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Bionic Reading
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There is a new type of book out there- the bionic book. These books use technology to help readers absorb and understand information more easily. They are perfect for people who want to learn new things quickly and efficiently without having to struggle through dense text or spend hours reading. If you are interested in learning more about bionic reading or looking for a way to improve your reading skills, this guide is for you! We will discuss the different types of bionics available, how they work, and how you can use them to improve your comprehension and learning experience.

What Is Bionic Reading Method?

A woman reading a book with the title "What Would Google Do?"

A Swiss programmer called Renato Casuut developed Bionic Reading. What does it mean to “guide the eyes through artificial fixation sites” to facilitate reading?

Bionic Reading aims to present every word in such a way as to help the brain. The concept is that your eyes focus on the bolded portion while your brain fills in the remainder. Since your brain reads faster than your eyes, you can read more quickly while keeping the whole context by simply lowering the number of letters your eyes need to see.

Although it appears to be a straightforward typeface, it is much more than that. Developers may utilize the Bionic Reading API to provide text support to their apps. They may change the contrast between bolded and unhighlighted characters as well as how many letters are bolded.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Opaque And Bionic Reading Converters?

A woman holds a smarphone while with two other women.

Does trying bionic reading make sense? Here is a list of the advantages:

  • Readers can read quicker, understand more, and maintain their attention with bionic-formatted text. It does not intend to turn you into a fast-reading ninja. It encourages you to read and comprehend more.
  • E-reading software or device may use the bionic reading method. There is no requirement to purchase and download a bionic reading app. There is no need to move to another app.
  • The original container of the device you use preserves bionic books. They only improve the reading experience rather than altering it.
  • The basic premise of bionic reading is to style text using boldface letters. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that both ebook fans and ebook platforms will accept a bionic reading.

How To Get Started With Bionic Reading Tools Add-Ons?

Use Bionic Reading On Chrome

A phone showing the logo of Google Chrome.

You may easily download and apply the Chrome extension that houses the Bionic Reading tool to your browser. If you want to use the extension regularly, pin it to your toolbar.

Click the toolbar extension whenever you are reading something, and it will highlight the first few letters of each word. Converters highlight the initial few letters of each word. Which is simpler to read? The font, size, alignment, spacing, and other settings can all be changed.

After, only click the X button. You may share the text directly with any Kindle email address or download it in this format by hitting the download icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

Use Bionic Reading On Microsoft Edge

A building with the logo of Microsoft.

Open Edge on your PC and launch Chrome Webstore since we can add them to the MS Edge browser. Install it on your browser by searching for it. This extension will add a button on your Edge browser toolbar, much like Chrome. Click on the button to use the tool to convert text into the Bionic Reading format when you wish to read something out loud on the internet.

From the Bionic Extension Page, download the Chrome extension for Edge. It is a fantastic tool for anyone who has to read a lot on a computer for business, is a student who receives their reading material online, or who enjoys reading books.

The Different Tools You Can Use To Improve Reading Speed

Bionic Reading

Bionic Reading logo.

Activate the BR button on your news pages by going there. Additionally, you may export a pdf or epub.

The Bionic Reading method won gold award internationally.

In the category apps, our reading strategy took home the gold medal for “Excellent Communications Design.”

“Only the Gold-winning App is sufficient. You are the reason for it.

Each reader’s demands can be specifically accommodated by the Bionic Reading reading mode. Because of its adaptability, Bionic Reading® can provide each user with the highest level of customization.


The advantage to society is what matters most to us. We have a diversified society. We are unique people. We appreciate that. Because of this, we place a premium on creating customizable products to meet the requirements of each of our users, readers, and customers.

Pricing: Free

Jiffy Reader

Jiffy Reader logo.

It is browser extension that enables Bionic Reading method on any website!

Jiffy Reader employs it to enable you to focus more intensely than ever before while reading quicker, better, and easier.

Stop reading the same passage over.

Readers frequently lose focus. But Jiffy Reader develops focus spots based on Bionic Reading concepts that direct your eyes and make it simpler to scan information. Font weights, opacity, and color manipulation generates the emphasis spots. Doing so provides readers with naturally focused reading.

Jiffy Reader, revises texts. It lets you control the text’s manipulation to add emphasis spots.

Jiffy Reader wants to make reading enjoyable, relaxing, and simple.

In essence, we want your experience to be superior to that of other Bionic Reader extensions.

Many individuals have shown us a lot of love and support, and some of them have shared how Jiffy Readers has improved their reading and attention while dealing with ADHD and schoolwork.

By utilizing the Jiffy Reader extension, we expect that you will be able to read lengthy passages of text more quickly, comfortably, comprehensively, and with more attention.

Pricing: Free Version

Bionic Reader

Bionic Reader dashboard.

Enable bionic reading on any webpage to make it easier for people with neurodiversity conditions like ADHD and autism to read.

With the touch of a mouse, this addon will allow you to convert any webpage to Bionic Reading.

A novel technique called “Bionic Reading” helps readers by directing their eyes with artificial fixation locations while they read.

As a consequence, the reader is just paying attention to the highlighted first few characters and is allowing their brains to fill in the rest of the word.

Visit to learn more about Bionic Reading.

Pricing: Free

Tips For Using Bionic Reading Converters

Finding the formatting choice that works best for you is the major objective because it relies on highlighting certain words or portions of texts.

Find Optimal Bionic Intensity

Before downloading the final version, the native Bionic Reading tool allows you to change the parameters. The parameter that modifies the strength of the bionic formatting is the most significant. You leave more stuff for your brain to “autocomplete” the less bold text you use.

Use A Simple Sans Serif Font

I advise altering the font face to the most basic option once the bionic file formats have been loaded into your e-reader or book-reading program. The ideal fonts are Arial or Helvetica. They are sans serif typefaces, and the standard and bold versions differ noticeably in appearance. It will be simpler to concentrate on highlighted content.

Increase A Font Size

You may fiddle with the settings to find the font size that gives you the best amount of concentration without wearing out your brain.

I concluded that slightly enlarging the font size greatly enhances the text’s readability and comprehension.

Don’t Use Font Color

The bold formatting is being used by the Bionic Enabling Tool from Bionic Reading GmbH to highlight content. I anticipate that sooner or later, the instruments that employ the color for this purpose will be available. I don’t think it may be a smart idea to export a bionic-formatted file to your book-reading program, even if it might function in websites and RSS readers.

First of all, your e-reader won’t display color. Even in the gold award-winning app, the color could look good when the theme is bright, but it might look horrible when the theme is dark. This winning app is good.

Use The Bionic And Regular Version

I suggest adding two epub files—one with conventional formatting and one with bionic formatting—to your e-reader or e-reading program to see how an extension of it performs for you. In addition to being useful for comparison, it’s also helpful if you want to allow yourself a little more time to enjoy the experience.

Don’t Rush With It

You can read more quickly thanks to bionic reading, but you don’t have to adopt it right away. Get a few books in digital format and sometimes read them on your e-reader.

Nobody is making you read a book in a bionic format all at once. You may always go back to the original version if you want to.

Include bionic literature in your reading repertoire. Give it some time.

Dark Mode

Other readers do not prefer light mode from their devices. Therefore, some converters offer dark mode for healthier reading.


What is Bionic Reading?

The bionic reading tool, which was created by the Swiss startup business Bionic Reading GmbH, has an API that allows programmers to construct specialized bionic apps and extensions despite the noisy and hectic world. You can read webpages, RSS feeds, and ebooks using these bionic-based programs.

Bionic reading is an evolving process rather than a “totally new reading experience.” To begin utilizing it, you don’t need to learn anything.

What is the benefit of using a Bionic Reading Converter for speed reading?

The majority of people who have tried bionic reading concur that it does improve reading comprehension and speed. Theoretically, the brain can process information considerably more quickly than the eyes can.

What are some of the best Bionic Reading Tools?

Bionic Reading
Jiffy Reader
Bionic Reader

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