What You Need To Know About AI Voice Generator Synthesys

What You Need To Know About AI Voice Generator Synthesys
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AI voice generators are the new trend in content creation. Discover what Synthesys can do for you. 

Have you ever wondered how fast people upload TikTok or image and Ai videos that come with voiceovers? There are tons of educational videos, sales videos, and explainer videos that show on your timeline every day. How is it possible for people to upload them this fast? And how come you hear the same voices in many of these videos? 

The answer is because of AI voice generators

What Are AI Voice Generators?

What You Need To Know About AI Voice Generator Synthesys Softlist.io

AI voice generators are online tools or software programs that use artificial intelligence to generate synthetic voices in the form of human-like voices. These use machine learning technology to learn, update, and upgrade large data sets of human speech. 

To create natural-sounding speech, they mimic human voice characteristics, including tone, intonation, commercial accent, and pitch. Users can also customize these AI-generated voices by copying different speech styles and integrating digital content

These AI voice generators use text-to-speech technology or TTS technology wherein it reads a powerful text or written content out loud. AI voices are useful in different ways as it is being used for automated customer service systems and voice assistance. Lately, it’s also popular among content creators/developers for generating professional voices for their video and audio files. 

What Is The AI Voice Generator Tool Synthesys.io?

What Is The AI Voice Generator Tool Synthesys?

Since the birth of TTS software in the 1950s, more AI voice generator names have come about. Among the best AI voice generators, today is Synthesys, an AI-technology media platform that lets you generate synthetic voices for multilingual videos, and create videos, workflow, brand, message, and audio files using a much easier real voice actor. 

Find the perfect voice for your content among the 300 custom voices available. Use it in different languages and control moods and accents to add emphasis to the perfect spokesperson for your videos without a relatively small investment. Manipulate the voice even better by enhancing its speed, and tech, unlocking technical possibilities through the power of synthesys, adding pauses, and confirming pronunciation.

However, you may also use your own voice by uploading it to the platform. If you wish to create a YouTube video or a sales video, you can choose from among 60 realistic human avatars across ethnicities, languages, and ages. Make your content more engaging by adding soundtracks and backgrounds. 

Features Of AI Voice Generator Synthesys Ai studio

Features Of AI Voice Generator Synthesys

Now, let’s look at what makes Synthesys a great tool for creating AI-generated speech. Here are some of the features of this AI voice generator.

Ease of Use

Creating a computer-generated voice clip with Synthesys takes only three steps. Choose the voice you want to use, create the text, and click “create”, and you’re on your way to getting your audio file that features a human-like voiceover. 

For videos, follow five easy steps. Choose your avatar or spokesperson, choose the type of voice to use, copy and paste the script onto the interface, choose your background, and click “create”.

Multi Voice Feature

With 254 general voices to choose from, you will find the perfect voice to use for the type of content you want to create. 


Videos created with Synthesys use life-like spokespersons that say what you want them to say. As these are not avatars, Synthesys calls them ‘humatars’, which are the new standard for video spokespersons. They can show human emotions based on the read text. 

High-Resolution Quality

Increase user engagement with your content that has a high-resolution quality. Achieve a life-like digital experience by choosing the right resolution to fit your TV monitor and social media platforms. There are 74 humatars, with 38 females and 36 males. 

Cloud-Based Application

Synthesys helps you save disk storage space by allowing you to save your files to the cloud. Download the audio file when it’s ready. 

k storage space by allowing you to save your files to the cloud. Download the audio file when it’s ready. 

Pros And Cons Of AI Voices Generator Synthesys Software

What You Need To Know About AI Voice Generator Synthesys Softlist.io

Synthesys leads the development of algorithms for text-to-speech voiceovers, videos, and audio files. Some people love its capabilities, while others think it lacks some features. Let’s check out its pros and cons to decide if it’s the AI voice generator you need.


Here are the pros of using this TTS software.


Using AI voices for your YouTube videos, e-learning materials, audio files, and Google podcasts is cost-effective. You can skip hiring expensive freelancers and voice-over artists. A voice actor charges per project or by the hour. So, the longer the recording takes, the more expensive the fee. Aside from this, you also need to book a studio where you can record the voiceovers. Why pay for this expense when you can skip all that and use an AI voice from Synthesys?

Getting the perfect voice-over the first time

Using human voices for your audio file oftentimes requires multiple recordings and editing, which can be time-wasting. With Synthesys, your chosen humatar and voice can record the perfect audio clip the first time. You don’t have to spend hours perfecting the AI voice. 

No robotic-sounding voiceovers

You can easily distinguish an AI voice when you hear one. But Synthesys is different because it uses a human-like voice that creates a natural-sounding speech. 

Low learning curve

The user interface is easy to use. Even if you are not a techie, all you need is the basic knowledge of using a computer and you’re good to go. Should you need a tutorial, the website offers simple instructions on how to use the software. 

Perfect for various types of videos

Convert text for audio clips and videos such as explainer videos, YouTube channel videos, sales videos, and even videos for your personal use. With Synthesys, you can readily create content anytime, anywhere.  


Like other AI voice generators, Synthesys is not a perfect tool. Before deciding on using it for your written content, make sure to read these cons. 

Word limit

There is a limit of fewer than 200 words when creating a video. And for audio clips, you can only make a voiceover for at most 1000 words. 

Voice generation time

Speed is an important factor in content creation. Some users say that it took the platform a while to render and get the file ready for download. While most online editor apps can render a 3 to 5-second video in 3 minutes, Synthesys took longer than that. Also, it took another 3 to 5 seconds before rendering started. 

Poor lip synch

Some users say that lipsynching is not good in Synthesys. 

Alternative High-Quality Professional Ai Voiceover Platform

Given all the pros and cons of Synthesys, you may want to see other options available to you. Here’s a roundup of some of the best AI voice generators in the market.


Used by Comcast and Verizon, this tool can convert text into natural-sounding speech in just minutes. Choose from the different voices and accents, import your text, and generate your AI voice-over. You can download the file and use it for your website or social media platforms. 

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

Try PlayHT for Free


Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.


Synthetic Speech Startup Murf AI Raises $10M in Series A

Convert powerful text to voiceovers, dictation, and speech with Murf. Users vouch for its speediness in generating an audio file, which requires minimal effort. Choose from its library of varied voices and languages with expressive speech styles.

Make studio-quality voiceovers in minutes. Use Murf’s lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations.

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Murf AI

Make studio-quality voiceovers in minutes. Use Murf's lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentation.


Lovo is another great option to generate audio, featuring 33 languages and 180 voices, customized voice skins, voice cloning, and emotions in every voice.

LOVO is the go-to AI Voiceover and text-to-speech platform for thousands of creators, saving 90% of their time and budget.

Start for Free


LOVO is the go-to AI Voiceover & Text to Speech platform for thousands of creators, saving 90% of their time and budget.

Conclusion: Is Synthesys The AI Voice Generator Tool for You?

Is Synthesys The AI Voice Generator Tool For You?

Synthesys is one of the most popular AI voice generators today. It uses advanced TTS technology and machine learning techniques to create audio content that meets your requirements. It is good in some ways, but its limitations cannot be ignored. Voice generation time is one of the issues users have with the software, which needs correction. Overall, Synthesys is a good tool, but there may be better AI voice generation software

For more information on Synthesys AI Voice Generator, check out our website. It will help you to know about Synthesys AI Voice Generator and get the most out of it.



Do you have more questions? Check out these frequently asked questions and find the answers.

Does Synthesys Have A Free Plan Or A Free Version?

Unfortunately, there is no free version in Synthesys. You can choose from its three-tiered pricing plan–Audio Synthesys at $23.25 per month, Human Studio Synthesys at $31.16 a month, and Fully Web-based at $47.16 per month.

I Am Not A Techie, Can I Still Use Synthesys?

For sure! Synthesys is user-friendly and requires no special skills to get started. Refer to training videos to learn how to use the software.

Will Synthesys Work On Mac And PC?

Yes, it does. Since it’s cloud-based, you can use it on any operating system to generate human-like voices. Open it on your browser to use. There’s nothing to install and update.

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