Understand How To Convert JPG To Excel?

Understand How To Convert JPG To Excel?
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Just imagine you need an old record that your friend on an immediate basis and you ask him/her to share files with you. You receive the file with blurry pictures that make you feel awkward while copying data row by row. What would you do in such a situation?

Well, you do not need to be worried about such a condition because this article will teach you different methods to convert JPG to Excel. So, it is time to turn your blurry data images into professional and good-looking spreadsheets.

How to Convert Image to Excel?

Understand How To Convert JPG To Excel? Softlist.io

Methods to convert your image files to Excel sheets include:

Using Windows:

On Windows, there is no direct way to convert your pictures to Excel sheets. But a couple of alternatives can help you make the conversions in less time. These include:

Microsoft Excel’s Built-In “Data from Picture” Feature:

You can use this feature to extract data from tables or grids contained in pictures.

How to Do?

  1. First of all, open your MS Office and then Excel sheet
  2. Go to the ‘Data’ option
  3. Click ‘Choose from Picture’ & then select ‘From File’
  4. Next, select the image file that contains the data you want to import
  5. Excel will carefully analyze the picture and extract the information from it

Convert the Image to a PDF and then Use Excel’s Import Capabilities:

This is a two-step process.