7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT
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Chat GPT is emerging as a game-changer in the world of business. It offers a suite of powerful capabilities. It enhances spreadsheets and crafts multilingual content. It generates job descriptions and automates customer support. It also assists in debugging code. ChatGPT has truly transformed how businesses operate. 

Many businesses rely on the free version of this tool. However, some opt for the premium ChatGPT 4 or “ChatGPT Plus.” It boasts higher accuracy and more advanced features. It costs $20 per month.

However, the true magic lies in the potent commands available in ChatGPT. They empower businesses to boost productivity. They also make a meaningful impact on a global scale. In this blog, we explore the profound implications of these commands on businesses.

Let’s dive in to see how much they have influenced the wider business community worldwide.

What is a Prompt or Command in ChatGPT?

In ChatGPT, prompts or commands act as your instructions to the computer, telling it what you need. Clearer and more precise instructions will lead to more accurate responses. Tailor your questions based on your needs. This will help the Chatbot understand and help you better. It’s like giving straightforward directions to get the right information.

7 Powerful Commands Business Divisions Can Use in ChatGPT

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT for your business with these seven powerful commands tailored to different divisions. From marketing and content creation to customer service and HR, this tool can streamline tasks, enhance creativity, and improve efficiency across your organization.

1. ChatGPT Command for Marketing

ChatGPT commands simplify marketing tasks, making it easier to create ads, generate creative marketing copy, and understand customer preferences for a successful ad campaign online.

!generateMarketingCopy “Your input or product details”

This command will help you to quickly create catchy marketing content. Just give it some details about your product or input, and it will generate creative and engaging copy for your ads or social media posts. It makes writing content much easier and more effective for marketing. 


Imagine you’re launching a new product—let’s say a smartwatch. Use this command to create captivating marketing copy that highlights its features, benefits, and uniqueness. 

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

2. ChatGPT Command for Content Creation & Social Media

Using ChatGPT commands is like having an easy button for social media and content writing! It can provide a list of tools to create content for telling stories effectively. This will craft engaging content tailored to your needs. Ask for post ideas, catchy captions, or writing tips, and watch it make your work simpler and boost your business online. 

CreateSocialMediaCaption “Your input or post details”

If you have an image or piece of content that you want to share on social media, use this command to generate an attention-grabbing caption that enhances the post’s appeal and encourages user interaction.


This command can be helpful when you want to create a social media caption to announce a business seminar on digital marketing. The generated caption includes essential details such as the event focus, benefits, and relevant hashtags to attract a targeted audience and create awareness about the seminar.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

3. ChatGPT Command for Email Campaigns

ChatGPT commands can improve email campaigns by creating attention-grabbing subject lines, writing interesting email content, and offering personalized suggestions. It simplifies the creative process, ensures consistency in messaging, and boosts the effectiveness of your efforts.

!craftEmailSubject “Purpose or key message of your email”

This command asks the computer to make an email subject, and the message inside the quotes will be the main idea or purpose of the email.


This command can be beneficial when you want to send a business proposal. It generates an email subject for your business proposal, emphasizing collaboration.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

4. ChatGPT Command for E-Commerce 

You can benefit from this tool in your e-commerce business by generating product descriptions, creating engaging marketing content, and personalizing customer communications. It simplifies content creation, enhances product visibility, and improves engagement, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

!createProductDescription “Details of your product”

This command efficiently generates a product description using the provided details, offering a brief and effective summary of the product’s features.


If you manage an online store and want better product descriptions, use this command to create more interesting ones. For example, if your store sells TechCharm 2000, this command will assist you in crafting a great product description.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

5. ChatGPT Command for Customer Service

In Customer Service, ChatGPT commands assist in answering common queries, providing personalised help, and creating efficient responses. This simplifies communication, maintains consistency, and enhances overall customer satisfaction and support. 

!assistCustomerQuery “Customer query or issue”

This command asks for help in addressing a customer’s question or problem by providing the details of the issue as “Customer query or issue.”


Imagine a scenario where a customer purchased a product online but received a damaged item. To start the return process, you can use the command “!assistCustomerQuery ‘Customer receives a damaged product, wants to initiate return'”. It assists by offering details on what actions the customer can take to return the product.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

6. ChatGPT Command for Sales

You can use this tool’s commands for creating convincing sales scripts, writing effective email pitches, and offering product details for customer queries. It simplifies communication, improves sales messages, and helps engage customers, leading to more conversions. 

!generateSalesPitch “Details of your product or service”

The command “!generateSalesPitch” helps the system create persuasive sales pitches customised for your product or service, making it more likely to attract customers.


If you want to impress potential clients with a new software solution, use this command to make a sales pitch that’s convincing and engaging.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

7. ChatGPT Command for HR

Enhance your HR operations with the efficiency of ChatGPT commands. Seamlessly create job descriptions and HR-related content with ease.

!createJobDescription [Job Title] [Key Responsibilities] [Qualifications]

This command generates a job description by inputting details such as the job title, outlining key responsibilities, and specifying the necessary qualifications. This command makes it easier to create complete job descriptions quickly.


Suppose you are looking for a Marketing Coordinator. In this situation, you can use this command. It will generate a detailed Job description with all the details specified by you.

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

Alternate Ways of Using ChatGPT for Businesses

Discover alternative ways to harness ChatGPT for business, beyond the usual applications. This exploration reveals how this tool can streamline operations, offer unique customer interactions, and provide deep insights, showcasing its potential as a versatile tool in the modern business landscape.

1. Debug Code

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for debugging your code and identifying potential vulnerabilities.  If you ask this tool to check your code for errors, it will not only find them but also provide explanations for each issue along with examples of how you can potentially fix them.

Find the bug in the following code [write your code]

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

2. Write Code

If you want to be a software developer or just stuck on a code, you can just ask ChatGPT to write the code for you. You can even specify the programming language you want, and it will take care of it. Easy and convenient!

Write a [programming language] code for [problem statement]

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

3. Solve Mathematical Problems

Originally, this tool struggled with math questions, but recent updates have improved its proficiency. Now, it can assist you with math problems, providing answers, step-by-step solutions, and clear explanations for better understanding. 

Solve [Problem Statement]

7 Powerful Commands Businesses Can Use in ChatGPT Softlist.io

Future Trends in Business Usage

  1. Language Translation

Businesses might use ChatGPT for instant language translation, making it easier for them to communicate with people from different parts of the world.

  1. Healthcare Support

Chat GPT’s implementation can be done in the future for the healthcare sector for tasks like medical record summarization, patient communication, and support in diagnostic processes.

  1. Education and E-Learning

In the future, this tool could find application in the healthcare sector, aiding in tasks such as summarizing medical records, facilitating patient communication, and providing support during diagnostic processes.

  1. Data Analysis

Using ChatGPT you can analyze large datasets and extract meaningful insights, helping businesses make data-driven decisions.

  1. Legal Document Review   

In legal matters, ChatGPT can review documents and check if everything follows the rules, making legal processes more efficient.


In a few quick lines, ChatGPT is a game-changer for businesses! Its powerful commands cover everything from marketing and content creation to customer service and HR. As we look ahead, businesses are finding even more ways to use ChatGPT, from debugging code to tackling math problems. It’s not just a tool-it’s a versatile helper, making tasks easier across different areas!


How does Chat GPT 3.5 differ from Chat GPT 4 or Chat GPTPlus?

Chat GPT 4 or Chat GPTPlus is different than Chat GPT 3.5 in many ways:
1. Enhanced Accuracy: ChatGPT-4 offers improved reliability with fewer mistakes compared to ChatGPT-3.5.
2. Pretend Bar Exam Performance:
– ChatGPT-4 scored in the top 10% on a mock bar exam.
– In contrast, GPT-3.5 scored in the bottom 10%.
3. Training Data:
– GPT-3 is built on 17 gigabytes of data.
– GPT-4 boasts a substantial increase with 45 gigabytes of training data.
4. Response Time:
– GPT-3.5 delivers quicker responses and does not have the time limits imposed on GPT-4.
5. Word Handling Capacity:
– GPT-4 can process up to 25,000 words.
– GPT-3.5 handles between 1,000 to 3,000 words.

How to use ChatGPT and use these commands?

ChatGPT is easy to use. You simply type in what you want or ask a question, and ChatGPT responds.

Here is a step-by-step procedure:
1. Visit the ChatGPT website or platform.
2. Type Your Command or Question, for example, if you want it to generate a blog post, you can say, “Generate a blog post about the benefits of exercise.”
3. ChatGPT will then provide a response based on your input. It’s like having a conversation with a computer that understands and answers.

Are the commands mentioned in the article applicable to all versions of ChatGPT?

Yes, the commands mentioned in the article should work across various versions of ChatGPT. In the future there might be updates and improvements in newer versions, the basic commands remain quite consistent. For example,

Command: “Translate the following English paragraph into French.”

ChatGPT Response: “Sure, here is the translation: [French translation].

Whether you’re using ChatGPT from a few months ago or the latest version, these general commands provide a good starting point. Just keep in mind that responses improve with each update.

Are there any limitations to the commands provided for ChatGPT?

Yes, there are some limitations to the commands for ChatGPT. While it’s a powerful tool, there are a few things to keep in mind.
1. ChatGPT works best with clear and specific inputs. Complex requests may result in less accurate responses.
2. It doesn’t have a memory of past commands within the same conversation. Each input is treated independently.
3. It might provide information that sounds accurate but isn’t always factually correct. It’s essential to verify critical information.

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