Labor Sync GPS Time Tracking Software: A Time Clock App With GPS For Project Management Teams

Labor Sync GPS Time Tracking Software: A Time Clock App With GPS For Project Management Teams
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If you’re looking for great GPS location tracking software, Labor Sync should be your top choice. Read on and learn how to leverage it for your business and team.

What Is A GPS Time Clock App?

What Is A GPS Time Clock App?

A time clock app with GPS is a software application that allows users to track their work hours and location in real time. It typically uses GPS technology to record the user’s location and enables them to log their work hours and activities.

Individuals can track their own time or monitor their employees’ work hours. With the GPS feature, the app can also provide information on where the user has been throughout the day, whether at his job site or elsewhere, making it a valuable tool for tracking work-related travel and expenses.

With such an app that can track time, users can easily create reports and manage their time more efficiently, resulting in better productivity and improved work-life balance.

There are several names of this employee time tracking software, including Labor Sync. Interested to know what it can do for its users? Read on and learn.

Meet Labor Sync GPS Tracking App: What Does It Do?

Meet Labor Sync GPS Tracking App: What Does It Do?

Labor Sync is a mobile workforce management software that helps businesses manage and monitor their employees’ time and attendance, job scheduling, and communication. The software lets companies track their employees’ location, hours worked, and project status in real-time while providing employers with detailed reports on employee productivity and job costs. Labor Sync allows them to make informed decisions and optimize their workforce management.

With Labor Sync, employees can clock in and out, report their locations, and communicate using a mobile device with their supervisors and colleagues.

Features And Benefits Of Labor Sync GPS Location Tracking Software

Features And Benefits Of Labor Sync GPS Location Tracking Software

Labor Sync boasts several features that can benefit both employees and employers. Let’s see them below.

  1. Custom Reports

This feature lets users customize their reports by filtering by employee name, date, and job. Under this feature, you can generate four custom report types: employee summary, employee jobs, timesheet, week, detailed, and grouping.

  1. Manage Adjustments

Managing adjustments allows managers to make changes to employee time entries for a variety of reasons.

Adjustments can be made for several reasons, including correcting mistakes, adding missed clock-in or clock-out times, or adjusting for overtime or sick leave. With this feature, managers can easily make these changes and keep track of them in the app.

  1. Automatic Clock Out

Labor Sync can automatically clock out any employee through the automatic clock-out feature. Managers must only set a specific time when all employees should be clocked out. For example, if the manager wants to ensure that all employees are not working past their scheduled shift end time, they can set the automatic clock-out time for 10 or 15 minutes after the end of their shift.

  1. Messaging

Sending messages with Labor Sync is more accessible and hassle-free with its messaging feature. No need to jump to another app to communicate with the team because it lets users inform workers about meetings, schedule changes, and other relevant information. Plus, it doesn’t rely on the carrier’s messaging system, making it all the more useful!

  1. Maps

With the Maps feature, business owners don’t have to keep wondering where their employees are during work hours. They can see where their employers are working, when they arrived, and how long have they been at the job site. This feature is suitable for businesses with mobile employees, such as construction workers and manufacturers.

Cost And Price Plans Of Labor Sync

 Cost And Price Plans Of Labor Sync

How much does it cost to count employee hours with Labor Sync?

This mobile time-tracking app has a straightforward pricing plan. Businesses only have to pay $10 for each ‘active employee’. It doesn’t have a flat rate, so users don’t have to pay for employees who didn’t clock in during a given billing cycle.

But what is an active employee? It refers to any employee who clocks in during a given period. This way, the app eliminates the hassle of having to delete inactive employees to keep from getting charged. It’s that simple!

Pros And Cons of Using Labor Sync GPS Time Clock App

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons to convince you more about using Labor Sync for your business.


  1. Great Pricing Plan

Labor Sync is one of the few GPS time tracker apps that don’t charge a flat rate. This makes it economical for small businesses because they only have to pay for whoever clocks in for the month. Additionally, it is convenient since users don’t have to keep deleted inactive employees from the list.

  1. Helps With Data Analysis

Managers who are looking for data to back up strong business decisions can rely on Labor Sync. With reports and data analysis capabilities, it’s easier for users to look into the trends and decide on the best move for the organization.

  1. Real-Time location tracking app

As a GPS mobile time clock, it gives users the ability to check the location of their employees, instead of relying on any report.


  1. Privacy Concerns

Some users may feel uncomfortable when their location is being tracked. It can pose some privacy issues, which can discourage employers and managers from using the app. It’s best to let employees know about the location tracking capabilities when using Labor Sync.

  1. Dependence On Internet Connection

Labor Sync needs an internet connection to work, especially its GPS tracking. So, there arise issues when the internet connection is down.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before purchasing this app, check out these frequently asked questions to know what other users are asking about Labor Sync.

Are There No Hidden Charges Or Extra Fees?

There are no extra fees or hidden charges. Users only have to pay the $10 fee per active employee within a given billing period. So, there are 10 active users for that period, the organization has to pay only $100.

How Is the Total Number of Employees Calculated?

Remember that Labor Sync only counts employees that have logged in during a specific period and not the number of employees in a system.

Is There A Trial Version? And If So, Is It A Scaled Version Of The Paid One?

There is a trial version. However, it’s not a scaled or downgraded version of the paid one. You get to experience the entirety of the app.

A Great Alternative for Labor Sync is Connecteam

The Connecteam GPS App Clock Software is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses looking to improve their employee time tracking system. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and cost-effective pricing make it an excellent alternative to Labor Sync. Whether you are managing a small business or a large enterprise, this app clock software can help streamline your operations, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

By embracing technology and utilizing tools like Connecteam, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and achieve their goals with ease. So why wait? Try Connecteam today and experience the difference for yourself!


Pay only for what you need, when you need it • All in one app. 14-day free trialNo credit card needed.

Final Thoughts: What Makes Labor Sync Worth Your Money?

Final Thoughts

Using a GPS time tracking app like Labor Sync is advantageous to your company. This specific app lets you monitor your employees and ensure productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it has our seal of recommendation.

With this, get to know more about GPS time tracking by visiting our website. We would love for you to know more about our other product reviews and automation blogs to help you make work faster and business more profitable.

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