Digital Marketing Strategies for Enhancing Customer Service Excellence

Digital Marketing Strategies for Enhancing Customer Service Excellence
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So you’re already aware of the role of user data in shaping customer experience.  

However, with Google’s Privacy Sandbox, data collection has changed. You can’t rely on third-party cookies to collect user data anymore. You switch to digital marketing first-party data collection methods instead. App sign-up details, website logins, social media polls, etc. 

Sadly, these methods aren’t enough to move the needle as they lack deeper, nuanced insights. You need optimal marketing strategies at every possible touchpoint for enhanced customer experience. For that, go beyond first-party data collection methods. 

Don’t fret; the digital marketing strategies listed in this blog should help. 

We’ll cover five digital marketing strategies to optimize unique digital touchpoints through this blog. But before that, let’s skim through the digital marketing touchpoints a user encounters throughout their journey.    

Digital Marketing Touchpoints of a Customer 

A user’s first interaction with your business is through numerous ways. Each of these touchpoints should spark delight or add value to them. A few of them are – 

  • Paid ads on Instagram and other socials 
  • Google Ads
  • Google Search
  • Online reviews 
  • Engagement channels (including live chat, video chat apps, etc)
  • Social media 
  • Website 

Identify the digital marketing touchpoints for your business. Once you identify, you’ll know how customers experience your brand. Based on that data, implement strategies to enrich their experience even more.   

Speaking of data, let’s start with the first strategy.  

  1. Use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to optimize PPC campaigns 

Use GA4 to optimize marketing strategies across your website and apps

To gain deeper insights into your Google Ads PPC campaigns, set up Analytics for your website or app and – 

  • know your target audience 
  • conduct keyword research based on search volume 
  • determine the best time of the day to schedule ads
  • personalize campaigns based on customer data

Depending on the campaign performance, make bid adjustments for each campaign. 

Consider the below-mentioned points to make the most of GA4. 

Use GA4’s predictive metrics to make data-driven decisions

Sure, looking at past user behaviors helps you understand them, however, it doesn’t help you make proactive decisions. Use GA4’s powered predictive metrics to make data-driven decisions on a large scale.

For many businesses, predictive analytics significantly impacts retargeting campaigns. You learn about – 

  • purchase probability
  • churn probability
  • revenue prediction

Ensure user’s data safety with GDPR compliance 

You want to avoid hefty fines and legal repercussions at any cost in this privacy-first world. Hence, ensure GDPR compliance for Google Analytics in all stages of data handling – 

  • collecting data
  • transferring data
  • retaining data
  • sharing data 

If you use the Google Ads platform, find more about GA4 and PPC here

  1. Reach out to a Reliable SEO Agency to Increase Online Visibility

A well-optimized paid ad that garners visibility is an amalgam of stellar design, crisp copy, the right keywords, and precise target location/s. 

A website blog on the other hand requires the most-searched topics, good visuals, and valuable content.

We spoke with Padraig O’Connor, a marketer with extensive knowledge of digital marketing. He has worked on marketing for both startups and large companies. According to Padraig, you must go beyond basic keyword research to increase your online visibility. “Knowing your audience, solving their problems, and engaging their hearts is key to content digital marketing success.”

Ideally, you want to tick all the right boxes for your SEO and content strategy. To do so, it’s wise to reach out to an agency that has experience in increasing your online visibility through SEO and social media marketing

Padraig states that “oftentimes large and small companies alike use SEO and content marketing agencies to improve their visibility. These agencies are specialists in the field and perfect for businesses without such in-house marketing expertise.” 

To expand your online presence, you need SEO strategies, a solid content marketing plan along social media marketing. Skale, being a UK SEO agency, strategically extends its services to a global clientele. It helps drive revenue with actionable on-page and off-page SEO strategies. While it’s best for SEO, you may benefit from another agency specializing in social media and content marketing, respectively. 

Research top agencies in your location and choose the one that’s the right fit. 


  • You get strategies that bring you tangible results 
  • Get a comprehensive marketing plan that makes the most of your resources 
  • Cost and time-effective 
  • Brings fresher, newer perspectives
  • Create a strong brand identity with consistent brand messaging across channels 

Work with an agency on a contractual or project basis before working with them full-time. 

This way you get time to ensure that they’re the right fit.  

  1. Integrate Chatbots for Quick Response TimeDigital Marketing Strategies for Enhancing Customer Service Excellence

Source: Freepik

So, a user visits your home page. Inputs a query in the live-chat window and sees “typing…” for ten seconds. 

What’s their next obvious action? 

Move to another window or close the present window. Simply because they didn’t get an answer to their query in time.   

Dmitriy Shelepin, CEO, and Head of SEO at Miromind states chatbot helped their company drive leads. “We’ve witnessed the power of chatbots in increasing leads by 20% and reducing response time by 50%.” 

He further emphasized the importance of investing in email automation tools. “We’ve also invested in an email automation tool that automatically sends customers emails about their order updates, delays, and other product-related notifications.”

Integrate chatbots into your website and app for a quick response to all customer queries such as FAQs and other common product-related concerns. Go through a list of the best available AI bots and choose one right for your business. 

To take customer interactions a notch up, integrate voice-enabled bots. It eases the user experience even more as they simply give voice inputs without having to think, frame, and type their queries. 

  1. Personalize Email Marketing Campaigns to Increase Engagement 

74% of people hate being shown irrelevant content. Through personalized email marketing campaigns, aim to meet and exceed the 1:1 communication with your customer. 

Personalize emails based on customers’, 

  • Name
  • Location 
  • Number of times they log into your app
  • Gender 

Several other data points can make emails even more personalized. Padraig O’Connor emphasizes that personalizing subject lines and names is just the beginning. “More sophisticated email marketing programs can personalize email communications based on product and website data to personalize email content further and drive results.” He says “Most people will be familiar with getting emails from Amazon based on what you looked at on their website. They aggregate everything they know about you to create a better customer experience and generate sales. ”

Use email automation tools 

Digital marketing tools like email automation and automated, timely emails save customers on the brink of losing interest in your business. Save time as the tool automatically sends emails to customers at scheduled times. 

Padraig shares a word of advice for those in the market for email marketing software. “Seek features that meet your precise business needs and prioritize ease of use.  Many providers offer free trials which are worth taking advantage of so you can check up on usability.” Padraig adds that “Integrations and support matter a lot. You want a marketing automation software that works well with your other software and business data. Not to mention having a team of people you can reach out to for support when  you hit snags.”

Use A/B testing 

A/B testing is a smart way to increase open and CTR(click-through rates). 

Experiment with the subject lines to the copy and designs of the email. Then analyze which version of the campaign works best. 

Just ensure there are only one to two parameters that differ in both versions so that it’s easy to track which one works better and why. 

Note: Don’t use A/B testing only to find a doable campaign. Use it even when your campaigns are performing well. It’ll only show you which version performs better. 

  1. Implement Contextual Content Strategies to Foster Meaningful Connections

Good quality content alone won’t be enough to pull in a huge number of users to your website.  

Nicci Take, a Global Deal Coach at Mercer’s states the importance of context and purpose behind the content. 


Good content will only take your business so far. Implement a contextual content strategy so that your optimal content reaches the right customer at the right moment. 

How do you create such a strategy? 

Step 1: Have customer data 

You don’t need to make hefty investments for this. A CRM that lets you store, access, and organize customer data is handy. 

Step 2: Create buyer personas and know their intent

After aggregating data, create buyer personas to classify them and identify the type of content, and delivery platform that best allows you to reach them. 

For example, an informative blog post about your product won’t suit someone in the decision-making stage (bottom of the sales funnel). Similarly, a product demo won’t appeal to someone in the awareness stage. So segment buyers based on their journey stages. 

Pro tip: Use A/B testing here.

Step 3: Pick the right time 

A pizza delivery service ad popping up at 7 am serves no purpose. You want that ad to pop up after 7 pm users actually look to order food after having a probable long day at work. 

Step 4: Choose the right platform 

Lastly, in digital marketing, choose the right delivery platform after analyzing buyer personas. Also, not every user consumes content in the same way. So repurpose content into different content formats. Use different content creation tools for different platforms. 

Leverage contextual retargeting so that your ad appears across relevant sites and brings back those bounced users to your website again. 

Be Your Customer’s Go-to Partner

In digital marketing, regardless of who your target audience is and where they fall in the sales funnel, they’re seeking solutions that ease their lives. 

Be their guide in this hunt.  


  • Keep them updated about your latest products/services through email marketing 
  • Integrate “how to” guides for products that may need one 
  • Share reasons for launching a product or delays in product launches when they occur 
  • Highlight how availing your services benefits their lives with supporting case studies 

Remember you’re reaching out to humans, not just inboxes or social media feeds. So use these digital marketing strategies by all means, but also ensure you curate human-centered experiences for your customers.  Padraig adds that speaking with customers regularly is a great way to gain feedback and improve your digital marketing efforts. 

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