Understanding GPS Time Clock App Software

GPS Clock Tracking on phone
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I. Global Positioning System Time (GPS)


The Global Positioning System Time (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that tells you where you are and what time it is anywhere on or near Earth where you can see four or more GPS satellites without obstructions. The system gives important features to military, civilian, and business users worldwide. The government of the United States keeps it up, and anyone with a GPS receiver can use it for free.

Most clocks get their time from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but the atomic clocks on satellites are set to GPS time (GPST; see the page of United States Naval Observatory). The difference is that GPS time isn’t adjusted to match the Earth’s rotation, so it doesn’t have corrections like leap seconds or other changes to UTC from time to time.

II. What’s A Time Clock App With GPS?

A GPS time clock is an app for keeping track of employees’ time that can also use geofencing.

Virtual boundary

A geofence is a virtual boundary already set up to represent a real place. A geofence is made when a manager puts a radius on a map. When an employee uses the GPS time clock app to clock in, the manager can see where they are about the geofence. You can also set up alerts for punches that are out of range and schedule changes.

III. What Does A Geofence Time Clock Do?

For a GPS time clock to figure out where a mobile device or RFID tag is, it needs GPS, RFID (radio-frequency identification), Wi-Fi, or cellular data. The mobile timekeeping app lets managers set up “fences,” and employees use their mobile devices to clock in and out.

The GPS time clock app lets employees see their shift schedule, time card, accruals, and open shifts.

GPS Location Tracking of Employee Attendance

GPS Location Tracking of Employee Attendance

To use geofence time tracking, you draw a circle around a site on a map. Most apps let you set up more than one geofence and send workers to the job site as needed. This time-tracking app shows the GPS location when an employee clocks in and out for a shift. It lets the manager know whether the employees are inside or outside the job site.

IV. Time Tracking Software Types And Their Features

Time Tracking Software Types And Their Features

Time trackers can be used independently or as part of more comprehensive, flexible software. Also, they are different when it comes to:

Function: Enterprise, monitoring, clock-in/clock-out, and time tracking

Methods of operation: Automatic, based on location, and based on exceptions.

A. Standalone Time Tracker (Simple Time Tracker With An Employee Timesheet)

Time sheet on a digital tablet. Time sheet on a digital tablet. The tablet is on an old wooden table with a mobile phone, coffee, glasses and a keyboard. There is copy space to the right. Employment issues concept  timesheet stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

A simple tool with an employee timesheet is a standalone time tracker. With this software, you can:

1. Real-time time tracking means you start the timer when you start working on a task and stop it when you’re done. You can look at your time entries in the future in a list or a timeline.

2. In a timesheet view, you can manually add time.

3. Sort the time you’ve put in by project, task, tag, client, or similar.

4. Use the options for reporting. Make reports, export them, save them, and send them to clients.

If you’re looking for an innovative and easy solution, Clockify is a type of tracking time software that can be used on its own and fits the needs of many different businesses.

B. The Project Management Software

The Project Management Software

Project management software is integrated into this time tracking software’s features. You can also expect the following features from this kind of software:

1. Keeping track of project resources,

2. Making plans and schedules for projects,

3. Track time of tasks and adding notes,

4. Sharing files, sending out invoices, and getting paid.

Some time-tracking software has small project management features, such as putting tasks together, setting deadlines and budgets, and telling the difference between billable and non-billable time.

C. Time-tracking Software For Monitoring


Even though these tools keep track of how much time employees spend working, they sometimes have the option to take random screenshots of employees’ screens. Another helpful feature of this software is that it can track how often employees move their mouse or use their keyboards.

D. Clock-in/clock-out Software

Clock-in/clock-out Software

Clock-in and clock-out software is the simplest way to keep track of time. Employees clock in when they arrive and clock out when their shift is over.

This tool can also be used for payroll, mainly when employees’ pay depends on when they arrive and leave.

Also, the software shows if an employee has worked extra hours or has yet to reach the number of hours they were supposed to work each week.

E. Automatic Time-tracking Software

How much time you spend

This kind of software automatically tracks how much time you spend on various tasks.

Automatic time tracking software tracks and records:

  • Computer utilization,
  • Phone usage,
  • Time spent on projects and tasks,
  • Time spent on different programs, apps, documents, or websites
  • The time you spend idle on your computer

F. Billing And Invoicing Software

Billing And Invoicing

A billing/invoicing software’s time tracking feature is typically included to assist you in calculating and producing invoices for your clients.

This kind of software lets you make custom invoices and track your time, which lets you figure out how much money you’ve made based on how much time you’ve tracked.

Using such a tool makes working with clients clear since you’ll be able to show them a clear record of your work and bill them appropriately.

G. Enterprise-level Time-tracking Software

A large company with numerous divisions might benefit from several capabilities provided by enterprise GPS time-tracking software.

Usually, this tool offers customization, increased security, privacy, and numerous integrations.

This kind of software uses time tracking to understand employees’ costs better, how they are used in the company, and how much work they can do will help you decide if you need to hire more people for a project.

H. Location-based Software

Location-based software keeps track of how long you spend in a particular place by making notes and keeping track of the time you spend there.


It is a helpful way to keep track of employees because it shows if they are at the office or not. Location-based time trackers benefit field employees who spend much of their work time in and between places.

I. Exceptions Software


When employees do the same things every day, you can choose only to keep track of the tasks that are not part of their routine.

Their regular work hours are noted, and approved time off is separately recorded.

V. The Top Five Advantages Of GPS Tracking

1. Cut Down On Fuel Costs

With GPS tracking, fleet owners can monitor when and how their vehicles are used. Speeding and other bad driving habits, like speeding, can lower fuel efficiency and increase costs.

Cut Down On Fuel Costs

Fuel costs can also go up dramatically when vehicles are used without permission. GPS tracking systems can alert management to unauthorized use using calendar templates and duration limits.

You may also cut your fuel costs by making sure drivers take the shortest routes to their destinations. With route planning and dispatching tools, your team can ensure that jobs are given to the closest vehicle, that they take the most efficient routes, and that they use as little gas as possible.

2. Time Theft Reduced

Time Theft

Small firms lose a significant amount of money due to time theft. Eliminating those paper time cards will help you control waste in your company.

Your company is more susceptible to time fraud due to faulty time cards and buddy punching when you use manual timesheets. Employees who ask coworkers to clock them in when they aren’t at work are known as buddy punchers.

Considerable savings result from using an accurate mobile time monitoring app. Your numbers won’t be tampered with by a mobile employee time tracker.

Additionally, sometimes tracking systems demand workers pass a biometric exam to prevent strategies like buddy punching.

3. Payroll Integration


Clock app software can reduce HR’s burden considerably by connecting the performance of the employees with the payroll function of your time tracking app, as the employees’ working hours are documented.

Your accounting team receives information from the digital time clock application. The department may quickly export attendance data, ensuring correct and timely pay each payday.

4. Encourage A Sense Of Accountability


Nearly all of your employees’ activities will be tracked whenever they are enrolled in the GPS Clock App you purchased for your business. They will be more responsible for all of their activities as a result. The software monitors whether the workers are taking advantage of any official weakness without micromanaging them.

The lack of a supervisory body may allow people to speak with pals or watch Netflix during office hours. However, they can be discouraged from doing it by using intelligent time-tracking software. It instills a sense of responsibility in everyone.

5. Get An Overall Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Most modern time-tracking programs display the timesheet reports they generate depending on your employees’ hours. It provides a thorough tour of your business. You learn about overall performance management and are less likely to make decisions based on luck.

For a business owner, a thorough performance assessment makes a complete understanding of the firm more straightforward.

VI. List Of Best Clock App Software

1. Toggl Track: GPS Time Tracker

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is modern software that keeps track of time and sends reports. Using the app, you can keep track of your tasks and allocate them to the proper projects and tags.

Toggl is very easy to use and understand after just a few days of using it. It has a similar design to Clockify, making it easy to understand. The user-friendly and transparent interface provides a comprehensive view of your recorded time.  Toggle also has offline tracking and integrations with many project management tools, like Trello, Asana, etc.



2. Quickbooks Time: GPS Time Tracking

Quickbooks Time

Quickbooks Time, formerly TSheets, is a simple time tracker focusing on GPS monitoring across all devices.  Its precision is well above acceptable and it operates flawlessly on all platforms.  Quickbooks’s editing and publishing tools also make it exceedingly simple to create work schedules.

Are you curious about the projects that your team members are working on right now? You may check up on their progress each day with Quickbooks.



3. Timely: GPS Time Clock App


The best thing about Timely is how easy it is to track time. Its interface is easy to use. If you decide to do it manually, timesheets’ adaptability will let you easily slide objects across the screen and reorganize them as necessary.

Additionally, Timely excels at identifying billable hours and conducting a comprehensive review of your invoices.

Due to its increasing popularity, Timely is ideal for all mid-sized enterprises.



4. Hubstaff: Project Management Software


Hubstaff empowers its users to manage productive teams with Hubstaff Desk, a platform that combines proof of work, accurate timesheets, and payroll in one interface.

Additionally, you can enhance your productivity by keeping track of the apps and URLs you use during the day and taking screenshots of your work. This option will not only assist managers in maintaining order, but it will also assist you in organizing your task and making the most of each workday.

Along with automated payroll, Hubstaff also provides summaries of all hours and contributions made to projects.



5. Buddy Punch: GPS Time Clock App

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a GPS-based clocking method. Additionally, you have access to geofencing, IP address locking, and webcam photos.

It also has GPS location tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor staff members wherever they go. You can set the GPS and geofencing to regulate where your employees’ clock in and out of the office. You can change to an IP address lock when they return to the office.



6. Timesheet Mobile: Mobile Time-tracking App

Timesheet Mobile

Using Timesheet Mobile, you can deal with timesheets, create jobs for staff members, assign them assignments, and effectively manage their schedules. You and your mobile employees will be able to remain on top of the daily schedule and ensure that all duties are carried out accurately and on time with the aid of this system for tracking personnel.





Is Using The Time Clock App With GPS Safe?

Yes. All respectable time-tracking businesses store your data in a secure cloud that is off-limits to other companies and hackers. Data privacy is taken very seriously in this market, and a company that needs to do it better will lose clients.
If you don’t trust their servers for some reason, some companies that create time clock apps allow you to keep the data on your servers. You have total control over everything, thanks to it

How Much Can You Spend?

How Much Can You Spend?

Remember that you don’t need to spend much money on an excellent solution, even though your budget will determine the program you select.
The fourth kind of software is a free-time monitoring tool that provides all of its functions without charging a fee for an infinite number of users and workspaces. Clockify is a time-tracking program that demonstrates each of these characteristics.

What’s The Best App For You To Track Time?

The best time-tracking tools can help you finish tasks and projects on time. They are designed to help you avoid putting things off, improve your mood, help you stay focused, and even help you communicate better.

Best GPS App Clock Software

VIII. Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Companies that use staff members or operate in a mobile environment may benefit from using GPS clock apps to improve business operations. They keep track of the time spent in one place, stop buddy punching, make it simpler to complete timesheets, and control attendance.

The ability to use GPS clock app software efficiently distinguishes good companies from terrible ones, which is where time trackers come into play.

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