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These top file management systems are available today, offering various features to help people and businesses organize, manage, and protect their files. They can be cloud-based or on-premise software and provide a centralized location for storing and accessing files with tools for collaboration, version control, and security measures. Choosing the right system can improve productivity, streamline workflows, and keep data safe.



Fluix is a cloud-based software platform for managing digital documents, forms, and workflows. The platform enables users to create, edit, annotate, and share PDF documents on any device. It provides advanced features for managing document workflows.

Fluix’s key features include document versioning, access controls, and audit trails. They help ensure that documents are secure and accessed only by authorized personnel. The platform also offers digital signatures and authentication to sign and approve documents.

Price Plan

Fluix Core Plan starts at $30 per user/month


Fluix is a no-code, simple-to-use workflow automation platform that helps companies to digitize document processes and automate routine tasks, all in one place.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint

SharePoint, created by Microsoft, allows teams to store and access documents and files. It makes dynamic sites for projects and divisions to share files and other resources. Also, you can collaborate within and outside the organization.

SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of apps. It can integrate with other Microsoft tools like MS Office, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. To streamline collaboration and improve productivity.

Price Plan

Annual Subscription-auto renews

SharePoint Online (Plan 1): $5/user per month

SharePoint Online (Plan 2): $10/user per month

Office 365 E3: $23/user per month


Securely stream your Windows experience from the Microsoft cloud to any device.



ProofHub is a cloud-based SaaS tool that streamlines team collaboration and project management. The software offers advanced features, including friendly File Management Software. Digital file and document organization can be time-consuming for project teams, but ProofHub’s File Management system simplifies the process.

This software allows project teams to upload, store, and organize all their documents in one location. You can access files, share links, and collaborate with distributed team members. With “File versioning,” you can store versions of the same file. And “Advanced search” makes it easy to locate documents using keywords and phrases.

Price Plan

Essential Plan: $45/month, billed annually

Ultimate Control Plan: $89/month, billed annually


According to DocuWare, employees spend half of their time searching for documents. But DocuWare can reduce this issue by allowing users to store all their documents and files on its cloud-based platform. Employees can save time and be more productive.

DocuWare provides onboarding new employees, invoice processing, and contract management. DocuWare offers regulatory compliance safety features to protect files from unauthorized access.

Price Plan

For a precise quote, you can contact their customer service.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based file management system developed by Google. It allows users to store their files and documents in a central location that users can access from any device with an internet connection.

Google Drive offers a range of features that simplify file management. For example, it allows users to organize their files into folders and subfolders, which users can share with other users. The platform also includes a powerful search function enabling users to find specific files.

Google Drive provides collaboration tools such as shared documents and real-time editing. It makes it ideal for team projects, allowing members to work on the same paper regardless of location.

Price Plan

It offers free 15 GB storage. The membership plan starts at $1.99/month.


M-Files organizes company files based on their content, not their storage location. By consolidating all files into a central location, M-Files enables users to find what they need.

Users can tag the file, enter the metadata, and save it. M-Files will locate the data and notify the user of any duplication. The platform is device-agnostic and can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment.

M-Files ensures the safety of your data, so you can focus on your work without worrying about data loss or breaches.

Price Plan

You can contact their customer service for an exact price quote based on your needs.



OnlyOffice is a best document management software that offers a simple way to store and retrieve office files. Users can upload documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other workplace data.

OnlyOffice provides real-time collaboration, change tracking, version history, and feedback. With support for all major file formats, including PDF, DOC, CSV, TXT, and HTML, OnlyOffice guarantees the security of all files on their platform.

Moreover, users can integrate their cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive to unify all their data in one place.

Price Plan

Enterprise Edition Basic: $1500/server, lifetime access

Enterprise Edition Plus: $2100/server, lifetime access

Enterprise Edition Premium: $2,400/server, lifetime access



Alfresco is a powerful open-source file management for large enterprises. It is a platform for managing documents and records throughout their entire lifecycle. Alfresco allows users to organize, store, and manage content.

The system also includes advanced document versioning features. Its robust collaboration tools allow users to collaborate on documents. Alfresco integrates with other business applications, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office.

Price Plan

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alfresco’s sales team.



Hightail is a cloud-based platform that simplifies teamwork and file sharing for professionals. Its file management features enable users to upload, store and share large files. It includes images, videos, presentations, and other multimedia files.

Hightail ensures that your files are secure with advanced security options. 

Hightail integrates with Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive.

Price Plan

Lite: Free

Pro: $12/month

Teams: $24/month

Business: $36/month


Dokmee is a software designed for document management. It lets users capture, store, and manage their digital files and documents. Also, it reduces the need for paper-based filing systems.

Dokmee offers document scanning, automated data capture, and optical character recognition (OCR). These features allow users to convert paper documents into digital files, extract meaningful data, and find the necessary information. Dokmee provides full security features, such as access controls, audit trails, and user permissions.

Price Plan

Feel free to contact Dokmee’s sales team for further information.

Logical DOC

Logical Doc

LogicalDOC offers an open-source solution to organize, manage, and share digital files. The platform enhances document processing workflows and facilitates team collaboration.

LogicalDOC offers document versioning, access controls, and audit trails. It provides an extra layer of security and ensures that documents are accessed only by authorized users. The platform’s search capabilities enable users to find the documents they need.

This document management solution is integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and Google Drive. This integration allows users to work across different applications. They are enhancing their productivity and workflow efficiency.

Price Plan

To learn more about LogicalDOC and its pricing, users can request a demo or contact the sales team for more information.



PaperTracer is a cloud-based software that helps businesses manage their paper-based and digital files. Its features include document scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), automated data capture, and version control.

With advanced search capabilities, users can find the documents they need. PaperTracer’s security features include user permissions and access controls. To ensure records are accessed only by authorized personnel.

The platform offers collaboration tools, streamlining communication and workflow. It can integrate with other business systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office.

Price Plan

Contact their sales team for a pricing quote about PaperTracer’s features set.


Ademero helps businesses manage digital documents and streamline document processing workflows. Their flagship product is Content Central, a web-based document management system.

They offer workflow automation solutions with Forms Central and Process Automation software.

Price Plan

Visit Ademero’s official website or contact their sales team for more information on their pricing plans.

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud

Adobe Document Cloud is a cloud-based software suite from Adobe that provides a range of tools for working with digital documents. It includes PDF editing, e-signature capabilities, and document management.

The platform can document scanning, automatic form recognition, and advanced search. It allows users to create, edit and manage digital documents.

Adobe Document Cloud is a subscription service accessed from various devices and platforms.

Price Plan

A. Individuals

Acrobat Standard: $12.99/mo

Acrobat Pro: $19.99/mo

B. Business

Acrobat For Teams: $22.19/mo/license

C. Students & Teachers

Acrobat Pro for Students & Teachers: $19.99/mo

Creative Cloud All Apps for Students & Teachers: $19.99/mo



eFileCabinet is a software designed to manage digital documents and streamline document processing workflows. Its features include document capture, storage, retrieval, sharing, collaboration, workflow automation, and compliance.

The platform tools help businesses adhere to specific regulations and legal requirements. eFileCabinet can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Price Plan

Users can contact the sales team to obtain more information about eFileCabinet and its pricing.


DocuPhase offers several advanced tools and features for achieving better organization and productivity. One of these tools is its auto-indexing technology. It uses artificial intelligence to sort incoming files using preset tags. This feature is handy and reduces the time required for manual sorting and tagging.

Another valuable feature of DocuPhase is its advanced search function. This feature facilitates simple document retrieval and saves the time of the team.

Price Plan

Contacting the sales team can obtain more information about Docuphase and its pricing.



Dropbox is a popular document management software that provides solutions for individuals and teams of all sizes. One of the reasons for its popularity is the availability of a free plan. It allows users to store and manage files without any cost.

Dropbox is also well-known for its mobility, allowing remote team members to work within the system. This feature is handy in today’s work environment. Dropbox offers these capabilities even in its free version.

Price Plan

Professional: $16.58 / month

Professional + eSign: $24.99 / month

Standard: $15 / user/month



IsoTracker is a web-based file management system designed to help organizations automate their document control processes. Additionally, it ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. The system provides tools to help manage documents, track change, and automate approval workflows.

isoTracker stood out for its exceptional customer support. The company offers a live chat feature that appears as soon as you access their website. Customers can get in touch with an agent and have their questions or concerns addressed in real-time.

Price Plan

It offers a 60-day trial. You can contact isoTracker’s customer support to get the price plans.

Canon USA Doc Management

Canon USA Doc Management

Canon USA offers a range of document management solutions, including their imageFORMULA document scanners and uniFLOW software. The imageFORMULA scanners help businesses digitize their paper documents with features like automatic document feeders and double-sided scanning.

uniFLOW, on the other hand, provides users with a centralized system for managing document workflows. It allows users to create customized workflows, track document activity, and enforce security policies to help protect sensitive information

Price Plan

Contact Canon for a quote, where pricing and solutions will be based on your business size and needs.

File Hold

FileHold is a document management software that organizes, manages, and accesses documents. It comprises document capture, search and retrieval, security, and workflow automation.

Users can import documents from various sources and store them in a centralized repository. The software supports version control and audit trails.

Price Plan

The software’s cost depends on the selected features, with a starting price of $25 per user per month.



Templafy helps businesses create, manage, and distribute documents. It offers a central library for storing templates, brand assets, and other important content, which all team members can access. Templafy simplifies the document creation process by document assembly, saving valuable time.

Templafy can be accessed from any device, making it an excellent solution for remote work.

Price Plan

The software’s cost depends on the selected features, with a starting price of $25 per user per month.



MasterControl manages files subject to regulation, such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It enables handling quality and compliance documentation, including document control and training management.

The software ensures that organizations follow regulatory requirements and industry standards. Users can create, review, and approve documents within a secure and centralized system.

Price Plan

You contact them to get a customized price quote that considers your particular requirements.


XaitPorter facilitates the creation of complex documents, such as manuals, reports, and proposals. It is by allowing users to work on the same paper. It offers various tools to manage document creation, including document templates and workflows.

XaitPorter incorporates version control and audit trail features to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Price Plan

Contact their customer service to provide a customized price quote that matches your requirements.


37 Best File Management System  Softlist.io

Effivity assists organizations in integrating their business processes with ISO compliance. It also manages its quality, safety, health, and environmental (QHSE) certifications.

Effivity file management system helps users to manage documents by providing access control and approval workflows. It also includes document change history, metadata, and full-text search capabilities. It is integrated with modules, including risk and opportunity management and internal audits.

Price Plan

Starter: $97/month, billed annually

Growth: $243/month, billed annually

Enterprise: $556/month, billed annually



Legito’s document management module offers collaboration, security, templates, automation, integration, and reporting features. Users can collaborate in real-time, access controls, version controls, and document encryption.

Automated workflows can reduce the time to complete tasks. And integration with other tools makes it easy to import and export documents. Reporting and analytics tools provide insights into document management processes, such as usage, history, and performance metrics.

Price Plan

Basic: $1,200/year

Small Business: $9,600/year

Custom: Contact Legito’s customer support



ABBYY is a file management system software company that offers a range of products related to document management, including OCR (optical character recognition), record capture and conversion, and content intelligence.

Their products help businesses automate document-related processes and improve document security and compliance. ABBYY’s products are used in finance, healthcare, legal, and government industries.

Price Plan

Contact Abbyy’s sales support to get a precise price quotation.


Docs2Manage is a cloud-based document management solution that provides businesses with efficient ways to manage their documents. With Docs2Manage, users can easily upload, store, and organize their papers, collaborate with their team members, and share documents securely. The platform includes features such as version control, access control, and full-text search capabilities, which make it easy for users to find and manage their documents.

Docs2Manage offers workflow automation capabilities that can help streamline document review and approval processes, saving businesses time and resources.

Price Plan

Contact Docs2Manage’s customer support for pricing.



Wrike is a project file management system and collaboration tool that includes file management capabilities. It allows users to store and share files within a project, assign files to team members, and track changes and version history. The file management feature also integrates with cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Additionally, Wrike offers security features such as access controls and permissions to ensure that files are only accessible to authorized users. The system also provides full-text search capabilities, making it easy to find and retrieve files quickly. Wrike is suitable for businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

Price Plan

Team: $9.80 per user/month

Business: $24.80 per user/month

Enterprise & Pinnacle: Contact Wrike’s customer support

Perfect Doc Studio

Perfect Doc Studio

Perfect Doc Studio is a file management system software for managing documents efficiently, allowing users to easily create, edit, and organize them. It provides document creation and editing tools, including formatting and inserting images and tables.

The software ensures document security and allows real-time editing with features such as version control, access control, and collaboration capabilities. Customizable templates also reduce document creation time.

Price Plan

You can reach them to get a personalized demonstration.

Intellect QMS

Intellect QMS

Intellect QMS is a quality file management system software that businesses can use to streamline their processes and meet industry standards. It provides tools for audits, document control, and supplier management.

Intellect QMS includes risk management, employee training, and change management features. Users can create customizable workflows and monitor progress in real time, and the software is suitable for businesses in various industries.

Price Plan

Contact one of their experts to learn more about Intellect’s products and pricing models.


Apryse is a company that provides document processing technology to developers, enterprise customers, and small businesses. The company offers a range of products, including the Apryse SDK, Fluent, iText, and XODO. These tools enable users to process documents more efficiently, making work easier and simpler.

Apryse’s technology is compatible with all major platforms and supports various file types. With its global reach, Apryse is a leader in the document solutions industry, providing customers with the tools they need to achieve their document goals faster and more effectively.

Price Plan

Contact one of their experts to learn more about Apryse’s products and pricing models.



Confluence is a file management system tool that helps organizations with project management. It allows users to create, organize, and review project documents and can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Confluence’s editor feature allows employees to create various content types, and managers can provide feedback.

The knowledge management module provides users with a central repository to search and access relevant content, and managers can restrict access to confidential data and collaborate within closed groups. Confluence allows users to publish, organize, and access company information from one central location.

Price Plan

The Plan starts at $5.75 per user.



Monday.com is a work file management system platform that enables teams to collaborate, track projects, and manage workflows. Its file management feature allows users to upload and organize files, such as documents, images, and videos, in a centralized location. It eliminates the need for teams to search for necessary files across multiple channels.

Monday.com offers file-sharing, commenting, and notification features. Users can share files with team members, leave comments on files, and receive notifications for changes. Additionally, the platform provides version control, which allows users to track changes and revert to earlier versions as needed.

Price Plan

Basic: $8 per seat/month

Standard: $10 per seat/month

Pro: $16 per seat/month

Colligo: Email Manager for 365


Colligo Email Manager for Microsoft 365 is a SharePoint file management system add-on that caters to medium to large-scale businesses. The platform allows users to classify emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint and Teams. Additionally, it extracts metadata, such as To and From, and provides customized fields to align with an organization’s content types, promoting collaboration and sharing.

Users can also use the built-in search functionality within the document library to preview lists and check in or out files.

Price Plan

To schedule a demonstration and receive pricing information tailored to your specific requirements, please reach out to Colligo.


Bitrix24 is a cloud-based platform that provides various tools for managing business processes and teamwork. It has features such as CRM, project management, communication tools, document management, and HR management. With Bitrix24, businesses can organize tasks, delegate responsibilities, track progress, and collaborate with team members in one central location.

It also includes a social network feature for real-time communication and a mobile app for remote work. The platform is designed to enhance business efficiency, communication, and productivity.

Price Plan

Basic: $49/month

Standard: $99/month

Professional: $199/month



Formstack Documents simplifies merging data from the cloud into custom documents. It’s suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is used in various industries, such as education, accounting, healthcare, and real estate.

Formstack Documents include contract management, case management, and records management applications. The solution is built on an open API, allowing users to generate documents from any system in the cloud. It also integrates with internal systems, CRMs, and other cloud-based services. It enables users to deliver documents via email, e-signature, and more.

Price Plan

A. Forms

Forms Starter: $50/month

Platform Teams: $225/month

B. Documents

Documents Starter: $92/month

Platform Teams: $225/month

C. Signs

Starter: $18/month

Pro: $29/month

D. Platform

Starter: $113/month

Teams: $225/month

E. Forms for Salesforce

Starter: $225/month

Pro: $585/month



To schedule a demonstration and receive pricing information tailored to your specific ShareGate is a cloud-based data migration solution by GSoft that helps users migrate data to Microsoft 356 and Office 365. The solution offers features such as user mapping, content migration, report creation, and document transfer monitoring. With ShareGate’s migration feature, users can restructure environments, copy content and structures, and import external content.

The software also organizes documents by copy time, source, destination, and last use date. ShareGate includes a reporting tool that allows users to manage inventory and create custom reports, such as site reports, audit reports, workflow reports, external user reports, and external sharing reports.

Price Plan

The Plan starts at $5,995 per year for one license activation.


What is file management software?

File management software refers to a type of application designed to help individuals and organizations organize, store, and manipulate their digital files efficiently.

How can file management software help me with my projects?

File management software can assist you in organizing and managing your project files effectively, ensuring easy access, version control, and collaboration among team members.

What are the key features to look for in the best file management software?

The best file management software should have a user-friendly interface, robust file management capabilities, easy file transfers, cross-platform compatibility, and excellent storage capacity, among other essential features.

How do I choose the right file management software for my needs?

To choose the right file management software, consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with your operating systems, collaborative features, and the ability to optimize team productivity.

Can file management software help prevent accidental file deletion?

Yes, effective file management software often includes features to prevent accidental deletion of important files, providing a safety net for your data.

How does file management software facilitate collaboration among team members?

File management software enables team members to easily collaborate by providing a central “source of truth” for files, allowing for seamless file access, sharing, and synchronization.

What are some common tasks that can be streamlined with file management software?

File management software can streamline tasks such as file organization, search and index capabilities, file downloads, and saving time and effort in file management processes.

Can file management software be used to manage blog posts?

Yes, some file management software systems offer features tailored for organizing and managing blog posts, making it easier to maintain an efficient content management system.

How can file management software contribute to team productivity?

By providing a user-friendly interface, easy access to files, and efficient collaboration tools, file management software can significantly enhance team productivity and efficiency.

What are the benefits of using file management software for businesses?

Businesses can benefit from effective file management software in terms of improved organization, searchable file systems, enhanced stakeholder access, and optimized file management processes, ultimately saving time and resources.

Are File Management Systems Secure?

File management systems typically offer a range of security features to protect files from unauthorized access and data loss. Access controls allow administrators to set permissions for users, specifying who can access specific files and folders. Encryption can secure files during transmission or at rest, ensuring unauthorized parties cannot read them.

Backups help prevent data loss by creating copies of access files that users can restore in case of a system failure or other disaster. Overall, file management systems can provide a high level of security for digital files, making them a popular choice for organizations that need to protect sensitive information.

Can File Management Systems Be Used On Mobile Devices?

Yes. Many document management systems offer mobile applications that allow users to access and manage their files from their smartphones or tablets. These mobile apps typically provide similar features to the desktop or web-based versions of the file management system, allowing users to view, edit, and share files while on the go.

Some file management systems also offer mobile-specific features, such as capturing and uploading photos or videos directly from a mobile device. With the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace, the availability of mobile file management apps has become an essential consideration for many organizations.

What Features Should I Look For In A File Management System?

To choose a top document management software, consider its search and retrieval capabilities, collaboration and file-sharing tools, version control, security features, and integration with other software applications. With the right features, a file management system can ensure organized, secure, and easy access to files.

Final Thoughts

File management systems are indispensable tools for businesses and individuals in the digital age. These systems offer centralized storage and organization of files. Along with its security features to protect data. The best file management systems discussed above cater to various needs, ensuring that users can easily access and locate files without the hassles of manual processes. These file managers not only offer seamless collaboration but also provide access permissions that enhance security and control over data.

Whether you’re dealing with project management software or a standalone file management tool, the key is to choose software that aligns with your specific requirements. A robust file manager goes beyond merely organizing files neatly; it acts as a comprehensive management tool, integrating seamlessly into your workflow. 

Choosing a good document management software requires considering specific needs. It includes search and retrieval tools, collaboration features, version control, security, and integration. The right design can improve productivity and workflow through easy file sharing. By carefully considering the features and capabilities of each system, users can choose the right software that optimally suits their needs, streamlining processes and enhancing overall productivity.

After reading this article, you now clearly understand the 37 Best File Management Systems and their purpose. If you want to learn more, explore our other blogs for additional details. 

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