Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool: How Good Is It?

Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool: How Good Is It
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With numerous social media management tools in the market, it’s hard to find the one that meets all our needs. But Hootsuite is here. Check out how it can help manage your social media accounts all in one platform.

What Are Social Media Management Tools For?

What Are Social Media Management Tools For?

When social media networks first started, most people only had one account for personal use. It was primarily just for connections and networking. Then, that changed to using these social media channels for marketing efforts – thus, coining the term social media marketing. Companies started to create their own social media accounts, hoping to reach a wider market that goes beyond proximity limitations. And people took the opportunity to make a living out of managing social media accounts through social media management.

It’s easy being a social media manager for one or two clients. But if these clients have multiple social media accounts, then there comes the need for a social media management platform.

A social media management platform is a tool for managing an individual or business’ social media presence across various platforms. These social media channels include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. It features a dashboard where users can schedule posts, get social media analytics, and manage multiple accounts.

Social media management tools streamline the work of marketing teams with tools that create and publish content across social media platforms. It lets users track the performance of their social media campaigns and efforts.

What is the Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool?

What is the Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool?

What are the popular social media management software? We can recommend a name – Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a favorite social media platform that allows individuals and agencies to manage content on multiple platforms all in one tool. Launched in 2008, it has become a popular tool for social media management, with more than 18 million users worldwide.

Use Hootsuite to easily create a content calendar and schedule posts with a few clicks. Monitor engagement mentions and plan social media strategy while tracking marketing efforts.

This social media software promotes team collaboration and social listening – two of the most important elements of managing multiple accounts. It lets you understand your audience’s perception of your brand and how they interact with your posts.

Features And Benefits Of Social Media Management Software Hootsuite

Features And Benefits Of Social Media Management Software Hootsuite

So, how does Hootsuite benefit your business? Let us show you through a list of its features.

  1. Post Scheduling

Don’t have the time to post next week because of a conflict in the schedule? Let Hootsuite do it for you as it’s also a social media scheduling tool. Schedule posts to be published on social media platforms at specific times and dates. This feature enables businesses to maintain their social media presence with ease.

  1. Streams

With Hootsuite, you can easily see and monitor the different social media channels you’re active on through Streams. It’s an important feature that shows customizable feeds that display real-time updates from various social media accounts in a single dashboard.

  1. Analytics Tools

You can’t do without analytics tools, as these help you monitor the performance of your social media posts across various platforms. It gives you graphs, charts, and other visualizations, so you can track your social media campaigns.

  1. Assignment

Want to get everyone on the team involved in all your social media marketing efforts? Hootsuite’s assignment feature lets you do that. Assign specific tasks to your members who can do the job within the platform.

  1. Social Listening

Good social media managers don’t just post whatever content they like whenever they like it. They should also value social listening, which is one of Hootsuite’s best features. This tool lets you track social media conversations that relate to your industry and brand. It offers keyword tracking, sentiment analysis, and insights into how people perceive your brand.

Cost And Price Plans Of Hootsuite

Cost And Price Plans Of Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a paid social media management software that offers unique plans – Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

  1. Professional

For only $99 a month, the professional plan is for 1 user managing up to 10 social media accounts. It offers a free 30-day trial but gives you a 20% discount if you skip the trial.

  1. Team

The Team Plan costs $249, which is perfect for 3 users and 20 social media accounts. Like the Professional Plan, it also offers a 20% discount when you skip the trial.

  1. Business

The Business Plan is at $739 per month, accessible by 5 users and 35 social accounts. There’s no free trial or discount, but you can request a demo.

  1. Enterprise

The most expensive and customizable plan lets at least 5 users manage up to 50 social media accounts. You can request a demo to better see if this plan suits your needs.

For specific inclusions, visit their website to see pricing details.

Pros And Cons Of Using Hootsuite

Pros And Cons Of Using Hootsuite

Interested in purchasing Hootsuite? Read these pros and cons to understand this social media management app better.


  1. Numerous integrated social channels

This is the best thing about Hootsuite. Compared to other social media software tools, it has the most number of connected social media channels. Aside from integrating the usual Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, it also connects with Foursquare and WordPress.

  1. user-friendly interface

Hootsuite has made the job of marketing agencies and social media managers easier with its easy-to-understand interface. It organizes details into tabs, so you can organize engagement activity into streams and social networks.

  1. Scheduling Posts

Publish posts at the right time, even if you don’t post them on the day. With Hootsuite, you can schedule social media posts ahead of time, which should be offered by all social media tools. Create a content calendar and let the app post on major social media platforms based on your schedule.


  1. Costs can grow

Buying a specific plan doesn’t mean the costs remain the same. For example, you pay extra if you add another member. Also, some of the apps in the directory require a premium subscription, which can be expensive.

  1. Pricey training costs

There is a training for new users called Hootsuite University where you can go for tutorials and courses. However, it’s not free. Other social media management platforms offer free tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions


Surely, you still have questions in your mind. Find the answers to them in this FAQ.

Will Hootsuite Charge Me After The Trial Ends?

The trial ends after 30 days. It’s best to cancel or downgrade your subscription before the end date to avoid getting charged.

Will Hootsuite Remind Me Of When My Trial Ends?

Yes. Hootsuite will send you an email notification before your trial ends.

What Should I Do When I Reach My Monthly Ad Spend Limit?

Hootsuite will notify you when this happens and advise you to upgrade your plan to maximize the features.

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Need Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool?

Final Thoughts: Why Do You Need Hootsuite Social Media Management Tool?

Hootsuite is one of the best social media scheduling tools in the market. It’s a leader in the industry, especially in integrating more social media platforms. Both small businesses and medium sized businesses can benefit from this app, as well as social media marketers who are looking for a tool that streamlines their work while producing better results.

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