21 Best AI Proofreading Tools

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools
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Are you tired of typos and language mistakes making your work less credible? Are you tired of reviewing everything you write by hand for a long time?

These new online AI proofreading tools find spelling and grammar mistakes and give helpful comments. So many AI proofreaders are on the market that you need help figuring out which is best for you.

Imagine a world where you could make polished, error-free work in a small part of the time it takes now. You can take your writing to a new level with the right AI editing tool. You may impress your audience, and save time that you can put toward other important tasks.

Check out our full guide to the “Best AI Proofreading Tools” to find the best free AI proofreading tools for your writing needs. In this article, we’ll look at what each tool offers, how much it costs, and what it can do for you. This will help you make an informed choice and improve your writing like never before. Take advantage of this chance to improve your work!

#1 Ink For All

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Ink For All is a well-known writing tool that writers and content makers worldwide love because it is easy to use. The main goal is to make writing easier and more fun.

This unique program not only checks your language and spelling right away, but it also gives you tips on improving your writing style. There are ways to make it easier to read.

Imagine an intelligent writing helper that helps you make content that is interesting and well-organized. Holy cow, that’s a lot of ink! This special tool can help you get past writer’s block and make better, more interesting content.

Key Features

  • A tool for writing and rewriting that makes text easier to read and more enjoyable.
  • Real-time comments on grammar, tone, and words.
  • There are tools for collaboration and optimizing content.

Pricing: It starts with two monthly plans ranging from $49 to $119.

To get started with Ink For All right away, click here.


Google and other platforms are cracking down hard on AI content. We can detect it. Finally, there’s an all-in-one AI Content Platform that puts safety first.

#2 Grammarly

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Grammarly shines with online writing. It can help you speak more quickly and clearly. Imagine having a 24/7 writing guide to help you write captivating content.

This new tool checks language, spelling, style, and punctuation. It also offers writing tips.

Grammarly provides flawless communication across devices. Whether you’re a student correcting a paper or an employee writing a vital communication is crucial. Grammarly makes writing easy, letting you achieve big things.

Key Features

  • Grammarly is a writing tool that uses AI to help with language, spelling, and punctuation.
  • The tool gives feedback in real-time on tone, clarity, and brevity.
  • Grammarly has add-ons for browsers, desktop apps, and interfaces with Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Pricing: It starts with four monthly plans ranging from $12 to $15.

To get started with Grammarly right away, click here.


Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop Windows app.

#3 Linguix

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Linguix uses AI to fix your spelling, language, and style mistakes as you type. Linguix helps people who write, study, or work. It makes your work better and makes people want to read it. Linguix gives you suggestions as you type.

Linguix has more to give than just its main functions. It has a list of synonyms, writing tips, and ideas for your own paper. The software lets people change the templates for materials. Writing faster saves time.

Linguix is easy to use and get to because it works with websites and apps that people already know and use. Linguix is a flexible writing tool that can help you write better and feel better about yourself.

Key Features

  • AI helps Linguix improve language, spelling, and style.
  • The tool gives feedback on tone, readability, and clarity in real-time.
  • Linguix works with Google Docs, WordPress, and an add-on for your web browser.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $0 to $30.

To get started with Linguix right away, click here.


Use our free grammar check online checker to instantly eliminate writing errors and make your content better.

#4 ProWritingAid

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

It helps you make something that everyone likes. The AI-powered writing help on ProWritingAid is helpful. It looks at the wording, correct grammar, punctuation, tone, and ability to understand. The elements of ProWritingAid make writing better.

The free online program ProWritingAid helps writers find and fix mistakes. Many points of view can make your work better. It works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Scrivener. It must all work. This is good for authors, copywriters, students, and people who want to improve writing.

ProWritingAid is a free online writing tool that helps you develop interesting content. This new idea will surprise you by making your work better.

Key Features

  • A writing helper that uses AI to help with grammar, spelling, and style.
  • Feedback in real time on reading, pace, and repetition.
  • An add-on for your browser, a desktop app, and integrations with well-known writing tools exist.

Pricing: It starts with two monthly plans ranging from FREE to $30.

To get started with ProWritingAid right away, click here.


Make your writing more powerful in seconds. Enhance your sentences instantly by adding sensory details, eliminating weak words, and fixing common mistakes.

#5 Trinka

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

The intelligent, cutting-edge online proofreading tool used in Trink AI fixes grammar, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes.

It ensures to make your work better. Trinka uses AI and natural language processing to give people quick feedback and ideas. It can make text that is clear, concise, and free of mistakes. It’s easy to use and works with several text AI proofreading tools and content management systems.

It is an excellent tool for workers, students, and anyone else who wants to improve their writing. Trink AI goes beyond editing. It makes the words easier to understand in context. This makes sure that the report is clean, effective, and engaging.

Key Features

  • With the help of AI, Trinka improves their language and style.
  • Help with writing on a specific topic: Designed especially for academic areas.
  • The text is easier to read because it is more apparent and flows better.

Pricing: It starts with two monthly plans ranging from FREE to $20.

To get started with Trinka right away, click here.


Trinka is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing.

#6 Hemingway

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Hemingway Editor explains how to write well. This free online tool helps you improve your writing, spelling, and words. The Hemingway Editor program makes writing better.

Readability numbers show how hard a text is to understand. The Hemingway Editor helps writers by finding a passive voice, long lines, and words that are hard to understand. Internet and PCs make it possible to send products.

All writers can use the Hemingway Editor. Hemingway Editor helps writers get better. It writes interesting stuff.

Key Features

  • App for writing that makes it easier to understand and read.
  • It shows how to use adverbs, passive voice, and complicated sentences.
  • Offers a score for readability and choices for exporting.

Pricing: FREE to use!

To get started with Hemingway right away, click here.

#7 Ginger

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Ginger, an AI-powered writing aid, improves spelling, grammar, and other language skills. AI offers changes to your work. Ginger’s idea might help.

Ginger helps study. The combined dictionary, translator, word checker, and text-to-speech player read your work. Writing in a foreign language with a personalized training tool improves language skills.

Ginger needs smartphones, the internet, and Microsoft Word for work. App makers can make money. Ginger writes powerfully, interestingly, and decently.

Key Features

  • A writing helper that uses AI to help with spelling, grammar, and sentence structure
  • Tone and usability comments in real time
  • There’s an add-on for your browser, a desktop app, a keyboard for your phone, and integrations with major writing platforms.

Pricing: It starts with four monthly plans ranging from $4.99 to $13.99.

To get started with Ginger right away, click here.

#8 LanguageTool

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

LanguageTool is an AI writing assitant that is complete and flexible writing tool. It fixes grammatical errors, spelling, and style. This open-source tool fixes common errors in writing with the help of powerful AI. It can help make the writing look better. This makes it easier to talk and trust each other. LanguageTool gives you ideas for how to write as you write.

LanguageTool handles about twenty different languages. This gives it a wide range of uses. The tool is easy to use because it has web apps and works with other word processors.

Students, artists, and workers all need LanguageTool. It makes your job more enjoyable, helps you catch mistakes, and shows that you care about your readers.

Key Features

  • Grammar and style tool for many languages that is free to use.
  • Real-time comments on spelling, language, and style.
  • An add-on for your browser, a desktop app, and integrations with well-known AI proofreading tools exist.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $0 to $4.74.

To get started with LanguageTool right away, click here.

#9 PaperRater

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

On PaperRater, you can learn how to write. You can use your imagination to check your language and grammar. AI and NLP rate the published material on the site.

When you copy and paste the text into a text box on a website, the program will fix the language and any spelling errors and suggest ways to improve the sentence structure and words.

The copying tool on PaperRater compares your work to a vast online library to find places where you may have copied someone else’s work.

The service also gives a writing score based on how good the text is. PaperRater helps students, employees, and people who like to write improve their writing skills.

Key Features

  • Students, writers, and companies can all use an online grammar and plagiarism checker.
  • Gives you feedback on your grammar, spelling, and words in real-time.
  • A free tool that lets you share documents in different formats.

Pricing: It starts with one monthly plan for $7.95.

To get started with PaperRater right away, click here.

#10 WhiteSmoke

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one app that checks your language and spelling as you type and gives you tips on how to improve your writing. The app uses very smart methods. It can improve writing by rephrasing lines, choosing better words, and making the text easier to understand.

You can write messages, reports, and pieces on WhiteSmoke, among other things. The program finds instances of plagiarism by comparing your work to a massive library of previously finished tasks.

You can also use WhiteSmoke to translate. Anyone can use the PC program, web editor, and smartphone app from anywhere. WhiteSmoke helps writers come up with great ideas and make their work better.

Key Features

  • WhiteSmoke is an advanced grammar and spelling tool. It can find mistakes and fix them, making your work perfect.
  • Smoothly speaks 55 languages, making communicating with people from other cultures easy.
  • Writing growth AI proofreading tools: Checkers for style, grammar, and plagiarism can help you write better, original material.

Pricing: It starts with four monthly plans ranging from $5 to $11.50.

To get started with WhiteSmoke right away, click here.

#11 Astute Review

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Astute Review makes it easier to make changes to PowerPoint slideshows and look over them. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms look at your show’s material, style, and layout.

It can tell you how to improve it. Astute Review points out mistakes, flaws, and repeats. It can make slideshows look better and more complete.

It’s essential for workers, teachers, and students because it’s easy to use and has powerful features that save time and make work better.

Key Features

  • With the help of AI, Astute Review makes PowerPoint slideshows better in terms of style, content, and organization.
  • Real-time feedback means that your show improves right away.
  • Accessibility optimization: Make sure the information meets the standards for inclusive communication.

Pricing: Astute Review has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date pricing information.

To get started with Astute Review right away, click here.

#12 Typely

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Typely is an online writing and rewriting tool that improves writing and material. The software fixes grammar, spelling mistakes, rephrasing, and more by using difficult formulas. Typely works for blog posts, papers, projects, and more.

The tool’s plagiarism checker compares your work to an extensive library of previously written material. Typely is good for both new and experienced writers because it is easy to use. The app also gives you custom writing information and places to write. Typely works with all web devices.

Key Features

  • Online editing for free: Typely lets you change the text on the web for free.
  • Writing improvement: Finds common mistakes and problems with reading.
  • Customizable: Change the rules and messages to fit your needs.

Pricing: Typely has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date pricing information.

To get started with Typely right away, click here.

#13 Outwrite

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Outwrite is an online tool that helps people get better at writing by letting them write and rewrite. It can help them make the best possible material. The tool looks at a piece of text and fixes problems with grammar and spelling. It changes the way thoughts sound by using complex algorithms.

Outwrite can be used for many things, including emails, reports, essays, and posts on social media. It also has a tool that compares the text you give to check for plagiarism. It says that it is like a big gathering of books that have already been written. The tool can be used as a desktop app with many browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

With Outwrite’s translation services, users can turn their work into several different languages. The software is easy to use and will help both new and expert writers. Outwrite is an excellent tool for writers who want to improve their skills with ai proofreading tools and make high-quality pieces quickly and easily.

Key Features

  • Outwrite checks your spelling.
  • It gives ideas for new words to add to your language.
  • Streamlining writing: improving the way you write.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $14.95 to $24.95.

To get started with Outwrite right away, click here.

#14 PerfectTense

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Perfect Tense is a complex online grammar checker and proofreading tool. It helps improve written communication by finding and fixing grammatical mistakes and typos.

It deals with problems with how words fit together. Using AI and natural language processing, Perfect Tense gives you input and ideas in real-time. This helps you write clearly and without mistakes.

The tool works with popular CMSs, text editors, and browser add-ons. It’s simple and easy for workers, students, and anyone else who wants to improve their writing. Perfect Tense fixes writing, grammar, and how easy it is to read. It makes sure that the report is clear.

Key Features

  • PerfectTense fixes spelling and language.
  • Intelligent, helpful ideas based on the situation.
  • Works with a number of other AI proofreading tools and processes.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from FREE to $99.

To get started with Perfect Tense right away, click here.

#15 PerfectIt

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

With PerfectIt, your work will be excellent with their AI online editing tool. It analyzes professional and student writings for style, consistency, and structure. PerfectIt checks spelling, grammar, and more. It shows your work instead.

Style sheets can change how this clever tool generates ideas. It improves Microsoft Word writing. PerfectIt helps editors, lawyers, and technical writers produce flawless writing.

PerfectIt expedites and ensures quality. Improve your work with this great tool.

Key Features

  • The best program for PerfectIt verifies papers.
  • The program fixes style, capitalization, and writing mistakes based on the user’s wants.
  • PerfectIt changes how Microsoft Word and Google Docs look and work.

Pricing: It starts with four annual plans ranging from $90 to $149.

To get started with PerfectIt right away, click here.

#16 WordRake

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

WordRake is an AI writing assistant and editor that makes writing better. WordRake uses modern algorithms and natural writing process to find words, repetitions, and grammar mistakes. It then gives ideas for how to make writing better and shorter.

With real-time comments in Microsoft Word and Outlook, this intelligent program helps users write clear and effective content. WordRake is for workers, students, and others who want to improve their writing.

It emphasizes using simple words. Many companies use it to edit and improve written communication because it is easy to use and works with other AI proofreading tools.

Key Features

  • In-line editing: WordRake makes ideas as you type.
  • Focus on brevity: Gets rid of unnecessary words for clear writing.
  • Adding Microsoft Word makes it easier to edit papers.

Pricing: WordRake has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date pricing information.

To get started with WordRake right away, click here.

#17 Copyscape

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Writers, websites, and other people use Copyscape to check for plagiarism. This is done by matching your text to the billions of pages on the web.

This keeps your ideas and business safe. Strong search engines on Copyscape match URLs that users type in. Copyscape’s main job is to find copying, but Copysentry is also a helpful tool.

It tells you when it finds stolen content on the web. With Copyscape’s API, companies can connect. Copyscape is a must-have for anyone who wants to check the text on their website.

Key Features

  • Plagiarism detection: Copyscape identifies duplicate material.
  • Website tracking keeps people from copying without permission.
  • Batch search: Looks at several papers at the same time.

Pricing: It starts at $0.03 per search only.

To get started with Copyscape right away, click here.

#18 Wordtune

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Wordtune uses AI to offer alternative ways to say things. It makes it easier to write.

This intelligent program looks at how you write and offers ways to make it easier to understand. With Wordtune, writing is more interesting.

With this AI writing tool, you can rewrite and shorten words with Wordtune. It’s easy to use and works with Google Docs and web computers, which makes it easy to write.

Writers, students, and pros can edit their work more quickly with Wordtune. Wordtune gives writing lessons. It makes writing faster and easier.

Key Features

  • AI-driven rephrasing: Wordtune intelligently restructures words.
  • Clearer writing: improves the general quality of writing.
  • With this browser plugin, it’s easy to write online.

Pricing: It starts with three monthly plans ranging from $0 to $24.99.

To get started with Wordtune right away, click here.

#19 GlobalVision

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

With GlobalVision, AI proofreading tools, businesses can make signs and boxes that look good. Now you can check the box art for typos, pictures that aren’t lined up right, and wrong colors. The app compares the image to the rules.

GlobalVision streamlines art judging. Online AI proofreading tools for working together show compliance. Checks and methods. The packaging artist, the quality control team, and a lawyer can all use the tool to check the artwork on a package.

It fixes mistakes and meets business standards. GlobalVision makes sure that the art on packages is right and consistent so that companies can keep quality and safety high.

Key Features

  • GlobalVision uses software to do editing, which makes review easier.
  • looks for mistakes in both text and pictures.
  • It has standards for the company and the message.

Pricing: GlobalVision has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date pricing information.

To get started with GlobalVision right away, click here.

#20 Slick Write

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Slick Write makes it easier to write online. It is a free tool that lets you check your spelling, style, and writing. The device uses AI and NLP to look at reports and give comments in real-time.

Slick Write is different because it looks at how sentences are put together and shows you how to make your writing move better and be more apparent. People can learn new words and choose the best ones to say what they want to communicate with the help of the app’s word association tool.

You can also use the data and records Slick Write gives you to track your progress and determine where you need to improve. The site also lets writers work without delays. Slick Write can help both students and workers improve their writing. It has many AI proofreading tools that can help you improve your writing.

Key Features

  • Free editing: Slick Write gives editing for free.
  • Checks for grammar and style: improve the quality of the work.
  • Real-time feedback: It gives ideas right away.

Pricing: Slick Write has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date pricing information.

To get started with Slick Write right away, click here.

#21 Ziflow

21 Best AI Proofreading Tools Softlist.io

Ziflow, an AI proofreading tools and working together, makes it easier to approve creative projects. Ziflow cuts down on email chains and useless conversations by centralizing input, changes, and choices.

Turning an idea into a product is made easier by side-by-side comparisons. It is also easier with version control, automatic processes, and review steps that can be changed.

Ziflow makes it easier for marketing, design, and other teams to work together and get more done. It works with movies, pictures, and files. Its simple style and powerful features save time and make it easier to talk to others and leave comments.

Key Features

  • Online AI proofreading tools: Ziflow makes it easier to review material.
  • Collaboration AI proofreading tools make it easier for a team to talk to each other.
  • Automation of workflows makes project management more effortless.

Pricing: It starts with four monthly plans ranging from $12 to $15.

To get started with Ziflow right away, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI proofreading tool?

AI proofreading tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to study and improve the text. It can fix spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style problems. It can also help with sentence structure, and word choice and make writing easier to understand.

Can AI proofreading tools help improve my writing skills?

Yes, AI proofreading tools can help you improve your writing by pointing out common mistakes. It can suggest how to fix them and tell you why they work. You’ll improve at writing as you use the tool and learn how it works.

How much do AI proofreading tools cost?

AI proofreading tools for changing have different prices. Some are free and have simple features, while others with more features require a subscription. Compare prices to find the best product and plan for your wants and budget.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the AI editing tools in this article have a wide range of features and functions to meet different writing needs. These 21 tools can help you improve your language, spelling, style, and clarity, among other things. They can change the way you write. They can help you write clean, professional content in a small amount of time it would take you to do it by hand.

But it would help if you remembered that not all AI proofreaders are identical. By thinking about your writing needs, your money, and the unique features of each free online proofreading tool, you can make an informed decision and choose the best AI proofreading partner to take your work to new heights.

Are you ready to take the plunge and buy an excellent AI-powered editing tool? You can learn more about how to write software that can help you by visiting our site. We give you in-depth reviews, comparisons, and thoughts on different writing tools so you can choose the best one for your writing needs. Take your time. Today, change the way you write!

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