Big Speak AI Voice Generator: A Detailed Review

Bigspeak AI for your Speech
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Big Speak AI is an AI voice generator that uses the latest technology to produce the finest quality AI voices. Big Speak AI creates high-quality audio and text-to-speech subtitling using Deep Learning and AI technology.

What Is Big Speak AI Voice Generator?

Big Speak AI Voice Generator: A Detailed Review

BigSpeak AI voice generator tool lets you generate voice-overs of up to 300 characters by entering text on their website. By registering an account, you can generate up to 1,000 characters, making this service ideal for individuals who need to record longer voice clips.

BigSpeak AI is one of the best AI voice generators available on the market due to its realistic text-to-speech voices and extensive customizing possibilities. One can use BigSpeak’s text-to-speech voices for different applications, including developing a voice chatbot and adding audio to a website or video.

BigSpeaks’ AI-generated voices sound like human-like voices. In addition, you can establish a voice that complements your brand by considering voice skins and tone. Big Speak AI allows you to make the same audio file from the text. Big Speak AI combines machine learning technology to provide the most advanced voice generation technologies.

Big Speak AI is a free application created by Oveit, a business devoted to developing cutting-edge technology for closed-loop payments. As an unregistered user, you can generate files containing up to 300 characters of text. Sign in to create audio files of up to 1,000 characters in length.

Big Speak AI is the text-to-speech application that incorporates the voice cloning solution you were seeking. Outstanding outcomes are achieved by generating speech from text and cloning your voice. Big Speak, which thousands of content creators utilize worldwide, will handle the tedious tasks so that you can focus on the essentials. You will never have to hire a voice actor when you use Big Speak AI.


A free version of Big Speak AI is available. The free version comes with a character limit of 10,000 characters to voice per month.

How To Use SSML To Generate Great Voice Clips?

Whether creating a vocal chatbot or using clever text-to-speech technology like Big Speak, it makes no difference. The end product must sound like something other than random words strung together. The importance of voice and tone exceeds that of words. Or, the style, pauses, and pace of your speech will enhance the impact of your comments.

And if we agree that what you say is important and how you say it, then it is clear why speech synthesis markup language (SSML tags) has become a thing. Here is a collection of four Markups that will assist you in giving your computer-generated voice a human touch. To help you establish a stronger rapport with the client, friend, partner, or online surfer who interacts with your work.

  1. The Use Of A Single Pause

Everyone knows a fantastic storyteller. A person with the ability to utilize words that effortlessly transport us into the center of the action. A character whose pause just before the story’s climax makes the audience want to exclaim, “And then what happened?” Because you are aware that something significant is about to occur.

When used properly, speech pauses can signal that something significant is about to be said. It is highly prevalent among excellent public speakers and one of the most compelling methods to convey the significance of what is to follow.

SSML enables this technique’s application in computer-generated speech by including an element with time and strength attributes.

Big Speak AI Voice Generator: A Detailed Review
  1. Make It Tuneful

Big speak can employ technology to manufacture synthetic voices and professional voices. The output needs to be accurate. A monotone voice will cause the audience to lose interest (or fall asleep) and have no effect. That is why humans employ tone, pitch, and pace to enhance the significance of their speech.

Big Speak AI Voice Generator: A Detailed Review
  1. Say It As It Sounds

The attribute interpret-as instructs the speech generator how to interpret your input. You can enter a number and order the generator to speak it as a cardinal, ordinal, or telephone number. It also works for date and time, including fractions.

Big Speak AI Voice Generator: A Detailed Review

How To Duplicate Voices Using Big Speak?

When using our text-to-speech technology, you will notice that you may generate the voice using a variety of AI voices and languages. You also have the option of voice cloning, which allows you to record and reuse your voice in future works.

The technology will record your speech and generate an asynchronous digital duplicate of your voice based on our algorithms. Once the voice has been uploaded to your account, you can select it and create speeches from your texts and scripts. Click here to record your own voice.

Pros Of Big Speak AI Voice Generator

Here Are Some Of Big Speak’s Pros:

  • Free to enroll and utilize
  • Three-Step Speech Generation
  • Allows SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language)
  • Three distinct English pronunciations
  • A superb complimentary plan and free version
  • Great voice customization options
  • Multiple voice styles

Cons Of Big Speak AI Voice Generator

The Following Are The Downsides Of Big Speak:

  • In addition to English, only five additional languages are supported
  • There is a character limit, but somehow, it is quite high.

Benefits Of Big Speak Ai Voice Generator- Text-to-Speech

  1. Increase the visibility of your content

TTS makes your information accessible to a larger audience, including those with reading issues, learning disabilities, low vision, and those learning a language. It also facilitates digital content access for anyone looking for a more straightforward means of access.

  1. Boost Your Brand Voice

If delivering a faultless customer experience is vital to your company’s identity, utilizing high-quality TTS or exclusive custom AI voices to increase your exposure in the voice user interface is a highly effective strategy. TTS improves the customer journey across several touchpoints, creating client loyalty and setting your business apart from the competition.

  1. Enhance Business Outcomes

Integrators and developers constructing services, apps, and devices across markets and verticals (e.g., telecoms, utilities, manufacturing, OEM, finance, etc.) can profit from incorporating voice output into services and applications.

Text-to-speech enables a broader, more consumer-focused end-user experience, reducing costs and boosting automation while facilitating individualized customer interactions.

  1. More Customized Interactions with Customers

With Bigspeaks’ extensive and expanding library of a TTS voice and a multi-voice feature, you can give AI speech that precisely fits your audience’s language, dialect, and speaking patterns.

  1. Better Internal Communication And Employee Contentment

A varied workforce necessitates diverse modes of communication, and excellent corporate communication is crucial for the company-wide alignment of objectives and procedures. Text-to-speech allows any employee to listen, read, or do both.

That ensures everyone has access to information, reducing workplace frustration and improving employee happiness and engagement.

  1. Consistent Brand Engagements

For branding to be effective, it must be consistent. Use the same logo, color palette, and style requirements throughout the visual domain. A branded TTS voice provides audio channels with uniformity.

A Great Alternative for Big Speak AI is emerges as the ultimate alternative to Big Speak AI in terms of AI voice generation, setting new standards in the field of synthetic speech. transforms written text into lifelike and engaging audio content using cutting-edge technology. Its advanced algorithms and neural networks ensure exceptional voice quality and natural intonation, while its human-like expressions captivate listeners.

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

Final Thoughts

At home, it is currently possible to make realistic voices using Big speak Ai. The great Speak AI does more than read your material aloud. Moreover, you should expect this AI voice generator to continue to develop over time.

Big Speak supports various languages. Based on my experience, this artificial intelligence voice generator makes less popular languages sound more robotic. That is normal, given the lack of training data available in non-English languages.

You may produce voice-overs for videos, convert blog entries to podcasts, set up IVRs and mobile greetings, and much more with Big Speak AI voice-generating technologies.


How does an artificial intelligence voice generator function?

These AI voice generator process thousands of hours of speech recordings made by actual voice actors. Based on the tapes, these models learn how to speak through this process. Currently, the most advanced machine learning algorithms can generate voices that sound remarkably human.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence Voice-Generating Software?

Using an AI-based voice generator, you may quickly convert text to speech. If you are uncomfortable in front of the microphone or want to convert a script into a professional voice, you should utilize an artificial intelligence voice generator. Most of these programs are highly user-friendly.

What is the best artificial intelligence voice generator for your business?

Big Sleep is the most powerful AI voice generator overall. This application enables you to make voiceovers that seem human for movies, e-books, courses, advertising, and more.

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