23 Best Database Management Software Price Plans

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Businesses today depend more and more on data. All kinds of organizations need to have access to a reliable database. With so many options on the market, choosing the best one for your business might take a lot of work.

We’ve made a list of the top 23 database management programs and how much they will cost in 2023. We will talk about everything from open-source software to complex business solutions.

This list has options for both cloud-based and installed apps on your computer. So, if you and your company are looking for new database management software, keep reading! You will discover how to choose the best one for you and your company’s needs.

1. Microsoft SQL Server

23 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io

One of the best DBMSs is SQL Server from Microsoft. Since this database management system is free, many people use it. Its custom-built graphical integration of the best database designs has saved users a lot of time for years. The diagrams you make with this tool are also easy to add to a new or existing project library.

With the Object Explorer feature, users can see how tables were made. On the other hand, the Template Explorer is a group of script objects. You can use it to look up a lot of names in the database system. SQL Server also makes containers that let users put together views and scripts of a linked object or group.

Setting up a new database server from scratch can be simple. Makes different designs, tables, and data views without using syntax. It can deal with complex queries and work with other programs. Using a Developer Network feature makes more complex queries.

Pricing Plans

For personal usage or small projects, Express and Developer are free. You may choose to buy a Standard or Enterprise license. SQL Server 2016, the most popular, costs $931 for a Standard License.


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2. Improvado

23 Best Database Management Software Price Plans Softlist.io