12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators

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Video content has become stronger, more powerful, more enticing, and more advanced today. Traditional video creation using video editing software used to dominate the landscape, but new software tools have popped up. Among them are AI video generators. 

AI video generators are great tools for making engaging videos without fuss or the need for a professionally trained editor. This type of software converts text to the video has its own avatar and can use stock images with minimal human input. 

An AI video editor is a computer program that can edit existing videos or create new content from scratch. 

Simply put, it combines video editing software with artificial intelligence (AI) to create an output that would look like human-generated content. 

How Do AI Video Generators Create Professional Videos?

It creates content based on text descriptions using AI technology, allowing companies to save thousands of dollars by not hiring a professional video creator or production studios to create quality videos. 

It lets them say goodbye to traditional video editing software while still being able to create engaging videos. 

So how does it create videos?

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

AI video generators can create videos through a feed. A person or company inputs the text or script, chooses the video templates, and adds background music and design templates. Many of these video generators allow users to use AI avatars of their choice and adjust the resolution to the best level. 

You might ask where it gets its ‘intelligence’ for video editing.

It’s simple. An AI video generator uses machine learning technology, wherein it receives feedback from all the outputs it makes and inputs it receives. The video generator learns from this feedback and improves its knowledge based on such feedback. 

What are the Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators?

Now, if you’re seriously considering making more savings, go ahead and get an AI video maker. However, note that these video generators are not created equal, and they all have specific video editing features. Knowing how to evaluate this software is as important as actually buying it. 

So, here are some criteria to remember when choosing a video generator for a seamless video creation process

Use of avatars

If you’re going to automate video creation, why not go all the way and include AI avatars? Just ditch the (hired) human part and let your avatar do the talking. 

High video resolution

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

In a world of HDs and LEDs, creating professional looking videos is a must. However, that’s not the only criterion for a good video generator. Your AI tools for video content should have a high video resolution to make it look realistic. It’s essential to ensure that audiences won’t be able to tell that it came from text to video generators.

Good UX

The idea of using an AI video generator is to forego extensive training and seminars on video editing. So, it only follows that your video maker doesn’t just produce quality videos but also has good UX. 

Whether you want to create tutorials, video testimonials, or promo videos, you should be able to do it in just a few minutes. It shouldn’t require any editing experience before you can create your videos. 

Customizable video templates

Play around with your AI video without the fuss by looking for an AI video generator with customizable templates as one of its video editing features. 

With such a feature, you can more likely create professional looking videos that can bring up your channel rankings. 

Does not require editing experience

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

We cannot emphasize this enough. Find the best AI video generators that do not require users to have editing experience. It should allow you to easily create and export videos for posting on social media platforms using only the most basic computer skills. 

Good AI video generators allow their users to add background music, create logos, and convert text without any issues. 

Realistic AI videos

You don’t want your audience to see that you’re uploading an AI video. Thus, you should go for a tool that makes your videos look like any other high quality videos made by professional videographers. 

An array of synthetic presenters

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

Aside from looking for a video creator that uses avatars, you should also look for one that has an array of synthetic presenters to complete your YouTube videos. 

Shareability on social media channels  

Skip the tedious task of sharing your video content one at a time. Great video generators allow you to upload and share your content to your YouTube channel and other social media platforms with just a few clicks. 

Broader audience

Reach more audiences on the World Wide Web with a video that can translate audio files and input texts in different languages. 

Depending on the provider, some AI video generators offer 40 languages in their system. 

Custom pricing

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

Pricing is another important criterion for evaluating your AI video generator. You should be able to customize the payment depending on how often you use the software, how many videos you make within a specified period, the number of video templates available, and the AI avatar capabilities. 

Free trial

Aside from having a basic plan or a personal plan as a starter, you might want to find an AI video generator with a free plan. 

It should let you test the software without any commitments and opt out of the free trial should you realize it’s not what you need. 

Better yet, try looking for a video generator that is free forever. 

What Can You Use Your AI Video for?

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

You don’t have to be a vlogger or YouTube channel owner to make an AI video. You can generate videos such as the following:

Promo videos 

Want to promote your channel or TikTok account? Go ahead and generate videos from AI video generators. 

Tutorial videos

AI tools can also help you create tutorial videos easily, even if they’re taken from your blog post. It can make the process easier, especially when choosing your video template. 

Automated transcriptions

Transcribing conversations, interviews, and webinars is one of the tedious tasks of video editing. 

But with AI technology, you won’t ever have to worry about making transcriptions. Transcribe text with your video generator and use it on your videos. 

Here’s where tools like those provided by VEED.IO can make a significant difference. They offer three essential features: adding subtitles to videos, an auto subtitle generator, and a video caption generator. With their add subtitles to video, you can upload your video and simply click on “Subtitles”.

VEED will then use its advanced AI system to automatically generate subtitles with an astounding accuracy of 98.5%. Their auto subtitle generator is hassle-free, and their video caption generator is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier for you to produce high-quality, accessible content without the worries of transcription.

Onboarding and training

12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

Big companies that don’t want to assign trainers to new hires can create quick videos that introduce the company and show how things are done in the workplace. 

This is economical because you only need to create the video once in just minutes and store it in a common organization folder for future reference. 

Internal and external communications 

Bring a refreshing change to the workplace by sending AI video messages instead of written content. Wouldn’t workers anticipate new emails when they get entertained by the AI avatars and synthetic presenters in the videos that use different themes? Now, that’s innovation. 

Interaction with stakeholders

If workers can be entertained by AI videos, what do you think about the stakeholders? We bet they’re going to love them! At this point, there are not a lot of companies that use this artificial intelligence technology yet. So, lead the trend and make an impression. 

Company product walkthroughs

If you want to create an impression about your company’s products and services, the best way is to leverage available technology. When visitors are around, you can entertain them with engaging video walkthroughs of your products and services.

Any type of video

There’s no limit to the kind of video you can make using the best AI video maker. Even if it’s for personal use, a gift for a friend, or just for practice, the tool makes video editing a lot simpler. You can create high-quality videos each time. 


12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

It’s always a good idea to try out new technological innovations such as AI video generators as they make video editing a lot easier and faster. 

With it, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual editing by just inputting text and choosing your video template. 

All in all, we highly recommend trying this modern video maker to reach a broader audience. 


12 Criteria for Evaluating AI Video Generators Softlist.io

Who can use AI video software?

Anyone can use it. You don’t need editing experience to create videos since AI content creators can convert text to video with ease.
Its capability to convert text to video enables you to create videos from any blog post. 
Whether you’re only starting a vlog site or already a pro, the best AI video generator can make a difference. 

Do I need to buy the software?

It depends on the software you’re using. But most AI video generators don’t have a free plan–just a free trial. 
Eventually, you will have to subscribe to a monthly fee to enjoy converting text to video with an AI tool.

What is a good product for making an engaging video?

There are quite a lot of good names in the market. You can consider Synthesia or Synths Video as these are the top names. 
Synthesia offers a free trial, so you can try to make professional videos without the cost. 

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