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Best AI Novel Generator
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Are you finding ways to bring new content to the table? Try out the AI novel generator. Stay connected with this article because we’ll help you understand the role of ai story generator in content creation and explore key features of ai story generator technology that you might need in producing the next best-selling book in the town!

What is an AI Novel Generator?

An AI novel generator is software trained with rules to generate textual content using machine learning techniques to learn and improve the content by analyzing what users want through text input and fetching feedback.

Some AI novel makers are designed for specific genres and styles, such as historical or science fiction, Thriller, or Romance.

What are the best AI story-writing tools?



The INK ai story writing tools promise unlimited, quality-focused, plagiarism-free content. It can quickly produce story ideas and long-form creative stories like novels, prose, blog, etc.

INK also features a content planner that groups all keywords to increase the SEO ranking of your articles. It can save money and improves SEO results because you don’t want to write two articles on the same topic.


Google and other platforms are cracking down hard on AI content. We can detect it. Finally, there’s an all-in-one AI Content Platform that puts safety first.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan: $0 (Up to 5,000 words per month)

INK Suite Professional: $50/month (Unlimited words plus copywriting and SEO tools)

Word AI

Word AI

Word AI is an ai writer that integrates API tools. It means you can easily access the program anywhere to perform article spins. It can rewrite and summarize uniquely or even write stories that can serve as good inspiration for a chapter in your novel.


Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love.

Word AI key features:

  • It can spin articles, rewrite, and summarizes long content in just a few clicks.
  • It can provide various ways to express ideas to break the repetitiveness and cliches.

Pricing Plans:

Monthly Plan: starts at $57/month (with an ai tool to generate unique content that can pass plagiarism tests, a speedy story generator powered by artificial intelligence)

Annual Plan: $27/month (with one monthly money-back guarantee and one-click story generator and editor tools)

Custom Plan: Inclusion of essential features and users can activate or deactivate ai writing tools for rewriting.

Copy AI

The Copy ai story generator versatility will help you write stories with different genres and styles. It is another excellent AI story generator tool to help you generate blog ideas and develop story outlines.

It analyzes your input with GPT-3 engines. It happens when you enter a story genre, subject, and plot, and Copy AI will create a list of stories based on those inputs.


Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

Copy AI key features:

It has the caliber ai story generator tools that create natural writing. It could help you write stories with minimum effort and less time.

It can generate engaging stories, content niches like thank you posts, email responses and confirmations, and catchy subject titles and article headlines.

Pricing plans:

Free trial: $0 (2,000 words, seven days access to the Pro plan, and for one user only)

Pro Plan: $19/month (15k to 300k+ words for five users)


Add Simplified to your list because it is a free story generator tool. It creates over 50 types of text in a few minutes. Also, it can create an interesting and engaging story for blogs, articles, products, ads, websites, and social media.

Simplified can improve text with its sentence expander, article rewriter, or paragraph generator. Forget writer’s block even exists with its free ai writing assistant.


All your graphics design, video editing, AI writing, social media management, apps & more - in one place.

Pricing plans:

If you’re working with a five-member team, you may try the paid packages for more high-end features and solid experiences.

Small team: $18/month (for five members of content writers/marketers)

Business: $ 30/month (for five members also but can generate scalable documents)

Growth: $75/month (Unlimited use of ai story generator tools included in the Business plan)

Shortly AI

Ai story generators like Shortly can “cut short” your time and effort in writing fiction novels, coffee table books, and other engaging stories.

It is the right ai story generator that can never create stories that are lame and boring. Shortly AI is also powered by GPT-3 natural language processing technology to develop human-like content.


Get writing superpowers with an AI writing partner. At the click of a button, our AI can continue writing for you, help you get your thoughts on paper, and more.

Shortly AI key features:

  • It has a straightforward interface that can efficiently operate for extended story writing.
  • It can also be used to create website content such as ad copy, storylines, web pages, and emails.

Pricing Plans

Annual Plan: $65/month (cancelable and free for two months)

Monthly Plan: $79/month


Rytr ai story generator is relatively new on the market but has already gained recognition as one of the best ai story generators that can create testimonials, Q&As, lyrics, About Us page, and more.

The Rytr ai story generator tool is designed to add powerful keywords to short-form content. It makes the quality of your output escalate to several search engine recommendations.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

Rytr Key features:

  • You can easily find high-quality content based in a short period using 150-250 character descriptions of your expected results.
  • It is a handy tool to help you write stories for social media or short content for blogging and other types of content.

Pricing plan:

Free Plan: No payment (plagiarism-free content with 10k characters per month)

Saver Plan: $29/month (same offer in the free version but with more characters, templates, tones, and languages selections)

Unlimited Plan: Customize ai writing tools and pricing (unlimited use of all features)

Article Forge

If you’re looking for an ai story generator that can quickly do natural writing of compelling stories and novels, this article writer has it all for you.

The software uses deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) to produce high-quality text. It is a powerful technology that can understand technical concepts immediately and accurately.

Article Forge

Article Forge Uses AI To Write Entire Articles With The Same Quality As A Human For A Fraction Of The Cost.

Article Forge Key Features:

  • With Article forge, you can quickly pass creative blocks. It has available ai tools to create storylines, blog posts, scripts for advertisements, and movie teasers.
  • It has exciting features such as an automatic publisher, plot generator, and plagiarism-free checker that are simple to use without intensive training.

Pricing Plans:

Basic Plan: $13 per monthly subscription (25k words)

Standard Plan: $27 per month (250k words)

Unlimited Plan: $57 per month (total words)


The highlight of this ai writer is it can generate many text variations. The SudoWrite has writing tools that users can control appearance, taste, smell, sound, etc.


Get a page of words in less time than it takes to make your coffee.


Scalenut story generator tool makes it easy to generate new story ideas or improve existing stories. It is powered by natural language processing (NLP) that can identify elements of your account and give directions to follow.


Organic Marketing Platform, with AI that powers your entire content lifecycle.

Scalenut Key features:

  • The Scalenut ai tool has a feedback loop that instantly tells users how well they’re building a story.
  • Scalenut also includes a talent network as a collaborator platform for making an ai-generated story with other writers.

Pricing Plans:

Individual Plan: $12/month (100,00o words)

Growth Plan: $32/month (unlimited words with search engine optimization reports)

Pro Plan: $60/month (includes every ai writing tool in the Growth plan)



Copysmith also creates creative text and explains the value proposition with limited input.

But suppose you are planning to put up a business. In that case, the CopySmith ai story generator tools can help you build SEO-focused product descriptions and meta tags that outperform the competition and convert more buyers in record time.


Copysmith’s AI content generator makes product description writing fast, easy and fun – are you ready for your mind to be blown?

Copysmith AI key features:

It offers e-commerce templates for launching, promoting, and building a brand online to exceed sales. It saves time and money while having meaningful conversations with customers leading to profound growth.

Pricing Plans:

Starter Plan: $19/month

Professional Plan: 59/month

Enterprise Plan: Customize ai tool package (scalable content creation)


Here are the main functions of Frase story ai tools:

  • It can help you ease writer’s block by helping generate a powerful story introduction.
  • It can summarize the content you use in building the body of your story.
  • If you feel you need to re-do a chapter, don’t worry cause Frase also has a paraphrasing feature to rewrite your creative story.

Frase AI helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.

Pricing Plans:

Solo: $14.99/month (write up to four compelling stories)

Basic: $44.99/month (write exciting and interesting stories)

Team: $114.99/month (for three users with unlimited creation)


Using Peppertype saves you time by helping you automate the heavy task of creating large amounts of content, such as blogs and white papers.

The Peppertype artificial intelligence is systemized to adopt the user’s taste and style in writing stories. With Peppertype templates, you are halfway done with completing the level.


Your virtual content assistant generates content that converts in seconds.

Pricing Plans:

Personal Plan: $35/month (Up to 50,000 and 40 templates)

Team: $40/month (includes all the features in the Personal plan, but it allows sharing and collaboration in writing and also provides customized content)


Kafkai has a machine-learning algorithm that can create a creative story from scratch. If you want to beat the deadline but don’t have a topic in mind, select the niche article writer, type in a few keywords, and it will randomly create an article for you.

Content generated by Kafkai still needs minor editing, but you can use its advanced article-seeding method to create to come up with the best ai story.


Kafkai is an AI Writer Assistant that helps you create unique SEO-friendly articles for cents instead of dollars.

Kafkai pricing plans:

Writer Plan: $29 with a monthly article of 100

Newsroom Plan: $49 with a monthly article of 250

Printing Press: $149 with a monthly article of 1,000

Industrial Printer: $199 with a monthly article of 2,500



Contentbot storytelling tool helps creators to produce various types of content online:

  • It can significantly increase ai content with our set of ai writer tools.
  • Bloggers can improve their blog’s output with the website application, Chrome extension, or WordPress plugin.

ContentBot.ai will help you set new records for your company and fuel your growth. 

Pricing Plans

Prepaid Plan: $1 for 1,000 words

Starter Plan: $29/month

Premium Plan: $59/month

Premium Plus Plan: $99/month

Hypotenuse AI

With the Hypotenuse ai story generator tools, bloggers can spend less time thinking of new ideas and writing content and more time planning, polishing, and experimenting.

Novel writers use Hypotenuse AI to develop well-researched content that informs and engages readers and drives traffic as the bottom line.

Hypotenuse AI

Provide a few keywords, and we’ll instantly turn them into full-length articles and marketing content, using our world-class AI with a vast knowledge of the world.

Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: $24/month for 25,000 words

Growth Plan: $49/month for 87,5000 words


WriteCream lets you generate sales with effective marketing content in seconds. It can make helpful icebreakers for public relations, campaigns, and cold mail generation.


Create marketing content & sales emails in seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Try for free. No credit card is required.

Writecream Key features:

  • It is a versatile ai writer for creative writing, blogging, advertising, SEO, and copywriting all in one tool.
  • The Writecream ai article can also accurately translate content from over 75 languages.

Pricing Plans:

Free Plan: $0 (With 40,000 characters, two long-form articles with 5k words each, four short-form articles with 1,000 words each, four podcasts, and four YouTube voice-overs and more)

Unlimited: $29/month (complete offers of all the ai story tools under the free plan)

Standard Plan: (With 400,000 characters, 200 ice breakers, 20 extended contents, 40 short contents, 40 podcasts, YouTube voice-overs, and more)

Extended plan: $69/month (more volume of creation than in standard method)


Articoolo is also an excellent choice for a content writer who has regularly developed write-ups but has a problem writing new content every time.

It can analyze and understand even the most complex topics. Use must enter a few keywords, and Articoolo will generate comprehensive and well-written content in no time.


Our technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost-efficient, and much more pleasant.

Articoolo Pricing Plans

Pay-as-you-go package: $19/month

Monthly subscription: $29/month

Jasper AI

Jasper is another best ai story generator that got the best reviews from the world’s famous authors with its capability to eliminate writer’s block. It offers a one-stop shop of story generator tools to help writers build an interesting and engaging story anytime.

The tool works with GPT-3 advanced algorithms by Open AI to understand input text and incorporate it to generate relevant blog ideas or stories.

Jasper AI’s Boss mode plan has advanced features like commands which can swiftly draft long-form content like fanfiction stories or mystery book series.

Jasper AI key features:

  • Can build the best ai story by providing story plot samples and multiple sources of references.
  • It has various templates for textual or graphical presentations.

Pricing Plans

Free Plan: No need to release a single buck! You can create a story using the free trial for five days.

Starter Plan: $29/month for 20k words of short-form content like story ideas and plot lines

Boss Mode: $59/month for 50k words of long-form content like a complete story, blog posts, or social media posts.


Jasper is a generative AI platform for business that enables your team to produce content targeted to your brand ten times more rapidly, no matter how you work digitally.


The Writesonic ai story generator analyzes user input to write engaging stories that will catch many audiences. The ai article writer or ai Story Generator of Writesonic generates blog stories/ideas, intros, and summaries very quickly.

Writesonic key features:

  • Writesonic features a 4-step content writing workflow that lets you write stories faster than ever.
  • It has an ai writing tool dedicated to creating landing pages, article headers, and meta descriptions for SEO.

Pricing Plans:

Basic Plan: $15/month (with 75 credits and 25 language support)

Professional Plan: $45/month ( with unlimited credits)

Start-up Plan: $95/month ( 2 users, unlimited credits, and access to ai tools)

Agency Plan: $195/month (4 users and access to credits and all amazing ai story generators under Writesonic AI)


Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.


Smodin promotes the creation of unique and high-quality essays using its text generator and ai copywriter tools. Just type a few phrases in the prompt, and you will generate the most satisfying results with minimal editing and integration to finish a copy.


Trusted by millions of students and professionals across the globe.



It is another ai story generator worth a try because it allows users to integrate storytelling into content marketing to generate solid returns for businesses.

It is another excellent option for the best AI story generator. It can create stories with minimal effort using state-of-the-art ai writing features; Reading time, Focus mode, and Auto-markdown.

AI Writer key features:

  • Non-fiction authors can fastly generate stories with an ai writing assistant that can handle information research, fact-checking, and citation-verifier.
  • It offers custom fonts (AI-Writer Duo, Nitti, and AI-Writer Quattro) and exportable content in Word documents with inclusions of the images, tables, and footnotes in the AI- writer-generated content.

Pricing Plans:

Basic Plan: $29/month (for one user, 40 articles, and access to story generator tools, ai writing assistant, and search engine optimization)

Standard Plan: $59/ month (Inclusion of advanced features in the basic plan with 150 articles)

Power Plan: $375/month (for ten members, 1,000 articles, and inclusions in the standard package)

Additional: If you select the annual payment, you will access any of the plans’ features for two months.

AI Writer

Use AI to your advantage, without sacrificing on quality



It’s a great ai writing tool for making fiction that gives the text that fits your preferred style and is configurable to suit all your needs.

The InferKit ai story tool accepts the text you type and predicts the following possible sentences. Using state-of-the-art neural networks, users can have fine control over the ai-generated stories with the advisable length for readability.

Inferkit Key features:

It develops a friendly API. It is an ai writing tool available through either a web interface or in the software.

It is a story-writing tool that is easy to use. Just enter your text and click generate. It will give you the output.

Pricing Plans:

Basic Plan: $20/month (600,000 words)

Premium Plan: $60/month (2.5 million words)

Novel AI

Novel AI

Sitting at the top is one of the best ai story generators that can conveniently bring lame stories to life. Finding the right idea for your account is easy because you can develop trendy new ideas that suit your tastes.

The Novel artificial intelligence algorithms can do natural writing based on the user’s writing style preferences and enable anyone to use Novel ai writing tools with basic skills in producing well-written content.

Novel AI key features:

  • Novel AI tools can quickly adapt to the user’s story-writing techniques while integrating chosen perspective and voice of the creation story.
  • Flexible editor to customize type font, size, and theme color.

Pricing Plans:

Tablet plan: $10/month (unlimited words for your novel plus 1024 memory tokens)

Scroll plan: $15/month (unlimited words plus 2024 memory tokens)

Opus plan: $25/month (access to scroll plan features and Krake ai storyteller)



ClosersCopy sits at the top ai story generator for creating long, high-quality content in less time.

The tool’s framework capabilities are impressive. It has effective content creation frameworks to get the most out of your blog post writing.

ClosersCopy Key features:

CloserCopy editor makes it easy for story writers to develop various types of content like news articles, dialogues, conversations, songs, e-books, online content, etc.

The ClosersCopy ai story tool also offers a feature for collaboration and creating landing pages and other sales and promotion copies.

Pricing plans:

Starter Plan: $29.99/month

Professional Plan: 49.99/month

Unlimited Plan: $79.99/month

Snazzy AI

Snazzy AI

It is a cloud-based innovative tool for websites and businesses with a fast plot generator. Snazzy uses basic information such as business name, target audience, keyword search, and description to develop the right story plot.

Snazzy ai writer is also great at building business campaigns by generating landing pages or Google Ads in seconds. Smart Copy prioritizes brand safety. All copies are scanned and provide security labels ranging from safe to toxic.

Snazzy AI key features:

  • Smart Copy’s AI does the time-consuming work. It creates a stunning landing page in just a few clicks.
  • It offers excellent ai story tools to generate rich content in minutes with various templates.

Pricing plans:

Free trial: $0 with 40 credits every month

Essential Plan: $8/month for 200 credits

Unlimited Plan: $40/month, unlimited credits, and unlimited use of all features



The Wordtune writing tool uses advanced language models to understand contextual inputs and semantics of ai generated stories that you want to turn into more interesting stories.

Wordtune is one of the pioneering writing companions powered by ai tools that go far beyond correcting spelling and grammar to help you put up story ideas and create content for your website.

Wordtune Key features:

Wordtune can create a light and less formal tone for entertainment purposes and also can create content for professionals and businesses.

You can either shorten or expand paragraphs in google docs depending on the required word count of the content you publish.

Pricing Plans:

Free trial: $0 for essential ai story generator tools

Premium Plan: $9.99/month

The premium for teams: Unlimited use of ai story generators



DeepStory ai story generator is primarily useful for creating a variety of content, but best of all, it’s perfect for scripting movies adapted from a novel.

DeepStory ai ensures you get past creative blocks. Using this ai story generator, you can create different scripts, storylines, and new ideas for a potential pick for the New York Times best-selling books.

DeepStory Key features:

  • It can create the story types you want to write by choosing header, character, action, and dialogue.
  • It provides authors with an easy-to-use interface and unlimited text for the advanced package.

Pricing Plans:

Free trial: No need to pay; sign up to get up to 10 free ai-generated stories.

Premium Plan: $12.99/month (with a 10,000-word limit per month)

DeepStory API: customize pricing (recommended for agency use)



Storylab ai writer tool generates content ideas and generates story hooks and outlines. It also provides ready-to-use copies for marketing.

Storylab helps users be better storytellers by providing creative stories for Instagram posts, scripts and titles for Youtube videos, and Facebook and Google ads.

Pricing plans:

Free Plan: No payment charge (Up to 15 ai story)

Starter Plan: $7/month (Up to 100 runs of story writing tools)

Pro Plan: $20/month ( Up to 300 runs)

Unlimited: $27month



Customize your story plot with fantastical and imaginative elements with PlotGenerator. The platform is still developing, but you can randomly input descriptive texts to generate ai-generated stories.

The plot generator application automatically selects ai attributions without requiring user input.

PlotGenerator Key features:

You can generate film scripts, new novel ideas, and characters. Whether you need ideas for romantic comedies or animated movies, this tool can help.

Pricing plan

you don’t need to release expenses for this ai story generator tool; it’s free to use!



GrowthBar is advisable for creating longer blog posts and other scaleable content like novels and e-books faster with unique full content generated by GPT-3. It also uses SEO tools to boost the reach of your posts.

You can also put images and captions from the drag-and-drop to save even more time. Headlines are extracted from SERP content, and the frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Growthbar Pricing Plans:

Standard Plan: $29/month

Pro Plan: $79/month

Agency: $129/month

Narrative Device AI

Elevate Your Writing with the Best 39 AI Novel Generator Softlist.io

It is a free ai story generator that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret users’ input to create a coherent narrative.

The software can be used for various story-writing purposes like broadsheet articles or creating fictional stories.

Narrative Device AI pricing plans:

You must sign up to receive free ai story tokens. Get 100 ai-generated for only $5.00

Saassbook AI story generator

Saassbook AI story generator

It is one of the best ai story generators specializing in creative story creation.

It can rapidly gather relevant details using text descriptions to create well-written fiction that grabs the general public’s attention.

Sassbook story writer is powered by state-of-the-art ai that generates original fictional content based on learnings from related genres of real-world stories.

Pricing plans

Free version: $0/month (si story generator plus ai writer tool)

Standard Plan: $32/5 per month and $15/month for API credits (ai story generator, ai writer, summarizer, and headline generator)

Premium Plan: $ 49.16 per month and $25/month for API credits (unlimited use of features under the Standard plan)

Reedsy AI Novel Generator


The free story generator uses machine learning technology to create engaging 90,000-word novels in less than a minute. Reedsy claims to generate fiction stories with twisted endings and uses real-life experiences and events.

GPT-2 Text Generator

GPT-2 Text Generator

The free story writing tool is owned by OpenAI, which generates text based on the command you enter. You can control the length and mood of the generated text by choosing a minimum length of 99 characters.

Text Generation API

Text Generation API

It is also a free ai tool from the OpenAI content generator. Using Text Generation API, users can generate paragraphs based on short prompts. Also, no parameters need to be adjusted.

Plot generator UK

Plot generator UK

It is specially designed for creative writers. It offers multiple Mad Libs tools to create plots line by line, create random character names, write silly short stories, and write narrative blurbs in 13 genres.

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon

Do you want to create a science-pop fiction like Stranger Things? Well, AI Dungeon not only helps you produce one but also enables you to play Dungeons and Dragons on AI. It automatically generates a story introduction and incorporates the actions, events, and dialogues set by the users in the story.

Story Generator

Story Generator

Bored Humans’ Story Generator can generate text in less than 10 seconds. It’s a free ai story generator, and you don’t have to feed it with words. It also means you can’t control what it will generate.

LitRPG Adventures

LitRPG Adventures

It can create 12 fantasy RPG stories using a natural language processing method powered by GPT-3 technology.



Last but not least is another free ai story tool on our list. It can swiftly make cool, high-quality content with simple commands or storyline descriptions. It can generate as many as 30 articles using the free plan.


Overall, novel story generators are great tools to help anyone become a great author- even if you have the least experience in writing.

If you are looking for solutions to elevate your writing niche or want to complete long-due novels, It’s time for you to check out our best picks of ai book writer software available on the market today.


Why should you use AI story generators in writing stories?

AI story generator helps in brainstorming fresh ideas and storylines and even helps human writers to speed up their workflow. AI will suggest your story, containing all the necessary story elements

Is AI novel free?

There are existing Novel AI free versions, and it provides essential content titles, bodies, and tools for basic grammar and punctuation correctors.

Is Novel AI better than AI Dungeon?

The Dungeon is designed to make ai work as a game with different input modes of action, dialogue, and story. In contrast, Novel AI focuses on producing quality, coherent prose and adapting it to the preferred writing style of the human writer.

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