19 CRM Software: Finding the Right Fit Alternative

Finding the Right Fit: 19 CRM Software Alternatives
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What is CRM Software?

19 CRM Software: Finding the Right Fit Alternative Softlist.io

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Customer relationships and sales processes are tracked and managed through CRM (customer relationship management) software. It keeps track of communications between a company and its prospects and current clients or sales reps.

CRM software systems compile all pertinent customer data into a clear live record, including contact details, history, and transaction summaries.

To serve as a central hub for salesforce automation and sales pipeline management, customer relationship management software is most frequently utilized in sales departments (SFA). To enable an improved and well-coordinated customer experience and sales productivity, it is frequently connected with e-commerce platforms, marketing automation software, customer care software, and other business tools.

12 Best CRM Software For Small Business (Expert Reviews)

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In order to eliminate the need for additional solutions and better serve small and mid-market businesses, some CRM solutions offer a collection of integrated customer-related functions, or all-in-one functionality, such as marketing automation, email marketing, e-commerce tools, or website management.

However, standalone CRM solutions put the majority of their attention on tasks connected to sales, like contact, account, and pipeline management.

A product must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the CRM category:

  • Deliver a limited selection of sales-related services
  • Create a single interface that combines customer history and transactions.
  • Track contacts and prospects as they move through the sales pipeline.
  • Encourage communication throughout the whole client lifecycle.
  • Consolidate several operations into a single database and platform.

19 Best Customer Relationship Management Alternatives for 2023

1. HubSpot Sales Hub

How To Make Sure You're Getting Everything Out Of Your HubSpot Sales Hub

With Sales Hub, a potent and user-friendly sales CRM that incorporates sales engagement features, configure-price-quote (CPQ) capability, and strong sales analytics for increasing teams, you can accelerate your sales process.

The HubSpot CRM platform, on which Sales Hub is based, brings together teams, tools, and customer data to establish a single source of truth for exceptional sales rep efficiency.

Reps can gain richer insights, warmer leads, and coordinated enablement materials when using the whole CRM platform, which will help them work as efficiently as possible. Create a remarkable end-to-end client experience by utilizing our extensive ecosystem of app and solution partners.

HubSpot enables you to scale your business without adding complexity, regardless of the strategy, services, or software you use. You can improve your growth with HubSpot.

For one individual, HubSpot Sales Starter costs $50 per month. At teams of up to 5 users, HubSpot Sales Professional will be offered for $400 per month.

HubSpot CRM

Transform your business into a revenue generating machine by creating delightful customer experiences.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Review — Pricing, Comparisons, and FAQs

With a 360-degree customer relationship lifecycle management solution, Zoho CRM equips SMBs and corporations.

Some of the key features in a single business system include contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, an AI-powered conversational assistant, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support & service, inventory management, reporting & analytics, and seamless integration with 500+ well-liked business apps.

In addition to four expensive subscriptions, Zoho CRM offers a free plan. The Standard plan’s price is $20 per user per month.


A unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long-term vision to transform the way you work.

3. Monday sales CRM

The sales CRM software that's fully customizable | monday.com

Monday Sales CRM, which is built on top of Monday.com Work OS, gives business owners and sales teams the ability to manage every aspect of their sales cycle and customer data in one convenient location.

The platform gives sales teams complete control over their sales pipeline, enables them to manage contacts and accounts, speeds up post-sales procedures, and improves sales enablement. Additionally, it enables them to create no-code customized dashboards so they can quickly see the big picture.

To guarantee work is completed as quickly as possible, Monday Sales CRM interacts with the majority of sales apps and solutions.

Monday Sales CRM costs $10 per month for 3 users and goes up from there depending on the plan you select and the size of your team. If you want to sign up more than 40 users, you may ask our sales staff for an estimate to find out the precise cost.


Make data-driven decisions, collaborate efficiently, and track progress with software that adapts to your way of working

4. Freshsales

Freshsales CRM Review | PCMag

For sales teams, Freshsales is a complete sales force automation system. It gives salespeople everything they require to get high-quality leads, have contextual discussions, close deals using AI-powered insights, and develop long-lasting client connections.

Freshsales automates the sales process, boosts productivity and efficiency in daily tasks, and gives sales teams more time for selling by integrating email, phone, chat, and telephony. Salespeople may use Freddy AI to gain insights into the best offers to pursue, what steps to take, and how to forecast revenue.

With Freshsales, businesses can take the next step toward effective pipeline management. Additionally, the choice to use native CPQ makes it simple to generate and share quotes as well as other essential sales assets.

Freshsales Suite is the appropriate choice if you require a way for your marketing teams to manage client data, personalize and automate email campaigns, and locate the best sales prospects. For teams in sales and marketing, it offers an all-inclusive solution.

It offers chat, phone, marketing automation, and sales force automation in one system to help you achieve your objectives. The following pricing tiers are available for Freshsales, starting at $15.00/month.


A powerful Sales CRM that helps you sell smarter and close deals faster

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive - Wikipedia

Teams of all sizes enjoy using Pipedrive, a customer relationship management application with a sales focus. With 100,000+ paying clients in 179 countries, our CRM’s straightforward yet effective design, which places a high priority on usability, attracts sales teams.

With Pipedrive’s robust and agile CRM software, nothing slips through the cracks, allowing your team to spend more time selling and less time filing. Pricing for Pipedrive is divided into four categories: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Starting at $14.90 per month per user, Pipedrive CRM.


As you do activities and drive deals forward, Pipedrive monitors your performance like a coach.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp™ | One app to replace them all

An all-inclusive productivity platform is ClickUp. Teams congregate there to plan, arrange, and work together on projects utilizing tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, Whiteboards, and other tools.

ClickUp allows teams of all kinds and types to deliver work more effectively, increasing productivity to new heights. ClickUp is easily customizable with only a few clicks. The most affordable paid plan offered by ClickUp is called ClickUp Unlimited, which starts at $9 per user per month if paid on a monthly basis.


Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign comments for action items, and link tasks to get more done together.

7. Keap

Brand New: New Name, Logo, and Identity for Keap by Pentagram

Keap is a sales and marketing automation software that combines a CRM to help you expand your company. To enhance sales and revenue, you can quickly capture, manage, track, and nurture all of your leads using Keap.

Keap also provides professional coaching, in-depth training, exceptional support, and a committed network of entrepreneurs to ensure your success. Keap provides CRM and sales and marketing automation software for small organizations and their teams, with prices starting at $129.


Grow your revenue. Create more fans. Work fewer hours. With Keap, you get the all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform designed to help your small business grow.

8. ActiveCampaign for Sales

ActiveCampaign Reveals a New Sales Engagement Automation Solution

Over 185,000 companies in 170 countries benefit from the category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform (CXA) from ActiveCampaign.

The platform offers 850+ pre-built automation that combines transactional email, email marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce marketing, and CRM for effective segmentation and personalization across social, email, messaging, and text to businesses of all sizes.

The monthly price for each user of Pipeliner CRM is $25. This subscription includes marketing automation, all essential tools for sales management, multiple connectors, and mobile access.


The email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

9. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Bigin by Zoho CRM Pricing, Alternatives & More 2023 - Capterra

Bigin is a Zoho CRM that focuses on pipelines and is designed and priced for small organizations. Bigin assists organizations in moving away from spreadsheets and enables them to launch a CRM in under 30 minutes with no prior experience.

Bigin is incredibly user-friendly and costs only $7 per user each month while providing the most crucial CRM capabilities for small enterprises.


A unique and powerful suite of software to run your entire business, brought to you by a company with the long-term vision to transform the way you work.

10. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud Enterprise Reviews 2023 | Software Reviews

Salesforce enables companies of all sizes to increase revenue, automate processes, and make better decisions, allowing for faster, global business expansion.

Lead management, account, and contact management, sales opportunity management, pipeline and forecast management, workflow rules and automation, customizable reports and dashboards, and a mobile application are all features that Salesforce Sales Cloud provides.

Basic sales and service plans for Salesforce start at $25 per user, per month, and more expensive plans can cost up to $300 per user, per month. You can expect to pay anything from $1,250 per month to as much as $15,000 per month for more sophisticated solutions like Marketing Cloud.

11. Nextiva

CMS Communications Inc. | Nextiva UCaaS System | CMSC

A cloud communications provider called Nextiva assists companies in forging closer ties with their clients.

Voice, video, collaboration, SMS, chat, and surveys are just a few of the communication channels that Nextiva integrates to assist companies of all sizes to get the information they require when they need it in order to wow their clients and produce profitable results.

The Essential Plan starts at $18.95 per user per month, while the Professional Plan is $22.95 per user per month. These are the three major Business Communication Suite options that Nextiva offers.

12. Less Annoying CRM

Press | Less Annoying CRM

A straightforward CRM designed from the bottom up for small enterprises seeking user-friendly features at a reasonable price is called Less Annoying CRM.

From a single straightforward online interface, you can manage your contacts, leads, notes, calendars, to-dos, and more. To find out why 10,000+ small businesses in 70 countries use and adore Less Annoying CRM, sign up for a free trial.

Just $15 per user per month. At any time, you have the option to add, delete, or cancel users. The best part is that you can try it out for 30 days for free to make sure you like it.

13. Close

Close Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Close is a sales interaction CRM created to assist SMBs in generating more money from leads. We are committed to the remote, intelligent, and agile teams that will run businesses in the future.

You’ve found the ideal sales tool if you’re a tech-savvy team that needs to grow without paying too much for corporate software. Without any additional fees, Close enables you to email, call, and text your leads.

The following pricing tiers are available for Close, starting at $29.00/month.

14. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner for 2022 | Features, Pricing & User s

Pipeliner CRM’s user-friendly interface greatly enhances user engagement and encourages sales. Users may quickly become accustomed to the system thanks to its consistent navigation and visual design, which promotes high adoption rates and expedites ROI.

Additionally, users can quickly alter what they see to personalize the system. Additionally visual and user-friendly, Pipeliner’s administration backend features drag-and-drop, in-line editing, and other non-technical tools.

The fact that Pipeliner does not require a full-time administrator or pricey qualified technical resources is a significant differentiator. Additionally, the software has a very strong reporting engine that enables reports to be generated from any view or region inside the system.

Pricing for Pipeliner CRM starts at $25 per user per month. This subscription includes marketing automation, various integrations, all fundamental aspects of sales management, and mobile access.

15. Copper

Copper: CRM Software Built For Google (Formerly ProsperWorks)

For organizations that need to manage more sales leads and develop customer relationships but don’t have time for data entry, tedious admin activities, or complicated technologies, Copper is the simple-to-use CRM.

Save time by using Copper’s Google Workspace integration, which logs all of your emails and other communications to the appropriate contact for you. Additionally, you can view your important sales and relationship data, including email threads, previous communications, attachments, and projects. in one location.

No credit card is needed for the 14-day free trial. Basic: $29 per user per month when paid monthly or $25 per user per month when paid annually.

16. SharpSpring

SharpSpring Sells Deliverability Platform for $15 Million - Business in  Greater Gainesville

A Constant Contact brand, SharpSpring is a full-funnel marketing and sales automation platform that brings together marketing and sales teams to start and track targeted campaigns and customize every encounter to engage and convert more customers and increase revenue, quicker.

Constant Contact offers SharpSpring with the following pricing tiers, starting at $449.00/month.

17. Thryv

Thryv - SWCRC

Thryv is a comprehensive small business management tool that may help you organize your operations so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

With Thryv, small business owners can communicate more effectively, address more problems as they arise, and become more organized. Through a single login, work with Thryv to exceed your consumers’ expectations and strengthen your online presence.

Thryv comes with our top-notch support, accessible at any time, around the clock, from professionals who comprehend the objectives and particular requirements of small business owners.

There is no free trial period available and their cost starts at $59 per month.

18. Insightly CRM

Insightly CRM Review | PCMag

For expanding companies in all sectors, including manufacturing, professional services, health & wellness, media, education, retail, construction, and others, Insightly is a unified customer relationship management (CRM) platform. For users of Google and Office 365, Insightly is the most widely used CRM software in the world with more than 1.5 million users.

All of your customer, sales, and business data, including leads, contacts, emails, events, quotations, projects, tasks, opportunities, and business reports, can be centralized and managed in one simple, adaptable, secure CRM that grows with your company.

With Insightly’s enterprise-grade Products, Price books, and Quotes (PPQ) features, you can increase sales efficiency and transparency. The cost per user/month for the Insightly Plus package is $99 (billed annually).

19. Nimble

Guide on how to get started with Nimble CRM

Nimble creates award-winning contact management solutions for teams and people and is the market-leading CRM for Office 365 and G Suite. It offers a streamlined user experience, handles all the work by integrating with productivity tools like inboxes and calendars, and was created to assist business teams in closing more sales more quickly.

More than 90 cloud-based business applications and tens of thousands of small- to medium-sized business teams successfully foster their interpersonal and professional ties thanks to Nimble.

14-day no-cost trial (no credit card required). Nimble has a pricing structure that starts at $19 per user per month when paid yearly.

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How much does CRM software for project management cost and is hosted?

Known as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or online CRM model, CRM software is often hosted online and rented out to businesses on a per-user, per-month basis, coupled with one-time implementation expenses.

Depending on the market segment, certain suppliers may charge a set monthly cost regardless of the number of customers. For instance, marketing automation is frequently offered for a set monthly charge while sales force automation is nearly always provided by user/month. This fixed rate is becoming less prevalent, though.

Depending on the required capability, the per-user/month expenses in the SaaS market range from about $50 to $90, while they can also be significantly cheaper (for example, $10 to $15 per user/month) or significantly more costly (for example, $200 to $300 per user/month) depending on the vendor.

There are other free CRMs available as well, however, they have constrained features.

The flat monthly costs for more specialized systems are often higher, starting at about $200 per month and going up to about $3,000 to $4,000 per month for more powerful systems.

Which companies commonly allocate money for CRM?

Business budgets for a CRM system vary greatly, according to our analysis of the CRM software purchasers we speak to.

The majority of purchasers (about 32%) allocate between $76 and $100 per user, per month, while only 3% are willing to spend more than $301 per user, per month.

Please be aware that any potential upfront costs, such as installation, and training, are not included in this pricing.

Which companies commonly allocate money for CRM?

Business budgets for a CRM system vary greatly, according to our analysis of the CRM software purchasers we speak to.

The majority of purchasers (about 32%) allocate between $76 and $100 per user, per month, while only 3% are willing to spend more than $301 per user, per month.

Please be aware that any potential upfront costs, such as installation, and training, are not included in this pricing.

What are some disadvantages of CRM in marketing campaigns I should be aware of?

For businesses that are experiencing issues as a result of broken internal business processes or bad corporate hygiene, a CRM solution is not a panacea.

Some firms believe that purchasing software will solve organizational issues with their sales team, marketing team, or data entry, but in reality, CRM technologies may merely amplify and exacerbate current issues.

Make sure the teams and individuals using the CRM platform are prepared to handle the potential growth in a client base that the software may bring on board if you want CRM software to operate well for your business.

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