Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator
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 Are you tired of manually transcribing your podcasts, videos, or any audio content? Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re diving into the 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generators, a comprehensive guide that will help you find the perfect tool to convert all your audio into text effortlessly.

These AI-powered audio-to-text tools are designed to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow, whether you’re adding subtitles to your latest video, transcribing an insightful podcast episode, or simply making your content more accessible.

Imagine being able to transcribe hours of video to text with just a few clicks, all from the comfort of your browser. These tools let you focus on the good work—creating and editing content—while they handle the heavy lifting of transcription. 

Let’s explore how these advanced tools can transform the way you handle audio and video content. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or a videographer, these tools are here to make your life a whole lot easier.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Flixier is a powerful audio-to-text generator that can be used to transcribe audio files into text. The software is highly accurate and can be used to transcribe the audio in a variety of languages. This audio-to-text generator is also very user-friendly, making it easy to convert audio to text in just a few minutes.

In addition, the software comes with several features that make it even more convenient to use, such as the ability to export transcriptions in various formats and create custom dictionaries. Overall, Flixier is an excellent audio-to-text generator that is well worth checking out.


Make amazing videos with just a few clicks, collaborate in real-time and publish in under 3 minutes with the fastest online video editor.


Trint Review | PCMag

Trint is a robust audio-to-text generator that leverages AI to transcribe audio and video into text with impressive accuracy and speed. It supports over 30 languages and offers features like real-time collaboration, making it ideal for a wide range of professional settings, from journalism to education.

Users particularly benefit from its ability to handle multiple speakers and background noise, although optimal results are obtained with clear audio. Trint’s integration capabilities and security measures, including ISO 27001 certification, ensure that it is a trustworthy tool for managing sensitive content


Tired of transcription headaches? Trint’s AI turns audio & video files to text in 40+ languages. Tell stories faster by transcribing, translating, editing and collaborating in a single workflow. Simple.


Descript Launches Multi-Language Transcription to Support Global User Base

Descript is the best software for syncing transcriptions with secure cloud storage. It uses cutting-edge technology to transcribe dialog while you record, so you can get a text version of your conversation without manually typing everything in minutes. This app uses cloud-based technology, which means you can save transcripts in the cloud for access from any device with an internet connection. You can also export files as .txt or Google Docs for quick collaboration.


Descript is the only tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts.

Express Scribe

Get Express Scribe Transcription Free - Microsoft Store en-FJ

Express Scribe is a user-friendly audio transcriber that comes in both PRO and free versions. Packed with features, it has everything you need to make transcription almost effortless, including keyboard hotkeys and support for transcribing pedals. In addition, Express Scribe can handle a variety of formats–even encrypted dictation files! Plus, you can load audio from CDs as you work on them.

This audio-to-text generator has transcription software that automatically saves and sends your transcriptions to your client. This way, you’ll be able to spend more time on other important tasks. Express Scribe is also compatible with Microsoft Word, FastFox Text Expander, and some text-to-speech tools.

Express Scribe

Record and edit music, voice and other audio, apply effects, create ringtones.


GoTranscript Review | PCMag

GoTranscript uses human-based video transcription rather than automated solutions. This provides a more accurate product for the customer and supports over 60 languages. You also get a free transcript when you order captions or subtitles from this audio-to-text generator. 


We satisfied more than 98.5% of our clients, successfully transcribing 144 million minutes of their content


Fireflies will help you by creating summaries and action items to identify key points, which can be useful for busy professionals who want to make the most of their meeting time. You can also share these notes with others, like project team members. It all helps ensure that everyone is on the same page after a meeting without needing extra hours dedicated to transcription or note-passing.

This audio-to-text generator can be integrated with Slack, autodialers, and other programs to help you transcribe phone calls, meetings, and audio files. It can create transcripts in various formats, including word-for-word or verbatim. Fireflies may work well for you if you just want to extract audio clips from meetings. helps your team transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.


Transcribe Speech to Text | Rev

Rev can transcribe any video you send them, whether it’s from Vimeo, YouTube, or Zoom. To get started, simply paste the link to the video into Rev’s website. However, please keep in mind that in order for Rev to produce an accurate transcript of your audio, it must be clear and high-quality with little to no background noise. Despite this requirement, There is still a chance that some errors may occur in the final product. If the audio quality of your recording is unclear, you may be better off hiring a human transcriptionist.


Get your audio and video files transcribed by the largest marketplace of experienced transcribers—guaranteed to be 99% accurate.


AI文字起こしサービス「Notta」、Web会議の議事録共有に適したチーム向けプランを提供開始 - INTERNET Watch

Notta is transcription software that types words for you in real-time, making it perfect for conferences, voice notes, or anywhere on the web. It is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices, is easy to use, and produces highly accurate results.

Notta’s mobile app also provides Translation in over 40 languages, which is handy for business and personal use. The Chrome extension is available on the store with a click installation that uses AI to record and transcribe audio from any web page, including YouTube. 


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Happy Scribe is a fast and easy-to-use AI-powered tool that can transcribe your audio or video files in minutes. It’s especially useful for students, podcasters, journalists, and researchers who need transcripts of their content but don’t have the time to do them themselves. The transcriptions are usually pretty accurate, although you can always edit them with Happy Scribe’s online editor if necessary.

Additionally, the editor is able to synchronize with audio and video timestamps. With this feature, you can easily create transcripts that are timed precisely. When working with subtitles, this function can be extremely helpful as well – you have the ability to readjust the text within a video editor so that everything lines up correctly. Makes Automated Meeting Notes Even Easier With Otter Assistant Now  Available for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex | Business Wire

If you need transcription software that can handle large teams, Otter may be a good option for you. It is accurate, easy to use, and integrates with many other productivity tools. You can use it to transcribe interviews, lectures, etc., and export the audio file in any format or open the transcript in any word processor app on your computer. Otter can quickly produce hobby-level transcripts that are reliable if you have clear audio.

If you want to change the way Otter pronounces a word, simply highlight the words in the question and click on them. While otter AI has some drawbacks, such as not being able to handle background noise or accents well, most people will find that the benefits outweigh these limitations. 

Dragon Professional

Nuance Discontinues Dragon Professional Individual for Mac - MacRumors

This audio-to-text generator is easy to use and relatively accurate. It offers a wide range of commands that make it simple to correct, navigate, punctuate, and format your text. It also offers many voice commands, which can save you time compared to typing out transcriptions by hand. Some of the voice commands can be a little complicated to remember, but overall, the software is straightforward to use.

Microsoft Azure Text-To-Speech

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Microsoft Azure’s Speech Text service leverages deep neural network models to provide real-time and batch transcription, making it a powerful tool for developers and enterprises looking to integrate speech recognition into their applications. It supports multiple languages and offers features like custom speech models and pronunciation assessment. A key benefit is the service’s ability to handle noisy environments, making it ideal for real-world applications where background noise is a common challenge.


Automatically convert audio and video to text: Fast, Accurate, & Affordable  | Sonix

 Sonix is an advanced audio-to-text generator that delivers fast and accurate transcriptions through its state-of-the-art machine-learning models. It is particularly effective for media professionals who require transcription with embedded timestamps and automated translation capabilities. The feature that shines is its in-browser editor, which synchronizes the text and audio for easy verification and correction, making the editing process as smooth as possible.


Speechmatics | Homepage

Speechmatics offers a highly accurate and flexible transcription service, supporting various audio environments and numerous languages. This tool excels in providing scalable solutions for businesses needing robust transcription capabilities across global teams. One of its standout features is the custom dictionary, which allows users to add unique vocabulary and terminology to enhance the accuracy of transcriptions specific to their industry or company.


Audext Pricing, Reviews and Features (October 2022) -

Audext specializes in converting audio into text using AI to ensure speed and accuracy. This tool is ideal for students, journalists, and professionals who require quick transcription of interviews, meetings, and lectures. Its standout feature is the smart speaker identification technology, which automatically recognizes and labels different speakers in the transcript, simplifying the editing process for users.

Transcribe by Wreally

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Transcribe by Wreally is a versatile audio-to-text generator that offers both automatic and self-transcription tools. This service is known for its voice recognition software that efficiently handles different audio qualities and formats. An excellent feature is its foot pedal integration, which allows for hands-free control of playback, greatly enhancing the transcription process for professional transcribers.


Audio to Text Automatic Transcription Service & App |

Temi offers a rapid and reasonably priced speech-to-text service that uses advanced speech recognition technology to deliver transcriptions in minutes. It’s particularly effective for users who need quick drafts of audio content, such as interviews or lectures. The feature that stands out is its high accuracy in recognizing diverse accents and dialects, which is beneficial for users dealing with varied linguistic inputs.


oTranscribe - Hackastory Tools

oTranscribe is a straightforward, web-based transcription tool that simplifies the manual process of transcribing audio to text. It’s particularly user-friendly with its integrated audio player and text editor in the same window, which means you can type while listening to the audio without switching between applications. A key feature is its interactive timestamping, allowing you to insert time markers with a keystroke, making it easy to navigate through the transcript.


Amberscript – Media and Learning

Amberscript delivers high-quality automatic and manual transcription services designed to efficiently convert speech into accurate text. This service is excellent for users who need quick turnarounds and those working with multilingual content, as it offers extensive language support and easy integration with existing workflows. A particularly useful feature is its editing interface, which allows users to review and edit transcripts in real-time, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the output.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

TranscribeMe offers a transcription service that combines human transcribers’ accuracy with machine learning technology’s speed. It is particularly valuable for medical, legal, and business professionals who require the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality. The platform’s ability to provide detailed transcriptions with custom formatting options makes it ideal for professionals who need transcripts tailored to specific formatting guidelines.

IBM Watson Speech To Text

How To Download IBM Watson Text To Speech Audio Demo - YouTube

IBM’s Watson speech-to-text service excels in converting audio into written text with high accuracy and minimal latency, making it suitable for real-time applications. This tool is highly adaptable, supporting multiple languages and dialects, and can be customized to recognize specific vocabulary used in various professional fields. Its integration capabilities with IBM’s AI technology enhance its utility, providing a seamless way to embed advanced speech recognition into any application.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

VoiceBase offers cutting-edge speech-to-text transcription software that leverages deep learning technology to provide high-accuracy transcriptions. This platform is exceptionally good for businesses that need to analyze large volumes of customer calls or meetings for insights, as it includes powerful predictive analytics features. A standout feature is its keyword and phrase-spotting capability, which helps users quickly identify important topics and trends within their audio data.

360 Audio to Text Converter

360 Converter Audio to Text How-To - Tech Business Guide

360 Converter offers a straightforward audio-to-text conversion tool that caters to users needing quick transcription services without complex features. It supports various audio formats and provides a simple interface for uploading and converting audio files. One notable feature is its ability to handle large files, which is ideal for users working with extended recordings such as conferences or long interviews.


WoW Woman in VR | Sophie Thompson, Co-founder of Virtual Speech — WOMEN OF  WEARABLES

VirtualSpeech specializes in providing speech-to-text services within a virtual reality training environment, making it unique in the market. This platform is particularly effective for public speaking practice and language learning, offering real-time feedback on speech clarity and fluency. Its VR integration helps users improve their communication skills in a simulated environment, providing a practical tool for immersive learning experiences.

Maestra AI

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Maestra is an innovative audio-to-text converter that supports a range of file formats and provides automatic transcription, subtitles, and voiceover features. This tool is particularly beneficial for educators and content creators due to its ability to convert lectures and videos into searchable, editable text. A key feature of Maestra is its team collaboration functionality, allowing multiple users to edit and review the same transcript simultaneously, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Dragon Anywhere

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Dragon Anywhere is an app that offers superb dictation capabilities directly from your smartphone. This app promises to be 99% accurate with continuous dictation and no word limits. This audio-to-text generator is an excellent tool for anyone who needs to transcribe audio files.

This app can learn your speech patterns and automatically become more accurate the more you use it. You can transcribe interviews, notes, or other recordings with ease and then quickly edit and format them however you like. Dragon Anywhere also makes it easy to share transcriptions with anyone via Dropbox or another cloud service.

Amazon Transcribe

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Amazon Transcribe is a cloud-based automatic speech recognition platform for converting audio files into text. It is especially effective with low-quality or noisy audio files and works well for businesses and individuals alike. Upon submitting your audio file(s), you will receive an accurate transcription formatted nicely.

This audio-to-text generator doesn’t just automatically add punctuation and formatting, you also get access to other features that’ll make editing and managing your transcribed text easier. Your transcriptions will have time stamping, speaker identification, and even document annotation if you need it.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, Enhilex’s medical transcription software offers robust, secure, and accurate transcription services. It is particularly useful for medical professionals who need to convert voice recordings into readable, compliant, and easily accessible medical documents. The software includes features tailored for medical use, such as HIPAA compliance and advanced security measures, ensuring that sensitive patient information is handled securely.

Simon Says

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Simon Says excels in transforming audio into text with remarkable efficiency, targeting professionals in media and film production. It supports a wide range of file formats and offers a powerful AI-driven platform that ensures high accuracy in transcription. Its standout feature is the ability to directly embed transcribed text into video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, streamlining the post-production process by syncing text with media timelines.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Kukarella’s audio-to-text converter is renowned for its versatility and accuracy, supporting over 120 languages and dialects. This platform is ideal for users needing quick, reliable transcriptions from various audio sources, including videos and podcasts. Its ability to integrate with popular voice assistants and social media platforms is a significant feature, facilitating seamless transcription directly from recorded content.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Podcastle offers a variety of features to help you improve your audio recordings. You can use the AI-powered feature to detect and remove filler words automatically. The tool also creates transcription summaries that you can use for reference later on. In addition, Podcastle offers text-to-speech conversion using 19 human-like voice skins.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Castos provides a straightforward transcription service primarily aimed at podcasters, helping them to convert their audio content into editable and shareable text. It integrates directly with the Castos podcast hosting platform, streamlining the workflow for podcast producers. The ability to automatically transcribe and publish podcast episodes as blog posts is a key feature, enabling greater accessibility and SEO benefits for podcast content.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Vocalmatic offers an efficient automatic transcription tool that simplifies the process of converting audio to text. The platform uses machine learning to improve its accuracy over time, which means the more you use it, the better it gets at understanding specific terminologies and accents. A standout feature is its easy-to-use editor that syncs the audio with the text as you review, making it ideal for users who need to fine-tune their transcripts for precision.

Speak AI

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Speak AI is an audio-to-text generator designed to cater to professionals who need rich insights from their audio data. It not only transcribes but also analyzes the content for themes, sentiments, and keywords, which is particularly beneficial for marketers and researchers. The integration capabilities with other analytics tools make it a powerful option for those looking to deeply understand spoken content and derive actionable insights.

Google Speech to Text

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

Google’s Cloud Speech-to-Text service stands out for its advanced deep learning algorithms that provide highly accurate transcription. This service excels with its capability to recognize 125 languages and variants, making it highly versatile for global users. Its real-time streaming transcription feature allows users to see text results immediately as the speech is being captured, enhancing efficiency for live events and broadcasts.


Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

InqScribe offers a simple yet powerful platform for converting audio to text, with an easy-to-use interface that supports customizable shortcuts for faster transcription. It is excellent for creating subtitled videos and detailed transcripts. A key feature is its ability to insert time codes directly into the transcript, which can be clicked to review the corresponding audio, thus streamlining the editing and review process.

Text From To Speech

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

TextFromToSpeech stands out as a versatile text-to-voice converter that assists users in converting written text into spoken audio. While it primarily serves as a text-to-speech tool, its straightforward layout and high-quality voice outputs make it suitable for creating tutorials, e-learning modules, and even reading books aloud. Users will find the multilingual support particularly helpful, as it allows for broader usage across different language speakers.

The FTW Transcriber

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

The FTW Transcriber is an advanced audio-to-text generator known for its precision and user-friendly interface. It supports a wide range of audio formats and provides excellent sound quality enhancement features, which is especially useful in environments with background noise. This tool’s time-stamping feature is a standout, helping users easily locate specific parts of the transcript for review and editing.

Auris Ai

Transcribe Audio to Text With These 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generator

AurisAI is a proficient audio-to-text generator that excels in offering high accuracy and speed in transcribing various audio files. It’s particularly beneficial for professionals requiring quick turnaround times for transcription services. The software’s ability to handle multiple accents and dialects ensures that users receive a transcript that is close to the original audio, making it invaluable for journalists, researchers, and educators.


The 39+ Best Audio-To-Text Generators provide a comprehensive look into a variety of tools that easily transcribe spoken words into written text, catering to diverse needs and scenarios. Whether you need to transcribe lectures, meetings, interviews, or broadcasts, these tools offer instant solutions to convert audio to text seamlessly.

Widely recognized for their efficiency, many of these tools feature an intuitive drag and drop interface, allowing you to drop your audio file onto the web page simply. With icons clearly marking the functions for added user-friendliness, these generators automate the transcription process, saving you time and letting you focus on the good work.

Additionally, they often come with options to auto-save your progress or automatically insert punctuation, making them even more convenient. These tools are a boon for productivity and stand as a testament to the advancements in AI transcription technology.

Each AI audio transcription tool on the list has unique features. Some provide real-time transcription, while others focus on high accuracy with multiple language support. This plethora of options ensures that you can find the perfect tool to transcribe audio to text efficiently, enhancing productivity and communication in your professional and personal life. 

If you want to learn more about audio-to-text converters and how they can streamline your work, save you time, and increase your productivity, you can read our other informative blogs

Frequently Asked Questions about Audio-to-Text Generator

What is an Online Audio-to-Text Converter?

An Online Audio to Text Converter is a tool for converting audio files into written text. It is especially useful for transcribing audio recordings or videos into text format.

How does an audio-to-text converter work?

An audio-to-text converter analyzes the audio input and automatically transcribes it into written text. Some converters use AI-powered technology to accurately transcribe speech.

Can I use an Online Audio to Text Converter for free?

Yes, there are online audio-to-text converters available for free that allow you to transcribe audio files at no cost. However, some free versions may have limitations on features or transcription accuracy.

Is it easy to convert audio to text using an Online Audio to Text Converter?

Yes, most online audio-to-text converters are designed to be easy to use. Users can typically upload their audio files, select the language, and initiate transcription with just a few simple steps.

Can I convert both audio and video files into text using an Online Audio to Text Converter?

Yes, many online audio-to-text converters support transcription of both audio and video files. Users can upload various file formats, such as MP3 and MP4, voice recordings, podcasts, and more.

How accurate are the transcripts generated by an Online Audio to Text Converter?

The accuracy of the transcripts generated by an online audio-to-text converter depends on the technology and algorithms used. AI-powered converters tend to provide more accurate transcriptions compared to basic conversion tools.

Can I download the transcription files created by an Online Audio to Text Converter?

Yes, most online audio-to-text converters allow users to download the transcript files in text format (e.g., TXT). Users can save the transcriptions for future reference or editing purposes.

Is it possible to edit or refine the auto-generated transcripts from an Online Audio to Text Converter?

Some online audio-to-text converters offer features that allow users to edit, trim, split, or correct spelling errors in the auto-generated transcripts. Thus, users can enhance the accuracy and readability of the transcribed text as needed.

Which Easy to Use Tool Can You Rely On to Automatically Transcribe Video or Audio?

One of the most popular and easy-to-use tools for automatically trancribing video or audio is It offers real-time transcription, leveraging AI to ensure accuracy and speed.’s user-friendly interface allows for seamless transcription of meetings, interviews, lectures, and other audio files into text. 

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