Pros and Cons of AI Tool ChatGPT

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People born in the 80s used to research in complex and challenging ways. Doing projects and theses meant staying long hours in the library and microfilm room and interviewing people as resources. But today, students have it easier thanks to virtual assistant apps, virtual personal assistant programs, and AI assistants. 

Google searches have made complex tasks easier to complete through their machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. The Google Assistant answers your everyday questions with a few clicks and buttons. It’s easy to find things online as long as you have a strong internet connection. 

You don’t even have to use a laptop to make a query. Open your smartphone phone wherever you are, and you’ll get thousands of search results in minutes. 

As if these advancements in internet services weren’t enough, OpenAI has launched a new AI-powered app that does more complex tasks. It is called ChatGPT, and it is said to have the potential to replace Google Assistant, Bing search engine, Apple’s Siri, and other advanced virtual assistants with its human-like responses to text input. 

Can you imagine what it can do if it’s said to be better than Google? 

Read on and get to know the new AI assistant ChatGPT.

What is AI-Powered Virtual Assistant ChatGPT?

Pros and Cons of AI Tool ChatGPT Softlist.io

ChatGPT is not your average personal assistant app. It does not only respond to text inputs but also interacts in a conversational way. Unlike other artificial intelligence programs, its dialogue format lets it answer follow-up questions, decline inappropriate requests, and even admit its mistakes. 

This virtual assistant uses advanced natural language processing techniques, allowing it to analyze the input text and generate a relevant response to that text. It makes you feel like you are talking to another person on the other end. 

ChatGPT’s GPT-3 architecture allows the app to process large amounts of data while composing realistic and accurate responses.

Not only is this digital assistant suitable for research, but it is also useful for customer service and support thanks to its ability to interpret and understand natural language input. 

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