9 Best Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platforms

9 Best Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platforms
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Most marketers have trouble keeping track of progress, information getting lost, and messages getting mixed up when they try to manage marketing across many platforms. This could waste money and make people unhappy.

To fix these problems, you need powerful cross-channel campaign management tools. These tools make it easier to do things and give clear results, which helps marketers connect with customers better and get more out of their funds. 

Here are the 9 best tools that can make marketing easier across all platforms.

What is a Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platform?

A cross-channel campaign management platform is a sophisticated tool used by businesses to plan, execute, and monitor marketing campaigns across various communication channels.

This cross-channel campaign platform allows companies to deliver a consistent and personalized marketing message to their customers, whether through email, social media, SMS, or offline channels like retail stores.

The aim is to provide a seamless experience for the customer, no matter how or where they interact with the brand.

9 Best Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platforms


Screenshot of Iterable website

Source: Iterable

Iterable is a dynamic marketing platform designed for cross-channel campaign management. It helps businesses craft personalized, scalable messages effortlessly. 

What sets Iterable apart is its ability to integrate with various data sources for real-time engagement tracking. It’s favored for its user-friendly interface and extensive automation capabilities, making sophisticated campaigns manageable.

Top brands use Iterable to ensure consistent, captivating communication across all channels, proving its effectiveness and versatility. It supports all types of marketing campaigns across multiple messaging channels including email, web, mobile push notifications, and SMS.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data integration
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting
  • Comprehensive campaign automation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed analytics and reporting
  • Scalable for any business size

View Iterable pricing plans here. 

Foundry ABM

Screenshot of Foundry ABM website

Source: Foundry ABM

Foundry ABM is an account-based cross-channel campaign platform that focuses on ads, web personalization, and sales. It leverages proprietary and first-party data to engage and convert stakeholders in target accounts.

Moreover, it equips marketers with the tools to strategically target key accounts, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Its precision and efficiency in delivering personalized content make it exceptional.

Foundry ABM’s robust analytics enable marketers to optimize strategies continuously, securing its place as a top-tier tool for focused marketing efforts in competitive industries.

Key Features:

  • Account-based targeting
  • Personalized content delivery
  • Strategic account planning tools
  • Robust analytics and insights
  • Campaign performance tracking
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Automated engagement workflows

View Foundry ABM pricing plans here.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Screenshot of Salesforce Marketing Cloud website

Source: Salesforce 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerhouse in customer relationship management. This AI-powered, cloud-based digital marketing platform is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem.

It delivers a cohesive customer journey across multiple platforms by utilizing data-driven insights. The cloud’s AI capabilities offer predictive analytics and automated decision-making, enhancing marketing effectiveness. It allows marketers to segment audiences, deliver personalized messages, and track campaign performance.

Key Features:

  • Integrated customer journey management
  • AI-driven predictive analytics
  • Cross-channel campaign execution
  • Real-time interaction management
  • Extensive integration options
  • Scalable solutions for various business sizes
  • Advanced data management and analytics

View Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing plans here.

Oracle Marketing

Screenshot of Oracle Marketing website

Source: Oracle Marketing

Oracle Marketing is a comprehensive solution designed for precision in cross-channel campaign efforts. It enables seamless orchestration of customer experiences across channels. This solution supports automated marketing campaigns through multiple channels including email, display search, video advertising, and mobile.

Known for its robust data management and advanced analytics, Oracle Marketing delivers insights that are actionable and impactful. Its commitment to scalability and integration with other Oracle products makes it indispensable for large-scale enterprises looking to maintain a competitive edge in their marketing strategies.

Key Features:

  • Cross-channel customer experience management
  • Advanced data management capabilities
  • Detailed behavioral analytics
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting tools
  • Integration with Oracle suite products
  • AI and machine learning enhancements
  • Robust security features

View Oracle Marketing pricing plans here.

Adobe Campaign

Screenshot Adobe Campaign site

Source: Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a powerful cross-channel campaign tool that streamlines cross-channel campaign management. It allows businesses to deliver personalized experiences across online and offline channels. It also offers marketing automation and marketing resource management, including spend and financial management, workflow, and asset management. The platform excels in automation, integrating with Adobe Experience Cloud for enriched data insights. 

With its robust targeting features, Adobe Campaign improves customer engagement significantly. It simplifies complex campaign workflows, making marketing efforts more efficient and impactful. Adobe Campaign is celebrated for its scalability and integration capabilities, making it a top choice for marketers.

Key Features:

  • Cross-channel marketing automation
  • Integration with Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Advanced personalization options
  • Comprehensive customer journey management
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Scalable campaign management
  • Seamless integration with existing systems

View Adobe Campaign pricing plans here.


Screenshot of Braze website

Source: Braze

Braze stands out as a dynamic cross-channel campaign platform that specializes in mobile-first interactions but is effective across all touchpoints. It enables real-time personalization, fostering deep connections with users through timely and relevant communications.

The platform’s strength lies in its user-friendly interface and robust automation capabilities. Braze supports A/B testing and has advanced analytics tools to gauge campaign performance. Known for enhancing user engagement and retention, Braze is a preferred choice for progressive marketers.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data-driven personalization
  • Mobile-first technology
  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting
  • A/B testing and optimization
  • Comprehensive analytics suite
  • Automation of complex campaigns

View Braze pricing plans here.

Marin Software

Screenshot of Marin Software website

Source: Marin Software

Marin Software is a cloud-based advertising cross-channel campaign management platform that integrates multiple tools and functions. It supports seamless integration with major advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Bing. 

Marin provides sophisticated bidding strategies and valuable analytics, making it essential for marketers aiming to maximize ROI. Its dashboard offers clear insights into campaign performance, facilitating smarter, data-driven decisions. 

Marin Software’s adaptability and efficiency make it an indispensable tool for serious digital marketers.

Key Features:

  • Multi-channel advertising management
  • Integration with major ad platforms
  • Advanced bidding optimization
  • Robust analytics and reporting
  • Unified view of campaign performance
  • Automated ad campaign management
  • Customizable dashboards

View Marin Software pricing plans here.

Skai (formerly Kenshoo)

Screenshot of Skai website

Source: Skai

Skai, previously known as Kenshoo, is a cutting-edge platform for managing digital marketing campaigns across search, social, and e-commerce channels. It provides advanced data analytics to drive campaign optimization and effectiveness.

Skai’s AI-driven insights help fine-tune marketing strategies, enhancing overall campaign performance. Its intuitive design simplifies the complexities of digital advertising. Skai is recognized for its innovation and ability to scale, making it a leader in the digital marketing space.

Key Features:

  • Cross-channel campaign management
  • Advanced AI-driven analytics
  • Integration across multiple digital platforms
  • Effective budget allocation and optimization
  • Detailed performance reporting
  • Strategic audience targeting
  • E-commerce optimization capabilities

View Skai pricing plans here.


Screenshot of StackAdapt website

Source: StackAdapt

StackAdapt is a sophisticated platform tailored for programmatic advertising, enabling marketers to reach and engage target audiences more effectively. It excels in native, display, and video advertising, integrating seamlessly with various data sources for enhanced targeting precision.

StackAdapt’s user interface is highly intuitive, making campaign management accessible even to novices. Its real-time reporting capabilities ensure campaigns are always optimized for the best possible outcomes. Known for its high return on investment, StackAdapt is a go-to for innovative marketers.

Key Features:

  • Advanced programmatic advertising
  • Multi-channel targeting including native, display, and video
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Real-time bidding and optimization
  • Detailed analytics and performance tracking
  • Seamless data integration
  • High ROI and conversion rates

View StackAdapt pricing plans here.

Benefits of Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Cross-channel marketing campaigns involve using multiple marketing channels to reach and engage customers in a coordinated effort. This strategy has several key benefits, especially when integrating elements like email marketing, customer data, and a data platform to execute campaigns effectively.

Here are some of the primary advantages:

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

By employing a seamless integration of various channels, cross-channel marketing provides a consistent and personalized customer experience. Whether through social media, email marketing, or in-store interactions, customers receive tailored messages that resonate with their preferences and behaviors. 

This consistency helps in building trust and satisfaction, enhancing the overall customer experience.

2. Improved Reach and Engagement

Using multiple marketing channels allows brands to reach wider audiences where they are most active. Email marketing, for instance, can be used to nurture leads, while social media might be more effective for broad awareness campaigns. 

By engaging customers across channels, brands can optimize their messages for each platform, leading to higher engagement rates.

3. Better Data Insights

Cross-channel marketing campaigns leverage customer data from various touchpoints to gain deeper insights into customer behaviors and preferences. A data platform integrates this information, enabling the marketing team to analyze patterns and personalize campaigns more effectively. 

This holistic view of customer data aids in making informed decisions and optimizing marketing strategies.

4. Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

When a marketing team can execute campaigns that automatically share customer data across channels, it results in a more efficient use of resources. Automation tools can trigger specific actions based on customer behavior, ensuring timely and relevant interactions. 

This not only saves time and effort but also enhances the effectiveness of marketing activities.

5. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

With the ability to track and measure the effectiveness of each channel, cross-channel marketing provides clear insights into which strategies are working and which are not. This knowledge allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively, improving the ROI of their marketing efforts. Additionally, the seamless experience provided across channels helps in converting and retaining customers, further enhancing the ROI.

6. Better Customer Retention

A consistent and personalized experience across multiple channels helps in building stronger relationships with customers. By understanding and responding to their needs through the effective use of customer data and email marketing, companies can increase customer loyalty and retention.

7. Competitive Advantage

Organizations that can execute well-coordinated cross-channel marketing campaigns gain a competitive advantage. They are able to engage with customers more effectively and respond to market changes more swiftly than competitors who might not have a seamless, integrated approach.

Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software Best  Features

Cross-channel campaign management software is designed to equip marketing organizations with the necessary tools to create, manage, and optimize digital marketing campaigns across both online and offline channels effectively. 

1. Unified Content Management

One of the top features of cross-channel campaign management is robust content management capabilities. This feature allows for the creation and modification of personalized content which can be dynamically adapted and deployed across all channels. Whether for SMS marketing or digital ads, content management ensures a consistent message that enhances the marketing strategy.

2. Advanced Data Management

Effective data management lies at the heart of a successful cross-channel marketing strategy. These platforms integrate marketing data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view that supports better decision-making and more targeted marketing efforts.

3. Omnichannel Customer Engagement

The core of omnichannel marketing is providing a seamless customer experience, whether the customer interacts with the brand through one channel or multiple channels. Top cross-channel campaign management tools ensure that customer engagement is consistent and effective, enhancing the overall enterprise marketing strategy.

4. Personalization Engines

Utilizing advanced algorithms and marketing data, these platforms can deliver highly personalized content to customers. This capability ensures that marketing efforts are more likely to convert, as messages are tailored to meet the unique preferences and behaviors of each customer.

5. Marketing Analytics and Reporting

To measure the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, especially one that uses cross-channel, multichannel marketing techniques, comprehensive analytics tools are crucial. These tools provide insights into the performance of the entire campaign, including engagement rates, conversion statistics, and overall ROI.

6. Automated Campaign Execution

Automated execution of marketing campaigns is key to reaching customers effectively across digital and offline channels. This feature allows marketing teams to set up triggers based on customer behavior, thereby automating aspects of the campaign that are repetitive or require timely intervention.

7. Integration Across All Channels

The best cross-channel campaign management software integrates multiple channels to reach an expansive audience. This includes everything from traditional email and SMS marketing to newer digital channels, ensuring that all aspects of the marketing effort are unified.

8. Cross-Channel Coordination

To create a cross-channel marketing campaign that delivers a seamless customer experience, coordination across all platforms is essential. These systems provide the necessary tools to synchronize activities across every channel, ensuring that the marketing organization can manage cross-channel campaigns effectively and efficiently.

9. Scalability for Enterprise Marketing

As part of an enterprise marketing strategy, these platforms are designed to scale with the business. This scalability ensures that as the company grows, the marketing tool grows with it, capable of handling an increasing volume of marketing data and more complex campaign strategies.

Final Thoughts

If marketers want to make their strategies work better across different digital platforms, the right cross-channel campaign management tool could be the key. These top 9 platforms are designed to meet a wide range of marketing needs because they can combine data, make communication more consistent, and give you information that you can use. 

They not only make complicated tasks easier, but they also make them more efficient, which means that every marketing dollar is well spent and every contact with a customer is important. Checking out these platforms is a good way to make your marketing efforts more successful and unified if you’re ready to take them to the next level.

To learn more about how these tools can transform your marketing strategy, check out our insights on the best Management Software options on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can small businesses benefit from cross-channel campaign management platforms?

Yes, small businesses can significantly benefit from these platforms as they provide streamlined solutions to manage multiple marketing activities, which can save time, reduce costs, and improve campaign effectiveness even with limited resources.

How do cross-channel campaign management platforms improve customer engagement?

These platforms enhance customer engagement by delivering personalized and consistent messages across all channels, responding quickly to customer interactions, and using analytics to refine strategies and make real-time adjustments.

Are there any challenges associated with using cross-channel campaign management platforms?

Some challenges might include the initial setup and integration with existing systems, learning how to use the platform effectively, and managing data privacy and security.

How do I measure the success of my campaigns on these platforms?

Success can be measured by predefined KPIs such as conversion rates, engagement rates, customer retention rates, and ROI. These platforms often provide comprehensive analytics tools to track these metrics accurately.

What kind of support should I expect from a cross-channel campaign management platform provider?

Look for providers who offer comprehensive support, including training for your team, customer service via phone or chat, and regular updates to the platform to improve functionality and security.

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