Crafting Unique Content: 19 AI Script Generator Alternatives

AI Script Generator Alternatives
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Artificial intelligence is unstoppable in bringing the best assistance to content creators in various fields. This time, it can automate the writing process! AI script generator are ai writing tools that can write compelling stories in just a short period.

Some story generator tools are available online, but not all are worth your time. Keep reading this article to know the best AI script generators and other essential details and tips that you must learn to help you create the best ai story.

What is the best ai script generator?

It’s time for you to check out ai story generators to help unleash creativity in story writing. A tailor-fitting ai art generator could help you to capture the best story ideas and generate stories that could make it to the headline!

An ai writer can build a new set of storylines from an inspirational dialogue through natural language processing modules. Whether you want to produce a creative story for an e-book or write a blog post, ai story generators can take it to the next level.

But first, you should choose the ai story-writing tool which caters to your needs and preferences. With so many options, you’re sure to find the perfect ai script generator for your website!

Check out these top 19 picks:



From blogs to emails to copywriting, RYTR can bypass writer’s block and automatically create an original, catchy, and best ai story in popular tones and languages ​​in seconds. Just pick your use case, add a little context, and the story plot is ready!

RYTR is an excellent plot generator for short stories and a dynamic tool for generating a new script, blog, sales content, and even social media posts.

Once you create the content, you can edit, change, and paraphrase it using the formatting options and search engine optimization analyzer.


Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, at a fraction of the cost!

Key features

  • It has 40+ templates, 30+ languages, and 20+ tones of voice to set the right emotions.
  • Feature innovative writing processes such as the AIDA and PAS frameworks for story writing
  • Has grammar and plagiarism checkers for longer stories
  • Available for mobile phone use.

Pricing Plan

Create content using RYTR free version, which offers 5,000 characters per month. Pay $9/month for the basic plan or get the unlimited plan for $29/month.

2. Copy AI

Copy AI

Copy.ai is another excellent tool for creating ai-generated stories equipped with a natural language processing algorithm, GPT-3.


Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

Key features

  • Detailed instructions will provide feedback on well-crafted content
  • Less editing for the ai generated content
  • Copy ai can cause both short and long outputs.

Pricing Plan

The free plan of Copy AI offers limited features. You can access exclusive tools with paid plans for $49/month.

3. Writecream


The Writecream ai writer is primarily intended for content and copy marketing, so it can be a valuable tool if storytelling is a big part of business marketing strategy.


Create marketing content & sales emails in seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Try for free. No credit card is required.

Key features

  • Create compelling story intros and parts, and write full stories with ai article writer
  • Most of the alternatives are either paid or only offer free trials for a limited time. However, this AI writer is free to use.

4. Simplified


Simplified offers several tools, including a content planner and an AI writing assistant.


All your graphics design, video editing, AI writing, social media management, apps & more - in one place.

Key features

  • Can generate and edit the additional text to your long document
  • The free plan allows you to write up to 1,000 words per month, while the paid plan is limited to up to 20,000 words.

Pricing Plan

Besides the free plan, paid monthly intends to start at $15/month.

5. Articleforge


The Article Forge AI uses algorithms to create content in seconds based on the keywords and data input into the program.

It uses natural language processing or NLP, a deep learning technique to quickly process and understand complex concepts.

Article Forge

Article Forge Uses AI To Write Entire Articles With The Same Quality As A Human For A Fraction Of The Cost.

Key features

  • Generates human-quality articles
  • Automatic publishing feature
  • User-friendly for beginner ai writers.

Pricing Plan

Pricing for this story generator comes in two options: The monthly plan for $57.00 or the annual plan, so you’ll have to pay a discounted price of $30/month.

6. Shortly AI

shortly ai

The Shortly AI ​​story generator tool is perfect for you if you plan to write long content. Writing a story that can break writer’s block is a walk in the park with Shortly.


Get writing superpowers with an AI writing partner. At the click of a button, our AI can continue writing for you, help you get your thoughts on paper, and more.

Key features

  • Provides a clean interface
  • With Shortly, overcoming writer’s block is easy.

Pricing Plan

Shortly has a monthly plan at $65/month and an annual plan costs $79/month.

7. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper’s outline feature is valuable in story writing. It is rich in templates for creating a blog post outline or video script outline. The Jasper AI boss mode can generate basic story information and use commands to tell Jasper to write a synopsis.


Jasper is a generative AI platform for business that enables your team to produce content targeted to your brand ten times more rapidly, no matter how you work digitally.

Key features

  • Generate sensible and interactive high-quality content at the same level as professional copywriters and content writers.
  • Flexible ai story generator featuring extension tools for editing and specific feature from topic ideas, content writing process, and another part of an article using command phrases and keywords.
  • It has a large Facebook community with more than 50,000 members sharing techniques and tips on using the app efficiently.

Pricing Plan

For $29/month, you can get 52+ templates of Jasper ai. However, for longer stories (such as books), the Boss Mode plan is also a good investment which you can purchase for $59/month.

8. Writesonic


Like Writecream, Writesonic has a 4-step tool and workflow for quickly creating books, articles, and other lengthy content.


Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.

Key features

  • Adds relevant details and believable scenarios based on your input and writes compellingly and naturally
  • Publish directly on WordPress.

Pricing Plan

Writesonic has a free trial version, and four paid plans starting at $15/month.

9. AI writer

AI writer

AI writer is another best ai text generator that can also be useful if you want to incorporate storytelling into marketing content.

Key features

  • It can generate completely new and editable content by just entering the topic
  • Less time to search for references to non-fiction stories
  • Easily verify if the lines generated are factual.

Pricing Plan

The AI writer free trial will last for only seven days. You can upgrade for just $29/per month.

AI Writer

You need content with information you can trust all the time. AI-Writer is the only AI content generator that cites sources for everything it writes. Competing platforms create text out of thin air and you never know where it's wrong. Something even Google and Meta had to learn the hard way.

10. Plot generator

Plot generator

The plot generator helps by providing a complete ai description script with cast and set descriptions. The website has several input fields for creating and defining heroes, villains, and sidekicks.

Add mythical and quirky characters, scenes, and items to make your story unique. The platform is still developing and needs to add reference scripts of choice, but it can still generate input-based AI-generated reports.

Key features

  • It has numerous features to generate the plot
  • Develop a complete and ready-to-use ai script.

11. Seb Scholl’s TV script generator

Seb Scholl's TV script generator

Developed by Seb Scholl, this AI story generator creates drama scripts of varying lengths based on the 9th season of the 1989 American sitcom Seinfeld. Free AI Story Generator uses RNN (Recurrent Neural Network Programming) to create input words. Enter a keyword, and the program will feed ten possible phrases based on current Seinfeld episodes.

Key features

  • Provide ten different ai generated stories for one keyword.
  • Sitcom script builder and other story ideas relevant to Seinfeld’s genre.

Pricing Plan

Feel free to use the GitHub program for Seb Scroll’s TV ai script generator.

12. Scriptbook AI

Scriptbook AI

Sitting in the second spot is Scriptbook AI, a sub-website of DeepStory AI story generator. ScriptBook’s patented software called Script2Screen can analyze scripts and gauge your project’s critical and commercial success.

The Scriptbook’s ai writing assistant also uses natural language processing modules to create high-quality content. For example, the ai plot generator will allow the ai writer to specify attributes such as changing the characters’ nature and the story background and even set budgets, ratings, and reviews.

Key features

  • An overall function demo is available for the trial version.
  • Fastest script analysis under 6 minutes
  • It comes with several packages for full script validation.

Pricing Plan

You can get external analytics features with the free version. Get the basic plan for $199 and the Standard plan for $1999 to unlock extra verification. Companies can negotiate customized bonus plans.

13. StoryLab


Another contender under the top ai generators is StoryLab. It generally aims to write in over ten formats for different content. It has a built-in editor and improvises written content using the on-page SEO checklist and the AI ​​story creator tool available.

StoryLab is a free ai story generator that works through a 3-step process of choosing a content format, creating a story based on text descriptions, and finally creating content by artificial intelligence.

Key features

  • Available in the n Google store
  • Create unique content using words
  • Best ai story generator for creating story ideas for advertisements and branding.

14. Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook is an outstanding device that will let you end up with ranking content. It is excellent for visual learners because it can create graphs and charts from your data.

Whether you’re a digital marketer, blogger, journalist, storyteller, or just writing emails and social media posts, Sassbook ai writer can help you build the right content.

Key features

  • Provides real-time feedback on grammar and style
  • Automatically add references and citations to your documents
  • Automatically generate text
  • Easy to use.

15. Deep AI

Deep AI

Who would have thought you could form an image of your dream scene by just using text descriptions? The text-to-image feature of Deep AI makes it the top ai story generator tools to help ai writer build frames of creative stories.

The platform has OpenAI’s GPT-2 Transformer language model to read keywords and generate content. The Deep AI machine learning process can write stories and complete sentences halfway done. This ai story generator tool is ideal for novel writing and other forms of long-form stories.

In addition, to ai generated text, users can use the ai visual assistant called Zendo to convert text to images and stay up to date on AI developments.

Key features

  • An updated AI story generator powered by the neural network creates well-written content.
  • Generate content using a simple sentence structure
  • Diverse API assistance for text, image, and video generation.
Deep AI pricing

Pricing Plan

There might not be a free version, but two options are available for the Deep AI standard plan, and it’s cheap. You can go for either image APIs or text APIs for $2.00 for every 1,000 requests. You can take the Enterprise plan for custom volume pricing if you want to access other incredible features

16. Charisma


As its name suggests, Charisma AI can elevate stories that immerse viewers in new levels of engagement while telling a story.

The Charisma app is a virtual interactive ai story generator that allows you to sketch communicative characters that you can interact with and play with to create stories. Besides being an AI script generator, it can also be used to develop educational content and games with dialogue using live chatting scripts.

Key features

  • Users can make characters realistic
  • AI story creator for interactive content
  • Recognizes speech and writes conversational responses
  • Free to download on all app stores.

17. DeepStory AI

DeepStory AI

If you’re struggling with creative writing, this ai story generator could be a lifesaver. DeepStory builds content based on human creativity and artificial intelligence to create AI-generated stories and screenplays.

The top pick ai script generator bypasses writer’s block and empowers them to create stories of all shapes and formats with immersive film scripts, short-form content, and RPG or game scripts.

With DeepStory AI, you can set the story’s genre, scene, and time duration of the story to modify previously provided reference films and develop new creative scripts. Once set, hit the start button, and the AI ​​story generator will automatically write stories for you.

Key features

  • Users can set the genre, background setting, and character notes.
  • A plot generator that can modify more than one reference of the story plot in producing a new creative story
  • Easy to generate, save, download and share any AI script
  • Endless writing stories for free.

Pricing Plan

DeepStory AI pricing

18. Uragirii


This evolving AI script generator relies entirely on the famous American sitcom F.R.I.E.D.S. This free ai script generator by Apoorv Kansal is based on machine learning and neural networks for processing film sequences.

Just enter a few starting words and the ai script. The generator will try to generate a script with funny F.R.I.E.D.S punchlines. Note that the more characters, the longer it takes to create content. The processing time depends on the internet connection and device.

Key features

  • Friendly users’ interface
  • Offers unlimited scripts generator for your sample scenes
  • Allow creative juices to flow.

Pricing Plan

You don’t need to pay anything because the features are accessible on the free plan.

19. Talk to transformer

Talk to transformer

Talk to Transformer is one of the fascinating ai tools online for content writing. It uses a language model GPT-3 that matches the words’ meanings. Also, it listens to the beginning of a sentence and automatically generates the following term within seconds!

This ai story generator offers a customized experience for each location. It provides a translation framework, an intelligent and in-depth service that enables multilingual translation.

Despite the name change, Talk to Transformer and Inferkit are the same ai story generators. If you type Talk to Transformer in the search engine, it will redirect you to Inferkit.

Key features

  • It has an easy-to-understand user interface without any hard-to-handle settings.
  • Write engaging stories like humans.

Pricing Plan

You can explore 10,000 characters for free every week. The basic plan starts at $20/month, and the premium plan is $60/month.


There you have it, numerous choices of the best ai script generator that could automate your writing process and might help you achieve higher conversion and value to your target market.

If you notice, most of the ai script generators featured in this article have decent ai tools for free plans and require reasonable prices to unlock advanced features.

Whether you are seeking ai tools to generate ideas, an outline, or a story generator that can complete human-quality articles or scripts for funny movies, our top 19 picks got your back!

Hopefully, you can pick the most fitting ai script writer to try on your next project.


What is an AI story generator?

AI Story Generator is an AI writer specializing in ai-assisted story creation. Most ai story generators can quickly generate a unique story that grabs attention based on text descriptions.

Is there a free AI text generator?

There are a lot of ai text generators that do not charge users. For free, you can try out Sebb Scholl’s Tv Script Generator in the Github program or the Whitecream ai text generator.

Can AI write a script?

Yes, but neither easy nor cheap. Writing a script is a creative process that takes hours of work. However, AI can do a draft in 10 minutes.

Can ai create stories?

Artificial intelligence has machine learning algorithms that gather massive numbers of data from the web, including the structure and logic of writing stories. Based on human instructions, ai can create scenes, screenplays, short stories, novels, and fan fiction.

Can ai make a movie?

Artificial intelligence can now create its movies. For example, Benjamin AI collaborated with Ross Goodwin in creating his Sci-Fi movie titled “Zone Out” in just 48 Hours.

Is RYTR free to use?

RYTR offers excellent choices of characters up to 10,000 with the free plan. But the premium plan provides more effective solutions and unlimited usage for the most affordable value.

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