17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans

17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans
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If you’re seriously looking for an AI copywriting tools, the first thing to consider is the price. There’s no point in getting a tool that’s too expensive for your budget or a tool that doesn’t even cover all the aspects of SEO. There are free and paid AI copywriting tools you can use based on your requirement. Based on these factors, I have compiled a list of 17 Best AI Copywriting Tools and price plans for different budgets.

Surfer SEO 

Skyrocket your organic traffic with Surfer

Surfer SEO is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to write high-quality articles. They have been developing this AI copywriting tools for over a year and have tested it on various niches and industries. The goal is to provide the best content possible, so they’ve made sure that artificial intelligence can create content for any niche. Surfer SEO AI copywriter doesn’t just write articles for you; it also optimizes them for SEO purposes.


  • BASIC: $49/month
  • PRO: $99/month
  • BUSINESS: $199/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Price

Don't leave your SEO strategy up to chance. Surfer will give you an SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank. 


Sudowrite on CreativeGuild

Sudowrite is an ai copywriting tool that helps you to write original, human-quality content for your website or blog. It can also be used as a conversion tool to improve your landing pages’ search engines. Sudowrite is an AI copywriting tool that creates unique, human-quality content in seconds. It’s not just another article spinner or content generator. Instead, it uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand your business goals and create original pieces of content that meet those needs.


  • Hobby & Student: $10/month
  • Professional: $20/month
  • Max: $100/month

Get a page of words in less time than it takes to make your coffee.


ContentBot Blog - Page 3 of 14 - Write content faster with AI

ContentBot is the best AI copywriting software for content marketing. It creates high-quality, human-like articles that you can use on your website, blog, or social media. ContentBot uses artificial intelligence to write unique and engaging content for your website or social media accounts. The software also has a built-in editor to edit the generated content to make sure it doesn’t contain any mistakes or errors google docs. The goal of ContentBot is to help businesses create great content at scale by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. They believe that by making the process of creating content more efficient, they will be able to help business owners increase their return on investment.


  • Prepaid: $1 per word
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Premium: $59/month
  • Premium: $ 99/month

ContentBot.ai will help you set new records for your company and fuel your growth. 


Simplified | AI-driven Content Creation, Design & Collaboration

Simplified is the best AI copywriter software. It can help you create awesome content faster and more efficiently Simplified is a cutting-edge web app that uses artificial intelligence to generate content for publishers, businesses, and individuals. With Simplified anyone can create quality content quickly and easily. The platform’s AI engine analyzes your business goals, keywords, and audience to suggest relevant topics for your next blog post, article, or email campaign. You then select the topic that best fits your needs and the software generates a complete piece of writing in seconds.


  • Free
  • Small Team: $24/month
  • Business: $40/month
  • Growth: $100/month

All your graphics design, video editing, AI writing, social media management, apps & more - in one place.


17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans Softlist.io

Rytr is an AI-powered copywriting tool that creates unique, human-readable content for your website or blog. It’s easy to use and affordable. Rytr’s algorithm uses a set of rules to write content that is optimized for social media, SEO and other digital marketing goals. The algorithm works with a database of millions of articles to determine the best word choices, sentence structures and more. Unlike other tools on the market, Rytr will never run out of ideas or stop working if you don’t pay for it. Rytr will keep creating new pieces of content as long as there is internet access available. You can also ask Rytr to create specific types of content so you can get what you want quickly!


  • Free
  • Saver Plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month

Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!


Articoolo - helping writers create textual content

Articoolo is an AI copywriting tool that will write articles for you with just a few clicks. The software can be used by anyone who wants to save time and increase their productivity. Articoolo uses artificial intelligence to create unique content based on your keywords. This way, you don’t have to write your own content anymore. If you’re looking for a new way to create content, then Articoolo may be perfect for you. Articoolo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique content based on your keywords. The software uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology to analyze your website’s structure and generate quality content based on those findings.


  • Subscription: $29/month

Our technology is aimed at helping writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost-efficient, and much more pleasant.

INK Editor

INK - Plans

The INK Editor is a new AI copywriting tool that can generate high-quality content for you in seconds. The INK Editor uses Artificial Intelligence to write content for you. It will generate unique articles and blog posts based on keywords, topics, and themes that you provide. The INK Editor can write all types of content, including articles, blog posts, and press releases. It can also be used to create business proposals, product descriptions, web pages, and more. The INK Editor is an AI copywriting tool that allows users to create content without having to understand SEO or keyword research. In fact, it does this for you!


  • Professional: $39/month
  • Enterprise: $99/month

Google and other platforms are cracking down hard on AI content. We can detect it. Finally, there’s an all-in-one AI Content Platform that puts safety first.


Scalenut - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

Scalenut is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to write high-quality, human-like content. It’s the best AI copywriter. Scalenut is used by small business owners, bloggers, and startups to create engaging content that converts visitors into customers. It takes just a few minutes to set up a blog or website with Scalenut and start creating engaging, customer-focused content. You can use Scalenut to write blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, landing pages and more.


  • Essential: $23/month
  • Growth: $47/month
  • Pro: $89/month

Organic Marketing Platform, with AI that powers your entire content lifecycle.

Copy AI

Copy.ai Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2


  • Free
  • Pro: $36/month
  • Enterprise: Automate Any Workflow

Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.


17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans Softlist.io

Copysmith is an AI copywriter that writes content for you. It learns your writing style and the topics you like to write about then writes content for you based on that knowledge. Copysmith is an all-in-one solution that can create blog posts, articles and landing pages. Once you have finished writing an article or landing page in Copysmith you can export it as HTML ready to be published on your website or other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.


  • Starter: $19/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Copysmith.

Copysmith’s AI content generator makes product description writing fast, easy and fun – are you ready for your mind to be blown?


17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans Softlist.io

Writecream is an AI copywriting tool that automatically writes unique content for your website. Writecream is the best AI copywriting software available today. It will help you save a lot of time and money. You can use this tool to generate new ideas, improve your existing content, and even create completely new content from scratch. Writecream is useful for anyone who wants to write more content while saving time and money. This includes bloggers, businesses, marketers, website owners and more!


  • Free
  • Standard: $49/month
  • Extended: $69/month

Create marketing content & sales emails in seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Try for free. No credit card is required.


Unbounce Smart Copy AI Review, Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons In 2022

Smartcopy is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to write content for you. Smartcopy can write any type of content, from website content to product descriptions, blog posts and more. Smartcopy is the best AI copywriter because of its ability to create engaging and effective content. The software has been designed by experts in the field of artificial intelligence who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Smartcopy is easy to use and can be integrated with almost any platform. You can use it on your website, create blog posts and even use it as part of your social media marketing strategy. The best thing about Smartcopy is that it will save you time and money by creating high-quality content for your business or website.


  • Free
  • ESSENTIAL: $9/month
  • UNLIMITED: $49/month

Your friend just scored you 20% off your first three months (or 35% off your first full year) with Unbounce!


GrowthBar AI Marketing Software Review | Features & pricing (2023)

GrowthBar is an AI-powered, human-assisted copywriting software. It uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content and then sends it to a human editor for polishing before publishing ai generated content. GrowthBar was created by a team of copywriters and developers who love writing, but hate it when they can’t spend enough time on it. They wanted to build a tool that would help us write more, so they came up with an idea that can automate some of the less creative parts of copywriting while retaining control over the final product.


  • Standard: $29/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Agency: $129/month

Longshot AI

LongShot AI - Best Long-Form AI Writing Assistant and Content Generator

Longshot AI is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool. It uses deep learning to create high-quality, human-like content for your blog or website written content. Longshot AI is a service that allows you to create your own AI copywriter using our open-source code. You can use it to generate articles and blog posts, or even entire websites. The goal is to make the world a better place through artificial intelligence. They want to make sure the technology behind Longshot AI is accessible to everyone who wants it and they’re committed to making Longshot AI available for free as long as possible.


  • Free
  • Pro: $19/month
  • Team: $49/month
  • Agency: $299/month

Chibi AI

Chibi AI Online

Chibi AI is a copywriting tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create unique and engaging content. Chibi AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand your brand, its audience and competitors, then generates original content that is relevant to your needs. Chibi AI’s deep learning algorithms help it understand the best possible way to communicate with your audience, making it more engaging and effective for social media posts and website copy. The platform also allows you to personalize your messages by using machine learning algorithms that analyze your audience’s social media profiles, demographics and interests.


  • $20/month
  • $42/month
  • $420/year

Zyro AI Writer

Zyro - Wikipedia

The Zyro AI Writer is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can write high-quality content for you. The software uses artificial intelligence to learn your writing style, and then it will create unique content based on what you need. It includes all the features needed to create engaging and compelling content, including a word processor, spell checker and grammar checker.


  • Website: $2.59/month
  • Business: $3.59/month


17 Best AI Copywriting Tools Price Plans Softlist.io

Pencil is a great tool for copywriters, whether you’re a professional or just trying to write better emails. Pencil is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content. It’s an AI-powered tool for writers, marketers and salespeople. Pencil helps you create better content faster by providing feedback on your writing, suggesting ideas for new articles, helping you find more relevant keywords and giving you access to a database of curated content ideas.


  • Self-Serve: $99/month
  • Hybrid: $249/month
  • Full-Service: $799/month


The best AI copy writing software programs will save you hours of exhausting content creation. Just make sure that their pricing matches your budget and that the tool serves you well. The AI copywriting tools listed above are powerful tools that can be used to boost your sales, and conversion rates and at the same time save you a lot of time writing content. If you are interested to know more about AI Copywriting Tools, check out our blog now.


Is it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. With AI copywriting, you can create sales pages that are better than you could have made on your own. This is because the software is capable of writing content that appeals to the audience you want to reach, while also covering all of the bases.

What is the purpose of AI writing tools?

AI writing tools are a new way to generate content that is both human-readable and machine readable. The purpose of AI writing tools is to help marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs create more engaging content that converts better. AI copywriting is a unique type of copywriting that combines the best of both worlds: human-readable content and machine-readable content. AI copywriting tools can generate high-quality, engaging content without any human intervention.

How important are AI Copywriting tools?

AI copywriting tools are very important for the success of your business. If you want to write content for your website or blog, then AI copywriting is the best option for you. The rise of AI has made it possible to create high-quality content by using artificial intelligence. What’s more, it can be done in a short span of time and with less effort. If you want to get more traffic and subscribers on your website, then you need high-quality content that attracts visitors and makes them stay on your site. This is where AI copywriting comes into play. If you want to use AI copywriting software, then there are many tools available online that can help you create quality content within minutes. There are also many free tools that allow you to write better than ever before.

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