Otter.ai: Audio-To-Text Converter Review

Otter.ai: Audio-To-Text Converter Review
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Otter.ai is an app that converts audio to text and claims to use AI to make taking notes easier. Using otter, you can make live transcripts of audio or video file, movies, and meetings in just a few simple steps.

Otter.ai Audio-To-Text: Overview

Otter.ai Audio-To-Text: Overview

Otter.ai‘s audio-to-text converter is designed to learn and comprehend your discussions over time, using speaker identification, bespoke language, and sophisticated summaries to help you work and cooperate more effectively.

Otter.ai's audio to text converter is designed to learn and comprehend your discussions over time.

Otter.ai is a speech transcription service driven by AI that allows users to record and transcribe voice conversations with speaker detection. However, new features for its Business and Enterprise account customers were added in 2022, making Otter.ai a one-stop tool for meeting management that allows people to take notes and collaborate with coworkers in a meeting.

Otter.ai is available online, in Chrome extension, mobile (Android and iOS).

The app is available online, in Chrome extension, mobile (Android and iOS), and with bespoke pricing options.

How Does Otter.ai Work?

Otter employs artificial intelligence natural language processing technology to convert speech into text, hence reducing the need for manual note-taking. To improve transcribing accuracy, you can create a custom vocabulary.

Otter employs artificial intelligence natural language processing technology to convert speech into text.

Otter is also capable of distinguishing between various speakers by identifying voice features. Otter’s automatic voice recognition technique is similar to other transcription services, such as Airgram, Happy Scribe, and Scribe.

Use Otter your way.

You can import audio or video files from your PC or mobile device into Otter. Otter will process the audio voice and create a transcription when you import a file. Otter supports audio formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, and other popular audio formats. Otter can also transcribe speech to text.

Key Features Of Otter.ai

Key Features Of Otter.ai
  1. Transcription

The transcribing function of Otter.ai is the highlight of its offering. All created files are kept in audio and text formats, allowing you to modify, annotate, and invite others to view or contribute to them. You can transcribe audio to text and then export documents in different file formats like txt format, Word document, srt, and pdf formats on premium plans, but only text files on the free transcription plan.

  1. Meeting Recording

The meeting recording function is simple to use. You can record the audio of your meetings live for later study. Nevertheless, based on our testing, you should not anticipate a high-quality audio recording because the audio file is in mp3 format. 

  1. Otter Assistant

The Otter.ai meeting assistant is an AI bot that assists users with meeting and event management. This function is available to both free and premium accounts.

  1. Meeting Gems

During and after meetings, the Gems function allows you to add and assign action items, comments, and notes to the transcribed document.

Even though some of the new features are unquestionably useful and lovely, they are still lacking in certain respects. For example, meeting summaries are only available for lengthy meetings. Thus access and navigation are not improved for shorter meetings.

Try Otter.ai.

Pros And Cons Of Otter.ai Transcription Software

A. Pros Of Otter.ai

  • There is a free trial package available.
  • Automatic audio transcription of both recorded files and live meetings is supported.
  • Otter is compatible with web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Tools for transcription modification and team collaboration are available.

B. Cons Of Otter.ai

  • There needs to be adequate transcribing accuracy for a complicated audio test.
  • Otter is only sometimes accurate in determining the conclusion of a sentence.
  • Otter is currently only available in English (UK and USA).
  • It costs a little more than other transcription apps.

Otter.ai: Cost And Price Plans

A. Basic Plan

Basic Plan

The basic plan is for those who are just getting started.

Price: Free

Features Included:

Otter Assistant works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to take and distribute notes automatically.
  • Real-time audio recording and transcription of meetings
  • Otter Assistant works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to take and distribute notes automatically, even if you cannot attend the meeting.
  • Conclusions and an Automated Summary
  • 300 minutes transcribing audio files each month; 30 minutes per conversation

B. Pro Plan

Pro Plan

For individuals who require additional minutes and services.

Price: USD 8.33 per month if billed annually.

Features Included:

  • Includes everything in the Basic plan.
  • Pre-recorded audio or video files can be imported and transcribed.
  • Otter Assistant attends meetings.
  • Advanced search, export, and playback capabilities
  • 1200 minutes of text transcribe audio file each month; 90 minutes per chat

C. Business Plan

Business Plan

For small teams and organizations who need to communicate and collaborate.

Price: USD 20 per user/month if billed annually.

Features Included:

  • Includes everything in Pro Plan.
  • Team, including shared custom language and speakers and the ability to assign action items to teammates.
  • Otter.ai Assistant attends meetings when you are overbooked.
  • Admin features include Analytics on consumption, consolidated billing, and prioritized assistance.
  • 6000 minutes to transcribe audio files per month; 4 hours per convo

D. Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan

For huge enterprises that require more protection, control, and assistance.

Price: Pricing is obtained by contacting sales.

Features Included:

  • Everything in Business Plus Singular Login (SSO)
  • Deployment across the entire organization
  • Additional payment options


Otter.ai is an excellent alternative to manual transcription services due to its speed and accessibility. However, a human transcriptionist is preferable on converting audio to text if you require 100 percent accuracy; otherwise, you will need to alter the audio transcript.

Otter.ai’s AI voice recognition can never be 100 percent accurate since infinite speech variations and numerous other factors affect its effectiveness, such as the audio or microphone quality, background sounds, and speed. But even in optimal conditions, Otter.ai struggled to achieve up to 90% accuracy in transcription.



Does Otter.ai audio-to-text converter support translation?

No. Language translation and multilingual features are not available on Otter.ai. It exclusively records conversations in English (US and UK).

Is Otter an excellent transcriber?

It is, indeed. Otter.ai is not perfect, but it does well in normal-paced conversations. However, Otter.ai’s performance can improve if you speak slowly and clearly with little background noise.

Can Otter.ai distinguish between various speakers?

Yes, it is possible. However, you should expect it to have difficulty distinguishing between speakers.

How long does it take Otter to transcribe?

Otter.ai supports live transcription, allowing you to transcribe conversations in real-time. However, the length of the conversation may influence how long the transcription document is processed.
The process is slightly different when you upload an audio file to transcribe. The app takes five to six minutes for a complete transcription of a 15-minute audio file.

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