17 Top 3D Printing Companies: Pioneering Additive Manufacturing and Online Services

17 Top 3D Printing Companies
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Hey there! Curious about how 3D printing is reshaping industries far and wide? It’s way more than just crafting neat models—it’s sparking a major revolution. Picture this: from the medical world to the skies, a select group of 17 3D printing firms is steering the ship, turning abstract ideas into real, touchable breakthroughs. Ready to see how they’re rocking the boat and redefining excellence? If you’re into tech, thinking of investing, or just keen to learn, you’re in for a real treat with the magic of 3D printing. It’s time to jump in!

The Journey of 3D Printing

Think 3D printing is purely sci-fi? Guess again. This technology’s roots go way deeper than you might guess. Let’s rewind and see where it all began.

From Dreams to Reality: Kickstarting in the 1980s as rapid prototyping, 3D printing was all about speedily bringing prototypes to life. Fast track to now, and it’s evolved big time. Gone are the days of just plastic trinkets. Enter metals, ceramics, and, yep, even tissues!

Here and now: Today, 3D printing is on a whole new level. With metals and polymers, it’s a powerhouse for sectors needing precision and durability, like aerospace. And bio-printing? That’s opening doors we’ve only dreamed of, like printing organs. Imagine the possibilities!

The Force of 3D Printing Companies

Wondering why these 3D printing outfits are such a big deal? They’re not just creating; they’re revolutionizing.

More Than Just Prototypes: Once, 3D printing was for one-offs. Now, companies are pushing it to mass production. This leap means quicker outputs, slashed costs, and bespoke products. Fancy custom-fit shoes or that car part printed by tomorrow? It’s becoming a reality.

Eco-Friendly Production: What’s really cool about 3D printing is its nod to sustainability. Unlike traditional methods, it cuts down on waste by using just what’s needed, layer by layer. Plus, the push for recycled materials is on. In our eco-conscious world, 3D printing is leading the way to greener manufacturing.

With their innovative use of quality materials, patents safeguarding groundbreaking techniques, and a keen eye on streamlining the supply chain and workflow, these companies are not just stocks to watch but pioneers shaping a sustainable, efficient future. So, whether you’re diving into the 3D-printed world for the first time or looking to deepen your knowledge, the adventure is just beginning.

Top 17 3D Printing Companies Shaping the Future

Dive into the heart of innovation with our lineup of the top 17 3D printing companies. These organizations, ranging from the first 3D pioneers to the latest dynamic startups, are revolutionizing the 3D printing industry. They offer a glimpse into the future of tech, manufacturing, and beyond. For anyone looking for a spark of inspiration, a potential collaboration, or an investment opportunity, these are the game-changers transforming ideas into physical realities.

Integral Reality Labs

17 Top 3D Printing Companies: Pioneering Additive Manufacturing and Online Services Softlist.io

Source: Integral Reality Labs

Leading the charge in blending the digital and physical realms, Integral Reality Labs specializes in crafting top-rated immersive experiences. Their work, straddling education, gaming, and training, pushes the envelope in how we perceive and interact with our world. Through groundbreaking projects, they blur the lines between the virtual and the real, offering a peek into a future where these boundaries fade away.

Key Highlights:

  • Top-rated immersive mixed-reality experiences
  • Innovations that redefine interactive technologies
  • Enhancing learning and training environments
  • Groundbreaking developments in gaming
  • Leading the way in perceptual interface technology


A screenshot of MakerBot's website

Source: MakerBot

MakerBot, a household name in the best 3D desktop printing, has democratized prototyping and creation, making it accessible to enthusiasts and professionals alike. Known for their reliability, precision, and user-friendly design, MakerBot printers support a broad spectrum of materials and software, ensuring a smooth workflow from design to print. They are committed to advancing the 3D printing market, with a particular emphasis on education and creative innovation.

Key Highlights:

  • User-friendly, reliable desktop 3D printers
  • High precision with wide material compatibility
  • Seamless integration with robust design software
  • Dedicated to fostering education and innovation

General Electric 3D Printing

A screenshot of General Electric's website

Source: General Electric

General Electric is at the forefront of transforming industrial manufacturing through its advanced 3D printing solutions. Utilizing additive manufacturing, GE creates critical parts for sectors such as aviation and energy, enhancing efficiency and sparking innovation within these industries. Their expertise in the 3D printing market is not just about cutting costs and lead times; it’s about elevating product performance to new heights.

Key Highlights:

  • Industrial-scale, best 3D printing capabilities
  • Notable efficiency improvements in manufacturing
  • Reductions in cost and production time
  • High-performance parts for aviation and energy


A screenshot of Markforged's website

Source: Markforged

Markforged stands out in the 3D printing industry by delivering industrial printers that produce exceptionally strong parts. Employing materials like carbon fiber and metal, their printers are capable of creating components once deemed unattainable. Positioned for the factory floor, Markforged’s technology introduces unparalleled efficiency and innovation to manufacturing processes, offering cost-effective, on-demand, and precise part production.

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional printing with carbon fiber and metals
  • Ideal for demanding industrial environments
  • Significant cost and time savings in production
  • Enables on-demand manufacturing of precise components

Mighty Buildings

A screenshot of Mighty Building's website

Source: Mighty Buildings

Mighty Buildings stands at the forefront of housing innovation, leveraging polymer 3D printing to construct homes that are not only quick to build but also friendly to your wallet and the planet. They use a special composite that ensures durability and efficiency. This isn’t just about building houses; it’s about creating sustainable living spaces for the future.

Top Features:

  • Swift and eco-friendly home construction
  • Cost-effective living solutions
  • Use of durable composite materials
  • Highly efficient in energy consumption
  • Cutting-edge design and construction tech


A screenshot of nTopology's website

Source: nTopology

nTopology is revolutionizing the engineering scene with its advanced software, opening up new possibilities in product development with 3D printing. Engineers across various fields, from aerospace to automotive, can now design parts that are not only lighter and stronger but also aesthetically appealing, thanks to nTopology’s computational modeling capabilities.

Top Features:

  • Revolutionary engineering software for optimized designs
  • Capability for designing lightweight yet strong components
  • Advanced computational modeling for design freedom
  • Applicable across a wide range of industries
  • Boosts design efficiency and complexity


A screenshot of Xometry's website

Source: Xometry

Xometry is transforming the manufacturing landscape with its comprehensive 3D printing service online. Offering instant quotes and rapid production, Xometry bridges the gap between design and manufacturing, catering to a wide array of printing materials and methods, including selective laser sintering and direct metal printing.

Top Features:

  • Comprehensive on-demand manufacturing services
  • Quick, AI-powered quotes
  • An extensive selection of printing materials
  • Diverse manufacturing capabilities
  • Reliable and speedy production services


A screenshot of CELLINK's website


CELLINK is at the helm of the bioprinting revolution, creating 3D biocompatible structures that have the potential to transform medical research. From tissues to the first 3D-printed organs, CELLINK’s technology is groundbreaking for drug testing and the field of regenerative medicine, making strides toward medical miracles.

Top Features:

  • Leading-edge 3D bioprinting technology
  • Printing with biocompatible materials
  • Key for drug testing advancements
  • Contributions to regenerative medicine
  • Trailblazing tools for medical research

Fast Radius

A screenshot of Fast Radius' website

Source: Fast Radius

Fast Radius is redefining the manufacturing world with its industrial 3D printing prowess. They specialize in swiftly turning digital designs into reality, focusing on precision for complex parts. Their on-demand production service minimizes the need for large inventories, while their global platform ensures fast delivery, optimizing the 3D printing process from conception to final product.

Top Features:

  • State-of-the-art 3D printing technology for industrial use
  • High precision for complex parts
  • Efficient on-demand production capabilities
  • Wide-reaching global distribution
  • Smooth and efficient manufacturing workflow


A screenshot of Formlab's website

Source: Formlabs

Formlabs is at the cutting edge, making waves as a pioneering 3D printing company. Their high-resolution desktop printers are a game-changer, democratizing the manufacturing process for everyone, from hobbyists to professionals. Known for producing models with astonishing detail, Formlabs is a go-to for designers and engineers who demand precision and reliability. Their technology bridges the gap between imagination and tangible creation, propelling a wide range of industries forward.

Top Features:

  • Unmatched high-resolution 3D printing
  • Compact, desktop-friendly design
  • Exceptional quality in model production
  • Dependable, with detailed outputs
  • Versatile across diverse industries


A screenshot of Glowforge's website

Source: Glowforge

Glowforge is reinventing laser cutting and engraving, bringing a digital flair to traditional craftsmanship. It’s not just about the machinery; it’s about turning creative ideas into reality with ease and precision. Whether it’s for educators, small businesses, or home enthusiasts, Glowforge stands out as an essential tool for anyone looking to bring intricate designs to life.

Top Features:

  • Precision in laser cutting and engraving
  • Intuitive operation for all users
  • Flexible with various materials
  • Quick creation of complex designs
  • Ideal for educational purposes and small businesses


A screenshot of HP's website

Source: HP

HP has long been synonymous with innovation, from setting the standard in computing to advancing the frontiers of 3D printing. Their technology isn’t just about gadgets; it’s about solutions that enhance lives and businesses. With a foot in the future, HP is pushing the boundaries of digital manufacturing services, making the benefits of 3D printing accessible to companies and large enterprises alike.

Top Features:

  • Trailblazers in technology and 3D printing
  • Trusted hardware for both the home and office
  • Cutting-edge software for simplifying tasks
  • Leaders in digital manufacturing services
  • Committed to sustainability and pushing innovation

3D Fortify

A screenshot of 3D Fortify's website

Source: 3D Fortify

3D Fortify sets itself apart by fusing materials science with digital design, leading to groundbreaking advancements in custom 3D printing. Their unique use of magnetic alignment not only enhances the strength of prints but also ensures precision, opening doors to a wide range of applications previously deemed impossible.

Top Features:

  • Unique magnetic alignment for enhanced strength
  • Precision in every print
  • Compatible with a variety of materials
  • Enables complex, previously impossible designs
  • Tailored solutions for numerous industries

3D Systems Corporation

A screenshot of 3D Systems Corporation's website

Source: 3D Systems Corporation

As the company that introduced the world to 3D printing, 3D Systems Corporation continues to drive innovation across the board. They offer comprehensive digital manufacturing services, from the first 3D printed prototypes to full-scale production, serving industries like healthcare and automotive with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Top Features:

  • Pioneers of the 3D printing industry
  • Broad spectrum of applications
  • Excellence in rapid prototyping
  • Streamlines manufacturing processes
  • Constantly innovating in the 3D space

Carbon, Inc.

A screenshot of Carbon, Inc.'s website

Source: Carbon, Inc.

Carbon, Inc. stands out as one of the most innovative companies in the 3D printing realm, revolutionizing how products are made with their Digital Light SynthesisTM. From personalized 3D prints to direct metal laser printing, Carbon is redefining the manufacturing landscape, offering speed, reliability, and a diverse market reach.

Top Features:

  • Revolutionary Digital Light SynthesisTM technology
  • Fast turnaround in manufacturing
  • Serves a wide market, including fashion and healthcare.
  • Consistent, reliable printing outcomes
  • Champions of sustainable production methods

Desktop Metal

A screenshot of Desktop Metal's website

Source: Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is leading the charge in making metal 3D printing not just a possibility but a practical reality for businesses and creators alike. With machines designed for safety and efficiency, they’re breaking down barriers to entry, offering solutions that range from initial prototypes to high-volume manufacturing. As a publicly traded company, they’ve shown significant growth in market share, especially in the quarter of 2023, proving that advanced manufacturing is here to stay.

Top Features:

  • Opens the door to metal 3D printing for a broad audience.
  • Safe and efficient printing systems
  • Rapid production capabilities across various volumes
  • Intuitive interfaces for ease of use
  • Supports both early-stage prototyping and large-scale production.


A screenshot of Divergent's website

Source: Divergent

Divergent is redefining the automotive manufacturing landscape, using additive manufacturing technology to build vehicles that are not only stronger but also more environmentally friendly. Their innovative approach to direct metal printing has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle production, cutting costs and opening up new avenues for sustainable design in the automotive sector.

Top Features:

  • Significantly lowers the environmental impact of car manufacturing.
  • Reduces costs through efficient additive manufacturing solutions
  • Delivers stronger components for automotive applications
  • Leverages 3D printing for groundbreaking design innovations
  • Leads in sustainable vehicle production strategies

Final Thoughts

Exploring these innovative companies has been quite an adventure, highlighting how 3D printing is transforming industries by merging creativity with cutting-edge technology. This revolution is not just about creating objects; it’s about reshaping how we think about manufacturing, design, and the environment.

3D printing stands as a pivotal technology in the current market, offering unparalleled customization, efficiency, and sustainability. With companies like Desktop Metal and Divergent steering the direction, the future of manufacturing looks brighter and more innovative than ever.

Connect with the pioneers shaping our world. Visit Softlist’s ‘Smart Technologies‘ category for insights into companies revolutionizing industries with their ingenuity.


What sets 3D printing apart in manufacturing?

3D printing’s magic lies in its ability to produce complex, custom designs quickly and with less waste than traditional methods. It’s changing the game for industries worldwide, thanks to its efficiency and versatility.

How can I assess a 3D printing company’s capability?

Evaluating a company’s portfolio and asking for samples or case studies can give you insight into their expertise and how they might meet your needs. Companies like Desktop Metal and Divergent are often highlighted for their innovative solutions and market presence.

Does 3D printing offer environmental benefits?

Yes, indeed. The precision and efficiency of 3D printing mean less waste and the opportunity to use recycled materials, making it a win for both manufacturers and the environment.

Is 3D printing viable for mass production?

With advancements in additive manufacturing technology, including direct metal printing, and a wide range of applications from plastic to metal, 3D printing is increasingly used for mass production, offering speed and cost advantages.

How is 3D printing making an impact in healthcare?

The healthcare industry has seen remarkable benefits from 3D printing, from personalized prosthetics to the potential for printing organs, paving the way for more personalized and advanced medical treatments.

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