19 Best Digital Publishing Platforms Alternatives

best digital publishing platforms
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Digital publishing platforms come with a lot of features and specialties. Some aim to empower writers and give them the proper digital publishing tools to share their stories, while others improve the overall publishing experience of their authors. Digital asset management, or DAM, is a system that manages all of the digital products that your company produces. Here I’ve compiled a list of the 19 best digital publishing platform alternatives that will give you an in-depth idea about where to publish and monetize your writing online.


Logo Guidelines – Squarespace

Squarespace is a digital publishing platform that lets you create and customize your website. It’s a great option to start quickly without learning how to code or hire a developer. The platform will help you set up your site and customize the look and feel to reflect your brand. Squarespace is best for people looking for a low-cost, simple solution to build their website quickly. You can also use it to sell products or services, but it has fewer features than other platforms.


  • Personal: $16/month
  • Business: $23/month
  • Commerce Basic: $27/month
  • Commerce Advanced: $49/month

Start with a flexible designer template or build your own, then customize to fit your style and professional needs using our drag-and-drop website builder.


FLİPHTML5 ile 500 sayfaya kadar e-dergiler oluşturun | WEB 2 ARAÇLARI

FlipHTML5 is an online publishing platform that helps you create high-quality digital publications in minutes. You can publish your online magazines, catalogs, and brochures with FlipHTML5. You can also use it to make a portfolio, business card, or ebook. It’s easy to use and simple to get started.


  • Free
  • Pro: $12.5/month
  • Platinum: $25/month
  • Enterprise: $83.5/month


Paperlit - Digital Publishing Software for Magazines and Brands

Paperlit is a digital publishing platform that allows you to create, publish and sell eBooks and printed books online. Paperlit aims to help authors and publishers make more money from their work. They offer writers a wide range of tools, including the ability to write in plain text, rich text, and HTML; track changes using version control; collaborate with other writers; and much more.


  • Contact Paperlit for custom pricing.


Readymag—a design tool to create websites without coding

ReadyMag is a digital publishing platform that allows you to create, publish and sell your own magazine. They are the best digital publishing platform for magazines, newspapers, books, and more. ReadyMag is a self-service platform that gives you complete control over your digital publication. You can upload your content and manage it on your own. ReadyMag offers many valuable features like a drag & drop editor, advanced layout editor, etc.


  • Free
  • Studio: $36/month
  • Business: $58.5/month


Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress.org

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform in the world and is free. Tens of thousands make their living from WordPress, both as freelancers and full-time employees. The best thing about WordPress is that it is so easy to use, and many resources are available to help you get started.


  • Free
  • Personal: ₱160/month
  • Premium: ₱333/month


Anyflip Download (Updated 2023 Version)

AnyFlip is a digital publishing platform that helps businesses create, publish and distribute interactive content. It’s a great way to increase engagement with customers and prospects. AnyFlip enables you to publish interactive content in minutes without any coding knowledge or expensive software. The AnyFlip platform offers many features and functionalities that allow you to create powerful interactive content.


  • Free
  • Pro: $12.42/month
  • Platinum: $24.92/month
  • Enterprise: $83.25/month


Ceros – Inspire. Educate. Empower.

Ceros is a full-featured digital publishing platform that allows you to create and publish beautiful, interactive content. Ceros digital publishing platform is designed by publishers, for publishers. Ceros know what it takes to create a successful magazine, so they’ve made it easy to build your following publication from scratch or publish an existing PDF or Word document.


  • Contact Ceros for pricing details.


6 Best Free Digital Publishing Platforms & Tools To Distribute Your Content  Online - FlipHTML5

Medium is a digital publishing platform allowing users to read, browse, and contribute to various publications. It’s also a social network where users can follow others and see their reading. Medium is free to use and has no ads. It’s supported by a few paid features, such as turning off the “read later” button on posts or adding custom domains to your site.


  • Contact Medium for pricing details.


VERTIQUL - Beautiful & Modern Digital Publication Platform

Vertiqul is a digital publishing platform that enables users to create, manage and publish digital content for free. It’s an online solution that allows you to create your magazine, newspaper, or blog. With Vertiqul, you can manage your digital magazine in just a few minutes. You can also publish it on Facebook and Twitter or share it with your friends via e-mail.


  • Contact Vertiqul for custom pricing.


19 Best Digital Publishing Platforms Alternatives Softlist.io

Maglr is a digital publishing platform that allows you to create, publish and sell your digital magazines. Maglr is the best way to build your magazine for free. It’s easy to use, no coding is required, and you can start selling your magazine immediately. Maglr provides everything you need to create an online magazine that looks great on any device. Maglr gives you complete control over your content to create a magazine that reflects your personality and interests. Maglr makes it easy to publish regularly by providing a simple workflow for uploading content, scheduling posts, and managing subscribers.


  • Basic: €200/month
  • Pro: €400/month
  • Enterprise: €1,100/month 


Issuu Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - VectorLogoSeek.Com

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Issuu’s mission is to enable anyone to share and discover great content on any subject, anywhere in the world. They’re building the next-generation media company for the mobile era.


  • Basic: Free
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Premium: $40/month
  • Optimum: Custom pricing


FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook is a digital publishing platform that lets you create interactive digital publications, catalogs, brochures, books, and more. FlippingBook is an all-in-one solution for flexible, interactive digital publishing. It offers multiple themes, templates, and widgets to make your product look great on any device. It’s easy to use and works with ePub, PDF, and more. You can publish your content online so anyone can access it on their mobile device or computer.


  • Lite: $19/month
  • Starter: $44/month
  • Optimal: $89/month
  • Advanced: $179/month


beehiiv — The newsletter platform built for growth

Beehiiv is a digital publishing platform that helps you to publish your content online. It has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to create an online publication. Beehiiv has several templates for your blog and magazine, so you can start publishing immediately. The platform allows you to easily customize these templates, so they can be as unique as you want.


  • Launch
  • Grow: $42/month
  • Scale: $84/month


BOOK CLUB Archives - Calaméo Blog

Calameo is a digital publishing platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals. With Calameo, you can easily create a website and start sharing your content online with just a few clicks. Calameo is a digital publishing platform that allows you to easily create a website and share your content with the world. You can upload articles, videos, photos, and documents directly onto your Calameo page and share them with friends, family, or colleagues.


  • Basic: Free
  • Premium: $14/month
  • Platinum: $49/month



YUPUB is a digital publishing platform that allows you to publish your articles on the web more easily. It’s a better way for writers to share their work and for readers to discover new stories. YUPUB helps writers build readership, boost traffic and monetize their content. YUPUB enables you to create your website without any coding experience. With YUPUB, you can publish your articles on the web more efficiently than ever!


  • Starter: $149/Publication
  • Premium Plan: $199/Publication
  • Professional Plan: $249/Publication


19 Best Digital Publishing Platforms Alternatives Softlist.io

Quark is a digital publishing platform that provides businesses with a powerful and intuitive way to create and deliver beautiful, personalized content to their customers. The Quark platform helps you create engaging experiences personalized to your customer’s interests and tastes.


  • Prepaid Annual Subscription: $259/year
  • Perpetual License: $559 one-time purchase


The home of exceptional digital experiences - Optimizely

Optimizely is a digital publishing software that helps publishers create and publish beautiful, interactive content. Interactive elements allow readers to interact with your content in some way. Optimizely drag-and-drop editor makes building, managing, and personalizing your content easy. The platform includes powerful analytics that helps you track reader engagement across all devices.


  • Contact Optimizely for custom pricing.


Twipe - Premium Digital Editions & Habit Formation Technology

Twipe is a digital publishing platform that allows you to create, publish and monetize your digital magazine publishing platform. Twipe is a simple and easy-to-use online platform that allows anyone to create a digital magazine. With Twipe, you can create an online store for your magazine and sell your content on the web. You can also monetize your content using ads or subscriptions.


  • Contact Twipe for pricing details.


IngramSpark: Self-Publishing Book Company | Print & Distribute

IngramSpark is a digital publishing platform that enables you to create, publish, and sell your content worldwide. With IngramSpark, you can use production services and distribution channels to reach new audiences. IngramSpark has been used by thousands of authors, digital publishers, and self-publishers worldwide.


  • Contact IngramSpark for pricing details.


Digital publishing platforms have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years and are now a standard fixture on the internet. These days many online publishing platforms provide remarkable benefits to users/publishers. But, as I said before, finding the right digital publishing platform is not easy because no single platform can satisfy all your needs. So, if you are looking for an excellent digital publishing platform, here are some recommended alternatives to some of the most popular digital publishing platforms. Check out our other blogs for more business solution tools like digital right management software.


What kind of content can be published on a digital publishing platform?

You can publish anything from eBooks, courses, videos, and photos to blog posts and infographics. You can even use these platforms to sell physical products such as t-shirts or mugs. It all depends on what type of content you want to offer your audience.

What’s the difference between an eBook and an online course?

An eBook is usually text-based, while an online course is video-based or has both text and video components. Both are great ways to share knowledge with others.

Can I use a digital publishing platform to make money?

Yes! Many people have used these platforms to earn passive income by selling their content.

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