The Best Time-Tracking Software: 37 Picks

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Are you looking for time-tracking software to track hours worked throughout a project? Are you tired of spending hours on Google searching for the perfect tool? This article will show you the top picks for the best time-tracking software for 2020.

Time-tracking software is essential for freelancers and contractors. They bill hourly or daily for their services. While freelancing has become better, it’s also gotten more complicated. There are countless tools out there that range from free to pricey, each with pros and cons. The goal of this guide is to give you a starting point for finding the best time-tracking software.

We analyzed tons of time-tracking software. And we have written down a list of the best ones. If you’re new to the freelance world, start by reading our handy reference guide. Our guide covers common questions and topics like task management and billing.

The Top 37 Time-Tracking Software Available Today

Time Doctor

Time Doctor logo.

Time Doctor is an effective employee monitoring tool. This software combines project management, time tracking, and personnel monitoring. It can provide you with a wealth of information on your staff.

Time Doctor has a time-tracking system that can track web pages and applications used. Additionally, it enables managers to capture desktop images. Therefore, managers can see what their staff members are currently working on. Doing so reduces the likelihood of slacking off.

In addition to time monitoring, Time Doctor lets you pay your staff. The program can send straight the payment. You can use your preferred methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, TransferWise, or any other. The compensation is determined based on the time each employee has put in.

Many businesses search for an all-in-one thorough employee monitoring and employee payment software. Time Doctor is a remote employee time-tracking software. It’s a time-saving option for CEOs of small businesses. Paying straight from the time tracking app.


Employee-friendly time tracking and productivity insights that enable teams to do their best work.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time logo.

RescueTime is a time-tracking software. It keeps track of the time you spend using particular websites. It also keeps track of other programs and applications. But it can also display your daily productivity.

RescueTime time-tracking software uses pre-grouped categories with built-in productivity ratings to automatically calculate your productivity. For instance, Facebook will be a distracting URL. People may disagree with the categorization of URLs, programs, and apps. But RescueTime can manually alter the categories to suit their unique requirements.

RescueTime also allows you to create objectives for your tasks. Doing so can monitor your progress. For instance, you may make a list of activities and a timeframe for them. It might help you stay on track and be more productive.

Rescue Time time-tracking software is for an independent contractor. The app may also be for employees searching for a time management application. Or if they are searching for a productivity tracker. RescueTime assists you in time management with its goal-setting and daily scheduling features. However, the app doesn’t transmit updates to managers. It won’t be the best time monitoring tool for employers trying to keep an eye on their employees.


RescueTime now provides two ways to take control of your time. For a simpler approach and active time management coaching, try the new RescueTime. For more granular details and analytics, try RescueTime Classic.


DeskTime logo.

DeskTime is an intuitive time-tracking software. The app integrates the three critical aspects of productivity: analysis, project management, and personnel monitoring. Additionally, this employee productivity tracking software intends to assist managers. It can also identify the team’s unproductive tendencies.

DeskTime time-tracking software keeps track of your time. It also analyzes your daily efficiency and productivity. The analysis depends on how you classify URLs, programs, and apps. This implies that your daily productivity increases as you spend more time using productive software.

Of course, the effectiveness of URLs depends on the user’s location. DeskTime enables you to form staff groups and control application productivity for each group. Doing so makes Facebook work for your marketing staff while being counterproductive for everyone else.

DeskTime is the ideal time tracker for businesses. The software is also essential for teams more concerned with the big picture. Establish the productivity goal and watch your staff members achieve it.


ProofHub logo.

Online project management software and time-tracking software ProofHub have collaboration tools. ProofHub’s user-friendly design makes it simple for teams to adopt it.

As soon as you start working, an automated timer starts recording each billable hour. The advantage of ProofHub time-tracking software is that manual time inputs are also possible. Timesheets keep the time information. You may utilize this data later for billing purposes.

In ProofHub time-tracking software, time reports let you monitor each user’s output. It interacts with other programs like FreshBooks to make billing and invoicing easier. In addition, you receive sophisticated capabilities. These capable time-tracking software ties include file sharing, group chat, note-taking, and many others.

For teams and supervisors aiming to increase productivity, ProofHub is ideal.


Hours is a time-tracking software with simple time-tracking capabilities. The app is best suited for those not interested in sophisticated features. Hours is a smartphone app that enables you to move between jobs. Users can do it while maintaining a running list of timings.

You may color-code your tasks and projects in Hours to better manage them. That is, you can assign colors for the tasks and projects. Doing so enables you to distinguish one from another.

Additionally, you may instantly edit any recorded timestamps using the app’s timeline. You may change it by simply sliding the start time back to 10:00. For instance, if you started a job at 10:00 but neglected to set the timer until 10:15.


TimeCamp logo.

Timecamp time-tracking software uses timers and the desktop client. The app’s cloud-based time-tracking system makes it simple to track work time. This is possible with both manual and automatic processes.

Project managers may communicate and keep tabs on billable work hours using the app. They can also track the progress of their projects. It also enables the automatic creation of staff paychecks. It can also send client invoices. It also shows you whether your staff is as productive as you need them to be during the working day.

Timecamp has many connectors with help desk applications and project management tools. This sets it apart from other time-tracking apps (Zendesk). You can then sync and import your previously generated tasks. Doing so can start the tracking time right away.

Timecamp time-tracking software is a solution for managers and businesses searching for a time-tracking app. The software is also for billing and employee productivity for project management applications.


Toggl logo.

Toggl is a user-friendly time-tracking software that uses timers. After creating a project, add a task to it, then start the timer. Finished working on a project? Create an invoice for your client after the job is complete, then send it without ever leaving the app. You may also provide the customer with a copy of your project time report. This report can be in Excel, CSV, or PDF so they are aware of what they are paying for.

Toggl time-tracking software makes it simple to establish projects and assign roles. It can also estimate budgets and schedules for every project involved. This shows you which of your projects are behind schedule and over budget right away. Doing so gives you time to arrange your time and resources accordingly.

Toggl time-tracking software is a fantastic option for collaborative freelancers and start-ups. It is also ideal for small enterprises working on projects with tight budgets. This is because of its schedules and budget planning function.


Hubstaff logo.

The primary distinction is that Hubstaff allows you to track time and your employees. You can keep track of your employees while they are traveling or away from the office. This time-tracking program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as mobile devices.

Hubstaff time-tracking software uses a GPS tracker to track position in addition to time. Businesses with mobile staff are more likely to utilize the GPS tracking option. Some parameters are visible to management using an on-the-go productivity tracker. These parameters include the location of the employee.

Hub staff is an employee time-tracking software. The app may assists businesses that employ remote workers who are frequently on the go. It allows managers to know what their staff members are doing. It can also show where they are and whether they are in the right area.


Tick logo.

Tick time-tracking software is the program to utilize if you have a project coming up. It is time-tracking software that is project-based. It records time against your projected project timetable and budget.

For instance, the app will update how much time is left for you to finish a job or project. This happens with each new time entry to Tick’s timesheet. If time is running short and you’re going to go over your budget or timeline, the program will also let you know. Additionally, Tick reuses the same budget and timetable. These are for any recurring activities you may have.

You may link tick with the accounting program QuickBooks. Doing so can produce invoices, process payroll, and more.

Tick is a solution for independent contractors and small enterprises. The app is also for start-ups that handle repeatable jobs and projects. Tick users may keep track of the amount of time required for a project. The Tick software may develop offers for new clients using their historical timelines.


Harvest logo.

You may track the time spent on each project with Harvest time tracking software. It may also track the time spent on individual activity. Harvest is also an expenditure monitoring tool.

After the data is gathered, Harvest time-tracking software produces visually appealing reports. These reports make it simple to evaluate your team’s work. Doing so enables your company to decide wisely.

Harvest enables you to send bills to your clients directly from the app using Stripe or PayPal whenever the task or project is complete. You won’t need to spend money on additional billing and payment software this way. Furthermore, Harvest will kindly give you an automated reminder if your client forgets to pay on time.

Additionally, Harvest time-tracking software also stores all of your invoices and income streams. Doing so can integrate work time tracker applications with expenditure monitoring software.


Qbserve logo.

Qbserve is a Mac time-tracking software tool that tracks time and productivity. The app only keeps tracking time when specific keywords are present in a document, URL, or app title. When you first use the app, you define these terms and may always add more.

Qbserve will measure the number of time users spends using websites and applications.

Qbserve time-tracking software is software for freelancers and individual users who frequently get sidetracked. For example, you could be researching something for work in one minute. And next, you’re watching funny cat videos on YouTube. You don’t know how long a task has taken. Qbserver can help in these situations.


Clockify logo.

With features like a timer and a preset project, Clockify is the work time-tracking software that may help you accomplish this successfully if you’re on a team and want to track the time you and they spend on projects. The default project interacts with the timer by being the default start. This will automatically assign the time to the project of your choice. The timer is a stopwatch that helps your team start and finish work. There is even a reminder in case someone fails to set the timer.

Last but not least, Clockify time-tracking software offers aesthetically appealing reports. These reports are for you to view to determine which tasks take up your team’s time. Doing so enables you to manage your team’s work more efficiently.

Regardless of the supported device or browser you choose to use it on, Clockify time-tracking software provides a clean, slick, and straightforward UI and various integrations. This is especially true for its user-friendly, simple-to-navigate online interface, which is accessible from anywhere and allows you to check the progress of your current team.

The features of Clockify, one of the more economical choices available, are entirely devoted to managing projects and working in teams. Because of this, it’s perfect for either huge, dispersed teams trying to complete their tasks as efficiently as possible or freelancers that want a basic tracker and work on projects for several customers.


Timely logo.

Timely time-tracking software distinguishes out from the other solutions on our list as an automatic monitoring program that is as flawless as one could dream of because it continuously records GPS whereabouts, emails, meetings, papers, and webpages. As a result, Timely eliminates the need for timers, enabling you to continue working in peace without being distracted or disturbed. Furthermore, Timely often takes very little intervention unless it’s necessary to pull reports for any chargeable work.

In terms of reporting, Timely visualizes everything in a highly structured, simple-to-read manner, from what you accomplished that day to where your team’s time resources are going. Timely is an artificial intelligence (AI) that gradually learns how you use your computer, making it even more appealing. After, the AI will begin creating time entries for you, saving you time.

Timely time-tracking software is excellent software for people and small-to-large businesses. It can also assist if you or your team members forget what you accomplished on any given day. It can also help if you need a quick way to locate records to charge your customer.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time logo.

Maintaining timesheets may be costly, incorrect, and hard to read. This issue is resolved by QuickBooks Time time-tracking software. The software has an innovative approach to online time and attendance monitoring. Their innovative approach allows workers several clock-in options, including texting, tweeting, using the app on a computer or phone, using a web browser, and ringing in. They can also provide pictures to demonstrate their efforts. The ability to precisely measure work time from any location gives employees freedom. Especially since QuickBooks Time includes geofencing and reminder capabilities.

The main benefit of QuickBooks Time time-tracking software is that it makes clocking in as simple as possible for accurate employee work time tracking. However, it also has one of the most cost-effective methods of processing payroll. This is because it can synchronize with many well-known accounting programs, including Quickbooks, Sage, Xero, and others. This indicates that everything will go smoothly from then on out after the government has authorized the hours.

The majority of small- to enterprise-sized organizations benefit from QuickBooks Time. Such a firm gains more from having more employees since payroll processing, timesheet administration, and worked hours per employee all rise proportionately with the number of employees. Therefore, it works well for companies where efficiency and accuracy are crucial.


Workpuls website dashboard.

Workpuls is a collection of online time and attendance software and time-tracking software that focuses on employee time monitoring and productivity analysis to identify underachievers and high performers. For starters, because it is done automatically depending on when people start working, the program makes it quite simple to check when they arrive at the work site. Two, it monitors their behaviors whether they are relevant to their jobs or not without invading their privacy (for example, with optional, blurred-out screenshots).

The ability of Workpuls time-tracking software to do automatic time allocation and budget forecasting is a crucial component. For instance, it is common knowledge that productivity tracking is challenging. Fortunately, Workpuls can do this by automatically allocating work to projects. Doing so avoids annoying staff while still keeping track of every second spent on them and providing you with a reliable estimate of the project’s expenditures. As a result, you may charge your clients correctly with the confidence that any human mistake associated with manual time reporting has been removed.


BeeBole logo.

One of the most dependable timesheet applications available, BeeBole time-tracking software offers project time monitoring, employee time clock, or both. It is fully customizable and can be set up to track time for customers, projects, and sub-projects with a one-click timer or for staff to clock in and out. Track time on a daily, weekly, monthly, and in-the-moment basis. It couldn’t be simpler to keep track of attendance, vacations, and leaves of absence.

Managers may quickly see team and employee performance, project status, and over time thanks to the team overview. The approval pipeline enables quick bulk review, timesheet approval, modification requests, and time entry locking.

Finally, run reports on employee time, budget, margin, and profit to have access to useful business knowledge. To get this potent knowledge, managers may create the precise report they want or use custom KPI dashboards.

Toggl Track

Toggle Track logo.

Use Toggl Track if you require a time-tracking software but lack the funds to purchase one. The time tracking tool offers a large free tier of service that allows you access to all of its applications (including those for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and browser extensions) and all of the essential features you’d expect from a time tracking program.

Toggl Track time-tracking software’s ease of use is mostly because it doesn’t place many demands on you until you begin timing an activity. Many time tracking programs need you to enter a customer, project, or task into your account before you can start monitoring your time. If not, you must temporarily put your job on hold and input them. Toggl Monitor allows you to track your time immediately, display it in a grid or calendar style, and worry about the specifics afterward.

A Toggl timer button also appears in practically any web program you can think of when you use Toggl Track via the Chrome or Firefox browser extension, from Help Scout to Google Docs (and other Google apps). You are always reminded to track your time since the Toggl Track button is always visible while you are working.

One of the most comprehensive time-monitoring apps I’ve come across is Toggl Track time-tracking software. For instance, you may set the Toggl Track Chrome extension to begin and end time monitoring based on whether the browser is active or closed. Furthermore, it offers superior idle detection, which aids in maintaining high accuracy throughout your records. The program provides options to change the recorded block of time when it notices your computer has been inactive but a timer is still running. Toggl Track will be able to remove those 20 minutes from your record if you are interrupted while working and drawn into a 20-minute chat.


HourStack logo.

HourStack is a project time-tracking software that works well with your preferred project management application to support your team’s time management and planning efforts.

HourStack time-tracking software is a stylish and simple-to-use combo calendar and time tracker, and it may have been the most welcome surprise during my app testing. Popular project management tools like Asana, Google Tasks, Trello, Todoist, and even Google Calendar are natively integrated into the program. You can drag and drop tasks from a sidebar in HourStack into your HourStack calendar to schedule your team’s workload when you connect to one of these applications.

The greatest thing, though? Since the connectivity is two-way, you may mark jobs as finished in HourStack, and your project manager will be updated. I found this functionality to be impressive and exciting as a productivity tool nerd.

HourStack time-tracking software’s strength is in how easy it is to use. Complex settings or user interfaces provide no threat of overload or distraction. The Calendar tab allows you to arrange and keep track of work time while also displaying your intended tasks. You’re scheduled vs. logged hours are shown on the Reports tab, which can be filtered by customers, projects, and labels. It also shows how many tasks you’ve finished. Additionally, you may add or start monitoring project time fast using the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge without first entering a task or project.


TrackingTime logo.

A collaborative time-tracking software called TrackingTime has a unique aesthetic from most other time-tracking applications. It displays the time as blocks or windows, much like an event on your calendar would. Although it’s not the only software that organizes your time in this way, it does provide the most customizing options. You may select a day, week, month, or team view, for instance.

The most practical arrangement I’ve seen is in the daily view, which displays the whole month’s calendar on the left (with icons for each day to indicate how much time was monitored), and the day you chose on the right, color-coded and arranged by blocks of recorded time.

Comparative to other apps, TrackingTime time-tracking software also emphasizes the importance of scheduling your time before you begin working. For activities you want to focus on later in the week or for recurrent occasions like meetings, you may block off time on your calendar.

Additionally, the Chrome extension for TrackingTime time-tracking software interfaces with several time-saving programs, enabling you to set a timer right from programs like Airtable, Asana, and Notion. Alternatively, you may use Zapier to let TrackingTime communicate with all the other applications you use.


Monday.com logo.

Monday.com is a project management application and time-tracking software with time-tracking capabilities that has removed many of the extraneous elements found in standard management programs in favor of straightforward, easily understandable design.

Utilize Monday.com time-tracking software to keep track of all billable time, employee output, and billing. You may use it for staff productivity requirements in addition to time monitoring. You can quickly assign owners to new tasks, give each item a priority, specify due dates, and keep track of how each working hour is allocated to each project and task. On their smartphone app, you can also keep track of the time.

Hub Planner

Hub Planner logo.

An adaptable cloud-based program designed for project planning, resource scheduling, and time tracking is called Hub Planner time-tracking software. It gives businesses the tools they need to establish and implement practical plans for their project development teams and other workers.

For managing people, resources, and schedules across several geographically dispersed sites, Hub Planner is ideally suited for SMBs and big corporations. Smart timesheets are a component of the program that offers effective time tracking and dynamic reporting modules. The user-friendly and effective employee time-tracking solution offered by the smart timesheet application is developed with intuitive usability in mind.

The Timesheets feature in Hub Planner is cleverly designed to provide project managers with a clearer perspective of both the actual and scheduled hours that employees have worked. Along with providing a graphically engaging picture of team performance and resource availability, it also offers charts and graphs that managers and team leaders may use.


Smartsheet logo.

High-level project and resource management and time-tracking software, Resource Management by Smartsheet, assists contemporary teams in making decisions with confidence on project planning, team capacity, budget forecasts, team usage, and hiring requirements in real-time.

It is the ideal time-tracking solution for a workforce with a variety of operational settings thanks to its built-in timesheets, mobile time tracking, and expenditure time tracking tools, which allow you to build comprehensive project reports by filtering project data with only a few clicks. Obtain a thorough report that can offer insight into past data or an anticipated perspective of team usage, actual vs. planned time reports, budget tracking, expenditure reports, and upcoming projects.


Wrike logo.

You may utilize Wrike time-tracking software, a potent and user-friendly time-tracking tool, to enhance your planning and resource scheduling. Wrike provides a user-friendly, intuitive navigation system with clear areas, folders, and tasks.

The program provides simple reports to view exactly how each working hour is being used, automated timers, and the option to manually log time. Unlimited users can dig down to the level of a person or project. Advanced reports for resource management and allocation, personnel monitoring, and project or individual performance, are also available in Wrike. Plan to receive real-time analytics in your mailbox to get an overall image of your time management.


ClickUp logo.

You can plan projects, work with others on shared documents, and keep track of your time with the all-in-one project management tool ClickUp time-tracking software.

Its creators understood the importance of time tracking for businesses. Because of this, all of their plans, even the free ones, have native time tracking! Using the command center, tracking may be done from any screen or inside a specific job. By selecting the lightning icon next to the search bar in the left menu, you may reach this command center. Though the timesheet dashboards are a part of the business and unlimited plans, you will need to increase your account whenever you’re ready to receive time-tracking reports.

When utilizing the ClickUp app, you may track time from any device while adding notes to records, duplicating records, and labeling them.


Traqq logo.

Utilizing automated monitoring technologies including snapshots, screen recordings, team activity levels, app, and online monitoring, and team activity levels, the employee time-tracking platform Traqq increases performance and productivity.

The time-tracking software syncs all of your data when you regain an Internet connection and functions both online and offline on Windows and Mac computers. Online timesheets also allow you to track and analyze the activity levels of every team member, identify the top performers, and work with the underachievers.

You can track typing and clicking on Traqq to acquire precise activity figures and a clear understanding of your team’s productivity. You may learn which applications or websites employees use during the workday with the app and website monitoring tool.

To get a complete picture of team performance, you can quickly create multiple reports, add people to groups, and provide them varied access privileges.


Forecast logo.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Forecast, a project management tool for professionals, may help your estimations become better and more accurate.

Using the desktop program, a mobile iOS or Android app, or directly on the website, you may keep track of the time you spend on the activities and projects you are given.

You won’t have to worry about underestimating or overestimating your projects since every working hour spent on tasks will be automatically compared to your predictions, and the AI will use this information to enhance future estimations. The efficiency of your resource planning will be significantly impacted by this, allowing you to increase delivery and profitability.

With its daily and weekly timesheet views, Forecast is excellent for remote teams and lets you keep track of your time as it works best for you. To make sure that everyone accurately records each working hour, set up reminders for once a week or once a day.


Paymo logo.

A time-tracking software for small or medium teams is Paymo. Teams can readily monitor how much time they spend on customers and projects thanks to the automated time tracker, desktop widget, mobile app, and built-in timer.

The steps are simple: make a task, assign a person to it (perhaps with a deadline), and start the timer. If you need to track time for numerous jobs and projects at once but fail to start your stopwatch, enter the time input via a form or add time in bulk. The time entries of your team can be managed by a project manager.

All of your time entries are kept and shown in a separate module called Timesheets in a daily, weekly, and monthly view, or in an outlined view with an agenda and active timers. Then, to keep clients informed, you may create static or live reports (live reports update when clicked).

Tracking Time

One project time management tool is TrackingTime. A collaborative cloud-based time management tool called TrackingTime was launched in 2012 to assist businesses of any size in managing their projects, monitoring employee time, and assessing team productivity. The corporation has offices in Munich and Buenos Aires in addition to its current headquarters in the US. They view a company’s time as its most precious asset. Because of this, the TrackingTime team’s top priority is to enable businesses to properly manage their most important resource.


Everhour logo.

Everhour is a time tracker that offers many other capabilities in addition to time management, like custom reports, connectors, budgeting and billing, invoicing, estimations, scheduling, visual aids, and much more. It is a solution that enables flexible and unobtrusive time management while also being effective and error-free, assisting managers and staff in developing more reliable time tracking.


Paylocity logo.

HR professionals can manage everyday duties in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management with ease thanks to our all-in-one software platform. Our technology is supported by a culture that genuinely cares about the success of our clients, which sets us apart from our competitors. You will only be sold a thing by providers. A partner, however, genuinely cares about you and your company. A partner spends time getting to know you and comprehending your demands. We collaborate with you to find the finest solutions that will help your company now while laying the foundation for an improved tomorrow.

The focus tomorrow will be on your team. Everything we do is intended to help you accomplish your objectives. We take on your daily tasks together so you may focus more on creating the culture you and your team want. Paylocity is the HR & Payroll firm that relieves you of the duties of today so that the two of us may spend more time concentrating on the promise of the future. Paylocity is for professionals that want real cooperation.

TCP Humanity Scheduling

TCP Humanity Scheduling logo.

Humanity Scheduling is a top employee scheduling software from TCP Software. It improves routine workforce management procedures and speeds up shift schedule development. It is usually improved by as much as 80%. Utilizing Humanity, businesses of all sizes get unique visibility into their operations. Also, it has access to actionable data. These data improve the workplace based on employee availability, skill set, and time off. Offering SaaS, Humanity Scheduling may be used as a standalone cloud-based solution. It can be easily connected with the top HCM and payroll systems available today.

Replicon PSA

Replicon PSA logo.

Enterprises of all sizes may use Replicon’s end-to-end time management software and services. Time is your company’s most valuable resource; capture, evaluate, and maximize it to boost revenue, output, and worker happiness. Because it is so straightforward, employees adore using Replicon.

Replicon helps to hire managers to decide the best people to hire, what to spend their budget on, and what projects they should be working on. Replicon assists HR, payroll, and compliance managers in automatically applying business and regulatory regulations. This prevents under or overpaying of employees. And it ensures that everyone in the company is operating in line with local laws. Because their success depends on precise, granular, and real-time reporting, finance and project management teams pick Replicon.

Consider assessing Replicon as a strategic partner to your business. If you want to track, manage, and optimize the time of your whole workforce regardless of where they are or when they work.

Click Time

ClickTime logo.

With simple timesheets, you can lower expenses, improve project visibility, and maintain your budget. It’s simple to track, schedule, and manage employee time using ClickTime. Easy-to-use timesheets that you can view anywhere, at any time, can improve operations and boost staff productivity. Everyone can use it to track time on their phone or laptop or approve employee hours fast. The app can also explore dashboards and data that simplify managing budgets and scheduling staff time. ClickTime provides immediate answers to your business-related concerns. The software can do this whether you’re forecasting project expenses, analyzing historical performance, or just curious about who hasn’t submitted their timesheets.

Strong Reports Timesheets are not all made equal. We created distinctive time-tracking solutions for organizations like charities, consulting firms, colleges, architects, and others because of this. In ClickTime, you may personalize almost anything or access more than 100 pre-built reports. Management tools can identify if projects are on or off budget right away. Recognize staff costs, productivity, and availability. And approve timesheets, vacation requests, and billable hours.


UKG Pro logo.

A strong, international human capital management (HCM) system is UKG ProTM. UKG Pro is the potent HCM package you need to generate people-focused results, including everything from payroll to personnel to service delivery to surveys.

Fresh Books

FreshBooks logo.

FreshBooks is a time-saving, automated online accounting and invoicing tool that keeps your books organized and makes your company appear professional. Financial recordkeeping should be quick and thorough enough to please your accountant.

Big Time

Big Time logo.

BigTime is a top provider of Professional Services Automation (PSA) software that enables you to monitor and respond to your operational KPIs to expand your organization. Even while working remotely, you can manage time, costs, and invoices for several projects at once. Advanced capabilities like resource allocation and custom reporting can help you spot opportunities fast. You may receive payments more quickly with BigTime Wallet and the client portal. This feature is thanks to personalized invoicing and payment processing. Our business-adaptable solutions for resource allocation and Gantt charts have helped BigTime users raise their gross margins by 25%, on average.

UKG Workforce Central

UKG Workforce Central logo.

UKG Workforce CentralTM (formerly Kronos Workforce Central) is a collection of workforce management tools for time and attendance, absence management, scheduling, and more. It was specifically designed for your sector. A scalable, secure, and mobile cloud platform has been developed by UKG Workforce Central exclusively for industries to assist in managing the whole workforce.


What are the things to consider when choosing the Time Tracking Software to use?

What tools do you employ and where do you work?
What is your workflow when you are working?
What features are you in need of?
How simple is the software to use?
What is the projected cost of the software?

What are the benefits of using Time Tracking Software?

Increases Focus
Ensures Accountability
Prevents Burnout
Allows Efficient Team Management
Boosts Profitability
Tracks Hidden Tasks
Helps Prioritize Better
Reduces Project Costs
Improves Team Morale
Make Data-driven Decisions

What are the best Time Tracking Tools available?

Time Doctor
Rescue Time

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