Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review

Deep Dream Generator - Product Review (2023)
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In a world where everything is fast–fast food, fast cars, fast processes, we need to improve the way we do things to cope with everything else’s speed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, various industries are becoming more productive. 

While writers have AI website content generators and SEO specialists have AI meta description generators, artists also have AI art makers to help create art in different styles. 

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

An AI art generator is a software or application designed to generate art through artificial intelligence. It may include oil painting, 3D models, and digital art. 

An image generator uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and analyze existing patterns in existing images and use these patterns to generate artwork from those patterns. 

Meet The AI Art Generator Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

A popular AI image generator is Deep Dream Generator, which allows users to create 3D images by using neural networks.

Deep Dream Generator is a product of Google, which started in 2009 as a computer vision program. It aimed to find and enhance image patterns based on computer-processed image data. 

As time progressed, artists began using AI art generators for creating abstract and surreal art styles. Some others used the tool to create an alternative to traditional illustrations and painting works.

It was these abstract and surreal visual works that provided interesting insights into dreams; thus, the name. 

Deep Dream Generator is an art generation software that uses deep neural networks, allowing people to have deeper insights into AI-generated art. 

This AI art maker is suitable if you want to create art that includes abstracts, portraits, and landscapes. It can also produce various styles and effects. 

How Does The Deep Dream Generator Create AI Art Generator From Text?

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

The Deep Dream Generator can generate surreal and dream-like images by using a convolutional neural network (CNN). Many users agree that this app has the power to create exaggerated features, making their subject look weird in a positive way.

It takes a pre-trained CNN to analyze an input image as well as identify figures and patterns associated with categories and classes. Unlike other AI art creation tools, Deep Dream is a text-to-image AI that responds to a text prompt to create amazing artwork. It can also process a combination of a text prompt describing art and a base image to generate a painting or any art form of your choice that brims with life. This is based on the Stable Diffusion deep learning model that converts text to an image.

Deep Dream is not your average tool because it has the ability to use its knowledge to interpret a painting style and transfer it to an image you uploaded.

When it sees these patterns, the CNN amplifies them to generate a highly stylized and surreal image. 

But the process doesn’t end there because the artist can repeat the amplification several times while gradually increasing the abstraction and stylization levels. 

The resulting final image is surreal and heavily stylized in that it has exaggerated, dream-like patterns. 

What Can I Do with Deep Dream Generator?

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

Deep Dream Generator is a web application that allows you to create your own DeepDream images. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The app provides various options that increase the complexity of the generated images, allowing you to create your unique results.

Deep Dream Generator is a tool to create your own DeepDream images. You can use it to generate a dream of your own or use it to create new works based on other people’s dreams.

The Deep Dream Generator is an online and cool tool that allows you to create your Deep Dream images. Google maintains the website, although it’s not affiliated with them. All of the code for the generator is open-source and available on GitHub.

The application allows you to upload your image, choose the type of dream you want, and upload the result. You can also download other users’ dreams and use them as starting points for your creations. 

Google created this software, but it is available for free. There are no limits on how many times you can use it, but there is a limit on how large the images can be (currently around 100 MB). The program runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

But there are other uses, too:

  • Add some spice to your photos or video clips by adding psychedelic colors or shapes.
  • Generate new artwork based on existing images (e.g., portraits).
  • Create unique and original backgrounds for websites, apps, games, etc.

Features Of AI Art Generator App Deep Dream Generator

So what enables Deep Dream Generator to make AI dream-like artworks? Let’s look at this AI art generation tool’s features.

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

1. Use Of CNN

As mentioned above, Deep Dream Generator uses a pre-trained CNN to analyze patterns in a given image input. It is through this CNN that this AI art generator app can identify patterns, which it amplifies to generate a surreal image–one that looks like an artist’s abstract painting created with his hands.

2. Pattern Amplification

Without amplifying these patterns and features, the results would be ordinary artwork. But with repeated amplification, users can generate highly stylized AI creations that look dreamy and surreal. AI image generator Deep Dream has the power to amplify these patterns.

3. Styles And Effects

Thanks to its styles and effects features, you can create images that range from realistic to highly abstract. Deep Dream lets you skip this tedious part and allows you to create fun and creative photos and make an oil painting using artificial intelligence. It can guarantee unique creations with a few clicks.

4. Integration With Other Tools

One of the other features of Deep Dream Generator that’s important is its integration with other tools on the web.

It integrates with other creative tools, including 3D modeling software and image editing software. These allow users to incorporate their AI-generated art into their one projects. 

5. Ease Of Us

Note that this AI art generator app is easy to use, with the tools found in the dashboard and its functions straightforward.

It only requires you to have basic knowledge of machine learning and CNNs. It’s beneficial to people who are not techies and wish to use the simplest tools in the market for creating their AI portrait or slide. Since it recognizes a text description, you can describe what you want to create and let Deep Dream do its work.

Input your image, adjust the control settings for the level of abstraction and stylization, and behold your amazing AI art.  

Benefits Of Using Online Word Cloud Generator Deep Dream Generator

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Though certain ethical issues surround AI art generators, we cannot deny that it also has numerous benefits. 

Here’s a roundup of some of the benefits of using Deep Dream Generator. 

Creative Inspiration

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If you’re experiencing an artist’s block, an AI art generator may help you break that block.

More artists are using AI art to be inspired by their recent creations of surreal images. Looking at highly stylized pictures can spark patterns and ideas that you can use for your next art. It does this while ensuring a unique creation.


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If you’ve seen some of the photos created by AI art generators, you’ll notice their unique quality. Don’t worry about duplication as you’ll rarely find any piece of artwork that has the same style as AI-generated art from Deep Dream Generator. 

The high stylization and abstraction make the image stand out and catch the eye. 


Deep Dream Generator is not only for generating AI art. It is as much an educational tool for people who want to learn more about CNN. Thanks to its ease of use, artists and students can easily experiment with this technology.

Enhanced Productivity

Painting and other traditional methods of art take time and resources. Sometimes, an artist spends an entire day or week completing one artwork. Sometimes, an entire week passes without any great outputs.

Thanks to AI art generators, they can enhance their productivity and free up time to conceptualize their work. This allows them to create better images and pictures in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

Find answers to your questions by reading these art generator FAQs.

Is Deep Dream Generator For AI Art Free?

Deep Dream Generator lets you create unique visual content for free by signing up with your email address.

However, if you want to create more images, you can sign up for a monthly subscription fee–Advanced, Professional, and Ultra. 

What Are The Price Plans Of Deep Dream?

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

Deep Dream features a three-tiered pricing plan.
Advanced Plan charges $19 a month and includes 12/hour charging, 120 energy, 20 GB storage, and a full HD resolution for an amazing portrait every time.
The Professional Plan costs $39 a month and offers users 250 energy, 18/hour recharging, 50 GB storage, and a quad HD+ resolution.
Pay $99 per month on Ultra and receive 750 energy, 60/hour recharging, 200 GB storage, and quad HD+ resolution.
This pricing plan is affordable, considering you can customize and download the images you have created. It’s value for your money.

What Does Recharging Mean In This AI Art Generator?

Recharging in Deep Dream Generator is like recharging your phone or laptop. 

It restores your energy points with time, so when you use the tool again, you’ll have the credits to create AI art. 

Recharging time depends on your plan. For the Advanced plan, recharging takes 12 hours

What Does Recharging Mean In This AI Art Generator?

Recharging in Deep Dream Generator is like recharging your phone or laptop. 
It restores your energy points with time, so when you use the tool again, you’ll have the credits to create AI art.

Recharging time depends on your plan. For the Advanced plan, recharging takes 12 hours.

Best AI Art Generator: Our Top Picks


An AI art generator like Deep Dream Generator is a great tool for people who want to enhance their artistic skills, learn how to use AI art generation or relax. By giving you the freedom to create abstract art, experimenting with your generated image is within reach.

Deep Dream Generator is an easy-to-use app that creates illustrations within minutes. Plus, you’re not only creating any art form but something that strikes your audience’s eyes. You can never go wrong with Deep Dream and the quality images it creates for your Twitter and other social media accounts.

Deep Dream AI Generator –  Product Review Softlist.io

This tool makes it easy to create art that no mobile app can do, plus it gives you more ideas and ways to unleash your creativity.

So, think no further and choose the Deep Dream AI art generator app to create art. Follow us for more product reviews to help you choose the best AI tools for your work.

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