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Blockchain security solutions are designed to protect data kept on a specific blockchain and can be utilized with a number of data storage platforms.

These tools operate by evaluating risks, researching the blockchain ecosystem, and spotting threats to data, applications, and digital assets.

These security measures are widely employed to protect tokenized assets and smart contracts, as well as to identify fraudulent transactions and blockchain security issues.

Businesses that have begun utilizing it also utilize these technologies to ensure that data is protected from potential threats and preserved in line with privacy and/or data protection requirements.

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Blockchain analysis software offers more in-depth investigation into certain ledgers, identities, and transactions, while blockchain security solutions help with actual data protection.

Other security software may contain features that are comparable to those in blockchain security software, despite the fact that it may not have been designed specifically for protecting a blockchain.

For a product to be considered for the Blockchain Security category, it must satisfy the following criteria:

-be built on a platform based on blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology (DLT).

-To maintain the integrity of a private blockchain (as opposed to a public, permissionless blockchain), enforce identity and authentication checks prior to writing.

-monitoring and locating threats to the blockchain ecosystem

-Protect smart contracts and tokenized assets.

21 best blockchain technology companies

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

1) Hyperledger

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

By identifying and addressing critical elements of an open, cross-industry standard for distributed ledgers that has the potential to transform how trade is conducted around the world, Hyperledger is a collaborative Ethereum blockchain initiative with smart contract development created to advance blockchain technology.

The Linux Foundation announced Hyperledger in December 2015 as an umbrella project for open-source blockchains and related technologies to aid in the cooperative development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. Also contributing are SAP Ariba, IBM, and Intel.

Companies can design and apply blockchain technologies using a modular architecture provided by the distributed ledger technology known as Hyperledger Fabric.

Customers can customize the platform to suit their needs by using a number of plug-and-play components, such as consensus or membership services, that are provided.

The monthly cost of each virtual processor core (VPC) in this blockchain network is USD 180. There must be a minimum 12-month commitment and monthly billing.

2) Storj

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

A decentralized system for storing digital data is powered by the cryptocurrency Storj, which is based on the blockchain. Among the use, cases are cloud-native programs, software distribution, backups, video storage, and streaming.

On Storj, an open-source distributed cloud storage system based on blockchain technology, anyone can sell their extra hard drive space.

Storj is a blockchain development company that is a secure and affordable platform for hosting, distributing, and streaming video.

The Storj DCS decentralized cloud storage network for developers is powered by the Storj (STORJ) Ethereum token (Decentralized Cloud Storage).

The real Storj price is $0.431636 USD at the moment, with a $164,494,230 USD trading volume over the past 24 hours. We regularly update the price of STORJ in USD since it also has blockchain consulting and blockchain infrastructure.


21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

We are MADANA, a digital startup of distributed ledger technologies situated in Berlin, and we use a number of cutting-edge technologies, to safely bridge the gap between data and insights and enable future data ecosystems.

Our patent-pending approach enables privacy-preserving data analysis, allowing participants to develop a data market while honouring Privacy by Design.

This represents a huge advancement in data science and digital currency.

We give organizations and developers the resources they need to take use of privacy-enhancing technology in order to make better use of their data and derive more original insights about blockchain networks.

MADANA has not provided pricing for this commodity or service. Both software developers, business operations, and service providers commonly engage in this. Reach out to MADANA for the most recent price information.

4) BitFury

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

In 2011, Bitfury, a security and infrastructure provider for the Bitcoin Blockchain, was founded.

In addition to protecting the Bitcoin Blockchain, Bitfury also has tools that develop state-of-the-art technology for cryptocurrencies and blockchains, such as specialized semiconductor chips and mobile data centers.

From its beginnings in the supply of bitcoin mining hardware, this full-service company has expanded to create its own blockchain and add software to assist bank or crypto wallet, law enforcement, and other organizations in the investigation of illegal activity involving bitcoin.

The Monthly Fees shall be paid to Bitfury or its affiliates in Bitcoins or US dollars on a monthly basis via a monthly deduction from Bitcoin Production.

If Bitfury decides to receive the Monthly Fees in US dollars, then those US dollars will be measured in Bitcoins at the monthly average closing price for US dollars as reported by the Bitcoin Price Index.

After that, Bitfury will produce a monthly invoice that the customer must pay within five business days of the invoice date.

5) Authlink

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

A Blockchain security platform enables an ecosystem for companies, product owners, independent QAs, and third-party service providers.

The ecosystem makes it possible for unparalleled levels of trademark protection or data security, effective product ownership management, and enduring relationships between brands and their customers and record data.

Authlink was successful in raising $300K in a single round of funding. 20 May 2020 saw the raising of a Seed round. High-end companies can provide Metaverse experiences to their customers by designating digital twins for their physical products thanks to Authlink.

Pricing alternatives for one-person businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Free usage for 30 days. In the US, plans start at $99 per month.

6) BlockCypher

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

To help business or Ethereum virtual machine create apps using web APIs and callbacks, BlockCypher, a cloud-based solution, was developed. Using its APIs, users can construct, decode, and create transactions as well as deploy contracts. BlockCypher is a trustworthy and expandable blockchain platform made for the cloud that powers cryptocurrency apps.

Businesses may build apps using web APIs and callbacks and financial transactions thanks to the cloud platform BlockCypher. Through its APIs, users can request multiple signature transactions from multi-signature wallets, extract data from the block, and find out about unconfirmed transactions from several blockchains.

BlockCypher’s following price levels begin at $100 per month.

7) Guardtime KSI

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Blockchains are essentially tools that are ultimately used to solve consumer problems. Guardtime is one of the decentralized applications that want to harness the technology it has developed, work with collaborators, and produce the finest business solutions possible with their digital currencies. The KSI® Blockchain Timestamping Service provided by Guardtime complies with both the eIDAS standard and the European Trusted List. In the area of digital trust technologies, KSI represents a significant advancement as the first system to receive eIDAS accreditation.

The price of this product or service has not been made public by Guardtime KSI. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact Guardtime KSI to get the most recent price.

8) Kaspersky Blockchain Security

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

By identifying cutting-edge attack patterns and security issues, Kaspersky Blockchain Security, which was developed specifically for blockchain-based initiatives, protects users from online attacks.

Kaspersky developed the Enterprise Blockchain Security solution to lessen the risks associated with attacks on applications, smart contracts, and other technologies.

Kaspersky’s well-known, superior proficiency in encryption and reverse engineering is crucial for trustworthy in-depth analysis. The security of the project’s MVP or fundamental concept is confirmed by a positive security audit report. The security evaluation helps in getting approval for project implementation of industry leaders or software products.

Kaspersky Blockchain Security has not specified a cost for this good or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact them to get the most recent price for Kaspersky Blockchain Security of various industries.

9) BlockChainSentry VMS

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Blockchain security solutions from BlockChainSentry include test automation, vulnerability management, smart contract audits, compliance audits, and audits of smart contracts. These solutions are comprehensive, scalable, and Web-3-based.

A smart contract is examined for vulnerabilities by BlockChainSentry VMS, an Ethereum-based system that manages vulnerabilities. On a browsable dashboard, the scan’s results are displayed together with suggestions for correcting the problems.

BlockChainSentry VMS is a scalable solution that offers advantages to end users, version control managers, developers, and testers. It is built on cutting-edge Web3 CIareD technology.

For a number of functions, including development, testing, version control, deployment, and other endpoints, BlockChainSentry VMS is a versatile, scalable tool. When used as a continuous monitoring application, it serves as a system for threat intelligence and defense against blockchain hacking. It can be used by both commercial and governmental organizations.

BlockChainSentry VMS is a software platform that does not yet have a price listed for this product or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this like public networks. Contact BlockChainSentry VMS to find out the most updated pricing.

10) BlockNotary

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

BlockNotary Timestamp notarizes any media file by creating a publicly verifiable receipt of its origin, date, validity, and integrity without divulging its contents. The BlockNotary app allows users to hash and timestamp their media files on public ledgers from their smartphones.

The BlockNotary app allows users to provide consultation hash and timestamp their media files on public ledgers from their smartphones. It provides shareable notarization receipts and cloud storage for secure information.

In addition, Block Notary provides building blocks and solutions for automating customer service, lowering risks of the internet, accelerating client growth, and knowing your customers.

BlockNotary has not specified a cost for this commodity or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this new technology. Contact BlockNotary for the most latest price information or enterprises.

11) Civic Reusable KYC

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

As part of your KYC/AML compliance program, Civic Pass enables Web3 smart contract access management and offers identity verification services. Civic Reusable KYC is the platform for businesses who want more than basic account verification services.

Civic Pass enables Web3 smart contract access management and offers identity verification services as part of your KYC/AML compliance program. identity confirmation uses official identification documents to verify a user’s identify in the real world.

Civic Reusable KYC, like many software vendors and service providers, has not provided pricing information for this commodity or service. Contact Civic Reusable KYC for the most latest rates.

12) AlphaPoint

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

AlphaPoint, a provider of financial technology, helps transform illiquid assets into liquid ones. We assist businesses in launching new products and services by providing them with enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to digitize assets, open markets, and reduce operating expenses. The New York-based AlphaPoint provides services to clients throughout all five continents.

AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform All-purpose permissioned platform that enables customers to easily develop and deploy a range of financial solutions. AlphaPoint Digital Asset Exchange Solutions is the full management platform for digital asset exchange.

Users of AlphaPoint’s software are planning at least eight different use cases, all of which will concentrate on the $250 trillion global real estate markets.

When we take into account shares, debt (corporate, structured finance, etc.), commodities, and luxury goods, the assumption of a multi-billion dollar digital asset market actually appears to be quite little.

The 24-hour trading volume of Alpha Coin is not given, and its live price as of right now is $0.003404 USD.

13) AnChain.AI

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

A cybersecurity company called AnChain.AI employs AI to enhance the compliance, risk, and security controls for blockchain technology.

AnChain.AI was founded in San Jose, California in 2018 by professionals in the commercial software and cybersecurity industries. Two Wall Street and Silicon Valley venture capital firms, Amino and SIG, have both made investments in it. Berkeley was where it was decided.

Top venture capital firms from Wall Street and Silicon Valley have invested in Silicon Valley-based AnChain.ai, a security startup powered by AI. These companies include Amino Capital, CRCM, and Susquehanna International Group (SIG).

The founding team has extensive knowledge of FireEye, Mandiant, EMC/RSA, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and other relevant fields. The Situational Awareness Platform (SAP) and the Smart Contract Auditing Platform (CAP) are two of AnChain.ai‘s two products that it uses to continuously safeguard top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges and DApps around the world.

Cryptocurrency holdings are actively protected by the Situational Awareness Platform (SAP), which provides specialized artificial intelligence, a knowledge graph, and threat intelligence on transactions. The SAP is able to recognize and even foresee weaknesses and threats before and after they materialize.

AnChain.AI does not offer a free trial or a free version. But when you subscribe to this software, there isn’t a setup fee. To learn more about their prices and to start using AnChain.AI, you can speak with the merchant directly.

14) Apollo Currency

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Apollo Currency has succeeded in becoming the fastest and one of the most feature-rich cryptocurrencies in the world thanks to a strong blockchain.

While being developed with the severe prerequisites of true mass adoption in mind, Apollo has proven its capability with its unique mass-adoption technology. All common functions will be made available on a single, sustainable platform, according to Apollo Fintech.

Apollo Currency has not established a pricing for this commodity or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact Apollo Currency for the most recent prices.

15) BlockchainDefender

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

BlockSafe Technologies, Inc. is deploying a number of patented methods that protect against a range of cyber dangers to safeguard the blockchain ecosystem. Our products boost confidence in the blockchain ecosystem by fusing technology with our cutting-edge cyber security solutions.

Blockchain Defender serves as a link between the application and a personal blockchain. The content of data fields is scanned for malware, every message is reviewed to ensure compliance with organizational rules and standards, and transactions are authenticated using the ProtectID® system.

BlockchainDefender has not yet disclosed a price for its good or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact BlockchainDefender for the most latest price information.

16) Blocklet Mobility Platform

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

The BlockletTM Mobility Platform is a full Car Identity (VID) solution designed with connected car applications in mind. It lessens the challenges related to the general use of the automotive blockchain by making data verification simple and car transactions secure from source to application.

As a fully integrated hybrid system, the platform provides automated transactions and end-to-end data integrity for passenger and commercial vehicles. Blocklet Mobility Platform integrates with the vehicle’s head unit or through OBD connection to provide thorough guarantee of data integrity and transparent value exchange.

The Blocklet Mobility Platform has not specified a cost for this commodity or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact the Blocklet Mobility Platform for the most recent price information.

17) Blockverify

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

The services offered by BlockVerify include giving partners the transparency they need to audit and confirm transactions, follow items across supply chains, document ownership transfers, validate addresses, and identify goods that have been misplaced or are improper for a specific area.

Blockverify has not established pricing for this good or service. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact Blockverify for the most recent pricing information.

18) Chainkit by PencilDATA

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Attackers use adversarial anti-forensic tampering techniques, which Chainkit can spot, to avoid detection and prolong dwell times inside a system. Chainkit creates a “Chain of Custody” around your data in order to safeguard it and make sure that it can be verified with total confidence.

A Chain of Custody is created around your data by Chainkit hardened systems, which automatically record the integrity of their generated logs. Avoid exposing your data to covert attacks.

It costs $50 per month, with annual invoices.

19) Datafund

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

This idea is supported by the Datafund project, which is creating an open-source, blockchain-based protocol that will be available to all applications that want to be GDPR compliant.

The protocol and distributed logic of the blockchain, for instance, make it totally conceivable for the market for personal data, which is essentially the protocol’s first application.

The Datafund protocol provides personal information security, safe data storage, and ethical data exchange. People create their own funds for data.

To reclaim, manage, and govern their data. Datafund hasn’t given a range of prices for this good or service. Service providers and software suppliers both commonly engage in this. Contact Datafund to learn the most recent pricing.

20) Elliptic

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

Elliptic provides analytics to make sure that crypto assets are compliant. Give your compliance team the resources they need to manage risk across more than 500 cryptocurrencies while upholding legal requirements.

Elliptic believes that illicit activity in this area needs to be halted in order to stop bad actors from undermining the ideals that underpin cryptocurrencies, so they strengthen the accountability and transparency of bitcoin transactions. Their main objective is to stop suspicious and unlawful behaviors, and they accomplish this by finding a solution to the crucial identity problem that exists with cryptocurrencies.

Their crew goes above and beyond the call of duty to probe deeper and uncover the truth. They seek to stop illicit bitcoin transactions from harming the technology and the currency.

The company is aiming to prevent, identify, and criminally use cryptocurrency. It pinpoints bitcoin-related illegal activity and offers actionable intelligence to government agencies, financial institutions, and cryptocurrency companies.

Elliptic offers a free trial, no-cost shopping assistance, and premium services for an additional fee. Contact them to find out the cost.

21) GK8

21 Best Blockchain Solutions Software Softlist.io

The GK8 platform serves as a foundational infrastructure that allows a range of digital asset services, such as lending, trading, staking, and tokenization, available in addition to custody. Financial organizations can use secure digital asset custody solutions from GK8, including banks, trust companies, broker-dealers, and retail platforms.

It will be one of the custody options available through the GalaxyOne program.

Regarding the price of this product or service, GK8 has not provided any details. Both software developers and service providers commonly engage in this. Contact GK8 for the most recent pricing information.


Blockchain has several uses that go far beyond virtual currency like bitcoin. Technology is having an impact on a wide range of businesses, from how contracts are enforced to how efficiently government is managed. In addition to saving businesses time and money, it can enhance transparency and fairness.

We have listed 21 real-world blockchain application cases for this useful yet revolutionary technology. This list is by no means exhaustive, but they have already changed how we conduct business.


What is a blockchain platform?

Blockchain platforms are software tools that enable businesses to build apps with blockchain technology. “Blockchain technology” refers to a distributed, immutable ledger that records activities, transactions, and resource transfers across a network. Businesses use ledgers in a number of different ways, and any application that relies on any type of transaction can use a blockchain-based ledger system.

Distributed ledger development platforms are blockchain platforms. In essence, this ledger acts as a safe place to store data of all kinds. The combined data is then utilized to help create the consensus procedures that will be used to validate and approve transactions.

What Kinds of Blockchain Technology with Smart Contracts Exist?

The overall definition of blockchain technology can be broken down into four pieces or protocols. The four primary forms of it are consortium blockchains, private, public, and hybrid blockchains.

What traits do blockchain systems and software development have in common?

Users can leverage the following key features of blockchain platforms to design, build, and deploy blockchain-based solutions:

The development features come with everything a developer would require to make a fully functional blockchain application. This includes developer environments, asset libraries, templates, and APIs.
Examples of governance characteristics include the ability to control user access on private blockchains or peer-to-peer networks, as well as permissions for consortium blockchains. Depending on the kind of blockchain being used, these features change.

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