17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans

Database management Software
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In the information age, data reigns supreme. Today, the survival of many businesses depends on how well they can collect, sort, and analyze vast amounts of data. Software for managing data is a crucial part of this process. But remember that there are so many choices that it can take time to decide which is best for your business.

We examined how much each of the 17 different database management systems would cost in 2023. We have looked at a lot of different ways to solve the problem. We’ve put together a list of free and open-source systems for big businesses. This list includes both cloud-based apps and apps you download to your computer.

So, keep reading if you and your business are looking for new database management software. You will learn to decide which is best for you and your business.

1. Microsoft SQL Server

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

SQL Server from Microsoft is one of the best DBMSs. A lot of people uses this database management system because it is free. Since it was first made, its custom-built graphical integration of the best database designs has saved users countless hours. This tool makes it easy to add diagrams to a new or existing project library.

Object Explorer lets users see how tables were put together. On the other hand, the Template Explorer is a group of script objects. It can be used to search a database system for many names. Also, SQL Server makes containers that let users put together views and scripts for a group or linked object.

It might be easy to set up a brand-new database server from scratch. Makes layouts, tables, and data views that are all different without using syntax. It can answer complex questions and work with other programs. When you use a Developer Network feature, your queries become more complicated.

Pricing Plans

For personal usage or small projects, Express and Developer are free. You may choose to buy a Standard or Enterprise license. SQL Server 2016, the most popular, costs $931 for a Standard License.


Securely stream your Windows experience from the Microsoft cloud to any device.

2. Amazon RDS

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

The Relational Database Service (RDS) from Amazon is an advanced DBMS. The database management tools give you a secure, dedicated connection and back up your data automatically to keep it safe. Amazon RDS makes it easy to change the size of a database.

Amazon RDS can handle a lot of work in a single database or in a number of databases. It works well for all businesses and has a lot of power. On a website, people only pay for the services they use.

Amazon RDS can also connect to MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL databases. It’s versatile for programmers. Point-in-recovery helps programmers who need storage that can be changed and grown.

Amazon RDS gives businesses a reliable DBMS with an easy-to-use interface (UI). Companies from a wide range of industries use it because of its many features, ability to grow, and pricing options.

Pricing Plans

Users can try out Amazon RDS for free. In reality, no minimum level of skill is needed to use the tool. When you use On-Demand, you can pay for what you use.

To get started with Amazon RDS right away, click here.

3. Improvado

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Improvado is one of the best ways to track revenue information. The package can work with both databases and ETL. More than 300 different data sources give the platform information about marketing and sales. Data from many other sources must be put together and given meaning.

There are parts of Improvado that clean and change data on their own. It can help ensure that future studies are based on the most accurate results possible.

With Improvado, the marketing and sales teams don’t have to use the same system to store database objects. The platform gives users access to a DBMS that is kept up by someone else, like BigQuery, Snowflake, or Clickhouse.

The most important thing for marketers to know about DBMS is that it can be used without technical knowledge or people. Teams get a solution that is ready to use and looks like a spreadsheet. It does not require code. Also, Improvado is a better way to store data than some of the most popular alternatives. They are known for making complicated changes to data that save money.

Pricing Plans

Pricing for Improvado is based on what clients need and what their business goals are. The final price will depend on how many data sources you want to use and what other features you may want.

To get started with Improvado right away, click here.

4. My SQL

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

My SQL program makes it easy to change and process many different kinds of data quickly. This device aims to make your multiple databases safer and easier to add to.

It is a reliable, cheap database management system that comes with technical support. It can protect you from possible risks. You can also use complex MySQL applications on corporate websites that get a lot of traffic.

It works well for small businesses and business owners because it is cheap and easy to use. Even if you’ve never done any programming before, it’s easy to learn the basics.

Pricing Plans

It begins with three plans for MySQL Standard $2,000, $5,000, and $10,000.

To get started with My SQL right away, click here.

5 .Postgre SQL

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

PostgreSQL is a relational database management system (DBMS) that was made to handle large amounts of data. Because it can index, import, and export data, it is a popular choice.

PostgreSQL works well with Python and JSON, which is a big plus. It makes both NoSQL and relational databases. The PostgreSQL community has also made a lot of helpful plug-ins.

The DBMS can handle a vast amount of information. It has well-known security features like multiple ways to log in, encryption, and controls on who can access what. It is easy to set up on both Linux and Windows, and there are many tutorials and other ways to learn about it.

PostgreSQL is perfect for businesses that need to manage a lot of data. It works for database administrators if they need a database management system that is safe, reliable, and scalable.

Pricing Plans

Postgre SQL has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact Postgre SQL for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Postgre SQL right away, click here.

6. Oracle RDBMS

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Oracle’s Relational Database Management System has come a long way in recent years. The latest version can handle even more extensive databases. It even needs less space to store them, is safer, and can process data faster. It is an object-relational database management system that works very well.

You can use Oracle RDBMS with both simple and complex computers. Active designs give software its own way to talk about objects using its own language.

Partitions help people in databases keep track of their data and make transactions easier. Data breaches and other problems can’t happen because of the software.

Oracle RDBMS is an excellent choice for operating systems that are reliable and work well. It is liked by businesses of all sizes because it can be changed easily, has a lot of features, and is safe.

Pricing Plans

Get up-to-date price information from Oracle and a free trial!

To get started with Oracle RDBMS right away, click here.

7. Couchbase

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Creating databases is easy and quick with the Couchbase DBMS tool. With this tool, users can make database schema access patterns. Each integrated application may have a different answer. This makes it easier to handle data that is hard to understand. With the tool’s scalability options, you can keep sending data, which makes it more valuable.

Couchbase DBMS can handle both small and medium-sized databases because it has low transmission latency. It makes managing and moving data easier. Technology keeps data from getting messed up, so it stays correct.

Couchbase DBMS is a sound database management system for businesses. They need it to grow and get better.

Pricing Plans

Couchbase has yet to tell us how much this product or service costs. Contact them for the latest price information, and you can try it for FREE.

To get started with Couchbase right away, click here.

8. Microsoft Access

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Microsoft Access is an affordable database management system that only works on Windows. There are many business uses. The software is great for making custom databases in different formats for your business. IT groups can get Microsoft Access at a price they can afford.

You can make your own templates, which is one of the best things about Microsoft Access. These web database designs are great for keeping track of data, creating reports on it, and sharing it. This makes teamwork and workflow better.

You can also use Microsoft Access with Word, Excel, and Outlook. This interface makes it easy for users to link their databases to other Office apps. It can help them work faster and better.

Microsoft Access is a powerful and easy-to-use program for managing data. It’s cheap, easy to use, and works with other Office Suite tools, so businesses of all sizes use it.

Pricing Plans

It starts with two yearly plans that cost between $69 and $99 per year.

To get started with Microsoft Access right away, click here.

9. Razor SQL

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

A number of people uses RazorSQL to manage databases and run queries on them. It looks at the schemas, tables, unidentified keys, indexes, and columns to see how they are put together. Business users can make SQL statements, change them, or get rid of them. You can also import Excel spreadsheets, data files with a fixed width, and expanded files.

RazorSQL looks at table data and queries in more than 20 different programming languages and compares them. The software is easy to use because it doesn’t need to be set up by hand. It’s a great way to keep track of more than one database.

RazorSQL picks out and copies data on its own. Users can change data in a database quickly with this feature. Users can make their own templates or use the ones that come with the software. This makes things easier and gives you more choices.

Pricing Plans

It begins with an annual plans for $99 per year.

To get started with Razor SQL right away, click here.

10. Informix

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Informix Dynamics Server is a commercial DBMS that lets enterprises manage their data at the same time. It is perfect for businesses whose data needs to change often because it can be changed, and there are many ways to get help.

Informix Dynamics Server excels in OLTP environments. Most tools need help with OLTP. The program is made up of many small parts and an exemplary user interface that works together. It helps businesses that need to manage data in different ways at different times.

Informix Dynamics Server is different because it uses both relational data and time series data at the same time. With this feature, businesses can gather information from many other places. This makes sure that the data is correct.

Informix Dynamics Server is robust, can grow, and can be changed (DBMS). It combines and processes data from different threads at the same time. It is an excellent solution for businesses of any size that need to process a lot of data quickly.

Pricing Plans

Get up-to-date pricing information from Informix and try it for free!

To get started with Informix right away, click here.

11. SQL Developer

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

The free DBMS program SQL Developer is used by many developers to create, build, and manage databases. It is known for how fast it is and how many queries it can handle at once. Because of this, a lot of developers use it. Users can run queries in more formats than just PDF, HTML, XML, and Excel, such as PDF, HTML, and XML.

Working with data in Oracle Database is easy when you have SQL Developer. It can run database programs from the beginning to the end. Moving solutions for modeling databases from other databases to Oracle is possible.

Pricing Plans

SQL Developer still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact SQL Developer for up-to-date price details.

To get started with SQL Developer right away, click here.

12. EMS Database Management

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

The EMS Database Management Solution is a powerful tool for managing databases. It lets users make their parts for analyzing data. The developer of the software does an excellent job of supporting it. It is a great choice for businesses that want to manage their databases entirely. EMS is also made to help people whose primary goal is to monitor and improve existing databases.

The database management tool works well, and it’s easy to figure out how to keep it up to date. It will make it easier for you to use database management systems that need help understanding.

Customers can manage their databases in several ways with EMS because it works with several SQL tools. EMS makes it easy to run multiple SQL queries on databases simultaneously.

Pricing Plans

You can get it for $160 and use it for a lifetime.

To get started with EMS Database Management right away, click here.

13. Altibase

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Altibase is a free program for managing databases that promise to work quickly on data. It is an unusual hybrid DBMS solution because its in-memory database can store a lot of data on a single disk. This makes it unique. Altibase users also have a lot of options for scale-out sharding.

Altibase is easier to use with the database administrator and is used in more fields. It is flexible and fast because its unified engine works with in-memory databases and databases stored on a disk.

Since some database items are kept in memory, the database can work quickly with data. With scale-out sharding’s many options, it’s easy to keep track of a lot of data. The database engine is flexible and fast, and it can work with both memory and storage databases.

Pricing Plans

Altibase has yet to tell us how much this product or service costs. Contact them to find out the most up-to-date prices.

To get started with Altibase right away, click here.

14. IBM DB2

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

They like how quickly the newest version of IBM DB2 can handle queries. It’s an excellent choice for both simple and complex database engines because of this.

Also, You can now use the updated DBMS tool for data science in many languages, which makes it more valuable. IBM DB2 is also well-known for its simple configuration and rapid data storage.

IBM DB2 has many great features, such as vital AI functions. It makes it easy to keep track of and sort through complex data. Also, you can use the program both on your computer and in the cloud. This gives consumers the flexibility and scalability necessary to fulfill their particular needs.

Pricing Plans

The software’s “community edition” can be downloaded for free and used without restrictions. For 90 days, each virtual processor core (VPC) in the Basic edition costs $1,850, while each VPC in the Advanced edition costs $7,800.

To get started with IBM DB2 right away, click here.

15. Redis

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Redis was written in ANSI C, which might make programmers want to use it. It can make sure that it dashes all operating systems. This DBMS tool also has different data and database formats, such as hashes, lists, and sets, which can help query dash. Redis, a relational database solution, also has a data structure in memory that can index bitmaps, hyper logs, and streams. This makes changing and using it even easier.

Redis has many benefits, such as the fact that it can automatically split up data and copy multiple databases. These features help users keep track of their data better and make it easier for them to do so.

Pricing Plans

Use the promotional code TIGER200 for a short period to begin with $200 in credits.

To get started with Redis right away, click here.

16. Teradata

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Teradata is the first database management system (DBMS) to import and export data quickly and easily. Teradata is a popular choice among users because it can effectively distribute large databases.

It can also process data in real-time. People like that this tool lets them look at data. People know that they are essential to the running of big businesses.

Teradata has a lot of benefits, like well-designed permission controls that make it easy for users to keep track of and collect their data. Teradata also makes it easy to store all kinds of data in one place. It can use versatile multi-variant data redundancy types. Because of this, people have more choices and freedom. Teradata is a very reliable and effective DBMS technology because of these things.

Pricing Plans

Get up-to-date price information from Teradata, and you can get a FREE quote!

To get started with Teradata right away, click here.

17. FileMaker

17 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

FileMaker is an excellent DBMS tool because it makes sharing information easy and connecting to SQL. The unique thing about FileMaker is that users can create their templates.

It can help them manage data reports, infographics, and invoices more efficiently. This feature makes it easy to gather data and look more professional and knowledgeable.

FileMaker has a lot of good points, like an easy-to-use interface. Alliance instructors can also teach it in person, making it easy to understand and use.

Pricing Plans

It starts with six monthly plans ranging from $21 to $274.

To get started with FileMaker right away, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Database Management Software?

Database Management Software (DBMS) is a piece of software that organizes and manages the information in a database. It gives users a way to interact with the database and add, remove, change, and get data.

DBMS also allows you to control who can access the database and ensure the data is correct and consistent. For example, you can use rules to ensure the data is always accurate and consistent. Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL are all examples of well-known DBMS.

Can I use Database Management Software for free?

How long it takes depends on the database management software you use. Some database management software is complimentary, while others require you to pay for a license or a subscription.

You have to pay to use database management software that is not open source. Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server are just two examples. Some vendors may give away free versions of their software that only do a few things. You can only use it for small projects or items not for sale.

It’s essential to read the terms and conditions of the license carefully. It’s to make sure you’re following all the rules and requirements. Any way you look at it, you should always think twice before you buy database management software.

Why does DBMS need to make sure that standards are followed?

Interoperability. Standards are rules and procedures for managing data that everyone uses. This makes it easier for many systems to share information and talk to each other. Also, following standards make sure that data is stored in a uniform, organized way. It will be much easier to find and find.
Using standards can also help ensure the database is safe and follows all rules.
In general, following standards ensures that data is kept in a consistent, safe, and organized way. This makes it easier to use, safer, and easier to keep track of.

In the context of DBMS, what does “Data Abstraction” mean?

The process of data abstraction is to hide the details of data from people who use it every day.

The fact that DBMS hides information from users is very inconvenient. It only tells the reader things that are important to them.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s essential to choose the proper database management software for your business. It can make or break the success of your business. We have created a list of the 17 best choices for 2023, along with how much they will cost. You will find it easy to compare costs and features.

Then you can find the best data management solution for the needs and budget of your organization. Remember to think about scalability, security, ease of use, and support when choosing.

And if you still need to figure it out, you can try out most of the solutions on our list for free before making a choice. So, use the information in this article to start looking for the best database management software that is available right now. Check out our website to get more software for you!

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