15+ BEST AI Video Generators

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Do you want to become a video editing pro from 0 to 8 without taking crash courses or training? The answer is here–AI video generators. The smartest artificial intelligence innovation to ever hit the video creation landscape. 

With this AI video creator, you can easily create engaging videos in just minutes, eliminating time consuming recording and the tedious creation process of traditional video editing. By using this tool and selecting your own avatar and written content, you can make engaging videos without the fuss. 

So, read further and discover more about video generators. 

How is Text to Video Generators Different from Traditional Video Editing Software?

15+ BEST AI Video Generators Softlist.io

Anyone who has used AI technology to create professional videos will say that it’s really more convenient than its traditional counterpart. Of course, we cannot discount the advantages of the traditional way, but their differences cannot be ignored. 

Use of people and avatars to create videos 

In traditional video editing, you need actors or talents, a voiceover artist, a cameraman, and video recording equipment. AI video generators, on the other hand, do not need any of these. With its own avatars, you can ditch hiring talent and choose from the available options instead. Add to that a range of synthetic presenters to do the narration for you.

You won’t need video recording equipment because the AI video creator will do this for you.

Time consumption to create videos

How long does it take to edit one video using the traditional video maker? Depending on its length and complexities, you can probably finish within a few hours. For longer ones, it would take about a day to create one good video. 

Meanwhile, an AI video creator can generate an engaging video within minutes. It involves a simple process that only includes very little human input. You only need to choose your own avatar, video template, background music, and other effects to get a professional-looking, quick video.