Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator? (Review 2023)
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Looking for the best AI voice generator for your online content? Here’s a review of one of the most popular tools in the market–

The human voice is a powerful tool for many things. People use it to express their thoughts and opinions, share their knowledge, and entertain audiences through various types of content. 

However, some people are uncomfortable using their voices for such purposes. Some only want to use their voice to converse with people within their circle. In the case of the latter, how can they create content and impart their knowledge and views if they can’t use their voice? 

Thanks to modern technology, AI voice generators are here. They are the answer to making audio files, voiceovers, sales videos, e-learning materials, and audio content with professional voices and natural-sounding speech. 

We will discuss what AI voice generators are, why they are helpful to your content, and more. It’s worth delving into the details of AI-generated voices, text-to-speech technology, and speech synthesis markup language. 

What Are AI voice generators?

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

If you watch TikTok and Youtube videos, there’s one common thing about them. The voiceovers use similar professional voices. They sound crisp and clear, although monotonous sometimes. 

The truth is that these are not a human voice but are computer-generated voices through AI voice generators. 

This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to generate a human-like voice in video and audio clips. The AI-generated speech is designed to mimic human voices in different accents and languages. AI voice generators come in various types, including text-to-speech (TTS) and neural network-based voice generators. 

The best AI voice generators are great tools for revolutionizing technology and human interaction. They are perfect for creating audio content for automated customer service systems, language learning apps, and virtual assistants. 

What Is The AI Voice Generator

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

If you want to generate audio for your written content, is a good choice.

It’s a text-to-voice tool that reads texts aloud so that your content has the voice-over it needs. is for educational videos, e-learning materials, explainer videos, and other videos for personal use. Using’s synthetic voices in your audio file increases user engagement on blog posts as well.

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

How Does Work To Generate Audio?

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Let’s see how makes voice generation easier for you.

  1. Go To The Dashboard

The tool’s dashboard is the place to make AI-generated voices for your blog. However, you can also use the WordPress plugin.

  1. Create Your Audio

To start generating an audio file, convert text by copying and pasting the text you want to make a computer-generated voice for. You’ll need to choose the voice you want from among the 100 voices in its vast library. Here, you can also use the online editor to edit the text you’re using, fix pronunciations and highlight words, and add emotions to the audio clip by setting the tone. 

  1. Utilize The Narration Or Speech Styles

One great thing about is its narration or speech styles that you can use to ensure that your AI voice hits the right feeling and message. 

Choosing the right narration style can give the output a natural-sounding speech, which can help increase user engagement. You can choose from a newscaster casual, chatty customer service representative, or formal–whichever suits your purpose.

  1. Embed Your Audio Files

After creating your AI voice, it’s time to embed it in your blogs using a WordPress plugin. Either download it as an audio file or copy the RSS feed, so you can upload it to iTunes, Soundcloud, or Spotify. Yes, you can also use your voiceovers to create Google podcasts. 

What Are The Features Of AI Voices Generator

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

So, what makes a great AI voice generator? Let’s look at its unique features below.

  1. Customizable Audio Player

Who doesn’t want to work with a voice generator that is easy on the eyes? Customize your by choosing the colors and themes that match those of your website. 

  1. Analytics
Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?’s offerings don’t stop after you’ve created your audio files. The app sends you weekly emails, so you can see your audio stats. There’s also a dashboard, which displays the downloads and shares your content has received. 

  1. Audio Player 

This is not your average audio player. This is where people can sign up to get updates on your podcasts. 

  1. White-Label Player

Use this feature to remove the audio player’s logo and brand the content as your own. 

  1. Ease Of Use And Voice Generation Time

You don’t have to be a techie to use It’s got a straightforward user interface that allows you to convert text to speech with ease. In terms of voice generation time, you can create a voice over in just minutes as long as you have your text ready.

  1. Drafts

Avoid wasting time creating audio files that don’t meet your standards. lets you save your work to draft, so you can review it before publishing. And if you want to continue your work later, you can also save your file as a draft.

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

What Are The Benefits Of Using As An AI Voice Generator Tool?

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Still not convinced to use as your AI voice generator? Here are some benefits that are worth noting.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Not only does have a multi-voice feature, but it also has numerous languages to choose from for your AI voice. It’s a feature that lets you skip hiring an expensive voice actor to do your voiceovers. With this, there’s no need to rent a recording studio. 

  1. Time-Efficiency
Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Recording voice clips and audio files take time when you use a human voice actor. This is not good for rushed projects and content. With TTS software, you can generate AI voices in no time, allowing you to create your audio by yourself. 

  1. Great Customer Service

Receive great care and attention whenever you have issues or questions regarding the tts software from their customer service representatives. They are well-versed and trained in the product, so they can guide you on maximizing AI voice generator

What’s The Pricing Plan For AI Voice Generator Tool

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator? features a 4-tier pricing plan for its users–Personal Plan, Professional Plan, Growth Plan, and Business Plan.

  1. Personal Plan

For about $19 a month, it’s perfect for personal use. You can generate your AI voice for school projects, proofreading, and learning.

  1. Professional Plan

For about $39 a month, it is suitable for content creators, bloggers, and freelancers.

  1. Growth Plan

If you are a small business owner, this plan is perfect for you. It’s sold at roughly $99.

  1. Business Plan

Big businesses, agencies, and business owners can benefit from the Business Plan for $199. 

If you want to ask, there is a free version of, which lets you download two audio files with less than 1000 words. It’s not bad for a free plan.

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using our online AI Voice Generator and the best synthetic voices.

Conclusion: Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

There’s no denying that is one of the best AI voice generators ever created. Its unique features and free version are its greatest draws. Being able to generate a human-like voice is imperative in a TTS tool, and has it. Add to that the different voices and tones it can create. 

So, if you’re looking for a tool like this, go for


Is The Next Best AI Voice Generator?

Check out these frequently asked questions about

What Are The Languages Supports?

1. English
2. German
3. French
4. Turkish
5. Japanese
6. Portuguese
7. Swedish
8. Russian
9. Spanish
10. Italian

Is there an API in

Yes, there is. But since it’s internal, you need to connect with its customer service representatives to learn more about it.

Can anyone use

Definitely! Regardless of what you do and who you are, is available for you. You can use the text-to-speech software for any purpose, even for personal use. It’s a great tool if you don’t want to use your own voice.

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