15 Ways To Use Third-Party Logistics

15 Ways To Use Third-Party Logistics
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You have all heard of the power of logistics. But do you know how to use third-party logistics? In short, third-party logistics (3PL) has independent providers. These providers will support your business needs. They range from shipping and delivery to supply chain management. This growing industry is estimated to be worth $2.3 trillion by 2022.

Before you can use third-party logistics, you need to understand its importance. Logistics coordinates everything between a seller and a buyer. They are from procurement to inventory management, manufacturing, and sales. In fact, without good logistics, businesses can experience massive disruptions. They can also experience even total shutdowns.

What Are Third-Party Logistics?

Stacked cargo containers.

Third-Party Logistics, or 3PL, is a partner or service. They help manage the supply chain for internet merchants. Order fulfillment and inventory management are both included in 3PL services. They also include swaps, retail distribution, and shipping agreements.

In the end, working with a 3PL enables a merchant to concentrate on other areas of their business.

You may keep your goods at a 3PL vendor’s warehouse space. And you may have the merchandise transported straight from your manufacturers. Doing so saves you the hassle of maintaining your warehouses and handling distribution. Items are automatically dispatched from the 3PL warehouse. It is once an online client puts in an order. Customer satisfaction is essential. Customers don’t give the handoff between receiving orders and fulfilling them much thought. Because the procedure is so easy and smooth with a 3PL. It enables e-commerce vendors to focus on what they do best: create, promote, and sell goods.

3PLs have been and will continue to be the secret ingredient. They helped many prosperous e-commerce companies survive the current supply chain crises. Unfortunately, the incidents witnessed over the past two years are not an outlier. These incidents include political unrest, natural calamities, and a lack of human resources. They also incorporate regulatory difficulties. Experts indicate that severe supply chain disruptions occur every 3.7 years. They indicate that these disruptions occur more frequently and with greater intensity.

How Do Third-Party Logistics Providers Work?

Boxes on shelves inside a warehouse.

The 3PL fulfillment services might change based on the supplier and their services. But the standard procedure is as follows:

  1. The 3PL collects your merchandise and arranges each SKU.
  2. The 3PL is either manually or automatically transmitted from your e-commerce site.
  3. A member of the warehouse crew receives a picking list so they may gather the requested products.
  4. The products are placed in boxes together with the order information and receipt.
  5. They employ one of their shipping carrier partners to print the shipping label.
  6. The product gets picked up by the shipping company. And they deliver it to your customer via the 3PL’s distribution facility.
  7. The 3PL system receives tracking data, which synchronizes with your order management system.

15 Ways To Use Third-Party Logistics On Inventory Management

A cargo sip docked near a port crane.

Consider your sector while searching for and dependable shipping logistics business. What types of goods do you ship? Do your items have any unique requirements or rules? The good news is that almost every sector might benefit from a trustworthy shipping partner. You deserve a reverse logistics partner that will handle your goods with care. It is regardless if you ship a tiny package once a week or thousands of pounds every day. Various sectors might gain from using a third-party logistics provider. They will promote their items to sell computers, cosmetics, and life-saving drugs. Diversified Transportation Services is pleased to service the following industries.

Electronics Manufacturers and Distributors

Electronic components soldered on a electronic board.

Every type of electronic gadget under the sun needs specific handling while transporting. These gadgets include computers, tablets, monitors, and televisions. They become targets for theft. Because, first of all, they are equipment that sells for top money in shops everywhere. 

Electronics producers need to be sure that their goods reach their destinations undamaged. Electronics are a common target for thieves since they are simple to make and sell. The second problem with exporting electronics is the weather. Because they suffer when exposed to high temperatures or moisture. There are trustworthy third-party logistics service providers. They will transport the goods in a tidy, dry trailer. And they will keep track of the delivery process to ensure safe arrival.

Cosmetics Makers

Three cosmetic products.

Cosmetics require particular treatment and care during transport. These products often come in glass containers. Also, they are tiny and can break if not handled carefully. Cosmetics typically need specific handling and constant motion because of their temperature sensitivity. The cosmetics business wants to send its goods in temperature-controlled trailers. Doing so prevents melting, which might render the goods unusable. 

Cosmetics are high-value items that thieves frequently target. It is true of completed products as well as raw materials. Transportation security is crucial. This statement is true in inexpensive, high-quality sectors.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Different types of medicines.

Few sectors have more stringent rules than the pharmaceutical industry. Every component of a corporation must adhere to strict rules and regulations. These rules came from the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA and its unique requirements govern the pharmaceutical businesses. It may be necessary to discard million-dollar items after overlooking a comma. The reason is its strict criteria. The rules cover how the products are handled and sent as well. When transporting, knowledgeable shipping firms must be able to do the paperwork. They must maintain structured records, and correctly fill out documents.

Trade Show Transportation

An exhibit of different arts.

The trade show business is quite busy. In a 2 million square foot convention center, a sizable trade show may be set up and taken down in a week. It needs careful planning to execute that degree of construction and coordination. The transportation business must schedule and keep all relevant appointments. It is before delivering trade show booths and equipment. In transportation, the providers regulate the deliveries. Doing so ensures that everyone enters and leaves the conference center on time. Missing a docking appointment may mean that you are stuck. The firm knows to assist you and lead you through the entire process. Therefore, it is crucial to have a logistics company. This company must be familiar with the ins and outs of the trade show industry. Just concentrate on getting things done and the event.

Large and Small Retailers

Retailed vegetables in boxes and sacks.

In the retail sector, there is a continual focus on profitability and competition. As a result, third-party logistics may be advantageous for the economic sector. There are many stores with the same goods. This fact results in rivalries and little room for error. Retailers who operate big-box stores meticulously monitor their deliveries. And they won’t accept goods that arrive even a minute early. They may impose such strict terms because they have purchasing power.

Smaller online sellers still need to deliver goods to clients swiftly and affordably, though. Retailers offer anything from razor blades to charcoal grills. And they all want safe and effective transportation of their goods.

Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

Heavy machineries at work. And a man standing beside a car.

There is no standard size for transporting industrial gear. These devices that construct other machines might be as small as a refrigerator or as large as a building. The task that the machine does determines its size. Industrial machines tend to be heavier than ordinary machines. Therefore, this is one manner in which they differ from the regular ones.

The ideal transportation methods for large shipments and this heavy across the nation are forklifts and flatbed trucks. It’s crucial to secure a machine this big and hefty. Something this massive might cause significant harm to the road and any nearby drivers if it were to come free while in motion. The chains, straps, and expertise required to secure such large equipment will be available from an experienced shipping business.

Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

A see through restaurant window showing the inside with chairs, tables and equipment.

Another sector with unique requirements for obtaining supplies and equipment is the restaurant sector. Ovens, prep tables, seats, and grills are just a few examples of the big, heavy equipment used in restaurants. They cannot be driven across town in a pickup truck. There are temperature issues while delivering food supplies to eateries.

Both fresh and frozen goods require the necessary refrigeration to maintain the optimum temperature. Fresh goods that are not kept cold during delivery might start to go bad and give anyone who consumes them food-related diseases. Likewise with frozen meals. They must remain frozen until they are ready to be prepared and cooked since they are frozen for a reason. The fastest and safest way to deliver food to restaurants is in refrigerated trailers.

Aerospace Industry

An airplane flying above the clouds.

The aircraft sector uses pricey raw materials and highly specialized components. All of those components come together in an engineering and construction ballet that maintains our skies full of aircraft. High-value metals are one the raw materials that must be handled carefully and transferred rapidly. The tiniest cargo may delay a production line that costs thousands of dollars in global aerospace logistics.Since it is impossible to tell which shipment is the most crucial, a trustworthy shipper is necessary to keep the manufacturing line rolling.

Home Improvement

A house under renovation with ladders and tools.

A third-party logistics company can assist you in maintaining a cost-effective and efficient project while supervising distribution, installation, debris removal and disposal, and other tasks connected to the home improvement process.

There is a lot of money involved when it comes to home improvement.

Suppliers, homeowners, merchants, general contractors, installers, and everyone else engaged in the home remodeling process can benefit from third-party logistics services to remain productive.


Two construction workers discussing the construction plan.

Workflow management is crucial for every organization. But it may be the difference between getting started and going over budget. You may aid your processes with third-party logistics services. Doing so enables handling orders, locating equipment and raw materials, and pooling resources.

A third-party logistics business can help you stay focused on your current tasks.It is while ensuring secure transportation.They also store them in fulfillment centers until they are ready to be utilized in the process.Materials logistics can be a lot to keep track of.

Food and Dairy

Different types of cheese.

These days, the food sector spans from farm to table, and third-party logistics may assist you to combine loads for effective delivery.

To guarantee that your items get to their final destination in the best possible condition, we collaborate with local temperature-controlled distribution facilities.


Different electronic devices, a notebook and playing cards.

Office supplies and computers need care. Doing so monitors the product life cycle. Third-party logistics companies combine the knowledge of warehousing, repackaging, and incoming and outbound logistics.

Forest Industry

Logs in a forest.

This is a specialist field that calls for knowledge of the abilities used by experts in the sector. Our technology enables tracking the logistics process all the way through. They assist you in better understanding and paying your production and logistical expenses. These providers can help you manage your bottom line.


A king-size bed inside a hotel room.

Businesses taking care of people are well aware of the cruciality of the right protocols.These protocols are operational supplies and equipment inventory management.Protocol parameters are readily reduced using a third-party logistics system.These parameters include shipping costs associated with furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.


A medical tech using a microscope.

There are fewer industries with such rigorous rules! Your third-party logistics team must know your industry’s requirements. Because they have standards that need such regular attention.Pick-and-pack warehousing can assist you in maintaining cost and inventory management.It provides a temperature-controlled logistics industry.It can maintain control of your supply chain from production to market.Because we recognize the significance of the medications and equipment.

FAQs About Third-Party Logistics Operations

What are the best ways to use Third-Party Logistics?

Materials procurement
Inventory management
Customs Brokerage
Freight forwarders audit
Shipment tracking

How can Third-Party Logistics help supply chain management?

Hone your skills and knowledge
Reduce costs and time.
Increase logistics and flexibility

Are there any drawbacks to using Third-Party Logistics?

Loss of control
Business understanding

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