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GPS time tracker
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GPS Time Clock App Software represents a significant advancement in managing mobile workforces, offering businesses a sophisticated tool to track employee hours with precision and reliability. These apps utilize GPS technology to verify employees’ locations when they clock in and out, ensuring accurate timekeeping for remote or on-the-go workers. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about GPS Time Clock App Software often revolve around its functionality, benefits, and practical considerations such as data usage and privacy concerns. Questions may capture inquiries about how to effectively implement geofencing, the accuracy of GPS tracking, and the types of reports and analytics available through the software. Listed below are the top GPS Time Clock App Software FAQs.

1. What is A GPS Clock Time?

GPS Clock Time

When employees clock in, their location is tracked by a Global Positioning System or GPS time clock. The GPS time tracker can also make it so that employees can only clock in and out from certain places. It keeps employees from stealing time and saves money.

Many GPS time trackers also keep track of mileage. It makes it easier to get reimbursed and stops people from stealing mileage. Constantly monitoring the whereabouts of personnel ensures their safety, dependability, and on-time attendance.

  • A good GPS time tracking software can help:
  • Record how many hours employees work
  • Make sure employees are on time and in the right place.
  • Stop time and mileage theft
  • Enhance scheduling

2. How Precise Is A GPS?

How Precise Is A GPS?

It varies. With a certain degree of accuracy, GPS satellites broadcast their signals into space; however, what you receive relies on several other factors, such as :

  • Atmospheric conditions
  • Receiver design features/quality
  • Satellite geometry
  • Signal blockage

3. What Other Features Could GPS Time Trackers Offer My Business?


There’s no doubt that a mobile time clock with GPS will help you and your employees in the long run if you own your own business. You should carefully consider which features your business needs the most so you can get the most for your money.

Just because software can track GPS time doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. For example, your company might benefit from internal communication and task management tools.

4. What Are The Advantages Of GPS Tracking?

Advantages Of GPS

Thanks to GPS tracking, you can find out which employees are working and where they are. You’ll be able to spot inefficiencies in workloads and routes, more efficiently manage personnel at various locations, determine who is closest to a customer when scheduling a new job on the go, and foster trust by introducing accountability protections that are advantageous to all parties.

5. What’s A GPS Or Geofence Time Clock?

Geofence Time Clock

A GPS time clock is an app for keeping track of employees’ time that can also use geofencing. A geofence is a virtual boundary already set up to represent a real place. A geofence is made when a manager puts a radius on a map. When an employee uses the GPS time clock app to clock in, the manager can see where they are about the geofence. You can also set up alerts for punches that are out of range and schedule changes.

6. How Do Geofences Use My Location? What Are They?

Administrators can create geofences—specific spots around a job site that function like invisible fences—to protect workers. To be alerted when you cross the border specified by your administrators, GPSFence keeps a location on your mobile device. It just uses your site to alert you when you arrive at the authorized worksite so you can remember to clock in.


On the other hand, you’ll be alerted when you leave the designated area to clock out. Despite receiving a notification that you have entered the geofence area, you are only tracked once you clock in.

7. How Does Geofencing Work In A GPS Time Clock?

There was a time when only GPS software used geofencing. But now, it’s easy to find apps that track time using geofencing. In short, geofenced job sites are a digital map that sets up an invisible fence. It is bound by the virtual area where your employees are supposed to work.


When an employee steps inside the geofence, the app’s time clock will automatically keep track of the time spent in the zone. The time clock stops keeping track of when the employee leaves the location.

8. Does Clockify Make Use Of GPS?


Clockify can do more than just track time. With your permission, it can also access your location and let the people in your workspace know where you are. The location is part of the tracker function, so you’ll be able to share your site when you’re tracking time.

This GPS location tracking app can be helpful for several things, like letting the boss know if employees are on the field or where you last tracked them.

9. How Well Does A GPS Clock App Work?

Smartphones and other mobile time-tracking devices with GPS technology use radio signals from satellites in space or Global Satellite Navigation Systems to figure out where someone is (GNSS).

GPS Signal

Dual-frequency GPS is a newer technology used by newer mobile devices and tech companies like the iPhone 14 Pro, Xiaomi, and Huawei. It can be accurate within a few centimeters or a couple of inches.

10. What Does A Geofence Time Clock Do?

For a GPS time clock to figure out where a mobile device or RFID tag is, it needs GPS, RFID (radio-frequency identification), Wi-Fi, or cellular data. The mobile timekeeping app lets managers set up “fences,” and employees use their phones to clock in and out. The time clock app with GPS lets employees see their shift schedule, time card, accruals, and open shifts.

Time clock app with GPS lets employees see their shift schedule, time card, accruals, and open shifts.

11. Is It Safe To Use GPS Clock App Software?

Is It Safe To Use GPS Clock App Software?

Yes. All reputable time-tracking companies store your information in a secure cloud that can’t be hacked or looked at by other companies. Data protection is taken very seriously in this market, and a business that fails in this area will lose customers.

Some companies that make time clock apps let you keep the data on your servers if you don’t trust their servers for some reason. It gives you complete control over everything.

12. What To Look For In GPS Clock Software?

What To Look For In GPS Clock Software?

Decide if you need an app that tracks your time automatically or if a manual timer would work better for you. Then, think about the essential features you need the app to have. For example, you may need to track project time, bill clients, and send invoices if you work on projects.

Or, your workflow would benefit most from shift scheduling, tracking absences, and other add-ons that help you manage a team. To find the best time-tracking app, you need to know what you need.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to use a time-tracking app’s free trial if it has one. Hands-on experience is the best way to learn.

13. What Role Does The GPS Clock App Serve For You?

Tools for tracking time have two functions: they can display the amount of time spent on a task and the amount of time wasted getting nothing done.

14. How Do I See The Complete GPS Map For An Individual Timesheet?

How Do I See The Complete GPS Map For An Individual Timesheet?

When your personnel logs in at work sites, you may keep track of their whereabouts. The audit trail of the timesheet contains the coordinates of each timestamp’s location. To represent GPS data pins on the map can be used. You can generate reports detailing your personnel’s whereabouts for any given period.

No GPS points are pulled when you take a break, clock out, or sign out of the app. Multiple environmental conditions may hinder the satellite from getting a GPS signal. Points are not awarded if the phone is turned off or the application is forcibly closed.

15. What’s The Best Way To Keep Track Of Employees’ Attendance?

Time and attendance software makes it easy to track who is there and when. With a time clock app, employees can check in and out using GPS and a picture. You can see everyone’s schedules and real-time attendance in one place online, and you can quickly approve accurate timesheets, shift swaps, and time-off requests.

Time and attendance software lets you streamline your processes and record time as accurately as possible, so you can run your business according to local and state laws while making the most money possible.

Time and attendance tracking system

16. Is There A Free GPS Time-tracking App?

The essential features of Clockify are available for free. It is a tool for keeping track of your time and progress during the work day.


You’ll receive a detailed report that can help you grow better in the future. You’ll know exactly how long you spent on a particular task and how many seconds you were unproductive.

17. What Is The Best Time Clock App with GPS?

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch

GPS-based clocking system that gives you access to geofencing.


GPS Time Clock App Software FAQ Softlist.io

Best for virtual task planning.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time

Works best when connected to QuickBooks.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track

The best way to keep track of simple time.



The best way to track time is because it has a Pomodoro feature.



A calendar is the best way to keep track of time.



Best for unique time tracking.



The most straightforward way to plan resources and track time

Tracking Time

Tracking Time

Top features for project management

18. How To Pick The Best Time Clock Software For Your Needs?

How To Pick The Best Time Clock Software For Your Needs?

You will need first to assess a few factors to discover the best time clock software for your requirements:

User interface (UI)

An intelligent time clock tool is straightforward and has little to no learning curve.


You should pick software that is simple to use and doesn’t need much training.


Your program should be reasonably priced but, above all, of excellent quality. As a result, you should establish a precise budget, but first, see if any free trials are available.


The software should be able to do more and have several ways to connect to your other tools.

19. Can You Find Someone’s Location With Just Their Phone Number?

Can You Find Someone's Location With Just Their Phone Number?

Before Google Maps can track a phone number, it must be registered on Google. If the number is already registered, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Maps on your tablet or Android phone.
  2. Sign in to your account on Google.
  3. Look for the number you’re looking for.
  4. Pick the number you want to keep track of.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the information you need to get in touch.

20. Which GPS Clock App Is The Best For Developers?


You can track employee time, work on projects, and your own time using Clockit, an all-in-one time-tracking application. Using the program, you can build projects with tasks, making it easier to handle various projects and tasks.

The app also includes a two-way timer that monitors your shift hours, breaks, and billable rates. You may track your time spent on various chores using Clockit, which will help you keep organized and ensure you finish everything you need.

Free GPS Time Clock Software

A simple time monitoring application called Clockit is accessible via the web via an iOS app. There are no sign-in or account requirements, and the software is free.

Additionally, the Clockit app has a “last week” feature that enables you to add information from past weeks without typing it. Data from the app may be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or email attachment, making it simple to share your data with coworkers or clients.

21. What Benefits Of Location Tracking Can I Expect For My Business?

What Benefits Of Location Tracking Can I Expect For My Business?


Is a customer complaining that an employee failed to arrive for work or arrived late? These claims are now straightforward to confirm by using an employee time-tracking app.


No matter which job location a person is at, you always know where they are. A recent survey revealed that safety was the primary justification for GPS tracking among companies.


You feel more at ease enabling staff to use corporate vehicles or conduct home-based business. It can increase employee satisfaction and a culture of trust and accountability where everyone’s benefits come along with increased flexibility.


Use a tool that keeps everyone honest to reduce buddy punching and time stealing.


You may assign more personnel to the appropriate locations and complete tasks more quickly by being aware of where your employees are.


The implementation of GPS Time Clock App Software has revolutionized the way businesses manage and monitor their workforce, especially in addressing the complexities of remote work and mobile employees. These sophisticated mobile time-tracking solutions provide a robust GPS attendance system designed to ensure accuracy and reliability in employee timekeeping.

Key features such as employee location tracking and time clock software for remote workers offer employers the visibility they need to manage their teams effectively, regardless of location. Geofencing, a pivotal aspect of these systems, has been a frequent topic in geofencing FAQs, showcasing its ability to define geographical boundaries for clocking in and out, thereby minimizing time theft and ensuring employees are clocked only during appropriate times and locations.

Employee time-tracking apps leverage this technology to prevent fraudulent time reporting and unauthorized clock-ins, providing a layer of security and integrity to the timekeeping process. These systems not only help answer critical questions about managing a dispersed workforce but also streamline payroll processes, enhance compliance with work policies, and offer detailed insights into labor costs and productivity.

Explore our collection of informative blogs to gain more comprehensive insights about the GPS App Clock.

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