A Step-by-Step Guide to Using AI Text Generators

AI Text Generator
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Artificial intelligence (Ai) is changing the world as we know it. It is already being used in many industries, such as healthcare, finance, image generator, and manufacturing. And now, it is even being used to generate text!

This technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we write content. In this guide, we will discuss how Ai text generators work and how you can use them to improve your content writing skills using ai writing software.

Most people are unaware that content authoring is one of the many areas where AI outperforms humans. We’re not talking about big-scale literature yet, but an AI writer can certainly assist you with product descriptions, a few google searches, blog posts, or category texts.

A natural language generation tool will automate the writing process for you, allowing you to write multiple pieces of content very quickly with little effort.

This post will teach you the fundamentals of AI-generated content writing, as well as the advantages and how to recognize when your product’s content needs enhancement.

It’ll show you how to employ an AI content generator for eCommerce purposes, how to maintain track of performance metrics, use a message queue system, details on what you should consider while working with automated article-generating software, and what you can get from it all.

Let’s explore some of these interesting topics in more depth.

Key principles of AI content writing and automated article writing software

key principles

Because online merchants are unlikely to be acquainted with AI content writing, we’ll need to go through some of its fundamentals. An AI content writer is a computer program that creates high-quality text for websites, companies, and other online platforms through relevant keywords. 

Many AI article writers use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to generate both human-readable and keyword-rich text. Most AI tools can accomplish tasks that would normally require human logic, knowledge, perception, or decision-making.

There are two primary methods that AI content generators use:


AI is a method of teaching computers to learn from data, by showing them how to recognize patterns in millions of internet pages with a custom progress bar. This knowledge can then be used by the computer to generate new content on any given topic. Some AI tools that use this technology are Writesonic, Rytr, Jasper, and more.


It’s a technique for generating new material based on data supplied by the user. This sort of content generation is far more dependable and beneficial in terms of delivering corporate statistics, adapting content to user behavior, and playing out tailored product descriptions. AX Semantics is an AI tool that employs this technology.

How does AX Semantics function?

The content AX Semantics produces is completely under your control because the only data it uses is what you input and the rules you set.

This also allows for full-text quality authority. Need to generate descriptions for a lot of products in different languages? No problem! AX Semantics can churn out unique, grammatically correct content quickly and easily.

Some tools for manipulating and analyzing SVG Path objects and Bezier curves are pip install svgpathtools, pip installs wisdom, pip installs gradio, pip installs easydict, pip installs braceexpand, pip install svgwrite, pip installs einops, pip installs kornia, pip installs taming transformers, and the pip installs cssutils.

AX Semantics’ most distinctive trait is its versatility. Instead of creating general text, the content personalization program may use real-time user data to generate highly targeted sales emails.

The best part of using AI to help create your website content by customizing image size or image attachment is the high quality that results. Writing an eCommerce product description with AX Semantics takes only four steps:

  • Data collection: You may provide product features or financial data and, after it has been successfully uploaded, wait for the results. CSV or another common file format is among the options for uploading your information, as is API integration.
  • The second step is to configure the rules for your text creation. This will ensure that your brand’s voice, tone, and other factors are taken into account.
  • After taking into account the user’s preferences and needs, AX Semantics generates content specifically for them.
  • By exporting and customizing your content or banner image than forcing pixel art style, you can engage potential buyers on a whole new level.

Design is one of the most complicated, time-consuming tasks for any marketing department. AI content production may appear complex, but AX Semantics makes it look simple due to its user-friendly features. It allows eCommerce firms to use the platform intuitively.

The benefits of using an AI content generator

benefits of ai

What are the benefits of an AI writer on your eCommerce team? There are many, but here are some of the most important ones:

To automate content generation

An AI author may perform the task of hundreds or even thousands of human writers. Because the system streamlines the production of thousands of product descriptions to a large extent without image editing, it can do so. To produce hundreds of unique pieces of text using data-to-text technologies, you’ll need a structured data set.

You may save money by following these ideas.


The cost-saving benefit of an AI content generator goes hand in hand with the first one. Automating the content generation process can free up time and resources you would otherwise spend on creating content or clip-scoring images manually.

Nearly half of all businesses have already saved money by implementing AI into their company, and it’s not even new technology. With everything that AI can do for business, such as quality content generation, Oberlo reports that the benefits to companies are limitless.

Unprecedented personalization of content and natural language processing

With AX Semantics’ AI writer, you have the potential to personalize product content for customers. This way, they receive a tailored message that is meant just for them instead of generic information.

If you are an online retail business owner with thousands of products, this can genuinely change things for you in a positive way.  

Improve the customer experience

 customer experience

Do you realize that eCommerce customer experience is the new front line? Several studies have shown that consumer experience is currently more significant than price and the item itself.

In this type of scenario, it’s critical to keep your website visitors interested with high-quality articles that meet their standards.

You may use the AI content generator to avoid having to think about anything else.

AI content generators can help retail managers to focus on other tasks by automatically creating fresh content based on their data inputs. This can free up time for business owners and managers and allow them to focus on other areas of their operation.

An AI writer also ensures that your content is consistent and accurate, which helps to improve the overall quality of your eCommerce site. It lowers return rates by increasing the overall quality of your eCommerce site.

How to know that your ai generated content needs improvements

process improvement

Let’s assume you already have a lot of product-related material on your eCommerce site. In this scenario, you may be wondering whether hiring an AI writer is worthwhile. It’s an important question, so we’d want to show you when it’s time to enhance eCommerce product descriptions.

Your company’s sales are consistently low because of a lack of clients.

If you’re not pleased with the number of people visiting your store, it might be time for a revision of your product descriptions. High bounce rates can indicate one or more of these issues:

  • Your product descriptions might not sound convincing to customers.
  • Your content isn’t seeming to be connected to anything.
  • It doesn’t satisfy the needs of the people who use it.

If you’re looking for a quick way to react to and solve these pressing problems, AI content generators are your answer.

There is a lot of merchandise that is not sold.

If you are receiving a high number of product returns, your product descriptions likely need improvement.

In many cases, this signals that the content contains false and misleading information. As a result, buyers feel deceived when they receive the product and decide to return it.

Our customer service team seems to be constantly answering questions about our products.

customer service

Do your customer service personnel find themselves frequently unable to respond to all product-related questions?

It’s a typical problem for eCommerce companies that don’t have a well-thought-out content strategy. The goal of product descriptions isn’t just to pique users’ interest and boost conversions. Instead, they must also provide visitors with useful information.

The right way to do things potential buyers won’t have to frequently contact customer support. If you’re not writing quality content, however, it might be time to explore using an AI writer.

Automating the process sufficiently, an AI can help you write product descriptions that are both accurate and data rich.

You didn’t write descriptions for all of the products.

If you have an eCommerce store, chances are you have thousands of items in stock which mean writing product descriptions can be a nightmare.

If you don’t want to write them all yourself or rely on your team, the best solution is to use AI software.

How to use AI content generators to write product content

product content

Are you aware that an AI text generator can help you create product descriptions rapidly? If so, great! But how exactly does one go about using such a tool?

We’ll continue to focus on AX Semantics. Our platform is easy to use and has a simple user interface. This content automation software transforms raw data into readable text.

It’s also why the input of your data is so crucial in the early phases of content automation. Structured data is necessary for AX Semantics to generate product descriptions for consumers on your website.

A product description generator is a great tool for creating unique and custom content. With it, you have full control over how the information is interpreted and how it sounds. This is particularly useful for similar items with lots of repeating information that follow the same structure since you can set your preferred tone of the content and more.

Once you configure the rule set and statements for a type of product, AX Semantics can do the same work for hundreds or even millions more products.

Although the NLP software masters various languages’ grammar, it does not translate. Rather, it merely translates the framework of statements. That is after a native speaker has translated the statement framework into the target language once.

The phases of webinar automation are as follows:

  • Use enhanced information about the company, color, design, and other aspects to provide context for your product-related content.
  • Set up the ruleset so that AX Semantics understands when to say what.
  • Each of your datasets is evaluated by the platform according to these standards.
  • Your products will have unique product descriptions.

The system is built around pre-written comments from the consumer, which must be approved by an admin. The content is designed to look as it does in the customer’s mind. All statements may become a separate branch to create variants for any one sentence or phrase.

The cycling of product-related rule sets may appear to be a difficult procedure, but you will expand and optimize them rapidly. Then it’s all downhill from here for your eCommerce shop.

Use Metrics to monitor the results


The most crucial aspect of any automation procedure is to see whether it works. After all, you can’t improve anything you don’t measure.

Metrics is a tool that allows you to monitor results using the HPI. It’s a tool that collects data and delivers performance metrics for your company.

This is an excellent supplement to the system since it demonstrates that your product pages are indeed effective.

You can measure the following data using Metrics:

  • Keep an eye on your site’s progress by monitoring the total number of page views.
  • Learn how often people interact with the material you’ve published.
  • Conversions: Examine the conversion rate of each product description’s headline.
  • To calculate your total CTR, divide the number of conversions by page views.

By gathering those statistics, you can confirm how well your online store is running and if any changes need to be made. A/B tests will also show what solutions work best for each product page. Automated content generation saves a lot of time, but by looking at the metrics, you can tell if it’s as effective as you want it to be.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when working with an AI writer:

ai writer

Article writing automation is self-sufficient, but only after you’ve set it up correctly. That’s why when working with AI article generator solutions, you must pay close attention to certain factors. Here are a few pointers on how to get the system ready to create excellent product content.

Be sure to include both the technical details and the benefits of your product or service.

If you want your writing to be successful, you need to include technical details. This type of information gives users the basics, such as item dimensions, color, and design.

That isn’t all, though. You’ll also need to include the following elements on the product page:

It is essential to not only list the practical benefits of using a product but also emphasize them. This rule applies to both automated and editorial content.

By bringing attention to the advantages in your product descriptions, you enable potential customers to see how your product can make their lives better.

By spelling out the advantages your product has, you make it more likely that people will want to buy it. Also, emphasizing benefits can help show how your product is unique from others available.

Optimize your product pages

product pages

Almost 70% of all clicks are from the first five organic results. Therefore, if you want your content to be seen, you need to optimize your product pages for better ranking in engine searches.

How you fine-tune your content is contingent upon several factors such as your products, target market, and goals. That being said, it’s always best to keep your content short and sweet. More often than not, potential customers will quickly scan rather than read product descriptions from top to bottom. So, ensure yours are both straightforward and brief.

In addition, use keywords sparingly. Try to initiate significant keywords into your descriptions to improve search engine ranking, however, beware of overusing them.

Always make sure that your information is accurate, and never make promises you can’t keep.

product descriptions

Every product description you create must be accurate. There’s no room for error here—buyers will notice any errors immediately.

Never break a promise to customers in your product descriptions; it will only damage your credibility and reputation. If you can’t deliver on a promise, potential clients will be disappointed and may not want to work with you again.

You’ll get a lot more return request. At the same time, you will get negative comments and exposure for your company.

Mention other features

real state

Product descriptions should provide detailed information about the product, as well as any additional benefits that might not be immediately obvious. For example, you can mention shipping options or trial periods.

This is a great approach for businesses with a lot of rivals. If free delivery is your key differentiator, don’t delay including it on the product page.


By following the steps above, you can configure an AI text generator for your product pages. Just remember that no matter how good the automation tool is, you’ll still need to put in the work to create high-quality content. After all, your goal is to improve the user experience on your website and increase conversions—not just save time.

We hope this guide helped get you started with using an AI text generator for your product pages. As always, if you have any questions or would like help getting started, feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to help! Thanks for reading! Happy writing!


How can I improve my product descriptions?

You can improve your product descriptions by adding technical details, emphasizing benefits, optimizing search engines, and ensuring accuracy. You should also mention other features that might not be immediately obvious to potential customers.

What is the best AI text generator?

There is no one “best” AI text generator. However, there are a few key factors you should consider when choosing an AI text generator for your product pages, such as its ability to create high-quality content, ease of use, and price.

Can I use an AI text generator for my entire website?

Yes! Many businesses use AI text generators to create content for their entire website, not just their product pages. However, you should keep in mind that AI text generators are not a replacement for human writers and editors. They should be used as a tool to help you save time and improve the quality of your content.

How much does an AI text generator cost?

AI text generators typically range in price from $50 to $500 per month. However, some providers offer free trials or discounts for first-time users. Be sure to compare pricing and features before choosing an AI text generator for your product pages.

What are the benefits of using an AI text generator?

The benefits of using an AI text generator include saving time, improving content quality, and optimizing search engine ranking. Additionally, AI text generators can help you create consistent, accurate, and keyword-rich product descriptions.

How do I get started with using an AI text generator for my product pages?

To get started with using an AI text generator for your product pages, simply choose a provider and sign up for an account. Then, follow the instructions on how to use the tool to create high-quality content for your product pages

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