37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity

Audio-To-Text Converter
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Do you have a lot of audio files that you need to convert to text? Do you want the best possible results, without having to spend hours trying different audio converters? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss 37 of the best audio-to-text converters on the market. We’ll go over their features and how they can help you get the most out of your conversion process.

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An Intro to Rev's Free Voice Recorder App | Rev

This automatic audio transcription is simple to use. You upload your audio or video file and Rev automatically transcribes it for you with great accuracy. Formatting the transcriptions are easy enough so that they’re readable without any issues.


Get your audio and video files transcribed by the largest marketplace of experienced transcribers—guaranteed to be 99% accurate.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Descript is a cutting-edge audio-to-text converter that creates transcripts of audio automatically. If you need a text version of your latest meeting or conversation, this app is for you. Simply record any sound, and Descript will do the rest in minutes – all without you having to manually type everything out. Plus, this app uses cloud-based technology for even more convenience.


Descript is a simple, powerful, and fun way to edit.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Podcastle.ai is an all-in-one audio creation platform that also offers affordable audio-to-text converter services. It’s a web-based platform so you won’t even have to download anything. With Podcastle’s AI-powered features you can automatically detect filler words and remove them. The tool also creates transcription summaries for further use. Podcastle also offers text-to-audio conversion using 19 human-like voice skins. 


Studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting – all in a single web-based platform


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

If you’re looking for automatic transcription software that can transcribe your meetings, Airgram is the perfect solution. It integrates with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom to provide a complete transcription of your meetings. This saves you time and ensures that you don’t miss anything important from the meeting.


Live transcription, video recording, and collaborative notes for your Google Meet and Zoom.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

The Flixier free audio-to-text converter helps you generate transcripts of your audio recordings and conversations quickly and easily in a matter of minutes. And the best part is that it all runs in your web browser so you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything to your computer. Just log in, upload your audio or video file, click the Generate Subtitle button and sit back while our software gives you a perfect transcript of the audio that you can then edit and save to your device!


Make amazing videos with just a few clicks, collaborate in real-time and publish in under 3 minutes with the fastest online video editor.

Virtual Speech

37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

This online tool converts your speech into text, which is then emailed to you. This service is free for audio files under 60 seconds long. For longer audio files, we charge a small fee per minute of additional audio. Pricing is displayed once the audio file has been uploaded.


Join 370,000+ people and boost your career with award-winning courses on public speaking, leadership, sales, and more.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Castos is a podcast hosting platform that not only hosts your episodes but also transcripts them for you with its voice-to-text technology. With Castos, your content becomes more accessible and easier to find through search engines. To use this option, you will need to activate it from the Integrations section in your dashboard.


Grow Your Audience, Monetize Your Content Experience the easiest way to start a podcast for your brand.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

You can transcribe audio files through Trint in a few quick and easy steps. Upload the video or audio file, and this web-based application will translate it into a format you can edit. You can use this audio-to-text converter to highlight certain sections of your files and export them as DOCX SRT, DOC, or TXT format. Your data is secure with the app’s ISO 27001 accredited data management– meaning all the information you manage through Trint is only accessible to you.


Tired of transcription headaches? Trint’s AI turns audio & video files to text in 40+ languages. Tell stories faster by transcribing, translating, editing and collaborating in a single workflow. Simple.

Express Scribe

Available as PRO and as well as a free version, Express Scribe is loaded with everything you’d need to transcribe audio almost effortlessly. You’d also find yourself spending way less time in the process, all thanks to their keyboard hotkeys and transcribing pedal support. This software can handle a variety of formats, including encrypted dictation files. You can also load audio from a CD and work on them as they load.

Express Scribe

Record and edit music, voice and other audio, apply effects, create ringtones.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

GoTranscript is one of the largest audio-to-text converter service platforms on the Internet, with over 10,000 users. Our team of highly skilled professionals transcribes both audio and video files quickly and accurately, so you can get your transcripts in a format that works for you. Whether you’re looking to convert radio interviews, webcasts, or video podcasts to text, GoTranscript converts audio to text automatically.


We satisfied more than 98.5% of our clients, successfully transcribing 144 million minutes of their content


This software not only records and transcribes search audio files quickly and easily, but it also comes with a handy search feature that lets you find specific passages within recordings. Plus, if you ever need help, the customer service team is both knowledgeable and willing to assist.


Fireflies.ai helps your team transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Happy Scribe is an audio-to-text converter released in 2017 to assist people in transcribing audio and video content into text. It utilizes over a million people and has already translated millions of minutes of video and audio content. Happy Scribe includes both paid free transcription, as well as free plans for audio-to-text converters.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Notta is an audio-to-text converter that types words for you in real-time, available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. It’s easy to use and highly accurate to convert audio formats from the text. Notta’s mobile app also provides translation in over 40 languages, making it convenient for business or personal use.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Otter is one of the best audio-to-text converter platforms because it is so accurate and easy to use. If you are looking for a productivity tool to transcribe interviews or lectures, then Otter should be your go-to option.

Dragon Professional

37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Though audio-to-text converter program is marketed as easy to use, there is still a learning curve for voice commands. The features included may help with transcription projects, but they can be confusing and time-consuming to learn.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

With Sonix, you won’t have to scroll through hours of audio because it transforms audio into text in real-time. You can focus on reading the content later. Instead of monthly minute allotments, you pay for Sonix transcripts per hour. This method means you only pay for what you use–saving money if don’t need a lot of transcriptions each month. The per-hour rate is cheaper than some other transcription services.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

If you’re in the market for audio-to-text converters that make transcribing audio files a breeze, Audext might be worth considering. This app uses AI to do all the heavy lifting for you- simply upload an hour of audio, and it will take just 10 minutes to transcribe. While it’s fast, there are other options available that could be faster if speed is your only concern.

Transcribe by Wreally

37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

If you’re a writer, you know that it’s important to have a tool such as an audio-to-text converter that also helps with diction. The most efficient way to work on your projects is by listening to your recordings as you type. This way, you can keep up with what you say without taking time away from your project.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Temi is one of the very few audio transcription apps that can recognize audio with almost 100 percent accuracy. It also offers the transcribed text file in real-time. If your transcribing process is underway and you receive a call on your smartphone, then this audio-to-text converter will automatically pause. You can also share your files saved by this application without any restrictions.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

oTranscribe provides timestamps for your audio that you can click to hear that part of the recording. And if you find any errors in the transcripts, no problem! You can fix them quickly and easily with our built-in editor.

Simon Says

37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Simon Says is an innovative audio-to-text converter that offers users accurate transcription of both audio and video files. This system employs cutting-edge AI audio recognition technology to enable transcriptions in over ninety languages. Consequently, Simon Says can transcribe podcasts regardless of the language used.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

This AI-powered tool uses audio recognition to transcribe video and audio into text or subtitles. The online text editor lets you make corrections yourself, or take advantage of the available human transcribers for a perfect result.


37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

Transkriptor is the transcription assistant you need to quickly transcribe audio or video files into text. Its artificial intelligence ensures accurate transcriptions within minutes, making it perfect for interviews, lectures, and videos. Many professionals and students already use Transkriptor. Transkriptor converts your recordings into editable TXT, word, or SRT files. It’s easy and quick to download and use the online editor for transcription productivity in school, work, and life.

Auris AI

37 Best Audio-to-Text Converter To Step Up Productivity Softlist.io

With these audio-to-text converters, you can easily convert video or audio to text and then edit the transcript like a word document.


Maestra is an audio-to-text software with a built-in sophisticated text editor. It can transcribe audio into text quickly and automatically, generate subtitles and captions in over 50 languages, and voice-over videos in 20+ foreign languages using computer-generated voice.


If you’ve ever had to transcribe audio, you understand how much time it can take. With Vocalmatic, you can load your MP3 files and auto-transcribe them into text quickly and easily. This means that you don’t have to waste any time waiting for the transcription process to finish so that you can start editing – you can do it all at once!

Bear File Converter

Is a tool that converts audio files in various formats (mp3, wav, ogg, wma etc) into text. It is based on CMU Sphinx, an open-source audio recognition toolkit from CMU. This free online tool lets you upload your audio file and click “convert” to get the result text file immediately.


If you’re looking for a fast API that is fully customizable, Speechmatics may be your best bet. However, it can be expensive to set up, and it is more geared toward large businesses than individuals or students. You may need to consult with a local expert in order to get the software properly set up for your company’s needs.

IBM Watson Speech to Text

IBM Watson Speech to Text is a top audio-to-text conversion software that can quickly and easily turn your audio into written text in 7 languages. This service provides amazing speech recognition capabilities to convert various languages into transcripts of spoken audio, with the ability to transcribe from English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean Mandarin Chinese, German, and Arabic speakers with great accuracy.

Transcribe – Speech to Text

“Transcribe – Speech to Text” comes with advanced audio recognition technology to generate quality results. It doesn’t matter the size of the video or audio file, this app can transcribe it. Additionally, it supports more than 120 dialects and languages! Plus, if you have other compatible applications on your phone, Transcribe can sync with them.”

Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications

With Live Transcribe, people can understand and take part in more of their everyday conversations. If you’re someone who frequently uses unique words or phrases that wouldn’t be categorized under any supported language, don’t worry! You can also teach the app new terms to use.

Transcription Tool

If you’re seeking an automatic transcription, the Transcription Tool may be your best bet. With an advanced audio recognition system that accounts for grammar and punctuation, this is one of the most user-friendly applications available. You also have main settings customization options. Currently, the application only supports four languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Transcription Tool is the perfect way to transcribe both audio and video file using just your smartphone’s keyboard. It also supports multiple popular audio formats such as “MPEG-4,” “OGG,” “WAVE,” 3GPP,” and “MP3.

Audio to Text (Speech Recognition)

You can use the Audio to Text app to transcribe audio file formats in 120 different languages. The app supports multiple formats and offers auto-punctuation for many languages. You can save and share the generated text anytime you want. However, it doesn’t offer real-time transcription, so you’ll need to use an audio file that has already been recorded. Furthermore, you would need to utilize a distinct app to record audio if it were available, which it is not.


Unlike the previous podcasting audio-to-text software products we featured in this article, InqSribe can only be used on Mac and PC computers. Even though anyone can install and use this software for free, you must purchase the license if you want to print, save, or export transcripts from InqScribe.


Kukarella is the perfect solution for all your transcription needs, whether you need to transcribe an interview, a conversation, notes from a meeting, or even convert audio from a video file. The audio-to-text technology is very powerful and easy to use to upload audio files, and Kukarella’s clean and user-friendly interface makes it extremely productive to convert audio into complete transcription. Plus, the flexibility to record my voice or transcribe past recordings makes it ideal for any situation.


If you’re looking for an affordable, accurate transcription service that also happens to be free, then look no further than Welder. Download all of your audio files as text transcriptions at absolutely no cost! This software is specifically designed for professionals – like interviewers, meeting organizers, or presentation givers – who often need transcriptions for work but don’t want to spend the money on a professional transcriber or per-minute audio​service. With Welder, there are no strings attached; simply start creating more content and watch your brand grow.

Speak AI

Speak gives you multiple ways to collect important audio or video data. Build custom embeddable audio and video recorders, record directly in-app or easily upload locally stored files.

Few Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Audio-to-Text Conversion

Few Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Audio to Text Conversion

There are many reasons why you might want to convert audio to text. Maybe you need to transcribe an interview for work, or you want to create subtitles for a video you’re making. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of audio-to-text conversion.

One of the most important things is to use a high-quality audio recording. Audio-to-text converters are getting better all the time, but they’re still far from perfect. The better the quality of your audio recording, the more accurate the transcription will be.

It’s also important to avoid back audio text ground-to-text ground noise if possible. Turn off any fans or other noise-makers in the room, and make sure the person speaking is clearly audible. If there’s too much background noise, the audio-to-text converters may have trouble understanding what’s being said.

Finally, keep in mind that audio-to-text converters are best used as a starting point. They can help you create a transcript quickly and easily, but you’ll still need to proofread and edit it carefully to ensure that it’s accurate.


How do audio-to-text converters work?

The process typically works by taking the audio input and running it through a series of algorithms that identify words and phrases. These identified words and phrases are then transcribed onto a digital document. 

What are the tips to use an audio-to-text converter successfully?

First, make sure that the audio file is of good quality. Second, speak slowly and clearly when using an audio-to-text converter. Finally, proofread the transcript for any errors. 

How to choose the right automation software tool for you?

First, you’ll want to think about what format you want the output in. Second, you’ll want to consider how much audio you need to convert. Third, think about how accurate you need the conversion to be.

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