TestComplete Mobile App Testing: A Detailed Review

TestComplete Mobile App Testing: A Detailed Review 2023
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Do you love downloading mobile apps on your phone? Do you find them useful and convenient? We bet you do!

These apps like TestComplete, are the new trend because they’re user-friendly and accessible with a few clicks. Unlike using the browser to access these services, you only have to download the mobile app and click its icon every time you want to use it. Mobile applications can save time and make life easier because these allow you to do multiple activities.

But have you ever thought about how they were designed or made sure to work? For example, if you open your online banking app, how can you be sure that your data is safe? The answer is through automation testing tools.

In this article, we will discuss what test automation is and how automated testing works.

Overview Of Mobile App Testing Automation Tools

TestComplete Mobile App Testing: A Detailed Review Softlist.io

Firstly, what does mobile app testing mean?

It refers to validating the usability and functionality of mobile web apps, whether iOS or Android, before they become accessible to the public.

By testing, the app developers can ensure that these apps serve their purpose and meet the expected technical and business requirements. Tests are commissioned by big and small businesses that build applications for their services.

So, why does app testing have to be automated?

Automated tests serve the same function as manual tests, which test an app’s functionality and performance. It also tests its compatibility with different operating systems and devices, such as desktop and mobile devices.

However, unlike manual testing, it can be done speedily and repeatedly, making it easier to catch and fix bugs and issues.

When you automate testing, you increase the efficiency of the testing process and reduce the number of times you test the app.