The Verdict: Time Clock App With GPS Homebase Review

The Verdict: Time Clock App With GPS Homebase Review
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Various time-tracking apps are available online, helping businesses and project management teams compute billable hours. However, simple time tracking isn’t enough. You need the power of Time Clock App with GPS for more accurate results like homebase.

What Is GPS Time Tracking?

What Is GPS Time Tracking?

Are you tired of manually encoding your work hours or manually checking your employees’ timesheets? Then, the GPS time-tracking software is for you and your team. It utilizes GPS technology to track time and record the location and movement of an individual or object while he is logged in for work. This employee time-tracking software enables users to accurately track activities by recording the start and end times of every task.

With a GPS time clock to track time, mobile employees can generate reports of their hours for payroll or billing purposes, thanks to features such as automatic reminders, project management software, and integrations with other software applications.

If you’re looking for a GPS time clock for your team or employees, check out this review of Homebase. Learn about how it works, its features, pros and cons, and price plans.

Overview Of Homebase GPS Time Clock App

Overview Of Homebase GPS Time Clock App

Homebase GPS time clock app enables businesses to monitor their employees’ time and attendance using GPS technology. It allows employees to clock in and out of work using a mobile device, which is equipped with GPS technology. The software then tracks their location data and generates accurate timesheets for payroll purposes.

This time tracking software can also monitor employee hours and locations in real-time, ensuring that employees are working where they are supposed to be – at their job site or elsewhere.

Features And Benefits Of Homebase GPS Location Tracking

Features And Benefits Of Homebase GPS Location Tracking

Homebase is a mobile time tracking software that offers the following features:

  1. Scheduling

This feature helps create and publish schedules by dragging and dropping shifts onto the calendar. Employees can view them and ask for changes if necessary.

Users can also set up recurring schedules, copy previous schedules, and use templates to save time. They can also customize schedules based on employee availability, job role, and labor budget.

  1. Time Clock

The most basic feature of any GPS time clock app is the time clock. With this feature, employees can easily clock in and out of their shifts from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for physical time clocks or paper timesheets. It also provides real-time visibility into employee attendance, allowing managers to quickly identify attendance trends and address any issues as they arise.

  1. Payroll

Pay your employees accurately with a few clicks with the payroll feature. There’s no more need to calculate wages manually as the app does it and sends taxes, wages, and correct payments to the employees, IRS, and the state.

  1. Hiring And Onboarding

This feature streamlines the hiring process and helps businesses onboard new employees efficiently. It can help create job postings, track applicants, and communicate with candidates in one place. Users can create customizable onboarding checklists, such as a step-by-step process for new hires to complete.

  1. Team Communication

The team communication feature is all teams need to communicate about their scheduling and everything timesheet. With Homebase, businesses can create a secure online platform for sharing messages, files, and updates in real-time. Users can create group chats for the entire team or for specific individuals.

Cost And Price Plans Of GPS Tracking App Homebase

Cost And Price

How much does Homebase cost?

This GPS time tracker offers four pricing plans – Basic, Essentials, Plus, and All-in-One.

  1. Basic

The basic plan is Homebase’s free plan, suitable for one location and unlimited employees. It offers timesheets & time clocks, scheduling & availability, messaging, and hiring.

  1. Essentials

This plan aims to develop team communication and performance for $20 per month, per location. It offers all the features of the basic plan and includes team communication, performance tracking, and remote & field tools.

  1. Plus

When your team is bigger, the Plus plan is your best choice, which gives you control over operations and labor costs. For $48 per month, per location, your team can enjoy labor cost controls & budgets, time off limits & PTO tracking, and permissions & policies, aside from all the features in the Essentials plan.

  1. All-in-One

If you need to organize your team, HR, and work all in one place, the All-in-One plan has got your back. Aside from offering all the features of the Plus plan, your team can also use the new hire onboarding, employee documents, and HR & compliance features. All these are for $48 per month, per location.

These prices are really not bad for a mobile time clock app this good. Not to mention, it offers a free version too.V. Pros And Cons Of Using GPS Time Tracking App Homebase

Is this GPS tracking software perfect? No. No single software is perfect, but it’s got functionality. Read on to learn about its pros and cons.


  1. Free Forever Plan

For those who find the Basic plan good enough to sustain their operations, they can use it for free forever. No charge, just unlimited employees for scheduling and other processes.

  1. Easy To Use

Users don’t have to use their computers to log into Homebase. Just their mobile device, such as their tablet or smartphone, and they can put in their hours anytime. It keeps them from getting disrupted as they don’t have to open a new browser on their computer.

  1. Automatic Removal Of Terminated Staff From Messenger

Have members in the group chats that are no longer part of the team? No worries – the app automatically removes them from the groups, so you can maintain the security and confidentiality of your conversations.


  1. Payroll Feature Available Only In USD

This can be an issue for some users outside the US. They are forced to convert the payments to their own currency after processing them in US dollars.

  1. No end to communication with disqualified applicants

Some users complain about disqualified applicants continuing to ask questions even if they have been turned down already.

Frequently Asked Questions


There are many questions about Homebase. Here are some of those.

How Safe Is Homebase?

Homebase partners with trusted security firms to prevent intrusions by running bug bounty programs. Plus, it requires its customer service team to undergo data security and privacy training.

How Long Does It Take For Homebase To Deliver?

It usually takes five days for Homebase to deliver data. However, they will let you know about delivery times at the time an order is made.

Best Alternative for Homebase

Final Thoughts: Why Is Homebase The Best GPS Time Tracking Software?

Final Thoughts

Homebase has excellent features and pricing plans that give you your money’s worth. It’s a great time tracking tool and GPS time clock in one solution. It should be your time tracking software of choice.

With these, why don’t you read more about time tracking apps by visiting our website? We have more automation software to help you make your workflows easier.

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