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Sonantic AI Voice Generator: Detailed Review 2023
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AI voice generators are growing more popular. Let’s have a look at how Sonantic AI fares in the field. 

Sonantic AI is a TTS software that has become popular among content creators over the last two years. It uses machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to create synthetic voices for various applications such as explainer videos, YouTube videos, and other types of content that need a natural-sounding speech. 

What Are AI Voice Generators?

What are AI Voice Generators?

These tools use text-to-speech (TTS) technology, which means the machine reads a text aloud using an AI voice that sounds like a natural human’s voice. The main objective of these voice generators is to turn any text format into an audio file that uses computer-generated voice, which sounds like professional voices. 

It’s helpful for people with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning difficulties as well as for content creators in making their video content. 

What Is Sonantic AI Voice Generator?

What is Sonantic AI Voice Generator?

With the increasing popularity of AI voice generators, you can now choose from myriads of names that offer AI-generated voices. Some of the best AI voice generators include Sonantic AI. 

This AI is a TTS software that has become popular among content creators over the last two years. It uses machine learning technology and artificial intelligence to create synthetic voices for various applications such as explainer videos, YouTube videos, and other types of content that need a natural-sounding speech. 

Using machine learning, it can mimic the human voice, including tone, inflection, and pronunciation. This allows users to manipulate the AI voice generator to generate audio with voices that suit various applications. 

Sonantic’s multi-voice feature is popular among businesses, government agencies, and media companies for its ability to generate large amounts of audio files with a human-like voice as well as for its voice generation time.

What Can Sonantic AI Voice Generator Do?

What can Sonantic AI Voice Generator Do?

As an AI voice generator known for its human-like AI voice, it can do different things related to audio and video recordings. Here are some of these exciting things.

  1. Voice Assistant
Voice Assistant

If you have used Siri or Alexa, you’d know what a voice assistant is. And it is one of the uses of this AI voice generator

The tool can create AI voices that you can customize to suit the needs of the voice assistant. It can change its accent or use a different dialect, depending on the need. 

  1. Video Voice Over
Video Voice Over

Some content creators use their own voices for their videos. However, those who feel uncomfortable can use different voices to meet their needs. 

Thanks to AI voice generators like this, they can generate AI voices for their explainer videos, YouTube channel videos, and videos for personal videos. 

  1. Text To Speech Applications
Text to Speech Applications

One of the most important uses of Sonantic is for text-to-speech applications such as translation software and screen readers for the visually impaired. If a user cannot read text, the AI-generated speech can help him understand what is being said. Sonantic can sound mimic a person’s emotions through its voice. 

Pros of Using Sonantic As An AI Voice Generator Tool?

Pros of Using Sonantic as an AI Voice Generator Tool

If you are looking for a great AI voice generator for your file projects, Sonantic is a great choice. 

Here are some of the pros of using this AI voice generator.

  1. High-Quality Synthetic Voices

No one wants to listen to a voice that sounds artificial, which is why Sonantic is a great choice. It can create natural-sounding speech or voice that you can hardly distinguish from a real human’s voice.

  1. Customizable Content

The Sonantic voice generator is highly customizable, allowing users to manipulate voice elements, including tone and accent. It can also speak a specific dialect to make it more appealing to a certain target market or audience. 

  1. Cost-Effective And Time-Saving
Alt text: AI voice generators: Money of various currencies

Getting a voice actor to do your voiceovers is impractical. Not only is it costly, but it also means having to get more than one actor to perform different types of voices. 

Recording a video or audio file also entails scheduling a common time for all actors and editors to come together. Not to mention, waiting for the voice talent to perfect his lines costs time. 

However, with Sonantic, you don’t need any of those. The AI voice-generating tool converts text to speech in just minutes. Your audio files come with a realistic voice audio element every time. 

  1. Speed And Scalability

Whether you have small or large content that needs a voice-over, Sonantic is always a great choice. But it is useful especially for large content because, unlike a voice actor, AI voice never gets exhausted. 

And did we already mention that it can generate audio in just minutes?

  1. Versatility

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro in the audio and video world, you can use Sonantic. If you need it to make e-learning materials or any audio and video for commercial or personal use, you can trust the capabilities of Sonantic. 

Cons Of Using Sonantic As An AI Voice Generator Tool?

Alt text: AI voices: A hand showing a thumb down.

Like other machines that use artificial intelligence, Sonantic AI is not a perfect AI voice creator. Let’s look at some of its limitations below.

  1. Dependence On Technology

To create audio files, voice generators have to rely on technology. Unfortunately, this subjects them to glitches and malfunctions. When anything like this happens, the user may not be able to use a computer generated voice for his content. 

  1. Limited Availability
Alt text: best AI voice generators: A letterpress 

While it is true that Sonantic is equipped with languages other than English and dialects, it does not have all languages and dialects in its system. This can limit the use of this type of tool.

  1. Lack Of Emotional Depth

One of the features of Sonantic that users love is how the tool can imitate human emotions. However, some people may still find it not so convincing. 

Will AI Voice Generators Replace The Human Voice In Making Content?

Alt text: same audio file: A man is recording his voice over the microphone

Though AI voice generators continuously evolve, they won’t replace humans in the voice industry. These AI generated voices are not that simple to use, especially for people who are not techies. We think that no machine can perfectly mimic the emotions reflected in a human’s voice, which is why you can still distinguish AI voices from real voices when you hear them in audio clips.

A Great Alternative for Sonantic AI is VoiceOverMaker

VoiceOverMaker is an excellent alternative to Sonantic AI for those looking for an AI voice generator. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, VoiceOverMaker can help users create high-quality voiceovers quickly and easily. The software uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to generate natural-sounding voices that are indistinguishable from human voices. Additionally, VoiceOverMaker offers a range of customization options, allowing users to adjust the pitch, tone, and speed of the generated voice to suit their needs.

The software is compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it a versatile tool for users across different industries. Overall, VoiceOverMaker is a reliable and efficient solution that can help users create professional-grade voiceovers in minutes. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, VoiceOverMaker can provide you with the tools you need to enhance your audio content and engage your audience.


Create your own natural sounding voice-overs from your text with Text-to-Speech. For YouTube, Explainer, Podcasts, Gaming Videos and more.


Alt text: voice overs: Learning spelled in colors

Looking at the details above, we can say that Sonantic is a powerful text to voice tool. It’s customizable, allowing users to use it for specific projects. With a multi voice feature, you have numerous options for the speech styles you want. 

Remember that the real voice is still the best voice for audio recordings. However, we cannot discredit the use of technology since it is continuously growing and being improved to make people’s lives more convenient. 

There are also other brands of this type of tool. Check out our frequently asked questions section to know more about these alternatives. 


Alt text: text to speech: an orange question mark amidst black ones

Get the answers to some of your questions by reading these FAQs. 

Is Sonantic Free?

Unfortunately, Sonantic doesn’t let you use the software for free. You can choose from its different pricing plans.

What Are Some Alternatives To Sonantic AI?

You can choose from other AI voice generators, such as Play.ht, Replica Voice, Narration Box, and Google Cloud Text-to-Speech.

Where Is The Headquarters Of Sonantic?

Sonantic’s headquarters is in London, England, United Kingdom. 

Can I Use Sonantic Commercially?

Yes, you can use Sonantic for commercial use. Businesses that are looking to incorporate artificial intelligence-powered voice technology into their products and services can use Sonantic’s wide range of services.

Can I Use Sonantic For My Podcast?

Certainly! Content creators who are not comfortable using their own voice for their podcast can use Sonantic or any other AI voice. 

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