How Top 19 Workflow Management Software Makes a Difference

Workflow Management Software
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We all know how frustrating it can be when things don’t go as planned. That’s why something important must be mentioned before we get into the nitty-gritty of features and pricing plans! Workflow management software is designed to manage your day-to-day workflows so that you never have any issues again on whatever project or task you’re working on. As such, these programs aim to ensure everything runs smoothly and facilitate communication between team members by keeping everybody updated about what steps need attention next to achieve desired results.

Workflow management software helps streamline your business processes by providing a system for organizing and optimizing how work is conducted. It lets users identify potential areas of improvement and automate tasks that would otherwise take up valuable time from employees’ schedules or become outdated quickly due to changes in demand patterns, leading to greater efficiency!

Choosing the right workflow management software for your team can be overwhelming. The best way to choose is knowing what you need and when, but this isn’t easy! Too often, managers get the wrong tools that don’t work well with their goals – which means terrible results. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of workflow management, it’s essential to know your requirements. Here’s a list that will help you find an app or tool perfect for those needs.

1. is a workflow management program that helps you easily manage your business. It has been designed to be easy to use and simple to understand. It can handle all your tasks, projects, customers, and suppliers. The software suits small businesses, large corporations, and even government departments.

You can use to handle all aspects of your business, from accounting, inventory management, purchase orders, and customer service to sales order processing, financial reporting, project management, and much more. makes it easy for anyone to create a website or online store and start selling products immediately with no technical knowledge needed!


  • Free plan:
  • Pro plan: $8/member/month
  • Business plan: $15/member/month

Create fast dynamic notes, documents, wikis, knowledge bases, projects, client deliverables, technical docs, training guides and client portals, while integrating across the apps you work with.

2. Nifty

Nifty is a workflow management software that helps you simplify your business’s process. It allows you to create and manage business processes, including tasks, documents, approvals, reports, and dashboards. Nifty is easy to use and can be used by anyone in your organization, from end users to managers.

Nifty can be installed on-premises or on the cloud. It supports all major file formats and includes powerful features such as workflows, approvals, document management, reporting and analytics, task management, and more.

Nifty makes it easy for you to create workflows and manage them. You can use Nifty for any business process, from logistics to HR.

Nifty provides tools for workflow planning, analysis, and optimization and features for managing tasks and resources.


Stop switching between Roadmaps, Tasks, Docs, Chats, & other tools. Nifty is one app to unite teams, goals, and actions in one place.


  • Free
  • Starter: $39/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Business: $124/month
  • Unlimited: $399/month

3. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is the best workflow management software. ProWorkflow is a comprehensive workflow management system that enables you to create, organize, and schedule tasks for your business processes. ProWorkflow is a top software for workflow management.

ProWorkflow is an easy-to-use yet powerful application for managing business processes. It’s perfect for small and large organizations, freelancers, and consultants. With ProWorkflow, you can manage every aspect of your business, including sales, marketing, accounting, and customer support.

ProWorkflow makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business!


Spend less time mentally managing the process. ProWorkflow makes it a breeze to assign staff, track time, or reschedule projects. Quoting and invoicing has never been simpler.


  • Professional: $19
  • Advanced: $27
  • Enterprise: Contact Website

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is the best workflow management platform for managing your team’s tasks.

It’s easy to use and has a beautiful interface that makes it fun to track your projects.

ClickUp lets you assign tasks, delegate them to other team members, and track progress in one place. It also provides tools for setting due dates, giving budgets, and keeping track of time spent on each task.

This tool allows you to create different projects for each client or project you work on. You can also set up recurring tasks in your calendar every week or month. For example, you can create recurring jobs like “Weekly Sales Meeting” or “Monthly Reports.”

In addition to tracking time spent on individual tasks, ClickUp can be an invoicing platform with an integrated payment processing system. All your billing information is stored within your account — no more manual entry!


Work smarter as a team with real-time chat. Tag individuals or groups, assign comments for action items, and link tasks to get more done together.


  • Free
  • Unlimited: $7/member/month
  • Business: $12/member/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Website

5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive, a workflow management program, is a simple and intuitive CRM software that helps you organize your sales pipeline and contacts into projects.

Pipedrive is used by thousands of companies worldwide, including small businesses and Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Hubspot, and Dropbox. It’s easy to use and highly efficient at the same time.

Pipedrive is an excellent tool for managing sales team performance. It helps track leads, create sales follow-ups, set up sales calls, organize your deals, and much more.

Pipedrive is also very effective when managing customer support teams — it’s great for managing customer issues in one place and keeping track of what needs to be done next. You can assign tasks to different people in your company and see who is responsible at any moment.


As you do activities and drive deals forward, Pipedrive monitors your performance like a coach.


  • Essential: $12.50/user/month
  • Advanced: $24.90/user/month
  • Professional: $49.90/user/month
  • Power: $59.90/user/month
  • Enterprise: $74.90/user/month

6. Process Street

Process Street is a workflow management program that quickly creates checklists, process maps, and other documents. It’s a top workflow management system helps you manage processes, develop lists, process maps, and more.

The software lets you create detailed checklists for every process in your company, which can then be shared with other users or kept private. This makes tracking what needs to be done and who’s doing it easier. You can also add notes and comments to each step so you know why specific actions are necessary or what might need to be changed.

Process Street is great for any company that wants to improve its small or large processes. Hundreds of companies worldwide, including Google, NASA, Uber, and more, use the software.

Process Street

Process Street is a no-code, simple and powerful way to manage your team's recurring work.


  • Startup: $100/month
  • Pro: $415/month
  • Enterprise: $1,660/month

7. nTask

nTask is a workflow management program that allows you to create, automate, and track your tasks, projects, and team performance. The solution helps you to manage all aspects of your business, from sales and marketing, support and development to accounting. You can use nTask to manage your entire business process or just one specific task.

nTask flowchart software is a visual project management software offers a powerful and easy-to-use interface to help you create and manage your workflows.

nTask flowchart software is ideal for any organization that can visually document and track processes, procedures, policies, or other activities.


Break down complex projects with comprehensive software that enables your teams to collaborate, plan, analyze, and manage everyday tasks.


  • Premium: $3/month
  • Business: $8/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Website

8. Backlog

With the help of Backlog, you can streamline your team’s process and make it more efficient. The software is specifically designed for development teams so everyone involved in making a product or service can access all relevant information simultaneously. With Backlog, managers can finally get a handle on what their teams are doing without worrying about technical details or schedules – which benefits everyone.

Backlog is a simple yet powerful tool to manage your work. It helps you focus on what matters most and do more at work.

Lastly, with Backlog, you can keep all your tasks in one place while being able to assign the same project multiple times. You will have a clearer view of projects with customizable burndown and Gantt charts for each team member’s needs.


  • Free
  • Starter: $35/month
  • Standard: $100/month
  • Premium: $175/month

Project management software, code management, bug tracking, and more.

9. is the best workflow management software for teams. It’s a complete solution to manage your team’s tasks, communications, and files. is a powerful collaboration tool that helps you organize projects, streamline workflows, and connect with your team on the go. It’s easy to use yet flexible enough to accommodate complex workflows.

You can use as an all-in-one project management solution or as an alternative to email, Slack, or Trello. It’s completely customizable and offers integrations with essential business tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, Dropbox, and Google Drive. is an ideal fit for companies looking for an affordable option for managing their workflow process that doesn’t require technical expertise or IT support. The best thing about a no-code workflow tool is that it’s easy for anyone to use — even without coding experience. `


  • Free
  • Basic: $8/seat/month
  • Standard: $10/seat/month
  • Pro: $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise: Contact Website

Make data-driven decisions, collaborate efficiently, and track progress with software that adapts to your way of working

10. is the best workflow management software for managing workflows in your business. Thousands of companies have used to automate their business processes and make them more efficient.

With the help of workflow management software, users can create automated workflows that help them save time and improve productivity. is a workflow management system that helps you create automated tasks, which can be scheduled and executed at specific times, dates, or events. You can automate repetitive tasks and save time administrating your business processes.

The software works with various cloud services, including Google Drive and Dropbox, so you don’t need to worry about storing documents on your servers. It’s also compatible with popular CRMs like Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Hubspot.


  • Contact for pricing details.

11. Gravity Flow

Gravity Flow is a workflow management program that helps you organize your business processes for better efficiency, collaboration, and visibility.

Gravity Flow

With Gravity Flow, you can manage your business processes from start to finish, from the initial request to completion and follow-up. This means you can see where each function is in its lifecycle, who’s responsible for what step, and why it’s taking so long.

Gravity Flow makes it easy to create workflows and assign them to the right people in the correct order — all without relying on email or other communication methods.

The Gravity Flow is available as an online service or as an offline desktop application. The online service offers the same features as the desktop application, but it can only be used on one computer at a time, and there is no option to purchase extra seats for multiple users.


  • Core License: $99/year
  • Pro License: $299/year
  • Ultimate License: $447/year

12. ProofHub


ProofHub is a workflow management tool that helps you and your team organize, stay on top of things, and collaborate more effectively. It’s not just another project management tool; it’s a complete business management solution.

ProofHub is the best software for managing your workflows because it’s easy to use, affordable, and comes with a range of features that will help you manage all aspects of your business.

ProofHub is not just another project management software. It is a workflow management system that helps you manage your entire business process from beginning to end. You can manage your projects, leads, clients, and employees in one place. It has built-in features to help you create, assign, and allow you to track all your tasks.


  • Essential: $45/month
  • Ultimate Control: $89/month

13. Trello


Trello is one of the popular workflow management systems for organizing anything. Use Trello to collaborate, communicate, and get more done. The workflow templates allow you to create and manage various business processes in your organization quickly and easily. Companies can use customized templates to establish standard operating procedures or as an email system to send employees notifications or reminders.

Trello is the visual collaboration platform that gives teams perspective on projects. Use it to organize personal and professional projects visually on boards.

Trello allows users to manage projects and tasks, set due dates, and add files, all within an easy-to-use interface. Users can create their boards or join existing boards based on their interests or needs; they can also invite others to participate in the panel by emailing them a link or sharing an invitation link with them via social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Once invited to join your board, other members can add items for discussion or action and edit existing tasks or comments.


  • Free
  • Standard: 5/user/month
  • Premium: 10/user/month
  • Enterprise: 14.50/user/month

14. GoodDay


GoodDay, a workflow management program, is a business process management software solution designed to help organizations manage and automate their daily business operations.

GoodDay provides an end-to-end workflow solution that helps companies to automate their business processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

GoodDay is an enterprise-level system that small and large businesses can use. It has been developed based on the requirements of large organizations such as banks, insurance companies, or government agencies. Still, it works as well for small businesses where only a few people work together on projects.


  • Free
  • Professional: $4/user/month
  • Business: $7/user/month
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote

15. Nintex


Nintex Workflow is a workflow management program designed to assist with creating and deploying business processes. It allows users to create, manage, and automate workflows using drag and drop tools that simplify working documents from start to finish.

Nintex Workflow is a software platform that allows companies to manage their business processes more effectively. The software is designed for individuals, teams, and organizations in almost any industry.

Businesses of all sizes, including hospitals, insurance companies, law firms, and more, use the software. Nintex Workflow works well if you want to automate your business processes or if you need to streamline the way your team works together.


  • Pro: Starting at $25,000/year
  • Premium: Starting at $50,000/year
  • Custom

16. Zapier


Zapier is a workflow management program that automates repetitive tasks in your business so you can focus on what you do best.

Zapier is a cloud-based workflow automation platform that allows users to create connections between different web applications and trigger events based on changes in the data.

Zapier is one of the most influential and valuable tools for automating tedious tasks. It helps you connect different web apps, including Gmail, Salesforce, Evernote, etc.

Zapier can be used to automate all kinds of repetitive tasks. You can use it to email whenever a new lead signs up for your CRM or get notified when someone updates their Facebook status with a specific keyword.

Zapier is the best tool for creating workflows with many connections between different apps. You can also create multiple workflows, which will run simultaneously or sequentially, depending on what you need them to do.


  • Free
  • Starter: $19.99/month
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Team: $69/month
  • Company: Contact Website

17. Intervals


Intervals are the most comprehensive and powerful workflow management software available. Workflow builders are tools that help you create and manage business processes.

Intervals allow you to create, manage, and automate complex business processes. Intervals provide several features to help you build high-quality business workflows that are easy to operate and maintain.

Consulting firms, construction companies, and other businesses that deal with large projects have a lot of work to manage. They need multiple tools to help them streamline processes for better communication among team members. Additionally, it provides analytics about how much time each individual put into their task so there can be no confusion over who was responsible when something went wrong or wasn’t completed on time! Intervals offer exceptional functionalities such as these three things – making it stand out among competitors in its market sector.

Intervals offer incredible features to help managers stay on top of their game. They can even approve timesheets and invoices, creating a more efficient workflow for everyone involved! With this program’s wide variety of pricing models, it is sure to find exactly what you need no matter how big or small your business may be – because every little bit counts when trying to make any project successful.


  • Lite: $29/month
  • Basic: $49/month
  • Not so Basic: $69/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Premium: $159/month
  • Top Shelf: $219/month
  • Unlimited: $299/month

18. ProcessMaker


ProcessMaker is a workflow management program that allows you to create and manage processes, forms, and data from a single application. It enables users to automate processes and capture data from any source, including web forms, databases, or legacy systems.

ProcessMaker is an enterprise-grade, open-source software that offers reliable, flexible, and affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.

ProcessMaker offers an intuitive interface to create powerful workflows with no programming required. You can also use ProcessMaker as an enterprise task management or application development platform.

ProcessMaker has been designed to help business users manage large volumes of data quickly and easily. You can use this software to store information about customers, employees, and vendors in one place, keeping track of all the necessary details about them at all times. The software also allows you to automate business processes by creating automated tasks for yourself or other users in your organization.


  • The platform starts at $1475 per month.

19. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a workflow management solution designed to help teams manage the end-to-end process of developing, managing, and delivering projects.

Projects comprise tasks that can be assigned to team members. You can create subprojects or subtasks within a project to break down large projects into smaller steps.

Once you’ve created a project, you can give it an estimated completion date and assign it to your team members. The program will track progress on tasks and display them in an easy-to-read format so that you can see what needs to be done next.

You can also add notes and attachments to each task to ensure the whole team is always on the same page.


  • The annual plan costs $39.97 per month.


What are the benefits of using workflow management software in 2023? 

One of the most significant benefits of using workflow management software is that it can help you avoid bottlenecks and maximize efficiency. By clearly delineating roles and responsibilities, you can ensure that tasks are completed on time without any roadblocks.

How does workflow software improve productivity? 

Workflow management software helps to optimize and automate several tasks related to a project or a process. This includes creating and assigning tasks, tracking progress, and issuing alerts when a job is due. Automating these processes allows workflow management software to free up significant time for employees.

What type of businesses can benefit from using workflow management software?

Workflow management software can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. The software can help streamline operations by automating tasks and providing a transparent work process overview. This can be particularly helpful for companies with complex workflows or relying heavily on teamwork.

What is the best workflow management software?

The best workflow management software varies from company to company, depending on what you’re looking for. However, there are some features and functions that all good workflow management systems offer. A good workflow management system should be easy to use and provide various tools for managing your business processes.

It should also be compatible with other software programs and integrate with other applications in your office. The best workflow management software will allow you to create a process map that shows how different tasks relate to each other, making it easier to understand how things work together and find ways to improve them.

How does automation help with workflow management systems?

One way that process automation can help with workflow management is by automating repetitive tasks. This can free up employees’ time to focus on more critical tasks. Automation can also help eliminate human error, leading to costly mistakes.

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