GPS Time Tracking: Clockify GPS Time Clock App Review

GPS Time Tracking: Clockify GPS Time Clock App Review
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Don’t settle for just ordinary time tracking software for your employee time tracking needs. Go for a time clock app with GPS time tracking like Clockify. Read on and find out why.

VII. Final Thoughts: Why Should Clockify Be Your GPS Time Tracking And Location Tracking Software?

What Is A Time Clock App With GPS?

What Is A Time Clock App With GPS?

Many employers and businesses need help maintaining timesheets for their workers, especially those who don’t go to their job site. It’s not just an issue of being unable to track time but more of location tracking. It’s challenging to determine if their employees worked those hours on-site.

Thanks to technology, unique time tracking software can help them with these issues—the GPS time tracking software. A time clock app is a mobile application that allows users to accurately record the time of their activities using GPS technology on their mobile device, smartphones, or tablets.

This project management software uses the precise time signals sent from GPS satellites to provide highly accurate timestamps that can be used for various purposes, such as employee time tracking, PTO processing, and others.

Some GPS time tracker apps also include GPS location tracking, geofencing, and data analysis tools to help users manage their time and activities better.

It suits individuals or businesses looking to track time and activities accurately and efficiently.

This article will discuss one of the most popular mobile time clock apps, Clockify.

Meet Clockify GPS Location Tracking Time Clock App

Meet Clockify GPS Location Tracking Time Clock App

Clockify is a mobile time tracking software that allows individuals or teams to track their employee hours, projects, and tasks. It can be used for various purposes, including tracking billable hours, managing team productivity, and monitoring project progress.

It is a cloud-based software you can use through a web browser or mobile app, offering free and paid plans. The free plan includes unlimited time tracking, reporting, and team management, while the paid plan includes additional features such as invoicing, project templates, and priority support.

Clockify allows users to track time by starting and stopping a timer, manually entering time, or importing time data from other sources. Users can also organize their time entries by project, task, and client and generate reports to analyze their time data.

Features And Benefits Of Clockify GPS Time Tracking

Features And Benefits Of Clockify GPS Time Tracking

How can Clockify benefit mobile employees and employers? Read on and discover the features of this time tracking app.

  1. Timesheet App

The timesheet is the most basic yet fundamental feature of Clockify and any other GPS time tracking software. It provides users with a comprehensive view of their time entries, which they can filter by user, date, and project. Users can edit, add, or delete time entries and export timesheets to various formats.

  1. Calendar

One of the critical features of Clockify is its calendar feature, which provides users with a visual representation of their work schedule over a given period.

It allows users to view their tracked time in daily, weekly, and monthly views and filter their calendar by project, task, or team member to see how their time is spent on specific projects or with particular team members.

  1. Invoicing

Clockify lets you make professional invoices in no time! Users can add their company logo, change the color scheme of the invoice, and add custom fields to include additional information. The system allows users to set their invoice language, currency, and tax settings to match their business needs.

Users can also track the status of their invoices, including which ones have been paid and which are still outstanding. This can be useful for monitoring cash flow and ensuring that payments are received on time.

  1. Integration

Clockify lets users connect with various tools and platforms they can use in their work, helping them streamline their workflows. These apps include Trello, Asana, Jira, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

  1. Time Tracker

Clockify’s time tracker feature is one of the core functionalities of the application, allowing users to track the time they spend on various tasks and projects. It gives them a detailed record of their work hours and helps them improve their productivity and time management.

Cost And Price Plans Of GPS Tracking App Clockify

Cost and Price

How much does it cost to use Clockify? Below is a list of the price plans that this GPS time clock offers. But first, Clockify has a free version for freelancers and small teams.

  1. Basic

The Basic Plan costs $3.99 per user per month, billed annually.

  • ✓ Add time for others  
  • ✓ Hide time & pages  
  • ✓ Required fields  
  • ✓ Bulk edit  
  • ✓ Decimal format  
  • ✓ Time audit  
  • ✓ Customize export  
  • ✓ Project templates  
  • ✓ Historical rates  
  • ✓ Edit profiles  
  • ✓ Import time  
  • ✓ Kiosk PIN  
  • ✓ Breaks  
  1. Standard

This plan is dedicated to timesheeting and billing, billed annually, which costs $5.49 per user per month.

  • ✓ Time off  
  • ✓ Invoicing  
  • ✓ Approval  
  • ✓ Lock time  
  • ✓ Targets & reminders  
  • ✓ Manager role  
  • ✓ Task rates  
  • ✓ Rounding  
  • ✓ QuickBooks integration  
  • ✓ Force 2FA  
  • ✓ Customize kiosk  
  1. Pro

For productivity and profit, the Pro Plan costs $7.99 per user per month, billed annually. It offers:

  • ✓ Scheduling  
  • ✓ Forecasting  
  • ✓ Expenses  
  • ✓ Labor cost & profit  
  • ✓ Budget & estimates  
  • ✓ Custom fields  
  • ✓ User fields  
  • ✓ Email reports  
  • ✓ Assignment report  
  • ✓ Alerts  
  • ✓ Force timer  
  • ✓ GPS tracking  
  • ✓ Screenshots  
  • ✓ Data region  
  1. Enterprise

Enterprise, which starts at $11.99 per user per month, provides control and security for your team and records.

  • ✓ Single sign-on (SSO)  
  • ✓ Custom subdomain  
  • ✓ Control accounts  
  • ✓ Audit log 
    V. Pros And Cons Of Using Clockify
Pros and Cons

Clockify helps businesses with its outstanding capabilities. But it’s not perfect – with its pros and cons. Read on to learn about these below.


  1. Unlimited Time Tracking

This is one of the best things about Clockify. It offers unlimited time tracking to both the free version and paid plan users. So, you don’t have to worry about tracking your employees’ work hours.

  1. Real-Time Chat

Clockify is not your average GPS time clock app because it also lets users chat in real time. If you need to send a message to a colleague or employee, just type it in and send it using this GPS time clock.

  1. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is one of the strongest features of Clockify. It lets you see where your employee is working.


  1. No Scheduling Tools

Unfortunately, you can use this GPS time clock to create shift schedules. You need to use another app that integrates with Clockify to create schedules.

  1. Lack In Payroll Provider Integrations

Unlike other software, Clockify does not integrate with payroll providers to make payroll processing easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read these FAQs to fully understand the app.

Can Clockify Track Your Activities?

This GPS time tracker lets you track work hours, but only you can see all these data, which means admins don’t have access to them. However, Clockify has screenshot features, but you’ll have to enable them for them to work.

Can You Use Clockify Offline?

Yes, Clockify can work offline, so you can record or track your time by entering the data manually or pressing the timer on.

Can You Pause Time In Clockify?

When you stop the timer, the app automatically saves the recorded time. You also have the option to continue the timer through the button on the right.

Final Thoughts: Why Should Clockify Be Your GPS Time Tracking And Location Tracking Software?

Final Thoughts

Clockify is not your average GPS time tracking and location tracking app, which lets you manage tracked time with ease. It benefits freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprises.

Now that you know what Clockify can do for you, why not learn more about the pros and cons of GPS time tracking software by visiting our website. We have blogs that feature different automation tools you need to strengthen your business.

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