17 Best Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software Price Plans

Digital Rights Management Software (DRM)
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DRM technology aids in ensuring that digital content is only utilized in ways that the content creators have permitted and approved. It aids in preventing content from being shared, copied, or distributed to unauthorized users without permission.

DRM is essential in stopping online theft of intellectual property and other types of theft, which can damage content creators’ reputations and future investments in content production. DRM can offer a better level of security for confidential or proprietary material.

17 Best DRM Software Programs

The following is a list of popular DRM software options available today:


17 Best Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software Price Plans Softlist.io

Digify assists businesses in managing and safeguarding their sensitive assets. Digify offers encryption and access controls to guarantee that only people with the proper authorization can access confidential documents. It enables businesses to monitor how files are used and moved, ensuring they are kept confidential and secure.

It has several functions, including remote file deletion, watermarking, expiry dates, and password security. It is a good option for companies that need to restrict data release.

Price Plan

Pro: $ 120 per month

Team: $ 300 per month

Business: $ 1,200 per month