How Does GPS Time Clock App Software Work?

GPS Clock App
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I. What Exactly Is GPS?

What Exactly Is GPS?

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that synchronizes location, velocity, and time data using satellites, a receiver, and algorithms. The satellite system comprises a group of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth in six planes, with four satellites in each plane.

The fourth satellite is in place to ensure that the data being produced from the other three satellites is accurate, even though we only need three satellites to create an exact location on the Earth’s surface. The fourth satellite transports us into the third dimension, enabling us to determine a device’s altitude.

The GPS network is divided into three sections:

A. Satellites


The satellites that circle the Earth are the first of these elements. They communicate information about users’ locations and times of day to other users.

B. Ground Control

Ground Control

The second element is ground control, which consists of master control stations, ground antennas, and monitoring stations based on Earth. These are in place to operate satellites in orbit and for tracking purposes. Every continent has monitoring stations spread out over it.

C. User Equipment

User Equipment

The user equipment, which includes GPS receivers like cellphones and other things with navigational software, is GPS’s third and last component. It’s critical to realize that smartphones and many other devices are receivers, not emitters, of electromagnetic energy.

GPS-enabled devices have an antenna that picks up a signal from the GPS satellite network and a computer chip that processes the GPS signal to figure out where the device is. It is similar to how your radio gets a message from a radio station that sends a signal.

II. A GPS Clocking System: What Is It?

The GPS time clock is a technology that uses a constellation of 24 satellites in orbit. It offers an exact timing solution.

The system uses an atomic clock to give low-cost access to global atomic time standards. Since they are much more reliable and accurate than electronic clocks, they are considered significantly superior.

A manager or business owner with access to a GPS clocking system can monitor their personnel as they do their jobs.

Thanks to GPS tracking, you can quickly see where all your staff are. You can tell if someone is driving slowly or deviating from the designated path. It also lets you keep your customers informed on the location of your employees and merchandise.

III. How Does GPS Work?

How Does GPS Work?

GPS satellites exactly go around the Earth twice a day. Each satellite sends out a unique signal and information about its orbit that GPS devices can decode and use to determine exactly where the satellite is. 

With this information and triangulation, GPS receivers can determine a person’s location. The GPS receiver determines how far away each satellite is by how long it takes to get a signal. With distance measurements from a few more satellites, the receiver can figure out where the user is and show it on a screen. It lets you map a golf course, find your way home, or go on an adventure anywhere.

GPS built-in device

Many devices, like smartwatches, satellite communicators, cars, boats, and more, have GPS built-in. A GPS receiver needs to be locked on to the signal of at least three satellites to figure out your 2D position (latitude and longitude) and track your movement.

Usually, a GPS receiver can track eight or more satellites, but this depends on the time of day and where you are on Earth. Some gadgets let you do all of those things from your wrist.

Once your location is detected, the GPS device can calculate further data, including:

a. Trip distance

b. Distance to destination

c. Speed

d. Bearing

e. Track

f. Sunrise and sunset times

IV. How Does The GPS Clock App Function?

How Does The GPS Clock App Function?

Through GPS tracking, also known as geofence tracking, the user’s device is located and reported to be in the best place possible. And that is what a GPS time clock primarily accomplishes.

Although it’s frequently called GPS tracking, geofence tracking is a better name because it doesn’t always use the GPS position.

There are two ways a gadget can make use of geofencing:

– Location by GPS

– Location of WiFi

– The IP address of the device or

– The cell tower triangulation.

The device indicates which of these four choices is the most precise.

You do not need to be online to obtain the geographic coordinates for a GPS position. However, having access to the internet enhances location data since it expands your alternatives for location data. However, there are situations when it cannot determine the device’s location.

The ability of the gadget to determine its location via signals is necessary for geofencing to work correctly. Users should avoid areas like basements where signals may have trouble reaching the device.

V. What Benefits Make GPS Tracking Systems Offer?

Thanks to GPS tracking, you can learn which employees are working and where they are. When scheduling a new job on the fly, you’ll be able to identify inefficiencies in workloads and routes, manage people at multiple locations more effectively, figure out who is closest to a customer, and promote trust by introducing accountability protections beneficial to all parties.

What advantages may location tracking offer my company?

Safety: You always know where a person is, regardless of where they are on the job. According to a recent poll, companies use GPS tracking primarily for safety reasons.

Documentation: Is a client claiming that a worker didn’t show up for work or showed up late? It is now simple to verify these statements.

Flexibility: You are more comfortable allowing employees to use company vehicles or run home-based businesses. It can raise employee happiness and foster a culture of accountability and trust where everyone benefits from more flexibility.

Accountability: To lessen buddy punching and time-stealing, use a mechanism that keeps everyone honest.

Efficiency: By being aware of where your employees are, you may send more people to the right places and do tasks more rapidly.

VI. What GPS Time Clock Apps Are The Best?

Listed below are the top 10 GPS time tracking software that most of the world’s best companies use to keep track of their employees’ time.

1. Clockify


Clockify is a basic, user-friendly timesheet application that does not require installation.

The application is very user friendly and excellent for controlling employee activity. You get complete access to the data and reports about how much time was spent on each task, and you can track time for any activity you choose.

Clockify might help freelancers adjust to their flexible work schedules. As time tracking in Clockify is synchronized on a browser, desktop, or mobile device, users can label their hours as billable or non-billable and switch between gadgets.

2. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a clocking method that uses GPS. You also get access to webcam images, IP address locking, and geofencing.

Additionally, it supports GPS location tracking so you can monitor your personnel as they move. You can configure the GPS and geofencing to control where your employees clock in from when they leave the office. You can switch to an IP address lock when they return to the office.



3. Hubstaff


Hubstaff is a simple and reliable employee time tracking app solution that can be used on computers, mobile devices, or web browsers.

It offers productivity tracking and reporting so that you can always check progress. Additionally, it supports GPS position tracking so you can monitor your personnel as they travel.



4. Connecteam


Connecteam is an easy-to-use time clock app with GPS tracking capabilities.

It offers a variety of communication features to help you streamline your project management software and enables you to send and share content with your team.

Their GPS technology enables you to monitor and control the number of hours employees spend working on tasks or traveling. Additionally, you get access to job site stamps on their built-in map feature.

The ability to add several time clocks to a single account makes Connecteam’s time clock technology unique. Companies with multiple branches that want each department to have its users, admins, and settings usually use this.



5. Labor Sync

Labor Sync

A GPS time tracking clock app called Labor Sync assists businesses in increasing productivity, streamlining time and attendance, and saving time and money. With this time-tracking app that uses a GPS receiver, companies can streamline their time-related processes through project management, real-time reporting, customizable reports, and easy exporting of payroll data.



6. Justworks Hours

Justworks Hours

A reliable GPS time clock software program that makes it simple to track employees’ working hours across many devices is JustWorks Hours. Administrators may automate overtime notifications and payroll reports, saving a ton of time in the process. Reports on compliance and real-time messaging are other helpful features.



7. Timesheet Mobile: Mobile Time-tracking App

Timesheet Mobile

Using Timesheet Mobile, you can deal with accurate timesheets, create jobs for staff members, assign them assignments, and effectively manage their schedules. You and your employees will be able to remain on top of the daily schedule and ensure that all duties are carried out accurately and on time with the aid of this system for tracking personnel.



8. Timr


For those that require a single solution for time tracking, project tracking, and location monitoring, try Timr. The app offers all the necessary features to keep track of all the operations required to deliver projects on time and in the correct location. Use it if you need a centralized team management system.



9. Mitrefinch


The best option for you will be Mitrefinch if you require specialized software. Software for tracking time and attendance called Mitrefinch promotes workflow openness. The implementation process is made to fit the needs of your organization.

A customized, in-depth consultation helps you figure out precisely what you want the software to do. It’s an excellent solution for managers and employees needing specific, personalized software.


How Does GPS Time Clock App Software Work?

10. Timeero


Employees who work outside the office or are constantly on the go may find Timeero helpful because of its capabilities. This GPS time tracker software maintains track of time and is simple to use. Reducing all the paperwork and automating timesheet management is simple with Timeero.

Your staff may clock in and out and then return to work with a single touch. Small organizations that need to understand where and how their teams spend their time rapidly might consider Timeero. The tool complies with all wage regulations the Department of Labor laid forth.

Timeero’s mileage tracking is another excellent feature to compensate workers for business travel expenses using mileage. So there’s no need to wonder if they’re taking long routes and spending the company’s money. With GPS tracking from Timeero, you can view the traveled path and distance.





How Does Geofencing Work In A GPS Time Clock?

There was a time when only GPS software used geofencing. But now, it’s easy to find apps that track time using geofencing. 

In short, a geofence is a digital map that sets up an invisible fence. It bounds by the virtual area where your employees are supposed to work.

When an employee steps inside the geofence, the app’s time clock will automatically keep track of the time spent in the zone. The time clock stops keeping track of when the employee leaves the location.

What Is A Geofence Time Clock App?

A GPS time clock is an app that can also use geofencing to keep track of the time that employees work. A geofence is a virtual set-up boundary that represents a real place. When a manager draws a circle on a map, they have made a geofence.

When an employee uses the GPS time clock app to clock in, the manager can see where they are about the geofence. You can also set up alerts for out-of-range punches and changes to the schedule.

Is GPS Clock App Software Safe?

Yes. All respectable time-tracking companies store your data on their secure cloud, which is entirely safe from malware attacks and the eyes of third-party companies. Data protection is treated very seriously in this market – a company that fails in this area will lose clients.

Some companies that offer time clock apps give you the option to keep the data on your servers if, for some reason, you don’t trust their servers. It puts complete control in your hands.

Is GPS Clock App Software Safe?

VIII. Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The best software for tracking time helps business owners track and manage employee hours from anywhere. Implementing this strategy is the sole approach to guarantee precise employee performance insights and higher productivity. For that, you need a time-tracking app for your device.

These applications are much more than just time-tracking tools for your company. With the right app and the right way to use it, you can turn GPS Clock App Software into a powerful tool that will help you run your business.

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