37 Best Note-Taking Apps

37 Best Note-Taking Apps
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Do you ever feel behind with your note-taking? You could be missing out on important information because you do not have the right app. This article will share the 37 best free note-taking apps for students and professionals.

Note-taking can be difficult when there is a lot of noise in the classroom or when trying to capture important details during a meeting. The right note apps and apps can take notes quickly and efficiently. 

37 Of The Best Note-Taking Apps Available Today


37 Best Note-Taking Apps Softlist.io

Note-taking is for oneself or with and for others, whether they be coworkers, other students, or just friends and family members. Thus far, all the applications we have looked at are mainly for taking notes for yourself. Yes, you may share and collaborate on notes and even notebooks, but their crucial benefits are elsewhere. Collaboration on note-taking tools at all levels integrates with the Notion app.

The Notion app is the only tool on our list that does not meet the requirement of being a great note-taking app. It is, but because of its collaborative aspects, it has the potential to be much more. It is a note-taking app (thus its inclusion on our list), a task and project manager, and a reference wiki. It is up to you how you blend those three elements.

A page is a new document or note, and everything in the Notion app is a block. Text, checklists, and headers are fundamental elements, with photos, web bookmarks, videos, music, code snippets, and files. You can use as many blocks as you like in any configuration. They are easy to add: enter / and navigate through the list. There are also many built-in templates, so do not feel obligated to personalize anything when you start.

The sidebar is also where you can access all of your pages. It divides into two sections: Teamspaces, which contains all the sites you share with the rest of your team, and Private, which has your notes. While cooperation is an essential feature of the Notion app, it does not impose upon you. Everyone has their place where they may work on projects before moving them to the public sections for comments and editing. It is a terrific method for a group to collaborate without getting in their way.

Notion touts itself as a personal Evernote rival. It can be too much, and its offline functioning is not the finest. If you like the idea of the Notion app, you may try the free Personal Plan, but I think it is better as a team notes software.

Notion interacts with Zapier, allowing you to link it to hundreds of other apps, such as automatically generating GitHub or Jira problems from new Notion database objects.


  • Free
  • Plus: $8 per user per month
  • Business: $15 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Plan