet. Sapling is a tool that helps teachers and students improve their skills and reach their goals.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter Plan: It starts at $5 per user per month. Includes onboarding, staff accounts, and document storage.
  • Plan for growth: $8 per person per month. It Includes everything in the Starter Plan, plus performance management, time off tracking, and custom reports.
  • The Pro Plan costs $12 per user per month and has all of the tools of the Growth Plan plus more HR analytics, tracking of compliance, and tool integrations.
  • Enterprise Plan: Larger businesses can get custom pricing for this plan, which has all the perks of the Pro Plan plus more support and customization options.

To get started with Sapling right away, click here.


23 Best AI Proofreading Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Typely is an online writing and rewriting tool that improves writing and material. The software fixes grammar, spelling, and rephrasing by using complex formulas. Typely works for blog posts, papers, projects, and more.

The tool’s plagiarism checker compares your work to a large library of previously written material. Typely is good for both new and experienced writers because it is easy to use. The app also gives you custom writing information and places to write. Typely works with all web devices.

Pricing Plans

  • The free version only has a few features, such as simple grammar and spelling correction and a limit of 50,000 characters.
  • Premium Plan: $9.99 per month. Includes advanced tools like style hints, contextual thesaurus, and unlimited character count.
  • The Business Plan costs $29.99 per month. It has all the features of the Premium Plan plus team communication and a history of document versions.
  • Enterprise Plan: Pricing is made to fit the needs of bigger businesses, and it has more security, support, and customization options.

To get started with Typely right away, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI Proofreading Tools?

AI Proofreading Tools assess, edit, and improve writing using AI and NLP. Other online proofreading tools help writers fix their grammar and spelling, improve their vocabulary, and put their lines in the correct order.
They can also offer ways to make your writing easier to read, more interesting, and more apparent. Authors both experienced and new can use them.

Can AI replace proofreaders?

A single word for “no.” Grammar checks and editing tools will only partially replace human editors and proofreaders, whether they work for a company or as freelancers.

Will proofreading be automated?

One might wonder if a computer can do proofreading. Luckily, the answer is yes. As technology has moved quickly, almost all business problems, including proofreading, have been solved with automatic tools. There are even certain tools created to automatically proofread and detect AI generated content, quite a bit more advanced than just proofreading alone.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tools that use AI to review have changed how we edit and improve our written work. These tools are made to help us improve our writing and save time. For example, they can find grammatical mistakes and offer better words.

After looking at the top 23 AI online proofreading tools, it’s clear that there are a lot of choices with different price plans and costs. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or want to get better at writing, you can find an AI proofreading tool that fits your needs.

Why not try out one of these tools? An AI editing tool can be a game-changer for anyone who wants to write high-quality content. It can catch mistakes and make your writing more transparent and easier to read.

Visit our site to find out more about how software can help you. We have a lot of resources and tools that can help you improve your writing, like AI-powered proofreading software, writing tips, and much more. Check us out and find out how we can help you reach your writing goals.

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