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Over the past few years, video has become essential to websites. No matter if it’s a promotional video, a tutorial, or a live stream, it’s necessary to have a video player that works well with your website. But there are so many video players for websites that it can take time to choose the best one for your site.

So, we’ve put together a complete list of the 37 best website video players for websites in 2023. We have options for you that range from free to paid. Our list has video players that are easy to use and can be customized. It has features like mobile compatibility, analytics, and the ability to be an embedded video player.

No matter what kind of website you have—a blog, an e-commerce site, or a business website—this list has a video player that will work for you. So, let’s dive right in and look at the best video players for websites in 2023.

1. Vdocipher

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Vdocipher is a web video player that works with HTML5 videos and also uses DRM encryption. It can make it hard to copy or download videos that are protected. People will have a more challenging time stealing videos. Dash, an open-source program, was used as the base for VdoCipher’s DRM-encrypted online video player.

There are different quality settings, adaptive playback, and a responsive design on the media player. You can also fast-forward and rewind, and there are subtitles in other languages. There are various color themes for each player.

By adding scripts, you can put CTAs like buttons, forms, and other things on top of the VdoCipher player. You can try vdocipher.com for free for 30 days.

Vdocipher also has secure video hosting, making sharing movies easy and safe. It’s the best option for anyone who wants to make their video platform.


It begins with six annual plans ranging from $99 to $4999 per year.

To get started with Vdocipher right away, click here.

2. Video.js

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

VideoJS is an open-source online video player that can play videos in the most basic way. VideoJS uses JavaScript to make up for differences between browsers so that your content looks its best. It may also make HTML5 tags work with older versions of Internet Explorer. It can add subtitles and presentations that take up the whole screen.

VideoJS can have more features that make it stand out with the help of plugins. You can add Google Analytics right to the player, add your logo to the controls, and make it work with Chromecast.


Videojs is free and can be used by anyone, but you can contact them for further assistance.

To get started with Video.js right away, click here.

3. Projekktor

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

The open-source video player Projekktor can be used in self-hosted places. It is written in JavaScript and is available under the GPLv3 license. Projekktor works well on most platforms and browsers. The other vital things about it are also impressive.

This HTML5 player will automatically figure out how to play the movie you want to watch in the best way. It looks great, is easy to use, works consistently and reliably, and has a sleek, modern design.

The Projekktor library has features like true fullscreen, making playlists, and Flash fallback with RTMP support. It has ads before and after the video as well.


Contact them to request price details!

To get started with Projekktor right away, click here.

4. Flowplayer

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Flowplayer has a free option to add FLV and MP4 videos directly to your websites and blog posts. Flowplayer can play videos or MP4 files, and it can also protect your phone.

Administrators who are allowed to do so can automatically check the quality of video content. Your company’s logo can be shown at the beginning and end of each movie. A user can have as many instances as they want on a single page.

It is also fast, and works well with Amazon S3 and other content delivery networks (CDNs). It has Flash fallback included and works with video intelligence and video ads.


Begins with three monthly plans ranging from $0 to $49 per month. You can also contact them for custom pricing.

To get started with Flowplayer right away, click here.

5. Plyr

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Plyr is a small, straightforward, and easy to change online video player. It works with Vimeo and YouTube players that are based on HTML.

It is liked by both experts and beginners because it is easy to use and has a light setup, which makes it easy to work with big video files. Plyr makes tasks easier to do by adding features that make it easier to finish projects.

Plyr is easy to use because it supports VTT captions and screen readers fully. It also has a lightweight player that doesn’t need a lot of server space, and a lot of customization options. It has the responsiveness to fit any screen size, and compatibility with streaming and audio formats.


Contact them to request price details!

To get started with Plyr right away, click here.

6. jPlayer

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

jPlayer is a free and open source media library written in JavaScript. jPlayer makes adding cross-platform video and audio to your website pages easy. It does this by using a jQuery plugin. It has a full API and flash video player, making creating solutions for new media easy. The open-source community that helps jPlayer is very active and helpful.

You can easily install a PHP package, which will download all of its parts and put the correct files in the right place.

jPlayer has features like an architecture that can be expanded and complete documentation. It is also easy to install. It can work with multiple browsers, has plugins, lets you make your own skins, and so on.


Contact them to request price details! You can also help them by donating

To get started with jPlayer right away, click here.

7. MediaElement.js

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

This jQuery plug-in can use the video tag with a single H.264 file. If your online video player doesn’t work with HTML5, MediaElementJS will switch it out for one that does work with Flash or Silverlight. Anyone can help make this product better because it is free and has an open source.

Standard play controls and full-screen video playback are the most popular and useful features. It can change the look of the player. It can do things that other players can’t because of how it works with plugins.

Some of these advanced features are auto-translation and the ability to go forward, backward, or loop of your video assets. It can be turned (showing custom HTML after a video ends). It also has a virtual backlight that takes colors from the movie as it plays. It uses them to set the scene (a feature available only with an HTML5 video player).


Mediaelement.Js has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact Mediaelement.Js to obtain current pricing information.

To get started with MediaElement.js right away, click here.

8. Plex

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Customers can use Plex TV to manage their media files, stream them, and watch them on multiple devices. On its app and website, there are both free and paid services.

Plex TV makes finding movies, TV shows, music, and pictures easy. It sends them to smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and streaming boxes. Users can download content to watch when they don’t have access to the internet. It can automatically transcode and change the media stream’s quality to fit the device.

The premium Plex TV plan gives you access to live TV channels, more options for audio, and controls for parents. There are also Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu that you can use.


It begins with three plans ranging from $4.99 monthly, $39.99 annually, and $119.99 for a lifetime.

To get started with Plex right away, click here.

9. Contus Vplay

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Contus VPlayed is an OTT Solution that can be changed. It helps content owners and broadcasters build their own platforms for streaming audio and video files.

Contus VPlayed has different ways to host and make money. It has video marketing and analytics tools that make it possible to stream content on many other platforms and devices.

CONTUS VPlayed works with at least seven big businesses. It can be used for Media & broadcasts, Filmmakers, Fitness, Sports, eLearning, and more.


Contact their sales to request price details and request a demo!

To get started with Contus Vplay right away, click here.

10. JW Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

JW Player has added support for playing HTML5 videos. The player can be changed in any way you want, and it has many features that make HTML5 videos easier to use and more accessible.

JW Player has all the HTML5 video controls you could want. It can also be used as an option to the online video player on YouTube. There are also a lot of user-made themes that you can use with JW Player. Its plugins work with the most popular CMS system, making setting up easier and faster.

This online media player also has advanced analytics. It lets users see how well their videos are on the website. It also allows users to share videos with password protection, schedule ads, make video galleries, and more. There are also add-ons like closed captioning, advertising integration, social sharing options, etc.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a free trial!

To get started with JW Player right away, click here.

11. Elite

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Elite Video Player is an online video player for WordPress that lets you change everything and plays ads. The HTML5 video player can play videos from different platforms. It works with videos you host yourself as well as those on Vimeo, YouTube videos, and Google Drive (only mp4).

Elite Video Player has some great features, like live streaming and support for YouTube 360 VR. It can work with Google Drive and Openload videos. It goes well with advertising like pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, video ads, popup ads, and so on.

Because it is responsive, this online video player is an good choice for people who want to watch videos on the go.


You can get the regular license for 49$ and extended for $199.

To get started with Elite right away, click here.

12. Kaltura Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

The Kaltura HTML5 video player is an open-source player for web videos. It lets you make skins for different browsers and devices that match your website. The Kaltura online video player comes with a lot of player templates.

Some of the features are that it works well and is compatible with many platforms. It gives you advertising and analytics tools. It works with different types of ads, like VAST 3.0, and has built-in plugins for video ad networks.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a free trial!

To get started with Kaltura Player right away, click here.

13. Elmedia Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

The Elmedia online video player can play a video of all kinds. People can watch movies on this Mac OS player from sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook.

On your site, you can also let people download these videos. Elmedia has browser support and can play HTML5 videos and other kinds.

Elmedia’s HTML5 video player can play online videos and can work with hardware acceleration. It also lets you take screenshots of movies and works with SWF files. It can download videos and pull out the audio from them.


It is generally free PRO edition that can be purchased for $19.95.

To get started with Elmedia Player right away, click here.

14. Ultimate Video Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Want to watch videos on all of your devices without any trouble? It’s enough to have the Ultimate Video Player. This player works on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It works with MP4/MP3 and encrypted video formats.

You can use Ultimate Video Player on both computers and phones. It lets you set the video quality and protect your videos with a password. This player can play live streaming, 360-degree, video playback and VR videos, videos with subtitles, and videos at different speeds.

Adding your logo to videos is easy with the Ultimate Video Player. You can also save your favorite videos to watch later when you’re not online.


The Ultimate Video Player costs $49, far less than its open-source competitors, whose six-month support contracts cost $109.

To get started with Ultimate Video Player right away, click here.

15. Cloudinary Video Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Businesses and businesses are the ones who will use this HTML5 video player the most. The player is made so that viewers can have the best time possible. It can play high-resolution, high-quality videos and change them based on how they are watched.

Cloudinary is different from these other businesses because it can encode video, host video assets, and change video assets. At the player level, the changes you make to the footage happen in real-time. The embed codes for the player are small and easy to use, which makes it easy for a group to add an HTML video player to its website.

Built-in video analytics in Cloudinary give insights and data that you can use. It shows how people watch videos and how they interact with them. It also shows how well they do regarding the number of people who buy from them.


Begins with four monthly plans ranging from $0 to $249 per month.

To get started with Cloudinary Video Player right away, click here.

16. Chameleon Video Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

The Chameleon HTML5 player has a way of falling back to flash. The full-screen mode in IE doesn’t work as it does in other browsers. Also, because IE doesn’t work with mp4 files, you might need to make more movies if you want to see HTML5 in that browser.

Chameleon deals with this by using a natural Flash backup. You can choose from two different skins, and there are also copyright link options. It has social media integration, mobile friendliness, a retina display for the MacBook Pro, and many other features.


Chameleon Video player has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them to obtain current pricing information.

To get started with Chameleon Video Player right away, click here.

17. Brid.TV

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Brid.TV is a premium online video platform and HTML5 player. It lets publishers and medium-sized to large organizations make money from ads. Brid.HLS TV’s live and on-demand video streaming works well and adapts to your needs.

The Brid.HTML5 TV player has a full video CMS and gives all users real-time video statistics. The video delivery solution from Brid. All-in-one TV is made up of video encoding and enterprise video hosting.

The best thing about HTML5 TV is. The HTML5 player is easy to set up and works with the latest VAST and VPAID ad tags. It is a top choice for large media publishers and ad networks because it uses a technology called “header bidding.”


Begins with four monthly plans ranging from $0 to $89.99 per month.

To get started with Brid.tv right away, click here.

18. All-in-One Video Gallery

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

This is one of the most accessible online video players to use, and it’s also easy to understand and interact with. It has shortcuts that let you make creative videos on any website page. Users can change the settings for post-processing their videos in ways that are unique to them. Then they can use shortcut keys to pull up all their videos simultaneously.

All-in-One Video Gallery is a flexible tool that can be changed to fit your needs. For example, it makes it possible to shrink the screen to work on mobile devices and allow full-screen mode. It has a lot of great features, like the ability to preload videos, manage the gallery, set the first image or thumbnail, and control how the size changes.


All-in-One Video Gallery has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them to obtain current pricing information.

To get started with All-in-One Video Gallery right away, click here.

19. THEOPlayer

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

In the ever-changing world of online video, THEOPlayer is a top HTML5 player that big brands and providers trust. Apple’s low latency HLS streaming made THEOPlayer a video industry star.

What makes THEOPlayer different? Changing is easy. HLS, MPEG-DASH, and Smooth Streaming make streaming possible on the web, on mobile devices, and over the top. CNN and BT Sport use THEOPlayer for video content because it works with SDK and has thousands of integrations.

OTT platforms and PayTV providers use it because it is flexible and reliably sends videos. Smaller publishers and content developers may find it too expensive. TheOPlayer is an excellent thing to buy if you can afford it. THEOPlayer is a big name in the online video business because it has a lot of valuable features and a good track record.


Begins with three monthly plans ranging from $505 to $884 per month.

To get started with THEOPlayer right away, click here.

20. Radiant Media Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

On the web and in OTT apps, Radiant Media Player streams HLS and MPEG-DASH. This player lets you watch videos and listen to music. It has many valuable features, such as closed captions, subtitles, and client- and server-side ad insertion. It lets you make money from videos.

Radiant Media Player has a lot of documentation and plug-ins from other companies (Google Analytics, Mux Data, Matomo, etc.). This gives coders a lot of ways to make the player unique. With its header bidding mechanism, Radiant Media Player is a good choice for making money from ads.

Radiant Media Player doesn’t host or change the format of videos, so you’ll have to do that yourself. The cheapest plan for Radiant Media Player is expensive, which may turn off some users.


It begins with two monthly plans for $95.

To get started with Radian Media Playeawr right away, click here.

21. Bitmovin

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

People know about the HTML5 video player, the video analytics system, and the cloud encoding services that Bitmovin offers. Smooth streaming, ABR HLS, and MPEG-DASH all work with their HTML5 player. DRM, CC, and Subtitling are the best things about it.

Bitmovin’s Android, iOS, and Apple SDKs make it easy for publishers to move their content by letting them use their HTML5 video player. They can move it to OTT platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, which are more modern. Users can make money from their content by showing different ads on Bitmovin. But it only has a few ways to make the most money.


Begins with five monthly plans ranging from $0 to $249 per month.

To get started with Bitmovin right away, click here.

22. NexPlayer

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

HTML5 video player that can be changed easily NexPlayer cares about your privacy. High-end video apps and OTT services use its player SDK. This player is proud that it can stream to both HLS and MPEG-DASH on different devices.

They made it from scratch, which is different from most other solutions. NexPlayer has features like playing without buffering and protecting content. It works with apps from other companies.

Videos aren’t hosted or analyzed by NexPlayer. Two popular analytics companies, Conviva and Agama, are easy to connect to.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a free trial!

To get started with NexPlauer right away, click here.

23. hls.js

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Hls.js is a well-known open-source video player that was made to work with HLS video streaming. Not only is it free, but it also has a lot of documentation. It has an active developer community on GitHub that is always ready to help users.

This player has no other valuable features like hosting, analytics, or ways to make money from videos, so it leaves much to be desired.

Even though these are open source, implementing them would take a lot of resources and coding knowledge. This player might work well for smaller publishers and creators who want a quick and easy way to send video.


hls.js has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them to obtain current pricing information.

To get started with hls.js right away, click here.

24. Clappr

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

JavaScript-based Clappr is another player that is run by the community and is open-source. Clappr is like most other open-source HTML5 players in that you can change it. It doesn’t have any high-tech functions or features. With this player’s free API library, coders can easily add their own characteristics.

Clappr makes it easier to create custom solutions than other open-source players because it has plugins. It works with HLS, MPEG-DASH, and progressive streaming. As extra features, there are ads and dynamic overlays.

Clappr is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses that don’t need a lot of video player choices. Making videos with Clappr is cheap and easy. If you still need to, you should use a video player that costs money.


This product or service’s price has yet to be disclosed by Clappr. You can contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Clappr right away, click here.

25. dash.js

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Dash.js is the best open-source MPEG-DASH player with low latency. Client-side JavaScript libraries play content. This player works with most of the new video codecs, DRM that works across the browser, in-band events, and adaptive bitrate streaming. Dash.js can be used in any field, so publishers can try it out for free.

Users can change the source code of this HTML5 player. People who need to learn more about technology may find it hard to use.

Dash.js, like most open-source players, Dash.js does an excellent job of delivering web movies. It needs to have the features that large and enterprise-level producers may need, like ways to track sales and analyze data.


The service’s price has not been disclosed by dash.js. You can contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with dash.js right away, click here.

26. VPlayed

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

VPlayed is a fast and reliable HTML5 video player for online video delivery and over-the-top (OTT) services. VPlayed’s video player can stream HLS and MPEG-DASH to both OTT and CTV with an OTT platform. The best things about this player are that it can host content and make money from OTT services. The content of VPlayed is kept on a secure AWS server or the users’ computers.

This HTML5 player has a high level of security. AES encryption, a password, and more protect it. It also lets you make money from videos in many ways. Unlike open-source solutions, VPlayed’s player has customer support to help publishers set up and fix bugs.

But this player’s biggest problems are that its prices need to be clarified, and it needs tools to help it improve its yield. VPlayed is often used by publishers who want to enter the OTT and CTV markets.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a free trial!

To get started with VPlayed right away, click here.

27. Wistia

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Wistia helps to spread the word about podcasts and videos. I like the HTML5 player. The HTML5 player from Wistia can host videos safely. It can connect to dozens of third-party services. Like our other premium products, it has excellent branding and customization options.

Wistia stands out because it makes it easy for video marketers and podcasters to share content. People who watch or listen to podcasts will love this player. With the player’s detailed analytics, marketers and content providers can get their podcast metrics in one place.

The HTML5 player on Wistia could be better at making money because it only plays ads. If you want to use this player, you must sign up for one of their paid plans.


Begins with four monthly plans ranging from $0 to $999.

To get started with Wistia right away, click here.

28. VLC Player

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

VideoLAN Client, which is what VLC stands for, is a free and open-source media player. It can play almost any kind of media file, such as audio and video files, DVDs, and protocols for streaming. The VideoLAN project made it, and you can get it for, among other things, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

People know that VLC Player is flexible and can do a lot. It supports several multimedia container formats and can play different video and audio codecs. The player can also play media files that are broken or not finished, and it can sync subtitles.

The format of media files can also be changed by the player. You can make it worthwhile for media fans and people working in the field.

VLC Player is a top-rated media player as a whole. It is reliable and has a lot of features. It can open a lot of different file types.


VLC is a free and open-source multimedia player and framework compatible with various platforms and formats, including several popular streaming protocols.

To get started with VLC Player right away, click here.

29. Uscreen

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Uscreen is a platform for making money from videos that has everything you need. It helps producers and streamers make money and keep control over their content. There are choices for live streaming, video on demand, and membership.

Uscreen gives you the tools to make videos and other content for your business, which will help it grow and be more successful. Live streams that have already happened can also be shown on your site and apps.

Simply put, we give you a website and an app where you can host. Then you can stream your content and everything else you need to profit from it.


Begins with three monthly plans ranging from $79 to $159 per month.

To get started with Uscreen right away, click here.

30. Brightcove

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Brightcove is a way for big businesses to solve a problem. International companies like the BBC and Adobe use it.

They can help marketers, broadcasters, and entertainers with their problems. People all over the world can watch live streams.

If you have a large company with software developers, they will be happy to hear that Brightcove also has an API they can use. You can live stream videos with Brightcove. You can use them to make a personalized video that fits your business.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing.

To get started with Brightcove right away, click here.

31. Panopto

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

One of the things that Panopto can do is live streaming. This service advertises itself as a way for businesses and schools to use videos. The product lets you manage your video content and stores your recorded videos in a safe library.

Instead of live streaming to the public, Panopto works to stream events like meetings, lectures, and conferences in a safe way. Panopto can be used for a few different things, but since we’re talking about live-streaming platforms, we’ll focus on those features here.

It’s easy to use Panopto because you don’t have to do any encoding. All you have to do is click, and you’re life to your group, workers, or viewers.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a DEMO.

To get started with Panopto right away, click here.

32. IBM Cloud

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

The fact that Sony, Airbnb, and Mazda all use IBM Cloud’s video streaming platform says a lot about how good it is. You can host videos on their cloud streaming platform.

Then you can change how they look and share them on a number of different platforms. People see IBM Cloud as a complete solution for both live and on-demand content. It lets people talk in a lot of other places. It can come from anything from internal communications to virtual academic conferences.

You can also set videos to play at certain times and make live playlists that play repeatedly on their platform. You’ll also be able to use several content delivery networks when you use IBM Cloud. It can help you get your business out to more people and grow.


It Begins with four monthly plans ranging from $99.00 to $999.00 per month.

To get started with IBM Cloud right away, click here.

33. Muvi

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Muvi is another over-the-top (OTT) streaming service. They give you a platform for streaming audio and video that you can brand. They offer video on demand, ways to make money, broadcasting, streaming audio and music, and live streaming without coding.

Muvi offers a white-label website with a custom domain, apps for mobile and TV devices, SEO tools that are already built-in, and different ways to pay. Muvi lets you make free events for members but cost money for non-members to watch.


Begins with four monthly plans ranging from $399 to $3900.

To get started with Muvi right away, click here.

34. Resi

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Are you ready to step up your live streaming? You don’t need to look further than Resi, the best platform for streaming and managing media. You can stream your content from anywhere with Resi, and you don’t have to worry about network problems or quality loss.

But that’s only the start. Resi makes it easy to share your live stream on popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, and even OTT apps. And because they put a lot of effort into automation, you can be sure that your stream will run smoothly with little help from you.

But Resi’s Resilient Streaming Protocol is what really sets them apart (RSP). Even if your network isn’t working well, RSP will keep your audio and video quality at a high level. Resi has everything you need to make your content shine.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a DEMO.

To get started with Resi right away, click here.

35. Bambuser

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

Bambuser is a live-streaming platform for fashion. It has technology for live video shopping. This means that content creators can host a virtual fashion show. They can encourage viewers to buy right away.

They give you the whole experience, including the streaming technology, the hosting app, and the data. They can also have any other apps you need to go live. Bambuser does this to give online shopping a new way to be done.

Their live streaming platform has an average of 31% add-to-carts and a chat engagement rate of 24%. Some big brands, such as Samsung, Adidas, and Tommy Hilfiger, also stream on Bambuser. The people who made Bambuser go live to sell clothes, accessories, sports gear, cosmetics, and even electronics. Their platform also lets businesses stream to one person or to many people at the same time.


Begins with three monthly plans. Contact their sales to request custom pricing and get a DEMO.

To get started with Bambuser right away, click here.

36. Mixcloud

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

If you’ve had trouble with copyright or been asked to take down a live stream, Mixcloud might be just what you need.

The site pays for music rights. It streams video and sound for DJs, musicians, and people who make podcasts. The apps for Android and iOS are free.

After downloading, users can sign up to access exclusive content and stream without ads.

Mixcloud is the most specialized site for online video streaming.

Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox are two of the million people who have made content for the site.


Contact their sales to request custom pricing and upgrade to PRO.

To get started with Mixcloud right away, click here.

37. Dailymotion

37 Best Website Video Player Softlist.io

People can post and share videos on Dailymotion, just like they can on YouTube.

There are videos from all over the world on Dailymotion, and you can also make your own video feed. It has a brilliant video player that lets you control and make money from your content.

There should be more professionalism in the live-streaming options on Dailymotion. Mostly, all they do is share videos. You could build a following by live streaming on Dailymotion. It has 350 million active users and 2 billion monthly views.


Dailymotion has not disclosed the cost of this product or service. Contact them to obtain current pricing information.

To get started with Dailymotion right away, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Website Video Player?

A website video player is software that lets website owners add and play videos to their sites. It enables you to watch videos stored on a website’s server. Or it could be hosted on a site like YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia that is not your own.
A website’s video player usually has several features that can improve the user’s experience. It has controls that you can change, a full-screen mode, subtitles, and a way to control how fast the video plays. It also lets website owners keep track of things like views, play rates, and how long a video is watched on average.
You can make website video players with either HTML5 or Flash, but HTML5 is newer and more popular. You can use many video players on websites on both desktop computers and mobile screens. This makes it easy for users to watch videos on any device.
Overall, a website video player is essential for any site that wants to add video content to the user experience.

Which is the best online video player?

The JW Player is one of the best online video players to use to watch videos on a website. The JW Player is a video player that can be easily changed and added to different web platforms. Big media companies and websites like Vice, The Weather Channel, and the Washington Post use it.
The JW Player is thought to be one of the best video players for websites because of the following:
Customization options:
The JW Player’s interface is very flexible, so website owners can change the look and feel of the player to match the design of their site.
Cross-Platform Compatibility:
The JW Player works with all of the major web browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices, so everyone can watch videos the same way.
Advanced Video Playback Features:
The JW Player has advanced video playback features like closed captioning and high-definition video.
Analytics and Monetization:
The JW Player gives website owners options for analytics and monetization. They can track how people interact with their videos and make money off of them.
Developer Tools:
The JW Player comes with a wide range of developer tools and APIs that make it easy to connect it to different web platforms and change how it works.
Overall, the JW Player is a very flexible and customizable video player. It has advanced video playback options, video analytics, and ways to make money. Many large media companies and websites use it because it works on many different platforms and has tools for developers.

How do I play a web video?

Web browsers can play videos when they have the HTML <video> tag. The src element tells the browser where the file is, and the width and height properties tell the browser how big the video is.
In this case, the <video> tag is used to add it to a web page.

When was the first youtube video player played?

The first YouTube video player came out in 2005. It was a simple video player with a simple user interface that lets people watch movies, rate them, and leave comments. The first video ever put on YouTube was called “Me at the Zoo.” One of YouTube’s founders, Jawed Karim, put it up on April 23, 2005. Jawed Karim talked about elephants at the San Diego Zoo in the 18-second video.

Final Thoughts

Adding a video player to your website could make all the difference, so picking the right one is essential. You can choose the best one for your website from our list of the 37 best video players for websites in 2023. Whether you want a free player that is easy to use or a paid player with a lot of features, we have you covered.

When choosing a video player, keep in mind that it’s essential to think about what your website needs and what your visitors want. Try out different options to find the best fits your website’s style and goals.

We hope this list helped you find the right video player for your site. So, why delay? Add videos that are both useful and interesting to your website. Then you can improve your online presence right away. Please share this post with your friends and coworkers, and don’t forget to follow our website to learn more about website video players!

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