37 Best Image Compression Tools

37 Best Image Compression Tools
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Tons of tools for web optimization can help you speed up your site and make it faster. If you are working with images, you need to compress them too. You can shrink their size to improve how fast your site loads. Here is a collection of 37 Best Image Compression Tools to make your images smaller to keep your visitors coming back.


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

Pixillion is an image compression tool that allows you to resize, optimize and compress your images. You can resize your photos using the Pixillion resize tool or the Pixillion compression tool to compress your images. Pixillion is a powerful image optimization tool that supports all major image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and BMP files.

This image optimizer allows you to optimize your photos by reducing their size without affecting their quality. The Pixillion image compressor can also be used to compress images by replacing them with smaller versions of themselves while maintaining their quality.


  • Contact Pixillion for pricing details.

Pixillion is one of the fastest, most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive multi-format image file converters available. Designed to be quick and intuitive, this high quality image converter can do batch conversion, add effects, rotate, add watermark and more.


ImageOptim HTTP API for optimization on web servers

ImageOptim is an image compression tools and optimization tool. This application is designed to reduce the size of your PNG, JPEG, GIF, and SVG files. This application can optimize your web images and get smaller file sizes while maintaining the same quality. ImageOptim supports PNG and JPEG formats and can convert between them. It can also compress GIFs with transparency by removing their dithering information. The application has no interface; it simply runs from the system tray, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space on your desktop or cluttering your taskbar.


  • $12 includes 2,000 optimizations per month.
  • $49 includes 16,000 optimizations per month.
  • $245 includes 100,000 optimizations per month.


compression - Screenshot tool with integrated optipng or pngcrush - Ask  Ubuntu

OptiPNG can also be used in batch mode, which allows further compression than what is usually possible with the other tools. It can also create animated GIFs from multiple frames.OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses image files to a smaller size without losing any information. It’s lossless and seeks to achieve the smallest file size possible, which is helpful for web designers and developers.

OptiPNG removes metadata and other unnecessary junk from PNG images to reduce their file size. Results can be compared visually or by using the “diff” feature. The tool supports all PNG files, including interlaced and progressive ones.


  • Contact OptiPNG for pricing details.


Download jStrip - MajorGeeks

jStrip uses advanced techniques to compress images. It reduces the number of colors in a photo by removing small areas of solid color, which can be reconstructed from the remaining data. jStrip also performs lossless optimizations on the alpha channel, such as reducing its size or optimizing its values. In addition, it removes metadata (EXIF) and comments from PNG files, which saves more bytes than just removing words alone.

You can use jStrip on your website or web app to improve page load times by compressing your images before uploading them to your server. You can also use it offline to convert PNGs into JPEGs if you need smaller files for storage or transmission over the Internet (especially recommended if you are using WebP).


  • Contact Jstrip for pricing details.

Caesium Image Compressor

Caesium - Image Compressor

Caesium Image Compressor is a free online image compression service that uses advanced compression techniques to reduce the size of your images. It supports PNG, JPEG, and GIF images and can compress them in just a few seconds. Caesium Image Compressor uses lossy compression to reduce the file size of your images. Please be aware that some information may be lost during the process, so it’s not recommended for photos or other important ideas.


  • Contact Caesium Image Compressor for pricing details.

PNG Gauntlet

PNGGauntlet - PNG Compression Software | BenHollis.net

PNG Gauntlet is an image compression tool that significantly reduces PNG file size. It supports lossless and lossy compression, making optimizing images for web use easy. The program has a simple interface that allows you to drag and drop image files or folders onto it. PNG Gauntlet will automatically process all images in the folder, but you can also select specific pictures if you want to compress only those.


  • Contact PNG Guanlet for pricing details.

PNG Optimizer

PNG Optimizer – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

PNG Optimizer is a free image compression tools that can shrink PNG files. It also supports many other file formats, including JPEG, GIF, and TIFF, and features lossless and lossy compression. This program is designed to perform fast, lossless compression on large images to reduce the file size without affecting quality. PNG Optimizer offers users two methods of compression: one that reduces the file size significantly but discards information (lossless), and one that sacrifices some image quality for smaller files (lossy). This program also includes an option for compressing PNG files into WebP format, a newer image format supported by Google Chrome.


  • Contact PNG Optimizer for pricing details.


RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) - The Portable Freeware Collection

RIOT is a free image compression tools for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It uses lossless compression algorithms to resize, optimize and compress your images. The algorithm used by RIOT is high-speed and very efficient, which means that it will save you a lot of time when resizing your images.RIOT also comes with a batch mode allowing you to resize many images simultaneously. This can be useful if you have many ideas that need resizing and optimizing.


  • Per employee: $5.89/month


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

GitHub Image Compression is a free online tool that allows you to compress images in various formats. You can use the tool to convert your image files from one format to another, resize, optimize, and much more. The tool offers multiple compression options depending on the type of file you want to compress.

You can use this tool if you convert a high-resolution photo into a smaller version so that it takes less time to load on your website or blog. This will also help reduce the bandwidth usage on your website so your visitors don’t have trouble loading pages in their browsers.


  • Free
  • Team: $3.67 per user/month
  • Enterprises: $19.25 per user/month


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

Trimage is an image compression tool. It’s free and open-source software that can be used to optimize, compress or resize images. It can be used in web applications, command line tools, and mobile applications. Trimage is a simple command line application that can compress or resize images.

The primary purpose of Trimage is to reduce ideas’ size without affecting their quality. Trimage supports lossless compression formats like PNG, JPEG, and WebP. You can also convert images from one format to another using Trimage.


  • Contact Trimage for pricing details.


TinyPng – Optimize images without losing quality

TinyPNG is a web-based tool that can reduce the file size of your PNG images. It uses clever lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your PNG files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible, but it makes a huge difference in file size!


  • TinyPNG starts at $25 per year.


Compressor.io - optimize and compress JPEG photos and PNG images

Compressor.io is a cloud-based image compression platform that allows you to optimize, resize and compress your images online. The service supports JPEG, PNG, WEBP formats, and animated GIFs. Compressor.io offers two types of accounts: free and premium.

You can use Compressor.io as an image optimizer or an image compressor in two main ways. If you want to reduce your images’ file size (and not necessarily the quality), you should use it as an image optimizer. If you want more control over the quality of your pictures, then use it for image compression instead.


  • Compressor.io costs $50/year.


Kraken.io Image Optimizer Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Kraken.io is an image compression tools that can reduce the size of your images without affecting the quality. The best part is that you can use this service without a developer or a designer. You can simply upload any image from your computer and let Kraken do its magic. Kraken is also an image optimizer that will help you compress your images to improve their loading speed on the web. It uses lossless compression algorithms, meaning the resulting images have no visible quality loss.


  • Micro: $5/month
  • Basic: $9/month
  • Advanced: $19/month
  • Premium: $39/month
  • Enterprise: $79/month

JPEG Optimizer

20 Best Image Compression Software Tools Compared (2020) - TemplateToaster  Blog

JPEG Optimizer is a powerful tool to compress photos and pictures without losing quality. JPEG is a widespread format for storing images on the Internet. However, many trade-offs exist between compression ratio and image quality due to its relatively high compression rate and small file size. To reduce these trade-offs, this program was created with advanced technology that can significantly improve the quality of compressed images while maintaining reasonable compression ratios.


  • Contact JPEG Optimizer for pricing details.


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

Optimizilla is a free online image compression tools that lets you optimize your images, compress them and reduce their size. It’s not just limited to JPEG and PNG images but can also convert WebP to PNG and vice versa. Optimizilla is a simple tool that lets you optimize your photos in just a few clicks. It supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats. You can choose the maximum file size for your idea, specify an output quality level, add an optional watermark, and set the output file’s dimensions.


  • Contact Optimizilla for pricing details.

Resize Photos

Free Online Image Resizer | Resize Photos Easily

Resize photos online with our free photo resizer and compression service. Upload your photos, and let it resize them for you in a few seconds. Resize resizing tool is entirely free and easy to use! The best way to resize your photos is by using the tools available in your photo editing software. However, if you don’t have any or are looking for another method, you can use one of these online services. Version for you if you upload the file in this format.


  • Free
  • Basic: $ 4/month
  • Pro: $ 19/month
  • Unlimited: $ 79/month

Online Image Optimizer

9 Best Online Image Optimizer Tools Compared (Real Test Data)

Image Optimizer supports all standard file formats like JPEG and PNG. They recommend using PNG format because its lossless compression algorithm can give you better results than JPEG format, which is lossy. In addition to that, PNG files have smaller file sizes than JPEG files, and they have transparent backgrounds, making them compatible with most browsers and devices, such as smartphones and tablets.


  • Contact Online Image Optimizer for pricing details.

Compress Now

Compress Image - Compressnow

Compress Now supports lossless image compression tools using a variety of different image formats. It supports PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF file formats. You can easily convert your images from one format to another or resize your images with just one click. Compress Now also provides various photo editing tools, like a brightness or contrast adjustment tool.


  • Contact Compress Now for pricing details.

Puny PNG

Shrink PNG Images with PNGGauntlet for Windows 7 - Dragon Blogger Technology

PUNY PNG is a free, open-source, lossless compression utility for png images. It compresses very well and is relatively fast. PUNY PNG does not attempt to be compatible with other png compressors; it just uses the same format for its output files. The PNG format does not allow for lossless compression. However, several lossless compression options are available for this format that help reduce the file size of images without affecting their quality. 


  • Contact Puny PNG for pricing details.


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

iLoveIMG is a powerful image compression tools that can compress your images without losing quality. It supports over 100 image formats, including JPG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF. The program also provides you with tools to resize, rotate and crop your pictures and convert them into different formats. The program comes with a clean interface that makes it easy to use. You can drag and drop files onto the main window or go through the Open dialog box to select them. After you’ve chosen the picture or pictures you want to work on, you can perform different tasks with them.


  • Contact ILoveIMG for pricing details.


Optimole Review 2023 – Expert Guide and Opinion

Optimole is an image compression tools. It can compress your images into smaller sizes and improve the quality of the images simultaneously. Optimole also supports lossless compression to keep your original file safe. Optimole is a fast and easy way to compress your photos with a high compression ratio, preserving the quality of your pictures. You can also resize your images without losing quality and optimize them for web use. Optimole has many valuable options, like changing the color depth, adding watermarks, and transforming your images into formats like JPG, PNG, or GIF. You can convert multiple photos simultaneously with drag-and-drop support or the built-in browser window.


  • Starter: $19.08/month
  • Business: $90.83/month
  • Custom: Flexible 


ImageRecycle image & pdf optimize | MageCloud.net

ImageRecycle is an image compression tools that can help you reduce the size of your photos and images. It enables you to compress and optimize your photos to make them load faster and save bandwidth on your website.

Use ImageRecycle to optimize, resize, compress, and convert your images. It has many powerful features like lossless compression, multiple quality options, and auto-rotation. You can also use our online service to compress JPEG images or PNG images instantly online.


  • 10000 images: $10 one-time payment.
  • 30000 images: $20 one-time payment.
  • 100000 images: $50 one-time payment.


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

AnyWebP is a free image compression tool that can compress your images to a much smaller size. This saves bandwidth and makes your page load faster. AnyWebP can also convert between different formats so that you can use the best form for each image type. For example, if you have a PNG file that you want to save as a JPG, AnyWebP will convert it for you.AnyWebP is an excellent tool for web designers who want to optimize their images before posting them.


  • Contact Compress Now for pricing details.

Jpeg Resampler

Jpeg Resampler is an image compression tool that can compress your images in the most efficient way possible. It uses the best lossy algorithms to bring you the highest quality and smallest size. Jpeg Resampler is a powerful image-resizing tool that allows you to resize your images as much as you want with no quality loss. It’s straightforward to use and works great for resizing pictures for websites or blogs.


  • Contact Jpeg Resampler for pricing details.


37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

Jetpack has a built-in tool for compressing images on your site. This tool uses the popular lossy compression format, WebP, supported by most browsers. The tool allows you to compress all images on a page or those with specific filenames or dimensions.


  • Starter: ₱150.95/month
  • Security: ₱378.95/month
  • Complete: ₱945/month

Resize Photos

Free Online Image Resizer | Resize Photos Easily

Resize Photos is a free online tool that allows you to convert your images into different formats. With their service, you can resize photos online by changing dimensions and file formats. You can compress and reduce their size to share them faster on the web.

The process of resizing photos is straightforward and fast. You must upload an image and choose the desired output format from the drop-down menu. Once you have uploaded your photo, we will process it to get the new version ready for download. The new file will be available within a few minutes after uploading it for conversion.


  • Free
  • Basic: $4/month
  • Pro: $19/month
  • Unlimited: $79/month


GiftOfSpeed - Artistudio Wiki

GIFT OF SPEED is a powerful yet easy-to-use image compression tool, image optimizer, and image compressor. It is the best free online tool for reducing the size of your images so they load and display faster. GIFT OF SPEED uses advanced lossy and lossless compression techniques to reduce the file size of your images without sacrificing quality.

The app also allows you to optimize and compress PNG files unsupported by other popular image optimizers. GIFT OF SPEED is integrated with a webP converter that converts images from webP format to png format. It also provides an option to resize images without affecting their quality at all.


  • Contact GIFT OF SPEED for pricing details.


JPEGmini Pro Free Download - My Software Free

JPEGmini uses clever lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of your images without losing quality. This means that JPEGmini can compress photos without compromising their appearance, which makes it great for use in e-commerce websites where image quality is essential.

JPEGmini works by analyzing the contents of an image and using this information to remove data from it intelligently. This results in much smaller file sizes than using an image editor to save a shot at a lower resolution or quality setting.


  • Get the stand-alone app JPEGmini Pro APP for only $59.
  • Get the stand-alone app + Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One Plug-insJPEGmini Pro Suite for only $89.

Robin Image Optimizer 

37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

Robin image optimizer is a free online service that allows you to compress and optimize your images. You can also convert your images to WebP format, which is a modern image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for photos on the web. Robin image optimizer lets you compress your photos using either our super-fast servers or your server.

By using Robin’s servers, your files will be optimized much faster than if they were processed locally. If you have an API key, you can also use the API to optimize images in bulk.


  • SHORT: $39/month
  • SHORT: $89/month
  • XXL:  $299/month
  • XXXL: $499/month


NitroPack - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

NitroPack is a comprehensive image compression tool that helps you to compress your images easily and quickly. It can reduce your photos’ size and optimize your pictures’ quality. This image compression tool allows you to compress your images to a smaller size while retaining the original quality. 

NitroPack uses advanced algorithms to compile your image files without compromising their quality. The software also has an easy-to-use user interface that makes it easy for anyone, regardless of experience level.


  • Business: $16.62/month
  • Growth: $40/37/month
  • Scale: $139.33/month


Optimize animated GIF

Ezgif is an online image compression tool that helps you to compress your images. It converts the image into a web format and then compresses it using lossless compression. Ezgif supports all standard image formats and can convert them to web format. It also provides many options for resizing and cropping your images. You don’t need any special skills to use this tool, just upload your pictures, and it will process them automatically.


  • Contact Ezgif for pricing details.


ShortPixel Review: How To Compress And Optimize WordPress Images

ShortPixel is a powerful tool for image compression, optimization, and resizing. It can dramatically reduce the size of your images so that you can use them in your articles, blog posts, emails, and other documents.

ShortPixel is an ideal tool for webmasters and bloggers who want to optimize their images by decreasing the file size without losing image quality. It can compress PNG files or convert them from one format to another (BMP to JPG). The program also allows you to convert images from GIF format into PNG (or vice versa).


  • Unlimited: $8.25/month
  • Unlimited 5: $33.33/month
  • Unlimited 10: $58.33/month


Imagify, the definitive WordPress plugin to compress your images

Imagify is an image compression tool that helps you reduce your images’ size. It can also optimize images, convert between different formats, and optimize JPEGs. Imagify is a free online tool for compressing PNG and JPG files. It uses lossless compression algorithms that are optimized for web use. Imagify also supports WebP, a new image format developed by Google to replace the aging JPEG format, which delivers better compression ratios than JPEGs with little or no loss in image quality.


  • Starter: $0
  • Growth: $49.9/year
  • Infinite: $99.99/year

WP Compress 

WP Compress Coupon Code - Save 30% OFF (Special)

WP Compress works by compressing, resizing, and optimizing your images before uploading them to your WordPress site. The plugin also removes unused image metadata, resulting in smaller file sizes. One of WP Compress’s best features is that it allows you to optimize all images or just specific ones. If you want to optimize all of your pictures at once, go ahead, but if there are some that you don’t want to be optimized, uncheck them from the list below each compression setting.

WP Compress also has the option to resize images as well as compress them, which can come in handy if you want to use an image on a different-sized background or if you want to shrink a picture down so it doesn’t take up too much space on your website.


  • Starter: $9 per month
  • Professional: $29 per month
  • Whitelabel: $49 per month


JPEG.io is a free image compression tool that lets you optimize, compress and resize your images. You can choose from different JPEG quality and size settings or use an online compression tool to convert your photos to the WebP format. JPEG.io image compression tools are also available as a WordPress plugin, allowing you to optimize all your images in one go. Install the plugin and select which photos you want to compress on the “Images” tab in the WordPress dashboard.


  • Contact JPEG.io for pricing details.


ImageKit, Author at Search Engine Journal

Imagekit.io is a free image compression tool for JPEG and PNG images. The image compressor allows you to optimize your ideas to take up less space and load faster. The webp to png tool also enables you to convert from WebP to PNG format.

The image compression tool is easy to use and offers many options for tweaking an image before it is compressed. You can resize your image, flip it horizontally or vertically, crop it by changing the size of the canvas area, remove red eyes from faces in photos, rotate the picture, and even add text to the image.


  • Free
  • Premium: $49 per month, pay-per-use after that.
  • Enterprise: $500 per month

JPEG Compress

37 Best Image Compression Tools Softlist.io

JPEG Compress is a tool that helps you to compress your JPEG photos. You can use it to reduce the file size of your images and speed up your website’s loading process. JPEG Compress can also be used as a webp to png converter. This means that it can convert png format images into webp format. You might want this feature because webp files are smaller and take less time to load on the web, so your site will load faster for users with slow Internet connections or on mobile devices.


  • Contact JPEG Compress for pricing details.


Compression might be a small part of the design process, but it’s essential. With proper compression, images will load longer (and loading a slow website frustrates users). The best image optimization tools are the ones that make it quick and painless to compress images, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to reduce files by hand. If you are in need of more business solution tool articles, check our blog.


What is the importance of compression in image processing?

Image compression is the process of reducing the size of a digital image, either to reduce the file size or to make a lossy reduction without degrading the image quality. Images are often compressed using lossless algorithms that remove unnecessary bytes from the file without affecting image quality.

What are the advantages of using WebP over JPEG?

WebP can provide better compression than JPEG without any quality loss for typical images found in web applications like logos, line art, and text. WebP offers smaller files than JPEG at the equivalent perceptual quality for general photography or photographic-like images.

How to compress files effectively?

The most common method of compressing images is called lossy compression. This means that some image parts are lost during the compression process. The advantage is that you can get a much smaller file size with this method, but you will lose some quality in your image.

On the other hand, lossless compression does not cause any loss of quality, but it does not give you as much space savings as lossy compression methods do. Lossless compression is best used for photos or other images with lots of detail, like textures or patterns where losing any quality would be noticeable.

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