21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans

time tracking tools
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Employees and the workforce may easily enter hours thanks to time tracking software’s user-friendly interface. Any organization must make the best time-tracking software selection or project management platform.

There are several factors to take into account in any project management features including time-tracking and reporting features, employee hours tracker, team management capabilities, customer service, simple time tracking tools training material, ease of use, available platforms, and connectors.

Consider using popular project management tools like to log work hours like nTask if you’re seeking a practical and simple time-tracking method. This program for tracking project time is adaptable and may be used by any kind of business.

You should be able to get started right away because they are also reasonably priced, efficient, and simple to understand. This automated time tracking or activity tracking can also be used to monitor your remote employees and make sure that your objectives are being met.

The benefits of using project time tracking tools and project management tools

Increase profitability

11 Ways to Increase Profitability in 2021 | Rocket Station

By keeping track of the time you spend on each work, time-tracking software with advanced features, budget tracking, automatic time tracker, custom reports, productivity tracking, project tracking, accurate time tracking, time tracking data, offline time tracking tools, and automatic time mapping is a terrific method to increase your income. Knowing how much time you spend on each work allows you to choose which ones are more lucrative and which ones can be reduced.

Increased productivity

How we increased our productivity by 250% | Nave

Increased productivity is among the most frequently cited advantages of utilizing time tracking tools. You can track your time to understand exactly where it is going and how it might be used most effectively.

Additionally, it makes it simple to spot problem regions and employee monitoring. You will be more effective and accomplish your goals more quickly thanks to this knowledge.

Communicate better progress

Communication in the Classroom | Skills for Teachers

Using time tracking tools can help you stay organized and track your progress. You may better express your progress to others and make sure you’re on track with your goals by keeping track of every activity you complete.

Manage projects better

How to Manage Projects Better: Online Tool, Methods, and Best Practices

Utilizing time tracking tools will help you manage your projects more effectively and make the most of each hour of work when you track time.

It is simple to identify which tasks take the longest and where your time is going when using time-tracking apps. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you’re on time as well as how much work you’ve made on each job.

Offers transparency

Having transparency about your time is one of the advantages of using time tracking tools. As a result, you can see where your time is being spent and which tasks are taking the longest.

You can use this information to streamline your processes and stop spending time on activities that aren’t very important. To better serve your customers, it also enables you to comprehend them and their demands better.

21 Top Remote Employee Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans

1. nTask

Blog - nTask

If there is any tracking program that can be purchased once and then never again, it is nTask. Even though nTask time tracking tools are still in their infancy compared to Harvest and Everhour, it offers every feature that an Agile team could ask for in a software solution.

nTask time tracking tools is a 7-in-1 project management solution and employee monitoring software with a straightforward, user-friendly design that works well for both small and large teams. With as many tasks and projects as you like, you can establish as many workplaces as you wish. To overcome any obstacles in the development cycle of your project, keep track of issues and report them, identify risks, and create a mitigation strategy with its time tracker.

nTask Project Management Review | Developer.com

It offers streamlined timesheets, which are gorgeously designed weekly timesheets that allow manual tracking of hours connected to an appropriate task or project. Additionally, users can quickly update task efforts for each day of the week separately.

Additionally, nTask offers unified tracking so that teams and individuals can easily monitor the progress of their work by placing status labels next to each timesheet that is customized to a particular project. Users can directly log the hours spent on their tasks from the Taskboard in addition to manually creating timesheets on the Timesheet board.


Break down complex projects with comprehensive software that enables your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze, and manage everyday tasks.


Free Plan – unlimited members, unlimited tasks, meetings, and timesheets, 5MB file attachment, 100 MBs of storage

PRO plan – starting at $3 per user with unlimited projects.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor Review | PCMag

You and your team may do far more each day with the aid of the employee time-tracking tools known as Time Doctor. It offers in-depth information on task management on how time is used during the workday. While your staff is working, you may check out the programs and websites they used and snapshots of the computer screen every few minutes while tracking data.

Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking Features | Time Doctor

Time Doctor time tracking tools is an expense tracking software that is simple to use; simply create a project, add a task, and start working on it. It keeps track of the time spent on each job, occasionally takes screenshots, and logs the applications and websites visited. Additionally, it offers a client interface for charging client projects. Additionally, Zapier and more than 32 other apps can be combined with other tools.


Employee-friendly time tracking and productivity insights that enable teams to do their best work.


$5.9 user/month
Billed annually or $7 month-to-month
$8.4 user/month
Billed annually or $10 month-to-month
$16.7 user/month
Billed annually or $20 month-to-month
Basic plan includes:
– Unlimited users and groups
-Team & individual dashboards
– Unlimited projects and tasks
– Silent tracking
– Unlimited screenshots
-Activity tracking
– Work-life balance metrics
– Basic reporting
Everything in Basic, plus:
– Productivity ratings
-Break tracking
– Inactivity alerts
– 60+ integrations
– Payroll features
– Web & app usage report
– Daily email notifications
– Real-time email notifications
Everything in Standard, plus:
– Video screen recording
– Internet connectivity reporting
– Client login access
– Executive dashboard
– Automatic user provisioning
– Dedicated account manage

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io


RescueTime Classic - Mga App sa Google Play

RescueTime is one of the time tracking tools you need if you want something that works on several devices. The desktop monitoring tool, which you must install on your computer, keeps track of the tasks you do there. Your computer’s usage is reported to RescueTime’s web dashboard.

You can now stop manually recording the time, and using usage data to control your behaviors would be helpful. Additionally, you can categorize various programs as being beneficial, distracting, productive, etc. You can determine the URL of the distracting websites that are blocked from browsing using the RescueTime application’s website blocker feature. It is a comprehensive time-tracking tool for productivity.

RescueTime Review | PCMag

Both teams and individuals can use it. The time tracking tools are also available for a free trial. This application’s benefit is that it allows you to receive weekly updates on your work habits. You can increase your productive hours and complete more work in this manner.


RescueTime Premium is $12 per month or $78 per year (46% savings)

RescueTime Lite is free forever


RescueTime now provides two ways to take control of your time. For a simpler approach and active time management coaching, try the new RescueTime. For more granular details and analytics, try RescueTime Classic.

4. Paymo

Paymo Launches Payments Platform PM Payments | Business Wire

Paymo is one of the simple time tracking tools, which primarily serves as a project management tool, and has enough reliable time-tracking capabilities to earn a spot on this list of online time-tracking tools.

The program has all the functionality you’ll need to keep track of the time spent on your projects. Paymo offers a straightforward yet clever solution for time tracking, including automatic web timers and timesheets in the form of calendars.

Projects for Teams • Paymo

The application has you covered if you forget to start the timer by letting you manually enter time entries and keep track.


Free (limited to one user)

Starter ($5.9 per user/month)

Small Office ($10.9 per user/month)

Business ($16.9 per user/month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

Manage projects, track work time, invoice your clients, and measure profitability from the same platform.

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff Review | PCMag

Even the best employee time tracking tools might take a lot of time to complete. The unrivaled solution to that is hub staff. Hubstaff helps make time tracking more efficient than ever with exceptional functional features like screen recording, automatic payrolls, GPS tracking, and strong APIs.

Hubstaff vs Time Doctor: Which is the Best Employee Time Tracking Tool? -  Time Doctor Blog

The nicest thing about Hubstaff time-tracking tools is that their basic time-tracking features function on every major browser, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. PayPal, Payoneer, and Quickbooks are just a few of the 30+ project management tools it can link with.



$7.00 / user/mo
2 user minimum.

$9.00 / user/mo
2 user minimum.

$12.00 / user/mo
2 user minimum.

$25.00 / user/mo
Billed annually
Time tracking
Activity levels
Limited screenshots
Limited app & URL tracking
Limited reports
Limited payments
Clients & Invoices
Everything in Starter, plus:

1 integration
Idle timeout
Project budgets
Work breaks
Everything in Grow, plus:

Unlimited screenshots
Unlimited app & URL tracking
Auto discard idle time
Payments & payroll
Unlimited integrations
Time off & holidays
Scheduling & attendance
Client budgets
Timesheet approvals
Daily & weekly limits
All team features, plus:

Corporate app
Higher limits on public API
Pay by bank debit (ACH)
HIPAA compliance
SOC-2 Type II Compliance
Enterprise deployment
Account provisioning
Single sign-on
Hubstaff Corporate app
21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

6. Everhour

Everhour | Speechify

The easiest decision you can ever make for streamlining your time-tracking requirements is Everhour. Everhour time tracking tools can be integrated directly into several popular project management applications, including Asana, Trello, and Basecamp, which makes it an instant favorite among agile teams. Additionally, Everhour provides customers with some fundamental task and project management tools that results in employee productivity.

Everhour — Time Tracking, Budgets, Expenses


Two-user plan – $5/month

Five members team plan – $8.50 per user/month

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

7. TimeCamp

Both the manager’s and the employee’s worst nightmares can come true with a desktop app called Timecamp time tracking tools. If your company is picky about attendance, how many hours are spent on projects, and other daily activities, this application is unquestionably one of the best time-tracking tools you can find for project planning.

Time Tracking Software - Free Automated Time Tracker TimeCamp

You can manage your expenses, track employee hours, and even create consumer invoices with Timecamp. Additionally, you receive notifications when there are various updates, such as when the remote workers examine the sent invoice.

Not only that. The team can remain busy and your project management cycle can be kept more efficient by using reports that show the time spent on tasks and projects. By removing distractions, you may gather information to determine how much time will be spent on upcoming initiatives.


Solo (Free plan)

Basic ($5.25 per user per month billed annually)

Pro ($7.50 per user per month billed annually)

Enterprise (custom pricing plans)

8. Toggl

2017 Review of Toggl - Time Tracking App

One of the best time tracking tools available is Toggl, which is cloud-based and provides offline support as well. A project management tool with a time-tracking component is called Toggl. Users can bill hours, produce timesheets, and reports, and even export data outside of the application.

Discovering Toggl Time Tracker - project management - time tracking  software - Your Ultimate Guide - TimeCamp

Users may effectively track both project progress and work hours with the use of time consumption graphs and configurable reporting. Additionally, there is a choice to provide clients with public report links for a more transparent and organized workflow.


Starter ($9 per user per month)

Premium ($18 per user per month)

Enterprise (custom pricing plans)

9. Timely

Timely - Time Tracking Software

One of the time tracking tools that provide automatic time tracking and team and project time management is called Timely. Count the hours you spend on chores and the money you spend.

KPIs, immediate checks on employee activity in real-time, and checking which tasks employees spend the most time on are other ways to keep an eye on the performance of your team.

Timely App Review: AI Time-Tracking - YouTube

You may quickly define project schedules by importing crucial dates from a calendar or even an email. These top-time time tracking tools use AI to recognize your workflow generally and pick up on the flow so it can give you advice on how to work more quickly based on your previous work and revisions.


Starter ($9 per month)

Premium ($16 per month)

Unlimited ($22 per month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

10. BigTime

BigTime Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

BigTime is one of the time tracking tools on our list of the best time-monitoring tools. BigTime helps you track and save time while enhancing team performance with its extensive customizable module library and more than 30 timesheet types.

Track costs, resource distribution, and invoicing effectively while maintaining control over the volume and nature of data shown in configurable reports.

Project Management Time Tracking Software | BigTime Software

Additionally, it provides you with a variety of time-saving choices, such as scanning papers with your phone and adding to billing reports. What else? You can handle timestamps, make modifications to the timesheet, and create custom logging reports with its DCAA-compliant auditing.


Essentials ($20 per user per month)

Advanced ($35 per user per month)

Premier ($45 per user per month)

Projector ($60 per user per month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

11. Harvest

Harvest: Track Time & Invoice - Apps on Google Play

Harvest would win if there were ever a prize for “Messiah of a Time Tracking Software.” With a lightning-fast interface, Harvest has assisted millions—possibly billions—of people throughout its 12-year history in keeping meticulous track of countless hours. Harvest is an employee time tracking app that gives its users leverage by allowing them to track spending along with the number of hours they put into a work or project.

Harvest Time Tracking Review: Details, Pricing and Features - Time Doctor  Blog


Single User – $12/month Unlimited estimates and invoices

12. Tick

Time Tracking Software - Run More Profitable Projects - Tick

Tick is one of the simple time tracking tools that makes the process of keeping track of project time easier. This time monitoring application aids in completing the task at hand without interruption despite having a relatively dull user interface and no eye delight. The idea is based on a time card that allows you to enter details and add time for an activity.

Tick - Time Tracking Apps To Keep Your Projects Profitable

A single timer can be used to estimate how long an entire project took when all the activities were completed, or numerous timers can be used for various jobs. The best aspect is that it provides budget feedback once each activity is finished, helping you stay on target.

Additionally, based on how long a task took, the team members can add additional time intervals to the timers. These time logs can serve as a guide for future work that requires a comparable level of effort.


1 Project: Free

10 Projects: $19 per month for unlimited people

30 Projects: $49 per month for unlimited people

60 Projects: $79 per month for unlimited people

Unlimited Projects: $149 per month for unlimited people

13. FocusMe

FocusMe - Apps on Google Play

Your productivity will increase thanks to FocusMe’s standout feature, the Pomodoro method. You can schedule focused work periods of 25 minutes using this time monitoring application, followed by brief breaks. For the project, you can even schedule reminders for various periods and breaks.

It is one of the simple time tracking tools that also enables you to set up work up to a week in advance by allowing you to create different plans and routines. Humans frequently become distracted. You can use FocusMe’s unique functionality to block distracting websites and apps while maintaining access to more helpful ones.

FocusMe – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

FocusMe is a straightforward yet useful program that enables you to efficiently manage your time while working on activities.


Monthly    $7.95 / month

Annual    $39.99 / year

3 Years    $79.99 every 3 years

14. Timeneye

Timeneye - Apps on Google Play

With some of the most well-liked project management software, you can easily integrate the time tracking tools Timeneye is one of the simple time tracking tools. It offers a clean user interface with all the choices being intuitively positioned. This time-tracking application makes it easier to keep track of how much time a resource spends on a certain task, including the use of automatic and manual timers, report production, saving, and sharing.

Timeneye Reviews 2022 - Capterra

You can manage your project management cycle effectively with a comfortable working environment and useful features.



Pro: $6 per user per month, billed yearly 

$7 per user per month, billed monthly

15. My Hours

One of the greatest time tracking tools for time tracking and billing that allows you to keep tabs on your team’s working hours is called My Hours. My Hours is an intuitive tool that enables you to manage time and bill clients quickly. You can easily create analytical reports and set hourly rates to bill your customers.

Employee Time Tracking. Done Right. | My Hours

To promote transparency, the generated reports can be organized based on tasks, projects, or clients. The reports also point out the tasks that are taking up too much of your time and require your attention.

Easily keep track of how much time your team spends on projects with the automatic task timer. You may manage your budget with the help of the solution to keep expenditures in check and come to wise conclusions.


Free Package

Pro Package ($8 per user/month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

16. DeskTime

DeskTime Pro Review | PCMag

One of the time tracking tools that allow you to monitor how much time your employees spend online while also serving as a useful productivity indicator. Get a detailed analysis of the programs your staff is using, classifying them as either productive or unproductive, so you can track their productivity over time.

Download DeskTime for Windows, Mac or Linux | DeskTime

Enable the screenshot capability to gain a thorough overview of the apps being used when monitoring distant teams. By establishing hourly rates, you can also have the whole project cost calculated automatically.

The Private Time feature of this time-tracking software is intriguing since it enables employees to quickly complete non-work-related tasks without being monitored.


Free (suited for 1 user)

DeskTime Pro ($7 per month)

17. QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time Tracking - Apps on Google Play

Proven fit for the construction, legal, and service industries because of capabilities like mobile GPS tracking, time tracking tools to projects, tasks, and clients, and seeing the status of everyone on your team (who is working where, and on what projects) via the Who’s Working pane.

How To Use QuickBooks Time

Without the paperwork, conjecture, or hard labor, payroll, invoicing, and task costs are easily tracked and scheduled. It can also be used to create timetables, manage teams, and provide reports.


Simple Start
(Buy now for 50% off for 3 months*)
(Buy now for 50% off for 3 months*)
(Buy now for 50% off for 3 months*)
(Buy now for 50% off for 3 months*)
21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

18. TMetric

TMetric Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

The greatest candidates for TMetric are independent contractors and small teams. You can use the program on a single platform to manage time, create invoices, and establish project budgets, and project revenues.

To ensure optimal employee efficiency, you can record the working hours, breaks, attendances, and leaves using TMetric to keep track of every minute of your day.

Download TMetric Time Tracking Apps

Additionally, you can use expense monitoring to keep your project within its budget by keeping track of the costs associated with project development.


Free (up to 5 users)

Business ($7 per month)

Professional ($5 per month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

19. Clockify

Clockify Blog

Clockify is one of the simple time tracking tools if you don’t want to spend any money at all on it.

Time management, time reporting, employee timesheet management, attendance management, and other functions are among the top features of this free time tracking software. You can use the platform for as many team members as you like because the tool supports an unlimited number of users and projects.

The time card tool allows you to track your total weekly working hours by start and end times, as well as breaks. These time cards are accessible through their application from any location, and you may share them as PDF, Excel, or CSV files.


Free (unlimited users and projects)

Plus ($10 per month/workspace)

Premium ($30 per month/workspace)

20. Hourly

Best Free Time Clock Apps For Small Businesses ⏰ - Hourly, Inc.

The Hourly platform, one of the simple time tracking tools, is for people makes it simple for small business owners to manage payroll, log hours, and obtain workers’ compensation for their staff. It’s the only time-tracking product on the market that combines all three functions smoothly, so you get labor reports that are accurate to the cent and can even help you save thousands on worker’s compensation insurance premiums by synchronizing real-time payroll data.

Not your average employee time clock app - Hourly


Start-up $0/month by invitation only

Gold $40/month base + $6/mo per Employee

Platinum $80/month base + $12/mo per Employee

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io

21. EmailAnalytics

EmailAnalytics Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Because it visualizes how you (or your team) use email to spend time, EmailAnalytics is a special time-tracking tool. EmailAnalytics, one of the simple time tracking tools, was created to assist in keeping track of crucial metrics like emails sent, emails received, emails by the hour of the day, emails by the day of the week, and even your average email response time because so many people work remotely.

EmailAnalytics Alternatives: Best Options in 2022 | Timetoreply

There is essentially no setup needed, and it has a simple and attractive user interface. When you link your email account to EmailAnalytics, it immediately begins collecting your email history and presents it in charts, tables, and graphs so you can easily gain insight into your email usage.


14-day free trial (no credit card required)

PRO ($15 /per month)

B2B Email Outreach ($1000/per month)

21 Best Time Tracking Tools: Cost and Price Plans Softlist.io


Selecting the right time-tracking tool is pivotal in the quest for operational success. The 21 best time-tracking tools discussed here offer a wide array of features to suit diverse needs, from attendance tracking to payroll management. By choosing a tool that aligns seamlessly with your requirements and budget, you can ensure that every day is used wisely, both in terms of time and resources.

To achieve success, it is essential to click with the right tool, one that harmonizes with your internal processes and goals. With these options at your disposal, you have the means to improve efficiency, enhance accountability, and ultimately pave the way for success in your professional endeavors. 

To acquire a deeper understanding of the topic at hand, we strongly encourage you to explore our extensive catalog of informative blogs. Within this collection, you will discover meticulously curated articles that span a wide spectrum of subjects, presenting valuable insights, expert viewpoints, and practical guidance to enhance your knowledge and decision-making.


1. What to look for when choosing time tracking tools?

One of the most crucial criteria to consider when selecting a time-tracking tool is how well it will function with your work schedule.

Verify that the app may be used in conjunction with your existing work settings and equipment.

Additionally, confirm that it has functions for keeping track of task counts, deadlines, and working hours.

How simple it is to use and handle data files is another critical issue to take into account.

Last but not least, make sure to try out the software before you buy it so that you are aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

2. How much do time tracking tools cost?

There are numerous options for time-tracking software on the market, and their monthly costs range from $5 to $500.
nTask, RescueTime, Fitbit Coach, HarvestPlusTimer, TimeTrackr, DeskTime CRM, and many others are some of the more well-liked choices.

3. Which automatic time-tracking app is the most suitable for small businesses?

Time tracking is crucial if you own a small business since it allows you to monitor your workload and productivity.
The market is filled with automatic time-tracking applications.
But among the most well-liked choices is nTask.
Both of these applications provide thorough time-tracking features that let you keep track of anything from completed tasks to the number of minutes spent working on projects.
They also include capabilities that assist you in data analysis and trend detection

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