The 21 Must-Have Mail Server Monitoring Tools

The 21 Must-Have Mail Server Monitoring Tools
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People who do business with you depend on how well your mail server works. In today’s fast-paced digital world, this is very important. Thoughts? Imagine that important emails either need to be recovered or sent too late. This is something that no business wants to happen. In this case, mail server monitoring tools come in handy to ensure that your email exchange goes efficiently and reliably.

But there are so many to choose from how do you pick the best one? Our complete guide to the 21 best mail server tracking tools is made to do just that. Each device has been carefully examined to help you pick the right one. This includes everything from info that is updated in real-time to safety features.

If you want to make your system more straightforward to use, run a small business, work in IT, or change how you handle your emails, these tools could help. Find out about each device’s main features, pros, and cons below. This will help you pick the best one to keep your email safe and straightforward.

1. Dotcom

A screenshot of Dotcom-monitor's website

Source: Dotcom-monitor

Like a digital artist, dotcom-monitor ensures your website always puts on its best show. It always keeps an eye on computers, websites, and online apps. It will let you know immediately if your website needs help with issues, like working slowly or going down.

It’s like having a group of people ready to fix issues on your digital stage behind the scenes. This tool gives you a lot of information that you can use to make your website run better.

It’s great for businesses that want to look their best online. Dotcom-monitor makes sure that your website always looks great and wows people who come.


  • Basic plan: $29/month
  • Standard procedure: $55/month
  • Advanced technique: $129/month
  • Custom plan: priced based on specific needs

To get started with Dotcom right away, click here.


Get instant alerts to quickly resolve any issues with your web services. We continuously test the functionality, performance, and availability of websites, web applications, and APIs from multiple points on the Internet and from inside your network.

2. Warmy

A screenshot of Warmy's website

Source: Warmy

Warmy is like a warm blanket for your home’s heating system. A smart thermostat determines how warm or cool your home should be based on how you usually use it. Warmy has a remote control app that makes it very easy to use.

It also keeps track of how much energy you use, which saves you money and is suitable for the environment. Warmy ensures your home is always at the right temperature when you get home.

This is a creative way to live in a modern, cozy, and environmentally friendly way. Warmy makes controlling your home’s heat easy, innovative, and fun!


  • Starter plan costs $29/month and includes 10,000 emails/month, 1 sender domain, and basic reporting.
  • The growth plan costs $49/month and consists of 20,000 emails/month, three sender domains, and advanced reporting.
  • The pro plan costs $99/month and consists of 50,000 emails/month, five sender domains, and priority support.

To get started with Warmy right away, click here.


Auto all-in-one tool for email deliverability to make your Email Channel Reliable.

3. Auvik

A screenshot of Auvik's website

Source: Auvik

Regarding a business’s network, Auvik is like the brain. It is a program that controls and keeps an eye on network equipment. Auvik lets you see how the network is doing in real-time, which speeds up and improves debugging.

You can think of it as having a plan and compass for the health of your network. Many network management jobs can be done automatically by this mail software. This saves time and cuts down on mistakes.

It’s easy for IT teams to use Auvik to keep complicated networks running smoothly. It’s a strong ally in network and data management, making digital links easier to make and stronger!


  • Managed networks: Prices start at $179 a month for 50 devices and go up based on the number of devices.
  • SaaS Management: Prices start at $349 a month for 250 SaaS apps and increase based on the number of apps.
  • Management of Wi-Fi: Prices start at $499 per month for 25 access points and increase based on the number of access points.

To get started with Auvik right away, click here.


Reduce IT headaches and save time with automated network discovery, documentation, monitoring, and more. Network management and troubleshooting is simpler with Auvik’s easy-to-use software.

4. Site24×7

A screenshot of Site24x7's website

Source: Site24x7

Site24×7 keeps an eye on your online services like a guard. It always supports an eye on websites, computers, and cloud services. With Site24×7, you’re notified immediately of any problems so you can fix them quickly.

Like having a digital doctor who is always on call, you can understand and improve your online success with the help of the detailed reports this tool gives you.

It’s great for companies that want to ensure their online doors are always open. Site24×7 ensures everyone has a smooth, uninterrupted online experience, which is why web pros love it.


  • For $9 a month, you get ten basic monitors, 500 MB of logs, and one advanced Microsoft app monitor.
  • The pro plan costs $39 a month and comes with five network tracking interfaces, 40 basic monitors, and 500K RUM page views.
  • Classic plan costs $99 a month and includes ten network tracking interfaces, 100 basic monitors, and 1 million RUM pageviews.
  • The business plan costs $225 a month and has more options than the other plans.

To get started with Site24×7 right away, click here.

5. Dynatrace

A screenshot of Dynatrace's website

Source: Dynatrace

Dynatrace is for computer users and having an intelligent helper is for people. It checks websites, apps, and online services to ensure they work well. Problems are found quickly by Dynatrace, and they are often fixed before you even know about them.

Like having a guard dog that is so smart that it only barks when something is wrong. Thanks to this, online stores can stay open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This makes it easy for customers to buy things from those stores.

Tech teams all over the world love Dynatrace because it helps them figure out how to make things run better in the future. Technology magic makes sure that everything you do online is always fun!


  • Full-Stack Monitoring: $0.08 per hour for 8 GiB host
  • Application Security: $0.018 per hour for 8 GiB host
  • Real User Monitoring: $0.00225 per session
  • Synthetic Monitoring: Starts at $0.001 per artificial request
  • Log Management & Analytics: Based on usage
    • Ingest & Process: $0.20 per GiB
    • Retain: $0.0007 per GiB per day
    • Query: $0.0035 per GiB

To get started with Dynatrace right away, click here.

6. Pingdom

A screenshot of Pingdom's website

Source: SolarWinds Pingdom

It’s like having a personal health coach for your website. It monitors how well your site is doing and ensures it’s always quick and reliable. Pingdom lets you know immediately if something goes wrong, like if your site slows down or goes offline.

Your online appearance is watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This tool also gives you ideas for improving your site so it stays in great shape.

It’s necessary for companies that want to have a strong, continuous online presence. Pingdom is the best way to keep your online place healthy and growing!


  • The free plan includes 50 monitors, 100K page views, and ten dashboards.
  • Starter plan: $10/month, 250 monitors, 500K page views, 25 dashboards.
  • Pro program: $30/month, 1000 monitors, 1M page views, 50 dashboards.
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing, unlimited monitors, page views, and dashboards.

To get started with Pingdom right away, click here.

7. New Relic

A screenshot of New Relic's website

Source: New Relic

New Relic is like having a digital detective watch over your website or app. It’s software that keeps an eye on your online services. When New Relic finds problems, like pages that take a long time to load or crash, it tells you why.

It’s like being able to see things clearly with X-ray vision. This tool helps businesses keep their websites running smoothly and being easy for people to use.

New Relic also gives you helpful information that you can use to make your website or app better over time. Teams that want their online space to look great and work ideally need to get it!


  • The free plan gives you 100GB of data storage, one full platform user, and as many primary users as you want.
  • Standard plan: $0.30/GB after the first 100GB, with five total platform users.
  • Pro plan costs $0.30/GB after the first 100GB, and it lets you have as many total platform users as you want.
  • Enterprise plan: $0.30/GB after the first 100GB is free, unlimited total platform users, FedRAMP Moderate, and HIPAA compliance.

To get started with New Relic right away, click here.

8. SysAid

A screenshot of SysAid's website

Source: SysAid

Software makes it simpler for businesses to handle their IT needs. SysAid keeps track of and addresses IT problems so that everything gets noticed. It’s like having a helper for your IT team from home.

Daily jobs are done automatically by the software, saving time and reducing mistakes. SysAid also gives companies valuable reports that help them make better IT choices.

IT pros worldwide love it because it’s easy to use and powerful, making it an essential tool for keeping IT operations running smoothly and efficiently.


SysAid still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with SysAid right away, click here.

9. Netcrunch by Adrem Software

A screenshot of Adrem Software's website

Source: Adrem Software

NetCrunch keeps an eye on your network and keeps it safe. It monitors your network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NetCrunch lets you know about any problems so they can be fixed quickly. Having an eagle eye watch over your digital world is like that.

The software gives you a clear picture of your network, which makes it easier to control. Some jobs at NetCrunch are also done automatically, which saves time.

It’s perfect for IT teams that need a complete and simple tool to keep networks healthy and running smoothly.


  • Essentials: $90/month or $1075/year for 100/100 nodes/interfaces
  • Professional: $131/month or $1575/year for 100/100 nodes/interfaces
  • Enterprise: $270/month or $3240/year, for 100/100 nodes/interfaces

To get started with Adrem Software right away, click here.

10. MXToolBox

A screenshot of MXToolBox's website

Source: MXToolBox

MXToolBox checks the health of your email server like a doctor. It’s an online tool that looks for issues with how you set up your email. MXToolBox makes sure that emails are sent quickly and safely.

It’s like having a manager for your digital mailroom. This tool can look for blocklists, system problems, and more. Businesses that depend on email contact can only do with it.

Email managers love MXToolBox because it helps keep your emails straightforward, quick, and trouble-free.


MXToolBox has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with MXToolBox right away, click here.

11. MailStore

A screenshot of MailStore's website

Source: MailStore

MailStore is like a safe place to store your emails. It is software that keeps all of your email messages. It’s easy and quick to look for old emails in MailStore. It’s like having your email library.

The software ensures emails follow the rules, lowering the risk of losing info. It also frees up room on the server, which makes the email system run faster.

MailStore is a must-have for businesses that need to store emails in a way that keeps them safe, organized, and easy to access. With MailStore, your digital talks are always just a click away.


  • MailStore Server costs $259 annually and is made for small and medium-sized companies.
  • MailStore Service Provider Edition is priced per user and is made for controlled service providers.
  • MailStore Home is a free service that lets home and private users store old emails.
  • MailStore Gateway is a free add-on tool that lets you do tracking and proxying.

To get started with MailStore right away, click here.

12. Barracuda Networks

A screenshot of Barracuda's website

Source: Barracuda

For your internet safety, Barracuda Networks is like a digital fortress. It has several security tools to keep email, networks, and data safe.

Barracuda stops hackers, spam, viruses, and other online threats. It’s like having a group of cyber protectors. The business offers complete security options that are easy to use.

When companies want to stay safe online, they know they can trust Barracuda. Knowing that your digital belongings are safe gives you peace of mind.


Barracuda has different price plans so everyone can find one that works for them. They have both cloud-based and on-premises systems, and there are other ways to set them up.

To get started with Barracuda right away, click here.

13. Server Density

A screenshot of Server Density's website

Source: Server Density

You can think of Server Density as a health tracker for your servers. It keeps an eye on the health and performance of your computers. Server Density lets you know about problems before they become big ones. It’s like having a computer mechanic who takes action.

This tool gives you thorough reports that help you improve the performance of your server. It also lets you figure out how much space you’ll need on the computer. Businesses that depend on servers need Server Density to make sure they run quickly and efficiently all the time.


  • $10 per month for one server
  • $25 per month for 5 servers
  • $50 per month for 10 servers
  • $100 per month for 20 servers
  • $250 per month for 25 servers
  • Contact us for pricing for more than 25 servers

To get started with Server Density right away, click here.

14. Checkmk

A screenshot of Checkmk's website

Source: Checkmk

You can think of Checkmk as a digital stethoscope for your IT system. Servers, networks, and apps can all be watched over by this tracking tool. Checkmk lets you know about problems before they get worse. It’s like having a digital guardian who is always on call.

This software gives you deep details that help you improve performance. Checkmk can work in several different settings, which makes it flexible.

It’s an essential tool for IT workers who want to ensure their systems are safe, effective, and dependable. It also makes IT monitoring easier to understand and use.


  • Raw Edition is free and open source and works well for medium-sized networks.
  • Enterprise Edition: It’s scalable and automated and made for tracking IT across an entire company.
  • Cloud Edition: Made for hybrid and cloud systems

To get started with Checkmk right away, click here.

15. NinjaOne

A screenshot of NinjaOne's website

Source: NinjaOne

NinjaOne is a set of tools for handling IT jobs. It helps IT teams keep an eye on and run their tech systems. NinjaOne has tools for managing and monitoring from afar. Having a digital helper for your IT needs is much like having a pro.

The software automatically does Routine jobs, saving time and effort. NinjaOne also has powerful tools for troubleshooting and IT help.

It’s perfect for companies that want to streamline and speed up their IT processes. This makes IT management more effective and less stressful.


NinjaOne has a pricing plan called “pay-per-device.” The price per device goes down as the number of devices goes up. One to fifty devices cost one dollar each, while 501 to one thousand devices cost seventy cents each.

To get started with NinjaOne right away, click here.

16. Zabbix

A screenshot of Zabbix's website

Source: Zabbix

Zabbix is a high-tech way to keep an eye on the health of your network. This is a tool for monitoring your web, computers, and apps. It sends messages as soon as something goes wrong. It’s the same as having a digital watchtower.

The tool lets you look at data deeply, which helps you quickly understand and solve problems. Zabbix is free, can be changed, and can grow as needed.

It’s perfect for companies that need a robust and all-around monitoring system to keep their digital spaces safe and running at their best.


Zabbix has not provided pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with Zabbix right away, click here.

17. SolarWinds

A screenshot of SolarWinds' website

Source: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

SolarWinds is an all-in-one tool for managing IT. It gives you tools to monitor and control your IT infrastructure, systems, and networks. SolarWinds makes it easy to find and fix IT problems fast. You can think of it as having a computer problem-solver.

This tool also improves speed and makes sure the system is always available. SolarWinds is known for having powerful tools and an easy-to-use interface.

It’s a must-have for IT workers who want a complete and quick way to keep their digital environments running smoothly and safely.


SolarWinds still needs to provide pricing information for this product or service. Contact them for up-to-date price details.

To get started with SolarWinds right away, click here.

18. Nagios XI

A screenshot of Nagios XI's website

Source: Nagios XI

You can keep an eye on your IT systems with Nagios XI. It is a tracking tool that monitors all your systems, networks, and apps. With Nagios XI, you can be warned about problems before they affect processes.

It’s similar to having a digital guard dog. This program has dashboards that can be changed to make monitoring easy. Scalable: Nagios XI can be used in both small and big environments.

It’s the tool that IT teams use when they need robust and reliable monitoring to keep an eye on IT settings.


  • Standard plan: Starts at $1,995 for 100 nodes
  • Enterprise Edition plan: Starts at $3,495 for 100 nodes

To get started with Nagios XI right away, click here.

19. Datadog

A screenshot of Datadog's website

Source: Datadog

Datadog stands out as a top server monitoring tool, providing comprehensive oversight for cloud-based apps. It excels in tracking the performance and availability of apps and infrastructure, ensuring operational efficiency. With its real-time data capabilities, Datadog enables quick problem identification and resolution.

Functioning like a digital data expert, this tool integrates seamlessly with a variety of systems, making it a versatile choice for server management. Notably, Datadog also includes website monitoring features, making it an ideal solution for businesses that need to monitor server performance and ensure website reliability. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the management of complex data, including monitoring email addresses for any associated issues.

Datadog is a top choice for businesses operating in the cloud, offering the necessary tools to guarantee that their digital services consistently deliver peak performance.


  • Free plan: Up to 5 hosts
  • Pro Schedule: Starts at $15 per host per month
  • Enterprise plan: Starts at $23 per host per month
  • DevSecOps plans: Start at $22 per host per month

To get started with Datadog right away, click here.

20. Icinga

A screenshot of Icinga's website

Source: Icinga

Icinga offers a robust monitoring solution for your network and processes, acting as a vigilant overseer for your IT infrastructure. This platform excels in performance monitoring, ensuring the optimal functioning of your IT systems by providing timely alerts and detailed reports.

Enhanced by its open-source nature, Icinga is highly adaptable, allowing for extensive customization. Its effectiveness is further amplified when integrated with plugins, enhancing its infrastructure monitoring capabilities.

Ideal for IT teams seeking a versatile and potent tool, Icinga ensures your digital environment remains in top condition. To experience its full potential, consider taking advantage of the 30-day free trial, offering a no-cost opportunity to explore its comprehensive features.


  • Essential: Free, basic monitoring features
  • Enterprise: Paid, high availability, enterprise-grade support, role-based access control

To get started with Icinga right away, click here.

21. LogicMonitor

A screenshot of LogicMonitor's website

Source: LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor serves as a digital sentinel for IT environments, vigilantly overseeing server and application performance, networks, computers, and cloud services. With its automated application monitor, LogicMonitor promptly identifies and notifies you of any issues, much like a diligent IT assistant.

This tool provides in-depth insights that are crucial for performance enhancement. Its cloud-based nature ensures easy accessibility and user-friendliness.

For IT professionals aiming to maintain optimal operations across their entire IT infrastructure, LogicMonitor is a key resource. Additionally, its 14-day free trial and free version make it one of the most accessible tools available, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation without initial investment.


  • LogicMonitor has different pricing plans to meet the needs of all kinds of companies.
  • Various methods have different prices depending on how many resources are being watched.
  • For example, the cheapest plan costs ~$1,500 monthly and lets you watch up to 100 resources.
  • The most expensive plan costs ~$10,000 a month and enables you to monitor up to 10,000 resources.
  • LogicMonitor also has several extra services, such as log analysis and fake tracking.

To get started with LogicMonitor right away, click here.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the 21 mail server monitoring services are essential for quick, safe, and efficient email communication. Because each tool has pros and cons, it can be used for various tasks and sizes.

With real-time monitoring and thorough analytics, these tools keep email from going down. These tools are necessary for any business in today’s fast-paced digital world. You need to have them in your blood.

AI and digital methods are used for more than just keeping an eye on email servers. You could learn more about how AI can help your business run better. Read our in-depth article about more cutting-edge AI tools that are changing how business is done. Check out “19 Best Email Marketing Software Alternatives” to learn more about how AI can help your company grow.

Visit our blog to learn more AI marketing tools for your business.

FAQs: About Mail Server Monitoring Tools (2023)

What is Network Monitoring and How Does It Benefit My Business?

Network monitoring involves using software and tools to continuously observe the performance and health of your network. It helps in identifying and resolving issues quickly, ensuring minimal downtime and efficient operation.

Which Software Offers the Best Email Marketing Capabilities?

The best email marketing software provides features like email list management, customizable email templates, and analytics to track email open rates and engagement. Many of the tools listed in our article, such as those in the “21 Best Email” section, offer these capabilities.

Can I Use Management Software to Improve My Infrastructure Monitoring?

Yes, infrastructure monitoring tool options are available in our list of “10 Best Server Monitoring Tools.” These tools provide comprehensive insights into your IT infrastructure, enhancing overall performance and reliability.

What is Application Performance Monitoring and How Does It Help?

Application performance monitoring (APM) tracks and manages the performance and availability of software applications. It identifies issues affecting application performance, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Are There Free Trials Available for Server Monitoring Tools?

Many server monitoring tools and software, including Sematext Monitoring, offer a free trial. This allows you to test the tool’s capabilities and ensure it fits your needs before committing.

How Can I Effectively Manage My Email Campaigns?

Effective management of email campaigns involves using email marketing tools to create engaging content, segment email lists, personalize messages, and analyze the success of email campaigns.

What Should I Look for in a Network Monitoring System?

A good network monitoring system should offer comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including uptime monitoring, network performance monitoring, and alerts for network issues.

How Do I Choose the Right Performance Monitoring Tool?

The right performance monitoring tool should align with your specific needs. Consider factors like the tool’s ability to monitor network and server performance, the complexity of your IT environment, and the level of support offered.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Infrastructure Monitoring Solution?

An infrastructure monitoring solution provides real-time insights into your IT infrastructure’s health, helping you preemptively identify and resolve issues, and improve overall system efficiency.

How Does Email Marketing Influence Customer Engagement?

Email marketing can significantly increase engagement by delivering targeted content directly to customers. Personalizing email subject lines and content can improve open rates and foster better customer relationships.

Is There a Variety of Tools and Services Available for Email Marketing?

Yes, there’s a variety of tools and services available for email marketing. These range from simple email service providers to comprehensive suites of tools that can help in every aspect of your email marketing efforts, from creating to sending your emails.

Can Monitoring Tools Help Improve Email Response Rates?

Yes, monitoring tools can help improve email response rates by providing analytics on email open rates and engagement, allowing you to fine-tune your email marketing campaigns for better results.

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