17 Best Website Security Software Price Plans

best website security software price plan
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Digital threats loom large in today’s interconnected world, and the surge of cyber-attacks is causing significant concern among website owners. The best website security services can distinguish between a thriving online presence and a cyber calamity. This blog will guide you through a top-notch website security software list, highlighting the features, benefits, and pricing plans. We’ll use key terms related to website security throughout this blog to provide an in-depth understanding of each security platform.

Keeper Security

17 Best Website Security Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Keeper is a robust and secure password manager for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Keeper’s easy-to-use zero-knowledge platform is intuitive and provides features such as dark web monitoring, secure file storage, seamless record sharing and reporting for compliance and access management.Keeper allows you to store all of your passwords, passkeys and files easily and is accessible on any platform from anywhere. Keeper protects your passwords from cyber threats and provides end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption to ensure only you can access your credentials. 

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ESET Web Security

ESET Web Security

ESET Web Security offers a comprehensive security solution for your website, bringing decades of cybersecurity experience. With a powerful antivirus at its core, ESET Web Security ensures your site remains free from malicious software and potential cyber threats.

ESET’s platform also offers real-time protection against new threats, blocks attacks to evade antivirus detection, and protects critical stages of the system startup. It makes ESET Web Security particularly suitable for website owners needing security solutions for their associated devices.

As for pricing, ESET Web Security offers a variety of plans depending on your specific needs, with plans for businesses starting at $189.99/year. ESET Web Security is a reliable choice if you’re looking for a security service with a long history and comprehensive features.


ESET Cyber Security is now included in our new all-in-one protection plan ESET HOME Security Essential