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Welcome to our article about the 37 best platforms for visual collaboration in 2023. Working well with others in today’s fast-paced business world is essential.

Because there are so many tools and technologies to choose from, it might take a lot of work to determine which is the best. We made this list to help you work better as a team.

This guide allows you to choose the best visual collaboration platform for 2023. Then, it’s easy and quick to work with coworkers in different places. Let’s look at the best ways for teams to work together in 2023 using visual tools.

1. Lucidspark

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
Lucidspark is a visual collaboration software in the cloud that helps team members work together in real-time. The first digital canvas was made by Lucid Software. It makes it easier for people to work together and decide as a group.

Because of this, they can better turn their ideas into things they can do. Lucid’s visual collaboration tools are used by some of the biggest companies in the world, like Google, General Electric, and NBC Universal. 

Since it started, it has won a lot of praise for its products, how it does business, and how it treats its employees.


The virtual whiteboard that connects teams so they can bring their best ideas to life.

2. Lucidchart

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
Lucidchart is a modern visual collaboration platform tool for making diagrams and collaborating that helps teams make their work easier to understand. Together, they can make progress in society happen more quickly. 

This simple cloud-based solution is part of Lucid Software’s Visual Collaboration Suite. Teams can create flowcharts, prototypes, and UML diagrams, among other charts.

Have diagrams and maps that show where the customer is going right now. Lucid software makes products that many companies around the world use. 

Google and NBC Universal are just two examples. Since the company started, it has won many awards. It is for the quality of its products, services, and work environment.


Lucidchart is the intelligent diagramming application that brings teams together to make better decisions and build the future.

3. ClickUp

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

ClickUp is one of the best project management visual collaboration platform tools to help you get more done and work better as a team. On records, discussions, goals, and whiteboards, as well.

It’s easy to adapt to the needs of any size team. ClickUp makes it easier for teams to work together and gives managers more control over how their teams work.


Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign comments for action items, and link tasks to get more done together.

4. Creately

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
Creately visual collaboration tool manages work. With the help of a visual canvas, teams can work together, make plans, run projects, and store information.

This visual collaboration tool has a digital workspace that apps, papers, and people did. This makes it easier for teams to develop ideas, map out processes, describe them and put them into action. 

With Creately, you don’t have to write any code to build and test work management systems and online collaboration tools.

It does this with visual collaboration, workflow and project management, wikis, and taking notes. Netflix, Amazon, NASA, Disney, and PayPal are some big companies that use it. More than 8 million people believe in it.


The data-connected Visual Workspace to brainstorm, plan, execute and capture knowledge. Connect the dots across your company, keep everything and everyone in sync.

5. Hive

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Hive is a business solution for managing tasks and projects. Hive lets you keep an eye on how your project is going and quickly make changes to the schedule.

This project management software works with over a thousand other applications. With this, it is easier to manage and share data.


Writers block is so 2022. Let Notes AI write blog posts, emails, project plans, notes, and more for you with just a few clicks.

6. Miro

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
Miro is one of the great visual collaboration tools if you want to manage your projects visually with other people. This method allows groups of all kinds to improve their ability to think outside the box and find quick solutions to problems.

With the platform’s “canvas,” which has no limits, groups can create exciting workshops, make things, come up with ideas, and more. The Miro Developer Platform shows how flexible a shared office can be when it’s in a central location. Both San Francisco and Amsterdam have offices for Miro. More than 35 million people use it, and 99 Fortune 100 companies depend on it.

Since 2011, Miro, a visual collaboration platform, has hired more than 1,500 people in 10 different places around the world. In 2011, Andrey Khusid and Oleg Shardin made Miro. At the time, they called it RealtimeBoard. In 2019, it was called Miro. We have offices in Los Angeles, Austin, New York City, Amsterdam, Perm, Berlin, Munich, London, Tokyo, and Sydney, as well as our main office in San Francisco.

7. iObeya

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Teams that work in different places can use Agile, Lean, real-time collaboration, and visual management with iObeya. 

This visual collaboration platform eliminates the need for paper documents and moves meetings to online spaces. This makes it much easier for the group to work together and develop new ideas.

iObeya works with Fortune Global 500 companies. It is to improve digital processes and corporate cultures. It also helps the company get a better idea of how things look.

8. SmartDraw

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

SmartDraw, a visual collaboration platform, is a flexible software that makes it easy for businesses to create diagrams that look professional. With its powerful features, users can import and export Visio files.

It can add shape data and data-driven charts and use its open diagram API and SDK. It also has advanced security and license management. 

It is powered by Single Sign-On (SSO) and the ability to keep documents.

Since 1998, SmartDraw has been used by top companies. Also, in universities, and government agencies, including 75% of the Fortune 500.

9. Conceptboard

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Conceptboard, a visual collaboration platform, is the best place to look for a visual collaboration tool with an online whiteboard that more than one person can use simultaneously. 

The area is suitable for a wide range of team activities because it is in the middle and is mostly safe.

They are creative, organized, and able to do a wide range of tasks, such as creativity, project planning, product development, and agile methodology. 

Conceptboard is used in this way as a flexible base on which users can build their ideas.

You can also work together in real-time, use pre-made boards, and get access to a wide range of tools for editing pictures. And the chance to share boards with other people. Doing this can remove barriers and make it easier for people to work together.

10. Minitab Workspace

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

With powerful visual collaboration tools, Minitab Workspace lets you seamlessly collaborate and move your work forward. It has process maps, brainstorming diagrams, and forms in one easy-to-use interface.

Their tools help make processes and find opportunities, making it easier to solve problems.

11. Klaxoon

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Klaxoon is a cloud-based all-in-one visual collaboration platform tool,a collection of digital collaboration tools and resources that your team may find helpful.

Things like organizing brainstorming sessions, task management, holding meetings, managing projects, and working agilely.

12. InVision Freehand

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Teams can plan, manage projects, share ideas, and draw on the Freehand online whiteboard from InVision. There are already-made templates and places to keep track of tasks.

Widgets and reactions that work together are all ways to make collaboration more open and centralized. It works with Jira, Asana, WebEx, Zoom, and Google Docs.

To help teams keep track of their ideas, make changes to documents, and video chat. With Freehand, teamwork gets better.

13. Brightidea

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Brightidea is a cloud-based visual collaboration service that helps small, medium, and large businesses with communication management and managing their new ideas.

It gives you ways to talk to other people and organize your thoughts. There are also apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

14. Stormboard

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Using a digital workspace visual collaboration platform, you can have team collaboration. You can plan your meeting ahead of time, record, organize, and talk about ideas in real time, assign tasks, and check on how things are going.

Use templates already made for things like Agile and Project Management to get started quickly. Any of the many dynamic reporting formats you can use will accept the work you exported without you having to do anything else.

15. DEON

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

DEON is a visual collaboration platform for working as a team and talking to each other. Teams can work together in just a few minutes on Infinite Canvas by using a variety of file formats and sources of information. Teams have as much space as they need to put their adobe creative cloud projects on display.

Resources can be anything from a document to a spreadsheet to a drawing to a screenshot of an online app to a video or picture to a live feed. 

Like on a computer desktop, you can edit and annotate content in the workspace. In the same workspace, multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously.

In DEON, users can move around the workspace and work in different places. In contrast to screen sharing, you can always use the workspace, no matter where you are.

16. Digital Samba

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Digital Samba, a visual collaboration platform, combines traditional video conferences with online collaboration, like webinars. It also works well for online meetings, classes, and jobs that can be done from home.

It has a robust API that can be changed to fit your brand and meets the General Data Protection Regulation requirements. Digital Samba parties are the best for size, participation, and immersion. 

It offers hosting in the cloud that can grow or shrink your business. This system supports both dynamic pricing and “on-demand” service delivery.

17. FlowMapp

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
A user experience (UX) planning visual collaboration tool, FlowMapp enables the creation of intuitive customer journey maps.

In addition, you can enhance the quality of your websites, apps, and other creations by employing user flows, sitemaps, and personas.

18. Bluescape

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Bluescape is a visual collaboration platform for large organizations that helps people work together on visual projects. The software’s main feature, virtual workspaces, makes the process easier.

You can do whiteboarding with people who work in different departments. They can hold an online meeting from anywhere, and everyone can talk and look at documents at the same time.

19. FigJam

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

FigJam is an online visual collaboration whiteboard you and your team can use to develop ideas and put them in order. Don’t worry about learning design software before you start jamming.

FigJam files are small places where people can meet and work together.

20. ProjectHuddle

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

The WordPress plugin ProjectHuddle makes it easy to use sticky notes to give feedback on how websites are designed and built. You can take simple steps to add new pages or websites.

The client can give you feedback on your mockups and site designs by pointing, clicking, and typing suggestions right onto them.

21. Allo

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Allo is a cloud-based visual collaboration workspace that helps businesses make their teams more productive.

It makes workflows more efficient and easy for team members to manage store, and access media like videos, images, links, and documents in one place.

22. Reactiv SUITE

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

This app lets presenters in a remote meeting pin their cameras. You can control their image, share any content or file, annotate their slides, and do much more.

This gets people to pay full attention to the task at hand and participate in the exercise as much as possible.

23. Notism

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Notism is a platform that brings together creative teams in the worlds of design and video.

Users can quickly and easily work together on creative projects and give each other feedback. Online and mobile project prototypes don’t have to stay still.

24. Midlap

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Midlap is a web-based application for group collaboration and ideation. It eliminates the need to use different programs for different team tasks.

Use aids such as whiteboards and kanban boards to address the issue. Consolidate your various charts, calendars, files, chats, and more into one convenient location.

Now you can save time by avoiding app switching and accomplish more with Midlap.

25. Explain Everything

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Explain Everything is an online whiteboard where people can share ideas. Then you can make them clear and easy to understand so they can talk better.

26. Ziteboard

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Ziteboard is a place for business teams to work together in an organized way. It’s a simple, free program that can help students come up with ideas and teach them more.

Simply put, it makes it easier for you and your friends and coworkers to work well together. Blueprints, strategic plans, and systems drawings can all be shared and worked on simultaneously.

27. Bottle

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Bottle is a task management tool that facilitates efficient and effective collaboration between team members.

It provides a centralized hub for teams to manage their joint projects, ensuring everyone is on the same page and meeting all deadlines.

Bottle makes it simple for teams to take in the big picture and stay focused on the tasks at hand. It allows them to complete tasks on time and clears their heads in the process.

28. Fibery

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Fibery is a place where people can work together. It can make new products, run its businesses, and manage its knowledge. It can connect all your activities, such as user research.

Also, customer feedback, product development, marketing, HR, and more, into a single platform. It can be the thread that holds all your knowledge and work together.

29. Prysm Visual Workplace

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Prysm’s integrated hardware and software solution brings together apps, content, and video.

It also includes the web in a single, easy-to-use interface. It makes it easier for people to work together and see data. You can now get to all the software and other things you often use from one easy-to-use place.

30. Mural

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io
A visual collaboration tool Mural, help people work together better. Mural is different from other apps for working together. It gives teams a central place to work together and shows project managers how to make teams work better.

With Mural, teams can learn new things as they go. The next step is to develop routines that will help them work better and faster. Since there is no need to plan ahead, groups can start working together right away.

Because of this, there are better ideas, faster development, more happy teams, and better results. Use Mural instead of traditional meetings as the main way your team talks to each other.

31. Canvus Collaboration Software

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Teams can upload as many files as they want, like movies, photos, and websites. Other live software programs and a virtual canvas can be any size. Then, it can be accessed by an unlimited number of people on standard video walls through Canvus Connect.

32. Idea Pipeline

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Idea Pipeline is a simple online tool that makes it easy for employees of a company. They can share and crowdsource good ideas.

It’s where teams can find new ways to improve and where leaders can work with their staff to improve the business.

33. Futuramo Visual Tickets

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Futuramo Visual Tickets is an intelligent management app project teams can use to share feedback, report bugs, and keep track of issues.

The app is meant to make it easier and faster for teams to report bugs, solve tickets, make requests, and give and get feedback.

It has a tool for making notes and a list of tickets that can be changed. There is also a way to manage the properties of tickets, a way to share files, an update feed, and an advanced filters panel. It has a powerful search feature and many other features that help teams work together.

34. UXPressia

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

A user experience platform called UXPressia makes it easy to create user journey maps. It lets people make personas and impact maps online, which they can then export and share.

This set of tools is easy for beginners but strong enough for pros. Teams will like how easy it is to standardize and grow projects and how easy it is to work with other people on them.

35. Marimba

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Marimba is a free online tool for working together on whiteboards. You can use it for online business meetings, project management, and lectures.

With Marimba, teams can make plans without being in the same room. They can also share information and work on a project.

36. Asana

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

Asana’s web and mobile apps help you stay on track, organize projects, and meet deadlines.

See how a project is going, keep track of individual tasks, plan sprints, connect to other tools, and ensure launches go well. As your team leads jobs from “to do” to “done,” you can see how far along your projects are.

37. WorkInSync

37 Best Visual Collaboration Platform Softlist.io

WorkInSync was made as a SaaS alternative to help businesses. They can set up the hybrid workplace model and ensure that employees can return to work safely.

It’s a simple app that helps everyone do their office work better and more accessible. The main goal of WorkInSync is to make digitized and hybrid workplaces. Its core values are flexibility, working together, and getting things done.

WorkInSync can help businesses by investing in tech solutions that use AI. It can help them get the most out of their resources, make it easier for people to work together, and make workers happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a visual collaboration platform?

With the help of visual collaboration software, members of various teams can share and collaborate on a limitless visual workspace in the cloud. Participants can simultaneously add their graphic ideas using a shared canvas and text, audio, or video chat.

What are collaboration tools in ICT?

Online collaboration tools—apps, software, or platforms—help businesses. Through this, employees expedite the creative process and operate more efficiently.

What are the five types of visual communication?

The five types of visual communication are:
Information Design/Data Visualization.

What are the collaborative platforms?

Collaboration platforms are business software that makes work processes more like social networks.

Final Thoughts

In 2023, the 37 visual tools for teamwork that are talked about in this article are some of the most useful ones. They have several qualities that help them work better as a team, no matter where the teams are.

You should consider things like price, ease of use, integrations, and more on this list. Try out a few different platforms before deciding on one. The best platform for you will depend on your needs and preferences, so you should try a few.

Use many different tools for visual collaboration platforms to get the most out of what each one has to offer. These tools don’t compete with each other. This post should help you choose the best visual collaboration tool, making it easier for your team to work together.

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