17 Best Website Security Software Price Plans

best website security software price plan
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Digital threats loom large in today’s interconnected world, and the surge of cyber-attacks is causing significant concern among website owners. The best website security services can distinguish between a thriving online presence and a cyber calamity. This blog will guide you through a top-notch website security software list, highlighting the features, benefits, and pricing plans. We’ll use key terms related to website security throughout this blog to provide an in-depth understanding of each security platform.

ESET Web Security

ESET Web Security

ESET Web Security offers a comprehensive security solution for your website, bringing decades of cybersecurity experience. With a powerful antivirus at its core, ESET Web Security ensures your site remains free from malicious software and potential cyber threats.

ESET’s platform also offers real-time protection against new threats, blocks attacks to evade antivirus detection, and protects critical stages of the system startup. It makes ESET Web Security particularly suitable for website owners needing security solutions for their associated devices.

As for pricing, ESET Web Security offers a variety of plans depending on your specific needs, with plans for businesses starting at $189.99/year. ESET Web Security is a reliable choice if you’re looking for a security service with a long history and comprehensive features.


Fast and light cyber security for macOS



Cloudflare is a renowned website security solution that accelerates website performance and acts as a formidable web application firewall (WAF). This dual functionality is crucial in guarding your website against malicious attacks and ensuring seamless user experiences. The Cloudflare security platform specializes in mitigating DDoS attacks, offering SSL certificates, and protecting against brute force attacks.

Cloudflare’s intelligent system filters out malicious traffic while allowing legitimate visitors, ensuring the optimal functioning of your website. A notable feature is their expansive content delivery network (CDN), further enhancing site performance and security.

Regarding pricing, Cloudflare offers a free basic plan, with premium plans starting at $20/month.

Imperva Incapsula

17 Best Website Security Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Imperva Incapsula is a robust website security software that delivers an enterprise-grade security solution for businesses of all sizes. This platform provides advanced web application firewall protection, capable of thwarting even the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Incapsula safeguards your site from malicious attacks, DDoS threats, and bots that can degrade website performance. It also secures SSL certificates, which are crucial for maintaining the trust and confidence of your site visitors. Additionally, the platform offers a website monitoring service that continually scans for anomalies, further reinforcing the security net around your website.

Imperva Incapsula offers various plans tailored to different business needs. While you’ll need to contact their sales team for exact pricing, their diverse range of services ensures there’s a plan for every type of website owner. Boasting many security tools and services, Incapsula sits high on the best website security software list.

Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security offers a comprehensive security solution that’s gained popularity among website owners for its ease of use and effective defense against cyber attacks. The platform provides a robust web application firewall, defending your site from SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, LFI, RFI, and more.

Astra’s real-time malware scanner and removal tool ensures your website stays clean and secure. Its security audit feature helps you identify and patch up any security vulnerabilities, while its protection against brute force attacks adds another layer of safety.

Pricing for Astra Web Security depends on your site’s specific needs, with plans starting at $19/month. They also offer custom plans for larger businesses or more complex websites. Astra Web Security is a solid choice for those seeking a user-friendly yet powerful security solution.



SiteLock is a widely recognized name in website security solutions. Offering daily scans for potential threats and an effective web application firewall, SiteLock is a comprehensive solution to secure your site from cyber attacks.

In addition to preventing attacks, SiteLock offers remediation services if your site is compromised. Its security services range from detecting and removing malware to protecting against brute-force attacks. Furthermore, SiteLock offers a website monitoring service that keeps tabs on your site’s status and alerts you to any issues.

SiteLock’s pricing is tailored to the size and needs of your website, with plans starting at $14.99/month. Their comprehensive approach to website security, covering preventative measures and post-breach solutions, solidifies their spot among the best website security services.

Comodo cWatch

Comodo cWatch

Comodo cWatch provides an all-in-one security platform with a robust web application firewall and a top-tier cybersecurity operations center. This website security software defends your website from malicious attacks and provides continuous website monitoring.

Comodo cWatch is designed to detect and stop threats before they impact your website. It safeguards against various threats, including DDoS attacks, SQL Injection, and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). It also supports SSL certificates, further enhancing the security and credibility of your site.

Comodo cWatch offers different pricing tiers, with plans starting at $7.92/month. The combination of advanced security tools and affordable pricing makes Comodo cWatch a go-to security solution for many website owners.



MalCare is a dedicated security service for WordPress sites, providing an all-in-one security solution. It offers a powerful firewall, advanced scanning, and an easy-to-use interface, making it one of the best website security tools for WordPress owners.

MalCare’s key features include its intelligent scanning system that can detect even hidden malware and a one-click malware removal service. It also protects your site from brute force attacks and safeguards your site’s data with secure backups.

MalCare’s pricing begins at $99/year for a single site, making it a cost-effective solution for WordPress website owners. MalCare could be an excellent choice for robust website security for those specifically on WordPress.



Acunetix is one of the industry’s most advanced website security solutions. Offering an automated web application security testing tool, Acunetix is designed to scan your website and identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

It scans your website for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, and Host Header Injection vulnerabilities, among others. Furthermore, it offers a comprehensive website monitoring service to ensure constant vigilance over your site’s security status.

Acunetix pricing depends on your website’s specific needs, and you must request a quote for detailed pricing. With its advanced scanning capabilities and detailed vulnerability reports, Acunetix provides a comprehensive security solution worth considering.



WebARX is a security platform that offers robust protection for your website. It’s a cloud-based solution with a web application firewall, uptime monitoring, and security audits. One of the unique features of WebARX is its ability to provide virtual patches to your website applications, ensuring they are safeguarded against known vulnerabilities.

WebARX has a transparent pricing structure, with plans starting at $14.99/month and going up to $99.99/month based on the number of websites you want to secure.



AppTrana is a managed website security solution designed to provide complete risk management. Its security services include:

  • An advanced web application firewall.
  • Website scanning.
  • Immediate virtual patching of identified vulnerabilities.

The platform’s key strength lies in its proactive approach to website security. AppTrana doesn’t just identify vulnerabilities; it patches them instantly, providing immediate protection while you work on long-term fixes. This immediacy is crucial in the fight against cyber attackers who might exploit weaknesses in your security armor.

AppTrana provides a custom pricing model based on your website’s specific requirements. Contact their team for a quote. If you’re looking for an active website security service that extends beyond identification to immediate vulnerability patching, AppTrana is worth your consideration.



Wordfence is a top-tier website security tool specifically designed for WordPress websites. It has a malware scanner built from the ground up to protect WordPress.

Wordfence’s web application firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic, while its integrated malware scanner checks your WordPress site for threats and vulnerabilities. It also protects against brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.

The pricing for Wordfence starts at $99/year for a single license. Wordfence is undoubtedly one of the best website security tools available for WordPress website owners, combining affordability with robust protection.



Cloudbric is a cloud-based web security provider offering an all-inclusive solution for website owners. With a robust web application firewall, Cloudbric provides comprehensive security against various cyber-attacks, including DDoS, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting (XSS).

In addition to its protective firewall, Cloudbric offers SSL certificates and a secure content delivery network (CDN) to safeguard your site further. Its user-friendly dashboard allows easy monitoring and managing of your website’s security, ensuring complete control over your cyber defense strategy.

As for pricing, Cloudbric offers a pay-as-you-go model based on traffic, starting at $29/month, which makes it an affordable choice for small to medium-sized websites. If you need a user-friendly, inexpensive, yet effective security solution, Cloudbric could be an excellent choice.



CleanTalk is a cloud-based security service that prevents spam and brute-force attacks. While it may not offer a full suite of security tools like some other providers, CleanTalk does a great job protecting your site from harmful spam and unwanted site traffic.

CleanTalk uses a range of automated checks to differentiate between legitimate users and potential threats. Its service is compatible with the most popular CMS platforms, adding to its versatility and appeal for many website owners.

CleanTalk offers a straightforward pricing plan at $8/month for one website, which is very reasonable, given its protection level. If your site is explicitly struggling with spam and brute force attacks, CleanTalk is a strong contender for your security needs.

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security is another strong player in the website security arena, offering a rich set of features to protect your website from cyber-attacks. Its security solutions include a firewall, database security, login security, anti-spam, and anti-hacking tools.

One standout feature of Bulletproof Security is its one-click setup wizard, which makes securing your website remarkably simple. It offers real-time file monitoring and quarantining of suspicious files, halting most threats before they can cause damage.

Bulletproof Security offers a free basic version of their plugin, while the pro version is available at a one-time payment of $69.95 with no recurring fees. Bulletproof Security can be an excellent choice for website owners seeking comprehensive protection with easy setup and maintenance.

Fortinet FortiWeb

Fortinet FortiWeb

Fortinet FortiWeb is a web application firewall (WAF) that provides advanced features to protect your website from malicious attacks. This enterprise-level security platform is designed to shield your web applications from known and zero-day threats.

FortiWeb employs multiple security techniques, including IP reputation, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and an advanced threat protection system. These combined features make it a robust security solution capable of defending your website from many cyber threats.

Pricing for Fortinet FortiWeb is not directly listed and requires contacting their sales team for a quote. Fortinet FortiWeb offers a wide array of advanced protection features for larger businesses looking for comprehensive website security, making it a worthwhile consideration.

Check Point

Check Point

Check Point is an established name in the field of cybersecurity. Offering a multi-faceted security platform, it provides adequate protection against sophisticated cyber attacks. Check Point’s web application firewall is a key component of their offering, securing websites and web applications against threats and vulnerabilities.

Key features of Check Point include protections against DDoS attacks, SQL injection, and XSS attacks. It also offers SSL inspection to thwart encrypted threats that bypass standard security measures.

As for pricing, Check Point offers a range of plans to cater to different business sizes and needs, so you’ll need to contact their team for a detailed quote. Check Point is a reliable choice for businesses requiring advanced website security solutions and offers a sophisticated, feature-rich platform.



NSFocus is a global provider of network security solutions, offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Their web application firewall is specifically designed to protect your site from DDoS attacks, data leakage, and web defacement.

NSFocus’ security platform boasts powerful threat intelligence capabilities, ensuring proactive detection and mitigation of potential cyber threats. It also provides detailed reports and alerts, informing you about your website’s security status.

NSFocus follows a quote-based pricing model, so you must contact them directly for specific pricing information. If you’re looking for a security solution that pairs strong defensive capabilities with potent threat intelligence, NSFocus is a worthy contender.

Alert Logic

Alert Logic

Alert Logic offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and expert human insight, providing a robust security solution for your website. Their platform encompasses a range of security services, including a web application firewall, vulnerability scanning, and a threat intelligence system.

Alert Logic sets itself apart with its 24/7 incident management service, where security experts monitor your website and respond to threats as they emerge. It means you’re not just getting software but a team of professionals dedicated to your website’s security.

Pricing for Alert Logic’s services varies depending on the specific needs of your website, so you’ll need to request a quote. Alert Logic could be the ideal fit for your needs if you’re looking for a security service that combines advanced technology with professional expertise.


What are SSL certificates?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are digital certificates that enable secure connections from a web server to a browser. They are essential for protecting sensitive data transmitted between the website and its users, such as credit card information or personal details. An SSL certificate also helps improve your website’s SEO rankings and builds user trust.

How much does website security software cost?

The cost of website security software varies widely depending on the provider, the features included, and the size of your website. Some services start at $8/month, while others may require a custom quote based on your needs.

Is there a free website security software?

Yes, some providers offer basic versions of their software for free. However, these typically include limited features and may not provide comprehensive protection for your website. For robust security, paid solutions are generally recommended.

What is a website monitoring service?

A website monitoring service checks your website regularly to ensure it’s functioning correctly. It can alert you to site outages, slow loading times, and security breaches. Many website security software packages include a website monitoring service.

What are the consequences of a cyber attack on my website?

A cyber attack can have severe consequences, including data breaches, loss of sensitive customer data, damage to your brand’s reputation, and potential legal liabilities. It can also result in your website being blocklisted by search engines, impacting your SEO rankings.

Final Thoughts

Cyber threats are more sophisticated and rampant than ever in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. That’s why website security should be a top priority, regardless of the size or nature of your business. Implementing robust security measures can be the difference between a successful online presence and a disastrous data breach.

We’ve delved into the details of some of the best website security software in the market. Whether you’re a small business owner looking for cost-effective yet comprehensive protection, or an enterprise seeking advanced defense mechanisms, a solution fits your unique needs.

But remember, security isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s an ongoing commitment to safeguarding your digital assets, brand reputation, and, most importantly, the trust of your visitors and customers.

Now that you have this knowledge, it’s time to take action. If you still have questions or need further assistance deciding on the right website security software, we’re here to help.

We invite you to visit our blog to find comprehensive resources, detailed reviews, and personalized advice to help you fortify your website against cyber threats.

Don’t wait for a cyber attack to happen. Be proactive. Secure your website now and ensure a safe and secure digital journey for you and your visitors.

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