19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives

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Are you an Amazon seller who wants to find tools like those that have already done well? Dismiss! Here are the 19 best tools for Amazon sellers in the year 2023.

Using these tools, you can research products, improve your listings, keep track of your inventory, and talk to your customers.

All these things will help your business when they grow. This group of solutions will help sellers of all skill levels who sell on Amazon. So that you can make an informed choice, we’ll talk about what the tool is about and its costs.

#1 AMZAlert

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

AMZAlert lets you know about problems with your Amazon account or products.

It can send you SMS or email alerts when a product is deleted, its title is changed, or you get bad reviews or scammers.

AMZAlert also updates stock, best-seller badges, and keyword rankings for products.

This shows your sales and those of your rivals. In general, this program keeps Amazon accounts and goods safe.


Protect your business with automated inventory alerts, listing alerts, negative review alerts, and more – all in one dashboard.

#2 AMZTracker

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

AMZ Tracker is a product research tool that keeping track of keywords. It has many features that most amazon seller tools have. It can help sellers on Amazon do well.

It looks at your product listings to ensure they are search engine optimized. It makes suggestions for how to improve them.

AMZ Tracker can help you get more reviews through coupons and promotions on and off the Amazon platform.

It can also help you improve your listings. It also lets you track your keywords, sales, and competitors.

It gives you valuable information that can help you make more sales on the platform. AMZ Tracker is, all in all, a helpful tool that can help you do well as an Amazon seller.

AMZ Tracker

Introducing the only software for Amazon that grows rankings and helps you keep them.

#3 Shopkeeper

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Shopkeeper is a dashboard and inventory management software for all Amazon sales that keeps track of everything.

It lets you keep track of sales, plan inventory, and find products that could be doing better. Shopkeeper helps you determine how many items to reorder and how much to charge for fulfillment.

It also look at how much to charge for PPC ads, how much to refund, and how to get shipping discounts.

The software makes it easier to keep track of sales tax and other finances. This shows how well your business is doing.


Calculates your profits, margins, includes ppc, storage fees, sales tax and all other expenses. Features a Big List of Amazon Software Tools and a list of Amazon Podcasters and Influencers to follow.

#4 ManageByStats

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

ManageByStats is a powerful analytics amazon seller app that may help Amazon sellers improve their businesses. It gives retailers information and numbers that need to be found on Amazon.com.

This gives sellers the information they need to make intelligent business decisions. Using this technology lets you look at the data that vendors give you, which can lead to a rise in sales.

ManageByStats helps sellers make data-driven decisions. ManageByStats is one of the best Amazon analytics tools. This shouldn’t be a surprise. It is easy to use and gets a lot done in a short period.

#5 AccelerList

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

AccelerList helps Amazon FBA sellers list their products and keep track of their stock.

This method is faster than Amazon’s Seller Central for adding items to shipments.

AccelerList makes keeping accurate financial records and running the day-to-day business easier.

You don’t have to manually enter data or switch between tabs because the tool tells you if you made a profit or a loss. AccelerList makes it much easier and more effective to run Amazon FBA operations.

#6 ProfitWhales

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Profit Whales is one of the service market intelligence tools that takes care of everything for you when it comes to Amazon PPC.

It uses data science and specialized algorithms to help your advertising work better. Their software helps you find good keywords.

You can get the most out of your budget, and keep up with industry trends.

Profit Whales lets you make your reports and gives you tips on how to increase conversion rates. It helps sellers on Amazon make as much money as they can.

#7 Informed.Co

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

If people on Amazon FBA business knew more, they could make more money. Intelligent algorithms, analytics that you can use, and a competitive repricing platform help you stay ahead of the game.

Algorithms are used to make sure that price-changing instruments are competitive. This means you don’t have to look up prices by hand anymore.

With Informed, you don’t have to keep an eye on prices to use repricing strategies. You can also do it yourself.

#8 Linnworks

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Linnworks, a review management tool, makes it easier and more automated for wholesale merchants to do many of the business tasks they have to do.

It tells you a lot about how your sales channels work. It tells you how to do something. It keeps track of your orders, inventory, and fulfillment in one place.

Linnworks helps you automate your business so you have more time and money to spend on other things.

#9 Camelcamelcamel

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

You can use CamelCamelCamel along with your amazon seller central account to track how Amazon prices change.

It keeps an eye on the prices of millions of items and sends real-time alerts when prices go down. You benefit right away when prices go down.

CamelCamelCamel will tell you when a product you want is in stock so you can buy it. This program helps sellers keep track of Amazon’s stores and prices.

#10 Hello Profit

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

HelloProfit is one of the valuable software tools for Amazon sellers, whether they are new to the site or have been using it for a long time. It lets sellers track how well their business is doing and see how they’re doing.

Your HelloProfit account will change as you add more products as a new seller. It has essential information like landed costs, keywords, and other valuable details.

HelloProfit is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to sell on Amazon and do well.

#11 Profit Bandit

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Profit Bandit is a mobile app that lets you discover how profitable Amazon products are. By scanning the item’s barcode, you can quickly determine how much money you made from your retail channel.

With one click, the app gives you an estimate of how much money you could make.

Profit Bandit gives you a free trial of 20 scans. This simple tool can be used by anyone who wants to sell on Amazon.

#12 Synccentric

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

With Synccentric, eCommerce businesses can link their product IDs to Amazon business listings. They can learn more about their products with it.

More than 200 million products make it easy to search by ID, brand, category, or keyword.

Synccentric keeps track of how well your listings do, so it can help you plan your eCommerce strategy. It keeps you in the game and helps you sell more online.

#13 Wiser

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Wiser gives efficient amazon PPC campaigns and business data to Amazon sellers so they can make sound business decisions.

It uses tools like price management, shelf intelligence, retail execution, and market knowledge. This shows your sales and those of your rivals.

With accurate information, Wiser can help you make more sales and beat the competition.

It has a lot of websites and a lot of people who shop in stores. Wiser helps people who sell on Amazon grow their businesses.

#14 Price Checker 2

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Price Checker 2 lets you compare prices and determine how much money you can make with Amazon FBA. It stands out from other amazon seller tools.

It lets you post wholesale items from your supplier and search Amazon data immediately for famous brands and categories.

Price Checker 2 looks at 18,000 items per hour, which shows how fast and accurate it is. People who sell things on Amazon can use this software to determine what to sell and how much to charge.

#15 Bindwise

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

The free tool Bindwise can help you check your Amazon listings and track what people say about them.

It will let you know if your listings are taken over by someone else or if you need better feedback. Bindwise also makes shipping more accessible and ensures packages arrive on time.

This monitoring program can help you keep a good reputation with your customers. It can keep you from losing sales because of mistakes in your listings.

#16 SellerLegend

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Your Amazon information comes straight from Seller Central to SellerLegend. Its keyword research tool can provide accurate, up-to-date data about your daily sales and other metrics.

You stick to Amazon’s rules to the letter. Your Amazon seller account information can only be accessed through the Amazon-approved MWS API.

You can keep an eye on sales with SellerLegend’s simple and flexible dashboards. Also, the sales, stock, and other significant numbers.

With data downloads in almost real-time and clear visualizations, business decisions can be made more.

You can automate administrative and reporting tasks with the help of Amazon seller tools.

#17 FBA Toolkit

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

Amazon sellers can use the FBA Toolkit to learn about sales and prices. Some of the features include a prediction of sales for a category.

It includes a report to make decisions and a price tracker for all relevant merchants in a product listing.

With these tools, you can look at sales and the competition to find the best prices and marketing strategies. FBA Toolkit helps Amazon sellers maximize profits.

#18 RepricerExpress

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

RepricerExpress helps you stay competitive by automating your Amazon prices. It sets and changes prices automatically to get the most sales.

With RepricerExpress, you can set the prices of your listings without keeping an eye on them.

Instead, decide how to change the price based on past sales, sales rank, stock levels, and how well the Buy Box worked. This gives you an edge over your competitors and saves you time.

#19 GoAura

19 Best Amazon Seller Tools Alternatives Softlist.io

If you’re an Amazon seller, you know that the key to making more sales is to secure as much of the “Buy Box” as possible. The Buy Box is the box on a product detail page where customers can begin the purchasing process.

GoAura is a tool that helps sellers win the Buy Box by using AI-based strategies.

With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, GoAura’s repricing tool can identify effective strategies for beating out competitors and increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Amazon Seller Tools?

Amazon sellers tools that make it easier to run and grow their businesses. With the help of these technologies, sellers can list and improve their products.

They can keep track of their sales and performance data, talk to customers, fill orders, and do many other things. Some seller features are only available on Amazon.

Others can be used on other online marketplaces as well. There are different tools that sellers can use. It will depend on their needs and budget which one they choose will depend on their needs and budget.

What is the best tool for Amazon Sellers?

Helium 10 was the number one Amazon seller tool on their list. It is the most complete tool available. 

Helium 10 has everything you need to start an FBA business, run it well, and grow it. Including training from someone who has made millions on the Amazon marketplace.

What is a Keyword research tool?

Keyword research tools are programs or websites that help people find and evaluate keywords related to a subject or industry.
Marketers, content writers, and others can use these tools to find SEO and marketing keywords. Term research tools show searches, competition, and cost-per-click.
Also, they show keywords that are similar or have a long tail. Group keywords, and figure out which ones you won’t use. Then you can use various keyword research tools to find out how people search.

Are there any Free Amazon Keyword Tools?

There are several free Amazon keyword tools that you can use to find and analyze keywords for Amazon or any other platform. Some options include:
Google’s Keyword Planner
This is a free tool that is part of the Google Ads platform. It allows users to search for keywords, view their search volume, and get estimates for the cost-per-click of those keywords in Google Ads.
This free keyword suggestion tool provides data on search volume, difficulty level, and cost-per-click for a wide range of keywords.
This is a free keyword research tool that generates a large number of keyword ideas based on a single seed keyword. It also provides estimates for search volume and competition level.
Keyword Surfer
This is a free Chrome extension that shows the search volume for any keyword that you search for in Google. It also provides suggestions for related keywords.
These are just a few examples of the many free keyword research tools available. It’s a good idea to try out a few different tools to find the one that works best for your needs.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the 19 Amazon seller tools we discussed in this post are different. They can help you improve your business.

Then you can make it work even better. You can save time and make more money at the same time with these technologies. They can keep track of stock, talk to customers, look up product information, and keep listings up to date.

It’s hard to choose because there are so many options. Consider your goals and budget when looking for an Amazon seller tool to help your business grow. This article should help you find an excellent alternative to the tools that Amazon offers for sellers.

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