The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider
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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, outreach automation has become the secret weapon of successful businesses. Have you ever wondered how top companies manage to consistently engage their audience, scale their efforts, and drive results?

The answer lies in the tools they use. Dive into this comprehensive guide, where we unveil the 39 Best Outreach Automation Tools that can transform your outreach strategy. If you’re a startup looking to make a mark or an established brand aiming to enhance your reach, there’s a tool tailored for you.

Don’t let manual processes hold you back. Equip yourself with the best, and watch your outreach campaigns soar to new heights.

1. Hunter.io

Screenshot of hunter.io home page

Source: Hunter.io 

Hunter.io is your gateway to the world of email discovery. Have you ever wondered how to contact someone at a specific company? Enter the domain, and Hunter.io unveils the email addresses you seek. Trusted by marketers globally, it’s the end of outreach guesswork. With its user-friendly design, email discovery is simplified. Are you looking to revolutionize your email search?

Pricing ranges from an affordable $49 to a comprehensive $399/month. Elevate your outreach with Hunter.io.

To get started with Hunter.io right away, click here.


Hunter is your all-in-one email outreach platform. Find and connect with the people that matter to your business.

2. GetResponse

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: GetResponse

GetResponse is the Swiss Army knife of outreach solutions. Whether you’re crafting emails, designing landing pages, or hosting webinars, it’s got you covered. The tool streamlines your outreach, making every campaign a masterpiece. With its intuitive features, you’re always ahead in your marketing game. Were you considering GetResponse for your toolkit?

Pricing options stretch from a comfortable $15 to a robust $1,199/month. Dive deep into the world of efficient outreach with GetResponse. 

To get started with GetResponse right away, click here.


An affordable, easy platform to send emails, grow your list, and automate communication.

3. Reply.io

Reply.io is the symphony conductor of cold emails. It orchestrates every element, from crafting pitches to automating follow-ups. With its multi-channel approach, your outreach resonates on all fronts. Detailed analytics provide insights, ensuring your campaigns always hit the right note. Ready to compose a winning outreach?

Pricing melodies range from a harmonious $55 to a grand $120/month. Conduct your outreach masterpiece with Reply.io.

To get started with Reply.io right away, click here.


Reply is your AI-powered sales engagement platform to create new opportunities at scale

4. Snov.io

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Snov.io

Snov.io is the Swiss Army knife of lead generation. Whether you’re hunting for emails, verifying them, or sending drip campaigns, Snov.io has got you covered. Its Chrome extension makes lead discovery a breeze, ensuring you’re always equipped. With features like LinkedIn integration, your outreach is always sharp. Are you considering a tool upgrade?

Pricing ranges from a handy $39 to a multifunctional $199/month. Equip your outreach with Snov.io.

To get started with Snov.io right away, click here.


Scale your business and engage leads better with the sales toolbox and CRM platform that deliver growth.

5. Woodpecker

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Woodpecker

Woodpecker is the maestro of cold emails and follow-ups. Are you juggling multiple outreach campaigns? Woodpecker orchestrates them seamlessly. With integrations to popular CRMs, no lead goes unnoticed. Features like A/B testing ensure your campaigns hit the right note every time. Were you considering Woodpecker for your ensemble?

Pricing varies from a harmonious $40 to a grand $50/month. Let Woodpecker compose your outreach symphony.

To get started with Woodpecker right away, click here.

6. GMass

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: GMass

GMass is the turbocharger for your Gmail. It seamlessly integrates, transforming your Gmail into an outreach dynamo. From mail merges to automatic follow-ups, GMass has your back. Monitor campaigns, refine strategies, and elevate your outreach, all from your inbox. Are you thinking of supercharging your Gmail?

Pricing spans from a pocket-friendly $8.95 to a power-packed $19.95/month. Rev up your outreach with GMass.

To get started with GMass right away, click here.

7. Mailshake

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Mailshake

Mailshake is the elixir for modern outreach. With its sleek interface, managing campaigns feels like a refreshing sip. Features like A/B testing ensure your outreach always tastes successful. Its Chrome extension offers a quick gulp of efficiency, streamlining your workflow. Thirsty for results?

Pricing ranges from a refreshing $59 to a premium $99/month. Quench your outreach thirst with Mailshake.

To get started with Mailshake right away, click here.

8. Lemlist

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Lemlsit

Lemlist is the paintbrush of email outreach. Imagine crafting emails with personalized images and videos, making every message a masterpiece. Stand out, be memorable, and let your emails be the art everyone talks about. Plus, with features like A/B testing, your campaigns are gallery-ready. Ready to paint your success? 

Pricing canvases from an artistic $29 to a detailed $99/month. Color your outreach with Lemlist. To get started with Lemlist right away, click here.

9. Klenty

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Klenty

Klenty is the engine that powers successful sales teams. Imagine automating the mundane and focusing solely on relationship-building. Klenty makes this dream a reality. With seamless CRM integration, every lead is a potential success story. Features like A/B testing ensure your campaigns are continuously optimized. Ready to rev up your sales?

Pricing accelerates from a steady $35 to a turbocharged $100/month. Drive success with Klenty. To get started with Klenty right away, click here.

10. QuickMail

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: QuickMail

QuickMail is your express lane to outreach success. It’s not just about sending emails but optimizing every interaction. With features like A/B testing and detailed analytics, you’re always in the driver’s seat. Automated follow-ups ensure no lead is left in the rearview. Ready to hit the outreach highway?

Plans cruise from a comfortable $49 to a $75/month premium. Speed up with QuickMail.

To get started with QuickMail right away, click here.

11. PersistIQ

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: PersistIQ

PersistIQ transforms outreach into a seamless experience. With its visually appealing dashboard, every campaign feels like a curated journey. Automated follow-ups ensure every lead is noticed, while features like A/B testing refine your strategy. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and power. Are you considering PersistIQ for your toolkit?

Pricing starts from an accessible $50 and scales to a feature-rich $250/month. Elevate your outreach with PersistIQ.

To get started with PersistIQ right away, click here.

12. Mixmax

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Mixmax

Mixmax is the maestro of multi-channel outreach. It harmonizes email, phone, and social media campaigns, ensuring every note is pitch-perfect. Engage prospects with dynamic sequences and track every interaction with precision. It’s the tool that orchestrates your outreach success. Ready to conduct a winning campaign?

Pricing ranges from a modest $9 to a comprehensive $49/month. Let Mixmax set the rhythm for your success.

To get started with Mixmax right away, click here.

13. Brevo

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Brevo

Sendinblue is the canvas where your outreach dreams take shape. More than just an email tool, it’s a comprehensive marketing platform. From crafting beautiful emails to SMS campaigns, every interaction is a masterpiece. Detailed analytics provide insights, guiding your next brushstroke. Considering painting your success with Brevo?

Pricing colors range from a basic $25 to a detailed $65/month. Craft your outreach masterpiece with Brevo.

To get started with Sendinblue right away, click here.

14. Autoklose

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Autoklose

Autoklose is the 24/7 worker of the outreach world. Designed with sales teams in mind, it’s the tool that never rests. Automated follow-ups, detailed analytics, and CRM integrations ensure you’re always closing. It’s the relentless pursuit of success, automated. Ready to seal more deals?

Pricing options range from a competitive $49.99 to a $199.99/month premium. With Autoklose, every lead is a potential victory.

To get started with Autoklose right away, click here.

15. NinjaOutreach

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach is the stealth master of influencer outreach. Whether you’re targeting bloggers, influencers, or businesses, it finds the perfect match. With its vast database, every campaign strikes with precision. Automated follow-ups, detailed analytics, and CRM integrations make it a formidable tool. Ready to embark on a stealthy outreach mission?

Pricing sneaks in from a handy $119 to a comprehensive $299/month. Master the art of outreach with NinjaOutreach.

To get started with NinjaOutreach right away, click here.

16. BuzzStream

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: BuzzStream

BuzzStream buzzes right into the heart of digital PR and link-building. Discover contacts, prioritize your list, and send personalized messages, all in a streamlined workflow. It’s the tool that ensures your buzz is always heard. With features like automated follow-ups and detailed analytics, you’re always in the loop. Ready to generate some buzz?

Pricing options flutter from a basic $24 to a detailed $999/month. Make your campaigns resonate with BuzzStream.

To get started with BuzzStream right away, click here.

17. UpLead

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: UpLead

UpLead is the compass that guides you to the right business contacts. With its vast database, finding the perfect lead is a breeze. Verify connections, enrich data, and build a pipeline that’s set for success. It’s the tool that ensures your outreach is always on target. Ready to navigate the world of B2B leads?

Pricing journeys from an approachable $99 to a comprehensive $399/month. Chart your course to success with UpLead.

To get started with UpLead right away, click here.

18. MailTag

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: MailTag

MailTag is your personal email assistant. It ensures that every email you send doesn’t just reach an inbox but makes an impact. With real-time notifications, link-click tracking, and unlimited email scheduling, you’re always in the loop. What’s more, its analytics dashboard offers invaluable insights into your email performance. 

As for pricing, MailTag offers a PRO plan at $9.99/m when billed yearly or $12.99/m when billed monthly. Ready to elevate your email game? 

To get started with MailTag right away, click here.

19. SendGrid

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: SendGrid

SendGrid is leading the charge in email innovation. This state-of-the-art platform ensures every message you send finds its destination. From marketing newsletters to transactional alerts, SendGrid is your steadfast companion. Its streamlined Email API ensures effortless integration. Additionally, its suite of email marketing tools allows you to establish genuine relationships with your audience. Concerned about email deliverability? SendGrid’s top-tier features protect your brand and optimize inbox success. In 2022, they commendably processed over 134 billion emails each month.

Pricing starts with a free option, advances to the Essentials at $19.95/mo, the Pro at $89.95/mo, and peaks with a custom-priced Premier plan. Ready to elevate your email outreach?

To get started with SendGrid right away, click here.

20. Vocus.io

The Top 39 Outreach Automation Tools You Should Consider Softlist.io

Source: Vocus.io

Vocus.io amplifies your Gmail outreach. Every email you send is supercharged with tracking, automation, and analytics. Its intuitive dashboard offers insights at a glance, ensuring your campaigns resonate. From mail merge to calendar scheduling, it’s Gmail on steroids. Ready to focus on results?

Pricing zooms in from a straightforward $5 to a detailed $20/month. Sharpen your Gmail game with Vocus.io.

To get started with Vocus.io right away, click here.

21. Voila Norbert

Screenshot of voilanorbert.com home page

Source: Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert, the digital detective of email discovery. Provide a name and domain, and Norbert unveils the email. But that’s not all; it verifies emails, ensuring your outreach accuracy. It’s the tool that adds precision to your email campaigns—considering a partnership with Norbert? 

Pricing spans from a budget-friendly $39 to an extensive $449/month. Enhance your outreach precision with Voila Norbert. 

To get started with Voila Norbert right away, click here.

22. Skrapp

Skrapp is the gold digger of email discovery. Dive into LinkedIn, unearth leads, and strike gold with every search. Its seamless integration with platforms like Chrome and Dropbox ensures you’re always equipped. Plus, with its bulk search feature, prospecting is a breeze. Ready to mine some leads?

Pricing options range from a basic $49 to a comprehensive $299/month. Discover the goldmine of leads with Skrapp.

To get started with Skrapp right away, click here.

23. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is the craftsman’s tool for email outreach. With it, every email is meticulously crafted, tracked, and optimized. From mail merge to auto follow-ups, it’s the tool that ensures your craftsmanship shines. Detailed analytics provide a bird’s-eye view, ensuring every campaign is a masterpiece. Considering a tool that works hand-in-hand with you?

Pricing options range from a handy $9 to a detailed $49/month. Craft your success with SalesHandy.

To get started with SalesHandy right away, click here.

24. OutreachBin

 OutreachBin is the treasure chest of email automation. Store your campaigns, automate sequences, and unlock success with every send. Its intuitive interface ensures you find the right tool for every task. Plus, with features like A/B testing, your treasure trove of insights keeps growing. Ready to unlock your outreach potential?

Pricing keys range from an accessible $19 to a premium $59/month. Discover the treasure of efficient outreach with OutreachBin.

To get started with OutreachBin right away, click here.

25. Growbots

Growbots is the pilot of automated lead generation. Set your criteria, launch your campaign, and watch it soar to new heights. AI-driven algorithms ensure your outreach always lands on target. From lead discovery to campaign execution, it’s autopilot for success. Ready to take flight? Pricing runways stretch from a basic $150 to a premium $450/month. Elevate your outreach with Growbots.

To get started with Growbots right away, click here.

26. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is the stage where your outreach shines. Designed for influencers and brands, it ensures every pitch hits the spotlight. With features like automated follow-ups and performance insights, your campaigns always get a standing ovation. Ready for the limelight?

Pricing spotlights range from a starter $195 to a star-studded $395/month. Take center stage with Pitchbox.

To get started with Pitchbox right away, click here.

27. Overloop

Overloop is the mapmaker of the outreach world. Chart your course, discover leads, and set sail toward success. With its Chrome extension, lead discovery becomes an adventure. Automated sequences ensure you’re always on the path, while detailed analytics are your compass. Ready to embark on an outreach voyage?

Pricing voyages range from an exploratory $82 to a comprehensive $99/month. Navigate success with Overloop.

To get started with Overloop right away, click here.

28. Yesware

Yesware is the affirmation your outreach needs. Seamlessly integrating with Gmail and Outlook, it’s the tool that always says “yes” to efficiency. Track emails, automate follow-ups, and get insights that empower. With its intuitive design, every campaign receives a nod of approval. Ready to hear more “yes” in your outreach?

Pricing nods from a friendly $12 to a robust $55/month. Say “yes” to efficient outreach with Yesware.

To get started with Yesware right away, click here.

29. Find That Email

Find That Email is the detective of the digital world. Just provide a name and a domain, and it unveils the email you’re seeking. It’s the tool that ensures you always find your mark. With its straightforward approach, the mystery of missing emails is solved. Ready to uncover hidden contacts?

Pricing a primary $19/month. Solve the email puzzle with Find That Email.

To get started with Find That Email right away, click here.

30. Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is the essential email tracking tool for your inbox. As a leading sales engagement platform, it seamlessly enriches contacts, provides vital insights, and streamlines your sales process.

This powerful cold email outreach tool is integrated directly into Gmail, turning every email into a wealth of information. From company specifics to social profiles, managing your cold email campaign has never been easier. Are you prepared to elevate your outreach strategy and see the bigger picture?

Pricing perspectives start from a straightforward $99 to a panoramic $999/month. Enhance your vision with Clearbit Connect.

To get started with Clearbit Connect right away, click here.

31. Adapt.io

Adapt.io is the pivotal tool also designed to enhance your sales pipeline. With its advanced sales automation features, sending cold emails and personalizing outreach becomes a breeze. From LinkedIn integrations to your CRM, it ensures a fluid and seamless flow of information. Bolstered with capabilities like email finder and verifier, your outreach strategies stand on firmer ground. Are you prepared to evolve and embrace superior outreach?

Pricing spans from a foundational $49 to a robust $199/month. Build your outreach bridge with Adapt.io.

To get started with Adapt.io right away, click here.

32. Dux-Soup

Dux-Soup is the tool that helps supercharge your LinkedIn outreach, integrating seamlessly with tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Via email, automate profile visits, and with automated email sequences, send personalized messages that elevate your email outreach campaign. With its Chrome extension, LinkedIn lead generation is not just efficient but also an enriched experience. It ensures that your outreach efforts are consistently on point and engaging. Are you ready to feast on success?

Pricing dishes from a tasty $14.99 to a deluxe $55.99/month. Savor the flavor of efficient outreach with Dux-Soup.

To get started with Dux-Soup right away, click here.

33. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is the bird’s-eye view your website needs. It tracks visitors, identifies companies, and offers insights into potential leads. With its integration capabilities, every visit becomes a possible opportunity. It’s the tool that ensures you never miss a beat in the digital landscape. Ready to soar in your outreach?

Pricing ranges from an approachable $55 to a comprehensive $299/month. Elevate your lead tracking with Leadfeeder.

To get started with Leadfeeder right away, click here.

34. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is the compass guiding your cold email outreach journey. Within its extensive database, you can navigate and uncover leads that perfectly match your objectives. From contact specifics to company insights, it simplifies your outreach process, ensuring every outreach email and follow-up email has precision and purpose. Are you geared up to zoom into unparalleled success?

Pricing perspectives range from a detailed $89 to an expansive $10,000/year. Bring opportunities into focus with ZoomInfo.

To get started with ZoomInfo right away, click here.

35. LeadGibbon

LeadGibbon is the trailblazer of lead discovery. Navigate through its extensive database and uncover paths to potential clients. With its seamless integration into platforms like LinkedIn, every lead is a step closer to success. It’s the tool that ensures your journey is always forward-moving. Ready to embark on a lead discovery expedition?

Pricing trails from an exploratory $49 to a comprehensive $99/month. Forge your path with LeadGibbon.

To get started with LeadGibbon right away, click here.

36. Datanyze

Datanyze is the oracle of tech insights. Dive deep into its reservoir of data and predict the next ample opportunity. From tech stacks to company details, it’s the tool that offers a glimpse into the future. With features like lead discovery and enrichment, your outreach is always ahead of the curve. Ready to predict your success?

Pricing visions range from a basic $55 to a premium $495/month. Stay ahead with Datanyze.

To get started with Datanyze right away, click here.

37. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is the jetsetter of lead generation. Soar through its vast database and land on the perfect prospects. Integrated seamlessly with platforms like LinkedIn and AngelList, it ensures your outreach always takes off. With real-time data and email verification, your campaigns are set for smooth landings. Ready for a high-flying outreach?

Pricing ascends from a comfortable $49 to a premium $499/month. Elevate your lead discovery with AeroLeads.

To get started with AeroLeads right away, click here.

38. ReplyUp

ReplyUp is the platform for cold outreach that acts as a lighthouse for your lead discovery journey. As an email outreach tool that helps simplify the search process, it offers outreach tools to automate reaching potential clients across platforms. These outreach tools let you create tailored strategies, ensuring your outreach always hits the mark. From LinkedIn to Twitter, ReplyUp illuminates every opportunity. Are you geared up to brighten your lead generation?

Pricing shines from a basic $99 to a luminous $399/month. Navigate with confidence using ReplyUp.

To get started with ReplyUp right away, click here.

39. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a prime email outreach software that stands as the gatekeeper of lead generation. This tool helps you craft captivating opt-in forms, pop-ups, and landing pages and offers email customization with its easy drag-and-drop builder. As an outreach tool that helps enhance audience engagement, it ensures the best cold email practices are at your fingertips. Are you ready for a significant conversion boost?

Pricing tiers start from an inviting $9 to a feature-packed $49/month. Convert visitors into leads with OptinMonster.

To get started with OptinMonster right away, click here.

What to Consider When Purchasing Outreach Automation Tools?

In 2023, selecting the right automation tool is paramount for an effective sales engagement. An ideal email outreach tool should allow businesses to personalize email content for targeted cold outreach, ensuring that messages resonate with potential clients.

When evaluating the best email outreach tools, consider their capacity to automate email sequences, making your sales outreach efforts more efficient.

Moreover, the tool’s ability to support diverse email campaigns with customizable email templates can be a game-changer. As you delve into the market, prioritize those sales outreach tools that not only enhance the outreach process but also bolster overall sales engagement.

Visit our blog now to learn more about outreach tools.

FAQs About Outreach Tools in 2023

What are outreach tools for sales?

Outreach tools for sales are specialized software solutions that assist businesses in automating and optimizing their sales and marketing efforts. These tools streamline the email outreach process, allowing companies to create customized email sequences, find email addresses, and send personalized messages for more effective outbound sales.

Why is a cold outreach tool essential for b2b sales?

A cold outreach tool helps B2B businesses streamline their email outreach efforts, ensuring that they effectively reach potential clients with personalized content. These tools play a critical role in automating and optimizing cold email campaigns, allowing businesses to focus on other core aspects of their operations.

How can the right email outreach tools help my sales process?

The right email outreach tools can help you in various ways. They automate the process of sending sales emails, enable you to create personalized outreach email sequences, and ensure that your content resonates with the target audience. The best tools offer suggested outreach campaigns to run, ensuring that you’re employing best practices throughout your outreach.

Are there tools available that combine the best of cold email software and CRM?

Yes, there are top email outreach tools available that integrate with the best CRM software. Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that is often regarded as one of the best email outreach tools, combining the functionalities of both. Such tools let you create content, manage contacts, and offer a holistic solution for your outreach and sales needs.

How do I choose one of the best cold outreach tools for sales?

When seeking the best cold outreach tools for sales, look for tools that offer capabilities like finding email addresses, automating email sending, and providing templates for personalized outreach email sequences. It’s also beneficial if the tool helps with content to offer suggested outreach campaigns to run, ensuring best practices are maintained throughout your sales and marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

In the vast ocean of digital marketing, It can make a difference if you have the right tools. We’ve journeyed through the 39 Best Outreach Automation Tools that can elevate your outreach campaigns, streamline processes, and drive unparalleled results.

Each tool offers unique features tailored to different business needs, ensuring something for everyone. Staying updated with the best tools is paramount as the digital landscape evolves. Still curious about the basics? 

If you’re wondering what Automation Tools are, check out our post. Equip yourself with knowledge, choose the right tools, and watch your outreach efforts thrive.

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